OLTL Update Tuesday 6/17/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/17/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the station, Natalie goes to inform Clint, Bo and Nora that she can offer them a deal. If they let Jared go without any charges, she can tell them whom her grandfather’s real son is. Clint then asks his daughter if she has really known all this while whom his real brother is yet is willing to keep that from him and the rest of the family. He asks her if it’s not enough for her to come back into their family, become a part of the company, and help Jared scam them. And now Nash is dead. Jessica has lost her husband and Bree has lost her father.. And now she is blackmailing them. In response to that, Natalie tells her father she believes that grandpa Asa would be proud of her. She then reiterates that that is the deal. Nit is not negotiable.

Viki goes to see Charlie in his hospital room. She tells him she did not come there to lecture him but she believes they need to talk. She has apparently considered what David Vickers has told her.

While Viki is gone and Sarah is alone in her aunt’s home, Tina enters and hugs her daughter. Sarah is stunned to see her mother after all these years. She demands to know why she has abandoned and kept herself out of contact for so long. Tina tells her daughter that she wants a chance to make it up to her.

After Gigi goes and tells Dorian she knows what she has been up to, conspiring with Adriana to pay Brody to come to town and falsify that he is Shane’s father, Dorian asks Gigi if she has not knowingly and willfully lied to her son all these years having him about that very thing. She then asks Gigi just what she wants to do. Does she want to “wallow in misery” over her situation? Or does she want to “claim what is rightfully hers? Right then, Rex enters and demands to know what is going on.

Cristian enters the room to see Sarah with her mother. She announces to him that the other day when she “sensed” her mother in the park, she was right. And she introduces her boyfriend to her mother. Tina extends her hand to shake with Cristian and tells him it’s a pleasure to meet him. He then demands to know where the hell she has been all this while and why she is suddenly coming back.

After Rex demands to know what Dorian is trying to “scheme” with Gigi, Dorian reminds him that she is now the president of her own company called Cramer Enterprises and he needs to know that she now calls the shots. She is offering Gigi a good paying job that will support her and her son. Doesn’t Rex want what is best for “his son”?

After Natalie tells her father and uncle that she can “negotiate” with them, Clint tells her she does not get to call the shots. She then tells her father that she realizes that Jared did something very wrong. But they must realize that Dorian maliciously used what Jared did in order to ruin their company. And the reason why Dorian did it is because Clint trashed her and dumped her. So, Natalie tells her father, instead of examining her motives, maybe he should look at her own. Bo then asks his niece if she does not believe that Jared should have to pay for what he did. He scammed and trashed their company. He killed Nash. Jessica has no husband. Bree has no father. She then reminds them that if she and Jared had not revealed the truth, then Viki could have happily continued her relationship with Charlie. But Jared wanted to come clean. He was being blackmailed by Dorian. And maybe it would have never happened, if Clint had handled the situation with Dorian differently. In response to that, Clint then asks Nora to find Jared Banks.

Antonio goes to see Jessica. She comes to her door. He tells her that he thought she could use a friend. She hugs him.

AFTER Christian has demanded that Tina tell them where she has been all this while and why she has abandoned her family, Sarah clarifies that this is her mother and he does not have to interrogate her. He then clarifies that he is just a bit concerned about what she has done. He immediately assumes that his girlfriend’s mother is suddenly back in town because she “wants” something. Probably money. She tells him he mustn’t believe that. When he calls her Mrs. Roberts, she clarifies that she is too young and he is too old not to call her by her first name. She is enchanted to find her that her daughter has such a handsome boyfriend. But he is not distracted nor enchanted. He asks her if she might have had something to do with the guy whom the saw in the park who jammed a gun in their faces. She then admits yes. She is directly related to that.

Viki tells Charlie she does not know what to think or what she could ever do in regard to their whole history. She remembers the totally wonderful man she met in Paris, TX. And now she knows that it was all a scam and she can never trust him. She emotionally asks him why he had to do what he did. He then tells her that he really wishes she could win her trust back again. He tells her he wishes that she could have heard the whole story. In response to that, she tells him she knows the story that he and his son perpetrated a fraud. And because of that, her daughter’s husband is dead. Her granddaughter has no father. Now her family’s company and legacy has been destroyed and taken over by a woman who has spent most of her life trying to hurt Viki and her family. Viki asks Charlie if his “tory” will make that story go away.

At the station, Nora privately asks Clint if he might not want to consider making a deal with Jared. He asks her why she would even consider anything like that. He murdered Nash. But Bo reminds them that it was an accident. Jared intended to bail Nash out of his financial mess and did pull his weight with the company. The whole thing started and finished when Dorian walked into their board meeting uninvited and exposed Jared. SO Clint might want to consider extenuating circumstances. Natalie then goes and talks to Jared about how she is not going to give up on him. He tells her that he doesn’t want to assume that her family will ever forgive him for all that has happened. But she tells him she cannot lose him nor let him go to prison. She is not going to give up on him.

After Dorian reminds Gigi of all that she can provide for her son if she takes a job that Dorian offers her, Gig tells Dorian that she can provide for her family without Dorian’s help. But Dorian reminds Gigi that she can offer health care insurance and family leave and everything that a single mother would want for her young son if she takes the job Dorian is offering her with Cramer Enterprises. Gigi does not sound like she wants to continue the conversation and she leaves. Rex talks alone to Dorian and tells her she must realize that her daughter has left the company without telling her mother where she went. Dorian reminds him that Adriana did not leave because of her. She left because of Rex.

David Vickers goes and talks to

At Gigi’s carriage house, Shane admits to Brody that it was he who put the mysterious “note” that says, to Rex: “your wife lied to you”. It was an attempt to break up Rex and Adriana so that Rex would get back with his mom. But he now realizes there was no point in doing that because Rex is not his “dad”. Brody is.

Antonio goes to talk to Jessica. She cries and tells him she feels terrible for all that she did to him. He tells her that he was angry for a long time at her. But he is still her friend and would not wish what happened to her on anyone. She then informs Antonio that she is pregnant and does not know what to do. She tells him that Natalie and her boyfriend killed Nash. Antonio tells Jessica he thought it was an accident. She tells Antonio that they killed him.

Natalie tells Jared she is not about to abandon him and let him have no chance to redeem himself.

Nora tells Clint that maybe there is no point in putting Jared away. It won’t get the company nor Nash back. Maybe instead of “sticking it to Jared”, he should, instead nail Dorian. Bo sounds like he is seriously considering cutting a deal with Jared just like she says. But Clint does not know what to say.

Sarah informs her mother that the guy with the gun in the park informed them that he was looking for a woman with a big hat and a dog. Tina attempts to explain that. Cristian does not trust her but Sarah looks like she wants to offer her mother the benefit of the doubt. He reminds her that Tina has been MIA since long before he met her. Sarah admits that she is very happy that her mother is there. Tina hugs her daughter, looks at Cristian and says: “lighten up, boyfriend.”

In Dorian’s office, she reminds Rex that he and her daughter have broken up so soon after their wedding. She tells him they might want to consider an annulment.

Charlie tells Viki that he looked for his estranged son for so long. And after he finally found Jared, he felt like he “owed” him. She tells him that there is no excuse for wanting to lie for his son. Charlie protests that he wanted more than anything to make it up to his son and be the father that Jared wanted. She asks if he could not have told Jared that lying is not the way. He reminds her that he walked out of his son’s life so many years ago. She reminds Charlie that he is not “that man” anymore. In response to that, he asks Viki, if she believes that, then why does she want to break up with him? Doesn’t she see the good in him and can’t they get past that if she believes he is “no longer that man”? Viki then reminds Charlie that Jessica does not want Natalie in her life. Jessica has lost so much. She is not going to let Jessica lose her mother as well.

Antonio tells Jessica that maybe now that she is raising Bree alone and having a new baby, she doesn’t want to expose either of them to the anger she has toward Natalie and Jared. She then asks him how he got past the anger he had toward her. Antonio tells her he knows that she “moved on”. But his feelings for her did not go away. He knows her and knows how she feels. He knows what makes her happy and what she needs. And that is why he is there. He just came by to let her know she does not need to “go it alone”. And she can count on him to be there for her.

Tina attempt to speak of all of the unfortunate set of events that lead up to the present. But she notices that Cristain is frowning and tells him he can get terrible lines on his face for that. He reminds her that his brother is a cop. He’s right upstairs. If she is above the law, then maybe she can give Antonio her statement. But she tells him that might not be necessary if the two of them can help her out.

Upstairs in Jessica’s room, Antonio tells her that he knows that times will change. She will be able to live again. She will see Bree growing. And she smut know that that is what Nash would want. He’d want her to move on and live a good life for him. He tells her when she left him, it was not easy. But he knows that she loved Nash. And he was happy that the two of them had a chance to share that. They had their time. No regrets. He leaves and she cries, grateful that he is still her friend.

Gigi returns home and asks if Shane can log her onto her computer so that she can re-write her resume. She informs them that she needs to go and look for another job.

Rex informs Dorian that he and Adriana have no intention of filing for an annulment. They still want to make it work. SO Dorian cannot yet dismiss him or Rex from the family tree. Right then, David Vickers barges in. Security officers follow him in and tell Dorian they are sorry. He demanded they let him in. She then tells them that it’s alright. She can talk to Mr. Vickers. David then tells Dorian and Rex that they must recognize him as “part of the family”.

Tina tells Cristian that even if they don’t care about her, then why should “David Vickers” have to suffer with this? He asks her what David Vickers has to do with that. She replies she does not mean David Vickers the person. She means her dog. She tells them that she and the dog really need a place to stay. Cristian replies over his dead body. But Sarah sounds like she does not agree with that decision.

After David enters Dorian’s office, she asks if she should call the police or if the Cramer Enterprises private security force will do. She notices he is dressed in a business suit. And she tells him no matter what he does or what he wears, she will not give him a job and that is final. She tells him she does not care what kind of excuses he has. He tells her he is not dependent upon her for a job. His “wife” is going to support him. In response to that, she laughs and tells him he must know that Alex hasn’t got a cent. He tells her that he is no longer married to Alex. He means his “new” wife. He then shows her his new wedding ring and asks her if she cares to “kiss the groom”.

Viki tells Charlie that she cannot get past his lies because he did not trust her enough to tell her the truth. He asks her if he should have involved her in his mess. She tells him if he had just come to her and been honest about the situation, they could have sat the kids down and found some sort of resolution. He tells her he was afraid that she would have called the cops on him and gotten him in trouble. She tells him that he almost died in that alley. He reminds her that she wanted him to live and saved his life. And that is why he is there. He is now asking her to give him another chance. He looks at her like he is going to cry and asks her if she will forgive him.

At the station, Clint admits to Natalie that her tactics disgust him. But he realizes they may not have another choice. He will drop the criminal charges against Jared. She asks if he also plans to drop the civil charges as well as revenge and retribution. And she wants his agreement in writing. She does not trust his word.

Alone in her room, Jessica notices a picture of her and Natalie. She throws it against the door and it shatters.

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