OLTL Update Monday 6/16/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/16/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Brody is showing Shane how to lift weights and they are bonding just like father and son. Gigi appears after doing laundry. She asks Shane to go upstairs so that she can talk to Brody alone. She informs Brody that she is not so certain that she wants him to be a “role model” for her son. She reveals to him that she knows all about the “deal” he had with Adriana where she paid for him to come to Llanview and pretend to be Shane’s father. It was all a scam. She should have known. She does not trust him.

Jared is in his jail cell reliving assaulting Nash after Dorian exposed him as a fraud.

Clint, Bo and Nora go to the former B.E. office and notice that there has been “unauthorized entry”. They call security. But as soon as they enter the office of the president, they notice Dorian sitting behind the desk. She clarifies to them that they are guilty of unauthorized entry. This company is now hers.

David Vickers enters Charlie’s hospital room. Charlie asks him what he is doing there. David tells him that he has “business” to discuss with him. He knows what Charlie has done. And he thinks he might be able to help Charlie in exchange for a “deal”.

Viki is holding Bree and telling her that she still has a family with her mom and her grandma and her entire family that loves her. Right then, the long lost Tina Lord Roberts walks outside Viki’s home and spies upon her sister unseen.

At the station, John, Antonio and Talia are attempting to uncover the secret that is going on in Ramsey’s home including the woman who is staying in his house and the other one with the dog.

Right then, Tina picks up the paper and notices the article written about her. And she knows she must remain anonymous.

John informs Antonia and Talia that after Ramsey’s murder, they are supposed to stop the investigation. But they still haven’t a clue just whom the mysterious invalid woman in Ramsey’s home was. Nor do they know about the redhead in the limo with the dog from which John got shot. All John knows is that Todd Manning entered Ramsey’s home before he went inside, after Ramsey got shot. And Todd probably knows something about it. Right then, Sarah and Cristian enter. Sarah informs John that when she and Cristian were in the park, some guy pulled a gun on them and asked if they’d seen a redheaded woman with a little dog. Hearing that, John knows that she has seen the very same woman whom he has seen.

Natalie goes to see Jared in his jail cell. He tells her that this is all his fault. The Buchanan’s have lost B.E. Jessica and Bree have lost Nash. She tells him it’s not his fault. It’s Dorian Lord’s fault.

In Charlie’s hospital room, he tells David Vickers that he has no recollection of drinking or even considering drinking before he blacked out and wound up outside Rodi’s bar. Hearing that, David sounds like he might believe Charlie. And he asks him if, by any chance, Dorian Lord might have had something to do with it.

After Brody hears that Gigi is onto him and knows what Adriana and Dorian did, he tells her that he was ready to leave town and wasn’t about to do what Adriana paid him to do. For one thing, he didn’t see the point as it looked like Gigi and Rex were going to get back together. But then, as he was getting ready to leave and sitting at the airport, he remembered the last time they saw each other all those years ago when she was pregnant with Shane. And he determined that he could not leave her or Shane. He had to find his way back to them while he still had a chance.. He knew that Rex and Adriana were going to get married. So he wanted to come back for Gigi. She tells him the last time they were together, she was very young, alone and pregnant. And she tells him she wishes that he would realize that she has been very willing and able to take care of herself with out a man. Right then, Shane comes down the stairs to overhear their conversation. And he asks Brody if he plans to leave him.

In Charlie’s hospital room, David tells Charlie he might, very well understand what happened that got Charlie put in DETOX. He “brainstorms” if Dorian might have gotten to Charlie. She might have enticed him, David suggests. But Charlie tells David there is no way he would have chosen to drink nor let Dorian “entice” him in any way.

Tina stands outside the door of Viki’s home and observes her sister talking to Bree. Viki tells her infant granddaughter that she has a family full of people who love her. Tina overhears speechless and in awe.

John, Antonio and Talia all come up with theories about the mysterious woman in the limousine who went to Ramsey’s home right before he got shot and the jewels went missing again..

While Viki is with Bree and Tina spies upon her, Sarah and Cristian come by to see her. She tells her niece she is really happy to see her and knows she was really close to Nash. Cristian offers her condolences. She tells them she is happy that she, at least, has some good people left in her family like them. She lets Sarah hold Bree. Sarah tells her aunt that she wishes she could do something for Jessica. She also informs Viki that, last night she called her dad (Cord, Tina’s ex). Hearing that, Viki tells her niece that’s great and asks how Cord is. Tina overhears that Cord is still a valued part of their family. Sarah then asks Viki if she might, by any chance, have heard from Tina. Viki replies that she has not seen nor heard from Tina in many years. She wishes she could tell Sarah differently about her mother. Sarah then tells her aunt she realizes that was the answer she was going to hear. But she just kind of wondered. Viki then reflects that she realizes now is the time for anybody to want and need to contact their mother. Even a mother “like Tina”. From outside, Tina overhears and frowns

Right then, Tina’s “agent” knows that she is somewhere near Viki’s home. He goes in and tells Viki that he would like to find out what she might know about the princess of Mendora. Viki tells him that she has heard about the jewel theft and the country of Mendora. But she has never met nor seen the “princess”. And why would this guy question that? She tells him she has had a family crisis and doesn’t have time to talk to him nor be interrogated. Right then, David Vickers tells the guy he needs to leave Viki alone and he goes in to talk to her. They slam the door in Tina’s agent’s face. David enters and tells Viki that she might want to consider forgiving Charlie.. Noticing David, Tina wonders why he would go and talk to Viki. In response to his suggestion that Viki forgives Charlie, she tells David that after the scam that Charlie pulled off, that is impossible. He tells her that she has forgiven and overlooked his bad choices. She must know that he made a big mistake marrying her sister, Tina and all that was involved in that. And he pretended to be a “Lord heir” From outside, Tina listens to their conversation and frowns. Viki tells David there is a big difference between forgiving him and forgiving Charlie. But he tells her that he thinks she should at least attempt to give Charlie the benefit of the doubt. What harm would it do? And he really believes that she and Charlie had a very serious thing that she should give up on and which should not let her prevent giving Charlie the benefit of the doubt and reconciling.

Gigi goes to B.E., realizing that now that Dorian is her new boss, she might very well be out of a job. She tells Dorian she could care less of Dorian wants to fire her for being “late. She quits. But Dorian tells Gigi that she wants her to stay. She doesn’t want Gigi to be “hasty”. Maybe Gigi can “work for her”.

In Jared’s jail cell, he tells Natalie he would have never thought that Dorian would have pulled a stunt like that. If he’d known, he would not have done what he did. And they determine that maybe there’s a way that he could “redeem himself” if they admit that they may have had good intentions by preventing the Buchanans from knowing that David Vickers was really Asa’s son.

Gigi tells Dorian that she happens to know that she and Adriana paid Brody to come to town. And then she(Dorian) paid Brody to leave town. And she knows that Dorian had something to do with the “note” that Rex discovered that said: “Your wife is lying”.

Natalie goes to talk to Clint, Bo and Nora telling them they might have a reason to drop the charges against Jared,. Bo asks him niece what she would possibly think would motivate them to want to drop the charges against Jared. She replies the information about whom the real Buchanan heir is.

Sarah and Cristian sit in VIki’s study and she shows him pictures in the photo album of herself and the family when she was young. She shows him pictures of her mother. They reflect that Tina was very beautiful. But she abandoned Sarah at a young age. Sarah concludes that she was forced to take care of herself at a young age because she had no choice. Right then, Tina enters the room and comes fact to face with her daughter. Sarah is stunned.

Right then, Ramsey’s agent is in the limousine talking to his contact. And he’s taken pictures of John, Antonio, Talia, Cristian and Sarah on his cell phone. He has them all on his “radar”.

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