OLTL Update Wednesday 6/18/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/18/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Starr walks through the park with a bag of groceries. She’s talking to Cole and inviting him to dinner. She looks nervous.

At Llanfair, Tina is talking to Sarah and Cristian. Sarah comes up with the idea about Tina staying at Cris’s loft. Antonio calls from the hall and Tina says, “the cops” and hides behind the couch with her dog.

Antonio comes in. The dog barks and Sarah pretends to cough to cover the noise. Antonio leaves. Tina comes out. She thanks Cris for trusting them.

At the hospital, Vikki says she understands what Charlie did but can’t condone it. She says in time when the pain goes away she could forgive him but that won’t mean they can be together. She worries about Jessica and says she must put her first.

At the police station Nora gives Clint and Bo the affidavit. They sign as Jared and Natalie look on. Nora tells him it means the Buchanan’s won't press charges. They ask the name of Asa’s son.

At CE (formerly BE) offices, Dorian asks about David’s new wife. She makes jokes about robbing the cradle and whoever it is must be crazy. Addie comes in wearing a wedding gown and tells Dorian to call her Mrs. Vickers.

Charlie talks to Vikki about their relationship. Vikki says he threw away their chance. Charlie says he didn’t die and they are both here. They owe it to themselves to try again. Vikki says so many things he did were wrong. Jared and Rex. She says she can’t build a life on lies. She admits to loving him but it doesn’t change what happened. He says they can move forward. She says she can’t trust him. She can never know if he’s telling her the truth. She says she’s sorry and leaves.

Cris takes Sarah to the side and tries to talk to Sarah about being cautious about taking Tina in. Sarah agrees and tells Tina they need answers. Tina says they have to go right now. Sarah turns to Cris and says her mom needs her. Cris warns Tina about hurting Sarah. Tina says she promises. They leave out the back.

Natalie tells Bo, Clint and Nora that David Vickers is Asa’s long lost son.

Vikki comes in to her living room. Calls for Sarah. Sees no one is there and starts to cry.

At the hospital, Charlie packs up and finds a photo of him and Vikki. He sits on the bed looking at it.

At Llanfair, Vikki sits down and cries.

In Dorian’s new office, David kisses Addie’s hand and Dorian gets to her feet. She asks what’s going on. Did they come from a costume party? Addie says there was champagne. David says the pastor was dressed as Elvis. They kiss. Dorian is shocked.

At the police station, Clint is mad at Natalie. He thinks she is lying. Natalie insists it’s the truth.

Starr is cooking and sets off the smoke alarm. Blair comes in and hands her a frying pan to hit the alarm with. Starr whacks it and it falls. Dinner is burned. Starr says if she’s going to break Cole’s heart she wanted to at least make him dinner.

Clint argues with Natalie. Jared steps up and defends her. Clint says Natalie lost her inheritance so where are they going to stay? No one will take them in. Jared asks how he can talk to his daughter like that. Nora tells them to take a break. Clint and Bo step out and Bo tries to talk some sense into Clint. He tells Clint to step back and take a good look at himself to see if he likes what he sees. Clint says what if he does? Bo tells him to change his name to Asa. Inside the office Nora warns Natalie to be careful. Natalie says she didn’t want this to happen but David Vickers is family and nothing can change that.

Sarah, Tina and Cristian are in his loft. Sarah shows her his paintings. Tina wants scented candles to cover the smell of the paint. Sarah suggests she thank Cristian. Tina looks at a painting and makes a crack about Cris not getting is perspective right. Sarah defends him and Tina goes off about how she is intuitive with artists. Then freaks out because she can’t find her briefcase. Sarah hands it to her. Cris asks Tina why he shouldn’t call the cops.

Jared talks to Natalie about getting out of there. Clint and Bo talk about Natalie. Clint is mad. Bo is trying to reason with him. Nora comes out and asks if they are ready to do this. Clint goes in and tells Natalie if she has more to say then say it. Tell him how she brought the family to his knees.

In Dorian’s office, David and Addie kiss. Dorian stops them. David says his angel and him are a match made in heaven. Dorian thinks she’s having a dream. David says its real and she should congratulate them. Addie asks if Dorian is jealous.

Vikki brings a sandwich into the living room. She puts it on the desk and goes to look out the door.

Charlie is sitting thinking about the good times he had with Vikki. Flashback to them dancing in the snow at the drive in.

At Llanfair, Vikki is starting to cry.

Starr and Blair clean up the mess of her dinner. Blair hands her take out menus but Starr says she wanted to do it herself. Blair asks why and Starr says she’s just a drama queen. The phone rings and its Dorian. Starr answers the door and it’s Cole. Dorian tells Blair to get over to CE (the old BE) office because Addie is off her meds.

Cole and Starr kiss hello. He brought her flowers.

Blair questions Dorian. Dorian says Addie had a set back. Addie hears and says it’s not true. Blair thinks its nothing and Dorian blurts out that Addie married David Vickers. Blair runs out. Cole asks Starr what they are going to do now that they are alone.

Addie says she should have had the chance to tell her own daughter she got married. Dorian says she can explain it to Blair when she gets here. David asks about living arrangements. Dorian says if David enters her house then she will skin him alive. David says then Vikki will take them in.

Jared explains how he over heard things in Texas. He says Alex was talking to someone on the phone and that’s how he found out about David Vickers. He says when Alex found out David wasn’t getting any money she left. Bo says they dodged and bullet. Alex would have dismantled the company at least Dorian is keeping it intact.

Blair rushes into Dorian’s office and asks what’s going on. Addie says she’s married, not bamboozled. They show Blair the wedding license from Vegas. Blair starts chasing David around the desk. David asks if she wants him to adopt her and she punches him.

The ambassador is on the cell phone, in the limo and tells someone he’ll find the princess. He looks at a gun and says this time he won’t miss. Then he asks about Antonio Vega and Talia and what they have to do with this situation.

Vikki remembers the good times with Charlie.

Charlie goes down the hall. We see a sign pointing that way that says Friends of Bill W.

Tina tells Cris they got off on the wrong foot. She adores artists. Cris says she’s avoiding the question about the police. Tina calls them pedestrian. She keeps avoiding giving an answer. Finally, she says its too dangerous to involve the police because they don’t have a good grasp on international affairs they could make things worse. Cris counters with the situation is too dangerous to involve the cops but not her daughter.

Starr and Cole eat Chinese food. Starr looks worried and Cole asks what’s wrong. Starr says she’s been thinking about what’s going to happen. She’s been figuring out what they can do. Cole says he’s been thinking along the same lines. Starr is relieved. Cole says the only thing they can do is to get married. Starr is shocked. Cole keeps trying to convince her. Starr tells him to stop. Cole keeps going on about how he checked and they can get married with parental consent. Starr says they can’t take care of the baby. She says she’s going to give the baby up for adoption.

Blair yells at David saying he did this to get back at Dorian. Addie asks for a minute to talk to Blair. David and Dorian move outside the office. Blair tells Addie that David makes her sick. Addie says he’s gorgeous and makes her laugh. Blair says he doesn’t love her and Addie says that’s okay. She doesn’t love him either.

David and Dorian face off in the corridor.

At the police station, Bo says it makes sense. Clint says DNA can be faked. Jared tells how he pulled a hair from David’s hair. They talk about being the only people who know David is the heir. Clint asks if they will keep a lid on this information. Natalie says what does he expect them to do. Clint remarks that lying should be as natural as breathing to them. Natalie looks hurt.

Starr and Cole talk about her decision. Cole thinks it’s because of Todd. He demands to know who is making her say this. Starr insists no one is making her. She decided this on her own. Cole says they can raise the baby. He says he’s been telling her that all along. Starr says she has been insisting they can’t do it. Starr said when Cole rescued her from the abortion Cole said she need time to think about the best thing to do. Now she made her decision. The baby needs parents who will take care of him the right way. Cole insists they are the right people to take care of the baby. Starr says no they are not the right people.

Natalie is almost in tears as she calls Clint “Daddy” and says she is sorry. He says to save her apologies for the rest of the family and orders her out. Natalie and Jared leave. Bo and Nora look at Clint.

In the hallway at CE, Dorian asks David how much it will cost to divorce Addie. David asks if she’s trying to buy his love. Dorian says take it or suffer her wrath.

Inside the office, Addie says it’s okay that they don’t love each other. Addie asks if Blair loved Asa. Blair says that was different. Addie says it’s too late for love. Instead she found a warm sexy body who knows his ticket to ride depends on making her happy.

Clint and Bo don’t know what to do with David Vickers.

Addie says she’s just ticking off things on her list. Blair says it wasn’t on her list and this involves Dorian. Addie says she can handle Dorian.

In the hall Dorian hands David a check and he says he doesn’t need it. They are one big happy family now.

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