OLTL Update Tuesday 6/10/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/10/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Blair reveals to Starr that she is excited and encouraging her daughter to plan for the baby. But Starr tells her mother that she is not really ok with the idea of having a baby. She tells her mother that even though she may sound like a terrible, selfish person, she is not really certain that she wants to go through with the pregnancy.

At Nora’s, Renee confronts Jared, telling him that he is a low life con artist. She trusted and believed in him. She saw him as just like Asa. She was grieving for her deceased husband. Was he laughing at her pain? He protests to her that he would never do that. And “being Asa Buchanan’s son” was the best thing that ever happened in his life. She tells him he must be insulting her intelligence if he thinks she’s going to believe that. All he wanted was the money and the power. He tells her no. He wanted to work alongside Bo and Clint. Bo, Clint and Nora stand and listen to their conversation silently. He tells them all if there is anything he can do. At that point, Clint speaks up and asks if he can bring Nash back. Never mind the company that was their fathers’ that Jared “tanked”. Can he bring Clint’s daughter’s husband back?

At Capricorn, Cristian tells Sarah that he knows she has suffered a terrible loss with Nash’s death. He was a family member and a friend to her.

In Charlie’s hospital room, he tells Natalie that he should have demanded that Jared “give it up” about his scam to the Buchanans. He shouldn’t have helped him go along with the scam. But he didn’t want to lose his son. She listens and sounds like she is not judging Charlie. He tells her that she has a lot of her mom in her. She has Viki’s fierce loyalty. He admits to her that he tried to “give up” his need for Viki. But he could not do it. It did not work. She then tells him that she had the very same situation with failure to give up on Jared. Right then, Roxy enters and asks Charlie how he is going to explain to her kid that he is not his father. Natalie replies to her that she will have to do it the same way she (Roxy) is going to explain it to her (Natalie).

After Rex tells Adriana that it’s over between them, she tells him that she doesn’t want to let him go. She knows that that jealous, insecure maniac that she was behaving like is not the real her. And she knows he’d never have fallen in love with her if that’s who she was when they were first together.

After Starr has revealed to her mother that she is not certain she wants to have the baby, Blair urges her daughter to listen to her good. She is by no means a “terrible person”. She is a 16 year old girl who made one mistake once. And she wound up getting pregnant. It’s not too late to have an abortion. She then asks Starr if she’s discussed what she might do with Cole. Starr tells her mother that he believes that she should take some time and that they would all be a really good family. The two of them and the baby and both of their families combined. Blair asks Starr if that sounded good to her. Starr replies it didn’t sound realistic. She is going back to school in the fall. They both need to graduate high school and go to college. She admits that she still sleeps with her blankie. How is she going to raise a kid? Hearing that, Blair tells her daughter she thinks it’s very mature that she is realizing those things. But Starr needs to make the choice that is right for her.

In Charlie’s hospital room, Roxy tells Natalie that she heard what Dorian did. It’s not cool that she stole the company from the Buchanans. She will never touch up Dorian’s roots with the red hair color again. Natalie reveals to her mother that she did something not much better than what Dorian did by lying to Rex about Charlie being his father. It has devastated Rex. She admits to her “mother” that she may not be the one to judge anybody for lying. But she asks Roxy how she could have done that to Rex. Roxy replies the reason she did it was because she thought it would be a “good thing” to have somebody like Charlie for a father.

At Capricorn, Cristian asks Sarah what happened that caused Nash’s death. Sarah talks about how everything was going great. But now it’s ruined for Nash and Jessica and their family. And it’s so unfair. She cries.

Adriana tells Rex that now is not the time to end something that is so beautiful. He tells her that he does not believe that they have a future together. He asks her what she has planned for work. She replies that she is going to go on another business trip. But maybe after they have time away from each other, they can figure things out and get back together. She tells him they had something so special and they cannot throw it away. She puts her arms around him. He holds her but he does not look happy.

Starr tells her mother that she sees the life of her baby as real. She knows that when they did the ultrasound. But she’s not certain she wants to be its mother. Hearing that, Blair asks her if she doesn’t want an abortion, then what does she want?

Natalie tells Roxy that what she did to Rex was unforgivable. Roxy tells her daughter that she did it because she loves Rex, no differently than the fact that Natalie did what she did because she loved Jared.

Clint, Bo and Nora confront Jared. Bo admits that Jared is very “clever” in making it impossible to prove that he was falsifying the DNA test. He did all the investigations he could in forensics to prove that Jared is not his father’s son. But he could not prove it. He asks Jared how he did it. Hearing that, Nigel speaks up and admits that he must “take the credit” for that.

Starr tells her mother that she and Cole were not thinking. Blair tells her daughter now that she is pregnant, she will have to think. She will stand by her daughter. But Starr has to make that decision. Right then, Cole enters, looks lovingly at Starr and rushes to see the sonogram. They observe him. And that obviously poses a dilemma for Starr.

Sarah tells Cristian that Nash told her you can tell a true wine connoisseur by the way they hold the glass. They both hold wine glasses. She tells him about Nash’s methods for tasting all of the grapes. She cries when she remembers her friendship with Nash. She remembers the taste and smell of the wine and how Nash used to swirl it and savor the taste in the wine glass.

After Cole has gone to see Starr, they hear Sam crying. Blair goes to him and lets her daughter talk to her boyfriend. Starr admits to Cole that she is getting cranky and hormonal. And today, she could not zip up her jeans. He tells her she is beautiful. She has that “glow”. And he wants to take a picture of her. He pulls out his cell phone. But she is not as enthused and worried that she will feel like she’s carrying a bowling ball before too long. He tells her she must remember that that bowling ball will be very special when it becomes her baby.. She asks him if he thinks they are really ready to be parents. He tells her he believes that new parents even in their 20s and 30s are not “ready” to be parents. He talks about the nature of reproduction and it sounds like he definitely does not want her to have an abortion.

Adriana asks Rex if they do not deserve another chance. He tells her yes. Definitely. But he’s not going to make any promises.

Cole asks Starr if she ever had that assignment in their life skills class where they have to carry around an egg and have to take care of it as though it was a baby. She tells him she did but wasn’t great at it. She forgot her egg and it eventually broke. He tells her that he kept it in his football knee pad. She tells him that they may think they are “ready”. Yet it is so much easier said than done. Right then, Blair enters carrying Sam. Addie enters and wants to take Blair with her to a funeral home where you can see decomposing corpses. And she wants Sam to be there as well. Hearing that, Blair concludes that there is no way Sam should be anywhere around that. So, she tells the kids that maybe they should take Sam to the park instead of with her and Addie. Starr and Cole leave with Sam. Alone with Addie, Blair asks her mother why she would find any value in going to see decomposing corpses. Addie tells her daughter that she sees nothing wrong with the cycle of life and death. But she admits that maybe it would be better for Sam to be in the park with other babies his age.

Adriana tells Rex that maybe she should not be leaving him when he’s in the same town with his ex girlfriend. But maybe if she had had the courage to do that long ago, they wouldn’t be talking about divorce right now. At that point, he smiles and recalls the Adriana he fell in love with.

Sarah tells Cristian that she used to laugh at Nash and his swishing and swirling of wine. He told her he didn’t want to be a “wine phony”. She knew he could never be that. Nash had such a clear vision of his dream. Cristian remarks that was probably why Nash was so picky about Cristian’s art for his advertisement of his winery. They conclude that Nash had a real passion just like both of them do.

After Bo demands to know how Jared made it impossible for them to catch him when he falsified DNA, Nigel speaks up and admits that he (himself) was a “Judas” to their family. But Jared won’t let Nigel take the blame for it. He concludes that they can blame him solely. He stole Asa’s letter and faked the DNA test. Nigel had nothing to do with it. At that point, cops enter and look like they are ready to take Jared away. Jared looks scared.

After Starr and Cole go to the park with Sam, Blair and Addie talk alone. Addie talks about how she can see Starr having the “glow”. She remembers Blair and her other family members when they were pregnant. And she even remembers herself pregnant with Blair. Hearing that, Blair is intrigued to hear her mother reveal that she would even consider remembering her pregnancy with anything positive. And she asks Addie if she could tell Blair some things about her(Blair’s) “dad”. In response to that, Addie tells Blair she thinks they should leave that story for another day. Blair tells her mother she is so happy that she is there. Addie assures her daughter she really is and she is not going anywhere. She promises. Blair tells Addie that she is glad to be rid of Todd. But she still has mixed feelings about him. She knows it was not Todd’s fault that his son was taken from him and he didn’t even know that Sam was his. He had good reason to be irrational about that. She’s always believes that Todd can change. She knows that Todd had a terrible childhood. Hearing that, Addie reminds her that so did Viki. And that didn’t give her any excuses to end up like Todd. Addie tells Blair that Todd and his sister Tina are no good. Blair tells Addie that she wants Todd out of her life.

Rex notices Adriana holding a picture of them together with broken glass.. They hold each other and cry. She tells him she doesn’t ever want him to forget about her. And she departs.

The cops put Jared in handcuffs and take him away. Clint, Bo, Nora and Renee seem totally ok with that. But right then, Natalie enters and looks like she is not ok with what is happening to Jared. They eye her coldly and look like they are not “ok” with her.

Cristian and Sarah sit together and reminisce about Nash.

Marcie sits alone in her apartment while Michael is gone. She pulls out a picture of them with Sam. She then hears a knock at the door. She looks to see who it is. It’s Adriana. She lets her in. They are both concerned about Rex.

Right then, Rex rushes into Charlie’s hospital room to confront both Charlie and his mother for lying to him.

Natalie watches as Jared is carted away. And she looks like she is crying.

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