OLTL Update Thursday 6/12/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/12/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

After Rex has confronted Roxy and Charlie in the hospital, he runs into Gigi. She can tell that something is on his mind. She knows he is very upset. He tells her he guesses that it’s obvious to see that his mom has lied to him. His dad is not his dad. His marriage is over and his whole life is a con. She tells him he looks like he needs “a friend”.

Todd is in a car with his body guard. He observes his daughter with her “idiot boyfriend” and his son. And there is nothing he can do about it.

In the park, Starr and Cole are trying, unsuccessfully to calm Sam down when he’s crying. She is getting very frustrated and stressed knowing that she hasn’t got a clue how to respond to a baby who cannot tell her what he needs. Marcie passes by them and looks like she wants to help although Starr indicates that she doesn’t want Marcie to interfere.

At last, we see the mysterious woman whom Ramsey is hiding in his penthouse. And it’s Marty Saybrook.

Meanwhile, we see Tina, sister of Viki and Todd in a limousine. It looks like she has been known as the princess of Mendora. She has her agent with her. They are searching for her jewels. But she reveals to her agent that there is only one man who can restore her country’s heritage. And he is not one of the “good guys”. She has a little dog on her lap. And she reveals that she is familiar with Llanview. The agent asks her how a member of royalty would be familiar with an ordinary place like this. She tells him that she’s been away for a long time. He may think it’s amazing that a “small town girl” like her would become whom she has become. But she reveals that she has many memories and is ready to return to a place she knows.

Starr and Cole admit that they haven’t a clue what to do with Sam while he cries hysterically. Starr urges Marcie to help her. But Marcie is uncomfortable getting involved. She tells Starr she would like to help. It’s just she has to get to an appointment. But then she approaches him and holds him. At that point, he stops crying. Todd and his bodyguard observe. Todd is furious and ready to put a stop to that. But the bodyguard tells him he is not going anywhere or he will arrest Todd himself.

At the hospital, Rex admits to Gigi that his marriage is over. He told Adriana that it’s over. She informs him that she saw Adriana at Marcie’s not long ago. Adriana announced that she was going away. He asks her what she said. Gigi admits that Adriana sounded like she was trying really hard to hold it together. She asks him just what has happened between the two of them. He replies that they decided together that they needed space. And now she is gone. He has lost both a wife and a dad. Gigi tells Rex she is sorry. And she sounds sincere.

Marty lies in the bed in Ramsey’s home. He sounds to her like he wants to take care of her. He promises her as soon as she becomes healthy she can return to the life she had before and all the people she loves. He can return to his life. He tells her that maybe the FBI will reinstate him. And everybody will be happy.

Right then, John is attempting to overhear Ramsey’s conversation but he cannot. There is interference. At that point, he calls Ramsey’s number. The hired woman answers. John informs her that he is a satellite provider who has heard that the signals are not working in her area and he may need to re-calibrate for her. The woman is not certain what to do. Ramsey returns and makes himself heard to John, informing the woman that he has just taken care of the “invalid” upstairs. But they have still not revealed to John just whom they are talking about.

Todd freaks when he observes Marcie holding, feeding and bonding with Sam. Starr is in awe of how good she is with him. While Starr and Marcie talk, Shawn holds Sam and he seems to like Shawn. Marcie tells Starr that when she first got him, she felt as much at a loss as Starr did with how to respond to a baby’s needs. Although Marcie has no “conscious” awareness that Starr is pregnant, she talks all about what it is like for someone to suddenly be a mom as if she somehow knows what might be going on with Starr. She tells Starr that at first, she didn’t have a clue who to take care of children when she was Starr’s age either. But she learned later on. And, in the conversation she reveals to Starr and Cole that she has “shattered hopes and dreams” of being able to be Sam’s mother. But, she admits to Starr and Cole,, she blew it. Starr graciously tells Marcie that she did a terrible thing by going to Marcie’s house and trying to get her to take Sam away from her dad, not knowing that that would just open up old wounds for Marcie and it would also hurt Sam. Marcie sounds like she is in no way angry at Starr for her mistake in doing that. She seems to understand that Starr only wants what is best for her baby brother.

Todd’s new body guard tells him that won’t let him out of the car. Todd is going to get himself into big trouble if he violates his restraining order. He also reminds Todd that he told Marice that if he lost custody of his kid, he’d(the bodyguard) kill her and her husband. So he(the bodyguard) doesn’t want to have to kill anybody, he tells Todd. And besides, the bodyguard tells Todd, he can clearly see that nobody is going to “steal” or hurt his kid. And does Todd think he’d be any good to raise a kid from a prison cell? Hearing that, Todd remarks that he hired this guy for his muscle and not for his conscience. But right then, Todd becomes distracted when he sees a limousine pull up with a familiar looking woman in it. It’s his long lost sister, Tina. He tells the bodyguard that that redhead in the limousine is his sister. The bodyguard tells Todd that it doesn’t look like his sister. She has short blond hair and lives at Llanfiar. Todd tells him not Viki Davidson. That’s his other sister. The bodyguard asks Todd why he has never before mentioned nor seems to have kept any correspondence with his other sister.

Starr tells Marcie that she knows that when the judge made the decision that Todd could not have custody of Sam, Marcie must have wished she could have regained custody and been devastated that she couldn’t. Little does Marcie know that Starr overheard how emotionally distraught both she and Michael were when that happened, from the courthouse bathroom.. Hearing that, Marcie replies to Starr that she is ok with the decision and realizes that Sam is in a good place where he is right now.

Rex informs Gigi that he just found out that the only reason Brody returned to Llanview is because Adriana brought him there.

Tina tells her agent and chauffer that she has to enter the penthouse where Ramsey is now living that used to be Todd’s. He tells her it may not be prudent to enter that place alone. But she tells him she is not “alone”. David Vickers (the name she’s given her dog) is with her. Todd and his bodyguard observe and wonder what she is doing entering Todd’s old building. They wonder if she might be “seeing Ramsey”. Tina enters Ramsey’s home. Ramsey gets the door and addresses her as “your highness”. and welcomes her to America. But, noticing “David Vickers”, he asks her if “that thing sheds”. She replies that that is the last time he will refer to David Vickers as “that thing”. And if he sheds, Ramsey will have to live with that. She then enters, tells Ramsey they must now cut the crap and she asks where are the jewels. He shows her but asks her where the money is. She opens her briefcase and shows him the money. She tells him her country thanks him. Right then, John is overhearing with his satellite device and taking notes.

Rex informs Gigi that Brody’s mother lied to his sister and to her(Gigi) about his being dead. Adriana found that out and tracked him down. Hearing that, Gigi reveals to Rex that when she finds Brody, she will strangle him. He tells her that Adriana did what she did because she was jealous of Gigi. Gigi then asks Rex what Adriana would have to be jealous. She(herself) made a fool of herself at their wedding. She seems less angry at Adriana than she is at Brody. He tells her it’s Adriana’s fault and appears less angry at Brody than at Adriana. She tells Rex that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. She asks if he knows how much Adriana paid that worthless son of a bitch to come to Llanview and scam her and her son.. She needs to know because throughout Shane’s life, she has been stupid enough to have him idolizing his father. And now she finds out that the only reason he came back was because he was paid. She has to match whatever Adriana has paid to get Brody out of their lives.

When Starr observes how much Marcie loves Sam, she tells her that she should have a child. Marcie reveals to her that she cannot “have kids”. And after that stunt she pulled, no adoption agency is ever going to let her adopt. But she now realizes she should have thought about that before kidnapping Sam.. Hearing that, Starr emotionally tells Marcie that it’s just not fair that Marcie cannot have a child. She knows what a great mother she was to Sam when she had him. SO many children don’t have parents or have unfit parents. Marcie and Dr. McBain should never be prevented form being parents, Starr tells her. They can take care of a child the way she cannot. Marcie tells Starr she’s sure that Starr will make a great mom… some day.

In Ramsey’s penthouse, Tina takes her suitcase and her dog into the bathroom. When Ramsey is alone, he gets a knock on the door. He goes to get the door holding his gun and asks whom it is. He hears a guy telling him he’s delivering a package. But as soon as Ramsey lets the two guys in the door, they shoot Ramsey. He falls to the floor bloody. From inside the bedroom, Marty hears the gunshot and is startled. Tina also hears it and hides in the bathroom.

Rex tells Adriana that he doubts that Brody would take money from her because that would mean admitting to what he did. But she tells Rex that Brody has no conscience so why would he care just so long as he gets the money. She then concludes that they are both (herself and Rex) suckers for people who are unworthy of them. He tells her that he will be there to prevent Brody from hurting her and hurting Shane. Because Adriana brought him back because of him(himself), Rex believes that it’s his problem. He will not abandon Gigi or Shane.

While Starr protests to Marcie that she believes she is unfit to be a mother, Marcie tells her that she is so young. She shouldn’t even think about being a mother yet. She’s certain that when the time comes, Starr will be great. She then tells them she is due at the hospital so she will see them again. She goes over and says goodbye to Sam. When Cole is alone with Starr, he tells her that he believes Marcie is wrong to think that Starr is “not ready” to be a mom. He tells her that he knows they are ready right now. But Starr seems to know that that is unrealistic.

Todd and his bodyguard drive up to the penthouse to attempt to spy upon Tina and Ramsey. Inside the penthouse, the guys who have shot Ramsey are taking the money Tina has given Ramsey as well as the jewels he has uncovered for her. But at that point, they are interrupted when John enters, tells them it’s the police, they must freeze, and he shoots them. They fall to the floor. And from inside the room, Marty struggles to get out of bed and falls on the floor. John then raises his head knowing that something is going on.

Gigi leaves the hospital, assuming that Rex is going to move on with his life without her. But he reveals that he may not want that.

In the park, Shawn puts Sam on Cole’s shoulders. Cole carries Sam and is having a lot of fun bonding with his girlfriend’s baby brother. But Starr is alone and revealing that she is not comfortable with what is happening.

After the guys have shot Ramsey and John has shot them, Todd and his bodyguard enter to see the three of them lying on the floor. Tina rushes out of the penthouse with her dog and her money and demands that the chauffer takes her out of there. He asks her what happened. She frantically tells him they must leave. Right then, John fires a shot. But John gets shot and falls to the ground as Tina’s limousine departs.

Todd goes into the room where Marty is lying and is stunned to notice that she is alive. She is unable to get up and asks him to help her, not noticing whom he is.

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