OLTL Update Friday 6/13/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/13/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

After the shootings at Ramsey’s home, Tina gets into her limousine and demands that the driver moves. John goes after the limousine and demands he turns the engine off. But the agent who is with Tina shoots John. John falls to the ground. While the chauffer drives away with Tina, she tells the guy he should be more careful than to shoot a man. He asks her just whom that man was who was chasing her. She admits that she doesn’t know whom he is. All she wanted to do was get out of Ramsey’s. He tells her that she should have let him go into the building with her and asks her what happened. She replies that it was “an incident”. Outside Ramsey’s building, John struggles to stand up while he is bleeding.

In Ramsey’s home, Todd and his bodyguard enter. The bodyguard notices the two thugs who have shot Ramsey lying on the ground shot. Todd runs into the bedroom when he hears somebody struggling on the floor. He notices that it’s Marty Saybrook.

At Dorian’s house, Starr. Cole, Langston and Markko are all having a water fight and having fun. But they realize that there are things going on that take precedence.

Marty notices Todd standing over her when she is on the ground. She demands to know where Ramsey is. Todd asks her to let him help her up there. She tells him no. He better not touch her. Todd is intrigued to notice that she has not been killed after all. But she seems to have been injured.

Sarah and Cristian are in the park. She plays the guitar. She wrote a song for him. She admits that she has not written in such a long time. He has inspired her to write again. He knows that she really misses Nash. He tells her that maybe his sudden death is a “wake up call’. People always think that they have all this time with the people they care about. But maybe we have to make time. We have only one life. She then sings a song that there is only one chance. There is only one life. Don’t leave us here uncertain.

The guy who is with Tina in the limousine asks the chauffer to stop the limousine. She tells him he better get the driver to keep going. But he tells her they are not going to go anywhere until they get to the bottom of things. He then shows her the “case” with tons of money that she grabbed and took out of Ramsey’s home. She tells him that he shouldn’t be concerned about that. He will be in danger along with her and her dog with the bullets flying if they don’t keep moving. She asks him just what part of “bullets flying” he did not understand. He then pulls out a gun and tells her he does not know. She may enlighten him.

John is still stuck sitting on the fire escape of Ramsey’s building, bloody and struggling to get up.

Starr shares with Langston and Markko that she and Cole didn’t have a clue what to do when Sam had a “meltdown” in the park. Cole tells them that Starr got the whole situation under control. But Starr clarifies that she didn’t do anything. Neither did Cole. Marcie McBain came by and saved the day for them. Heairng that, Langston and Markko ask why it was that Mrs. McBain of all people would have just happened to run into them in the park. Hearing their tone, Starr jumps to Marcie defense and tells them she hopes they are not implying that Marcie would be “stalking them”. They then remark that they are very surprised that the very person who kidnapped her baby brother and whom she bit their heads off whenever they defended is now her “hero”. She protests that Mrs. McBain cannot have a baby, the way she can. Nor can she adopt because she went a little overboard when she only wanted to protect Sam. She believes that Marcie is more fit to be a mother than she is. And it’s unfair and unjust that Marcie cannot.

After the guy pulls the gun on Tina, she struggles and looks like she has managed to get away.

In the park, Sarah tells Cristian she doesn’t have a clue how to “say goodbye” to Nash. He tells her that he knows she can have closure with Nash by her music and what she does with her life. She tells him she just hopes that Nash can hear her.

Markko asks Cole and Starr just when they plan to reveal to Todd that she is pregnant. They don’t have any answers. Starr tells Markko that she appreciates his concern. But she has some concerns about how the four of them are spending their day off form school sitting in the kitchen talking about babies and diapers and morning sickness and her father. They sound like a bunch of 30 year olds. Langston and Markko had planned on spending the day in the mall with their friends. And all four of them have missed out on many things they could be doing and canceling many plans because of her pregnancy.

When Todd goes into Marty’s room, she reveals that she does not remember anything. She has no clue whom he is. She hears what is going on in the living room and demands to know what is going on. But Todd tells her she mustn’t try to get up. He goes into the living room. She struggles to get up. Todd’s bodyguard finds Ramsey’s hired woman and covers her mouth. He announces to her that both Ramsey and the two thugs are dead. She panics and tells the bodyguard she must call the police. Todd enters and tells her no. He will.

Marty lies in her bed, grabbing a picture of herself and John

Markko invites Langston, Cole and Starr to come with him on a trip. But Starr announces that she cannot go.

The hired woman at Ramsey’s asks if something has happened to Marty. Has she been shot also? Todd assures her no. Marty is ok. She tells Todd that she better go and make certain that Marty is ok. She has been responsible for watching her. At that point, Todd tells the woman that she can work for him instead. He can pay her really good. Better than Ramsey could. Also she has no choice except to be out of a job now that Ramsey is dead. She can either choose to join forces with Todd or the bodyguard can break her neck. Hearing that, she tells Todd that they will have to kill her if they expect her to abandon Marty. Hearing that, the bodyguard asks whom Marty is. Todd replies that Marty is “just some broad”. And he remarks that the nurse is pretty bold to defy death. The nurse protests to Todd and the bodyguard that she is going to take care of Marty. Todd sounds like he might want to cooperate with her and help Marty.

Right then, John is struggling and injured on the fire escape. He removes his belt and attempts to use it as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. But it looks like he cannot manage to do that.

Tina gets out of the limousine. And she just happens to end up near where Sarah is singing. She is drawn to the beautiful voice she hears. She goes over to see who she can see. And she identifies her long lost daughter.

Todd asks the nurse her name. She tells him it’s Janet. He tells Janet she may look at it this way. She can work for him, help Marty and make more money from him than she would ever see from Ramsey. She asks if he is bribing her. He tells her that she can either work with him and his bodyguard. They can stay there in the penthouse that is rightfully Todd’s. But if she doesn’t want to cooperate, she will never see Marty again.

Cops come by outside Ramsey’s home and ask John what happened. He tells them that he was shot by a person from inside a limousine. He did not see anybody except for a Caucasian female with long red hair, glasses, carrying a silver suitcase and a stupid little dog. And the shooter was a guy with brown hair.

Right then, Tina’s “agent” (the suspect in question) goes looking for Tina in the park. He can’t find her but he sees Cristian Vega, not far away, with Sarah. And he pulls a gun on them

The cops tells John he is not going anywhere except to the ER. But John refuses. He has to get back into Ramsey’s home and find out what is going on. So they help him up the stairs.

Todd tells Marty that he will take care of her. She just needs to keep quiet. She does nto remember him. She lies in her bed and looks like she’s ready to fall asleep. He observes the picture she is holding of her and John.

Starr tells her friends that she cannot go with them on their trip. Her mom wants her to get to an OB appointment. And also, in her present condition, she cannot go on a rollercoaster ride. Hearing that, Markko tells her he’s sorry. He should have realized she can’t go on it when she’s pregnant. Langston makes excuses for why she doesn’t want to go if Starr cannot. But Starr demands that they go without her. Cole tells Starr he doesn’t want or need to go and will accompany her to her doctor’s appointment. But she tells him that she doesn’t want him to miss out on having fun with the others because of him. At that point, the two guys leave. When Starr and Langston are alone in the house, Langston asks her what is up. Starr admits to Langston that she is coming to the realization that she is not ready to have this baby. She tells Langston that she didn’t have a chance to really think about all of this until her mom brought her and Cole home. Does it make her a terrible person to not want to be a mother? Langston tells Starr of course not. She reveals to Langston that she doesn’t want to abort. But she wants this kid to have parents who will give it everything it needs. Langston asks Starr if she believes neither she nor Cole could figure that out. Starr tells Langston that a baby does not deserve a mother who is disappointed that she is missing out on field trips and rollercoaster rides. Children sense things like that from the moment they are in the womb. Good parents have the patience to figure out what a baby needs and put its needs first. Langston asks Starr if she and Cole wouldn’t do that. Starr then reveals to Langston that she went on line last night and found out about many couples who cannot have children and she heard of a girl who let a couple adopt her baby. Langston asks Starr if that’s what she is considering doing. Starr replies yes. Langston asks her if Cole knows anything about that and if Starr plans to tell him.

Todd tells Marty that she is now dependent upon him to take care of her.

Tina’s “agent” goes to find Cristian and Sarah and he pulls a gun on Cristian. He demands that they tell him if they have seen a woman with long red hair wearing a hat, glasses and carrying a “yipping dog”. Sarah snaps back by asking if he thinks they have nothing better to do with their time than look for a rich bitch with a worthless little dog. The agent leaves and tells them they better not be lying to him.

John rushes upstairs and into Ramsey’s home. He finds Todd in Marty’s room.

After Tina’s agent pulls the gun on Cristian and then escapes, Cristian calls the cops.

The agent is not far away attempting to find a way to recover the jewels. And now that he knows he is in “Princess Tina’s” hometown, he knows he may not be far away from uncovering some secrets.

Sarah reveals to Cristian that not long ago, she sensed a “presence”. He tells her that she may be sensing Nash. But she tells him it was not Nash. She felt like she heard her mother.

Todd and John are surprised to see each other in Ramsey’s house. Todd informs John that since Blair kicked him out of his home and took his kid, he needs a place and would like to return to his “old digs”.

Starr tells Langston that she knows she is preventing Cole from having the life he wants with his friends and the things that young people like to do. And she knows he was just as clueless with how to help Sam in the park as she is. But how does she tell Cole she does not want this baby? It’s the only family he has left.

John asks Todd if he has any “friends” at Ramsey’s home. Todd replies he doesn’t have any friends. But he just wanted to make certain that the place was safe. John notices there is an empty bed and has no clue that Marty was sleeping in it. And Todd is not about to tell him.

Right then, Todd’s bodyguard carries Marty out into the parking lot so that John and nobody else will find her.

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