OLTL Update Wednesday 6/11/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/11/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Antonio and Talia kiss as John comes into the surveillance van. Talia explains they can listen in on Ramsey because of the bug Antonio planted on the tray. As soon as someone starts talking they will hear it.

The woman in Ramsey’s penthouse drops a picture.

Cole and Starr stop for burgers at the café. They talk about going to the park. A woman stops and asks if Sam is her baby. They say its Starr’s little brother. Then the woman remarks that no good mother would order a burger and fries for a baby.

Rex goes into Charlie’s room saying he first lost his father then his wife.

Marcie invites Adriana in. they talk about finding Sam at the accident scene. Adriana reassures Marcie that Blair will be a good mother to him. Marcie gives her the guest book from the wedding. Adriana says she came to say goodbye.

Cole tells the woman that the extra food was for him. Sam’s food is in the diaper bag. Cole says if Starr was the mother she’d be a great mother. The woman goes off on how someone so young couldn’t be a good mother. She talks about waiting until she went to college, traveled and had a career. The woman leaves. Cole says not to listen to her. Starr says she thinks the woman is right.

Marcie questions Adriana on why she’s going to Paris alone. Adriana tells her, she and Rex are separated. Marcie asks if it was because of Gigi. Adriana says no, it was because of her. She admits she did things she shouldn’t have like lying to Rex. She apologizes for treating Marcie like crap for the past few months. Marcie asks why she did it. Adriana says because she’s Gigi’s friend.

In the park, Gigi sits down on the bench as she finishes playing Basketball with Brody and Shane. Shane goes off to keep playing and Gigi and Brody talk. He tells her she did a heck of a job with Shane. Gigi worries that Adriana told Rex he’s Shane’s dad. Brody says Rex would already be knocking on her door if she did. Shane comes back and asks to use Brody’s last name.

Rex tells Roxy that he’s taking a break from marriage. He demands to know why they lied to him. Charlie says he was trying to tell him when he got the call the other night. Rex gets sarcastic and yells at them. Roxy begs him to stop it. They end up yelling at each other. Rex demands to know why she did it.

In the van, John says the x-rays just said someone was in an accident. They talk about it and then they hear Ramsey’s voice. They hear the woman say she’s okay.

Cole and Starr sit in a booth with Sam. Cole says she shouldn’t let that nosy lady freak her out. They talk about giving Sam the right stuff to eat. They talk about knowing what to do with their own baby. Starr is scared and talks about labor pain, breast feeding and taking care of the baby. Starr says everything will be on her. Cole says he’s sorry, but Starr says one of them has to be realistic. The food is delivered and they get up to leave. Cole says he will be there for her and never let her down. They go to the park.

Adriana hopes Marcie will still be her friend. She apologizes again. Marcie says both her and Gigi mean a lot to her. They hug and cry. Marcie tells her to stay. Adriana says she can’t. She tells her about Charlie lying to Rex. Adriana is afraid he will fall in love with Gigi when she’s gone.

Gigi and Shane talk about having Brody’s last name. Brody says Gigi has done a lot and he should be proud to have her name. Shane says one day he wants at least part of Brody’s name. Shane tells her she can go now because he and Brody are going to play one on one. Brody promises not to corrupt him. Gigi leaves.

Rex demands to know why Charlie and Roxy lied to him. Charlie says he never meant to hurt him. Rex thinks he did it to protect Jared. He asks what his cut was. Rex asks how it felt when he told Charlie personal stuff and called him dad. Charlie said he felt ashamed but proud.

Talia, John and Antonio listens to Ramsey and the woman talk. Ramsey tells the woman she is getting stronger every day. Ramsey’s phone rings. It’s the ambassador of Mandora. He says the princess is coming to Llanview and asks if the department has made any progress on finding the jewels. He tells the man Sahid has been fired. He orders Ramsey to find the jewels. They hang up.

Sean is in the park saying only the strong survive. Starr and Cole picnic with Sam. Cole asks when they will tell Todd “we are pregnant”. Starr says “I’m pregnant, not we.” Cole apologizes. Starr says she’s just being bitchy and goes to get ice cream. Some kids come to ask Cole if he wants to play ball. When he says no they joke about him playing house instead. Starr comes back and tells him to go if he wants but Cole stays with her.

Shane asks Brody if he knows what next Sunday is. Father’s day. Shane says he always went to church on Father’s day and prayed he was okay. Now his prayers are answered.

Adriana talks to Marcie about Gigi being in love with Rex. She says she’ll do whatever she has to, to stay married to him. Gigi knocks on the door.

Shane and Brody stretch out and talk about Father’s day. Shane asks him to go to a community center father and son field day. Brody agrees.

Gigi says she’ll come back later. Adriana says she’s leaving and hugs Marcie. Gigi asks if she told Rex. She said she only came clean about her own lies. Adriana leaves. Gigi asks what was up with Adriana’s dramatic goodbye. Marcie tells her that Rex and Adriana separated. Marcie says Rex is free now.

Charlie explains he was always proud to be Rex’s father. Rex turns and asks Roxy’s what her excuse is. She’s crying. He asks what she was hiding. Roxy pleads the tenth. Rex says if Walter Balsam wasn’t his father, who the hell was?

Gigi says now she can’t tell Rex the truth because Shane is bonding with Brody. Marcie asks about Gigi’s happiness. Gigi says she’s happy with Shane. Gigi changes the subject and asks about Marcie. Marcie tells her things with Michael are good. She mentions going down to the hospital to volunteer.

Cole and Starr talk about how great Blair is about her being pregnant. They talk about how their lives are and kiss. Cole lays back and says he was thinking about his mom. He says she’d be pissed at first, disappointed but eventually she’d be happy. He says sometimes he thinks he can feel her. Like she’s with him. Starr understands. Cole asks if the baby is a girl can they name it after his mom.

At the Penthouse, Ramsey says they have to start talking about her reintroduction to Llanview. Talia, Antonio and John listen from the van. Ramsey says the person most surprised will be—the housekeeper interrupts and takes the tray downstairs. In the van, Antonio, Talia and John are disappointed.

Rex asks Charlie if he knows who his father is, but then stops and says everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Then he turns to Roxy and says he never wants to see her again. She is no longer his mother. He leaves, Roxy calls him back. She goes back to Charlie and says he’ll come around. Charlie wonders why she won’t tell him. Roxy just stares at him and Charlie realizes that Roxy does know who Rex’s father really is. Charlie tells her to tell Rex the truth and end his suffering. Roxy says he’ll suffer a lot more if he knows the truth. Rex meets Gigi in the hall.

Adriana sits in the airport looking at her wedding photo. She swears she will win him back. They call her flight.

Adriana leaves. She walks past the Ambassador.

In the van they talk about Ramsey. Talia and Antonio leave John to monitor the equipment.

In the Penthouse, Ramsey says he’ll leave the picture right here where she can see it. We see a picture of John.

In the park, Starr and Cole are talking about naming the baby Marty. Sam is crying as Marcie walks by. Marcie says hello and walks on by. Cole and Starr fuss over Sam as Marcie stops to look back at them. They argue about how to stop Sam from crying, then Starr asks Marcie for help.

John plays back the tape over and over listening intently.

Ramsey tells Marty to get some sleep. We see it’s a picture of John and Marty.

A plane empties and the ambassador goes up to a woman and says your highness, welcome to the United States. She tells him to call her Tina.

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