OLTL Update Monday 6/9/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/9/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex returns home. Adirana is eagerly waiting for him and hoping that he’s come back to stay. And she encourages him to get ready for their honeymoon. They can get back what they had and start their marriage. But he sets her straight that there isn’t going to be a honeymoon.

At Dorian’s, she privately tells Langston that she is very disappointed in Blair, Starr and Addie. She was hoping that they would support her and be loyal members of Cramer Enterprises.

In the kitchen, Blair and Starr panic as Todd enters. He tells them he demands to talk about the restraining order that they served him.

Marcie and Michael are ready to sleep together for the first time in a long time.

In Charlie’s hospital room, Jared sits by his father’s beside. He gives Charlie a glass of orange juice and tells him he needs his fluids. He also asks his father if he’s thought about what he plans to say to Viki or to Rex. Jared admits that he has a lot of apologizing to do, himself. Charlie tells Jared that he(Jared) cannot blame himself. He(himself) knew exactly what he was doing. And he is very grateful that his son gave him another chance. Charlie tells his son he may not be the one to give advice. But there is a fine line between accepting a little responsibility and allowing people to walk all over you. And he sincerely wishes his son luck. Jared goes out the door.

Jessica cries and Viki holds her. Viki admits to her daughter that she, too is angry. She is also “mad as hell”.

After Rex has informed Adriana that there isn’t going to be a honeymoon, she asks him what he means. He tells her he meant what he said. She tells him ok. They can always postpone it. They may need some time. Or maybe they can go somewhere else. But he tells her that there is not going to be a honeymoon now or ever. Their marriage was a mistake. He wants out.

Natalie goes to see Charlie in his hospital room. He tells her it’s going to take time, a lot of time, for a lot of people. She asks him if Jared left. He tells her yes. He went to visit Natalie’s family. Jared has decided that it’s time to face the music.

Dorian tells Langston that everything she did was “for her girls”. For Blair, Starr, Adriana, Addie and her. But nobody cares. In response to that, Langston replies to her foster mother that she cares. Hearing that, Dorian tells Langston that she sometimes believes that Langston understands things better than her(Dorian’s) own daughter. Langston asks Dorian exactly what is going on with Adriana. Why is she angry at Dorian? Dorian replies that she did everything she could in order to prevent Adriana’s wedding from happening. Langston asks Dorian why. Dorian tells her it’s because Rex is a pig and a dog and it’s an insult to pigs and dogs to be compared to him. And she could not stand by and watch her daughter get hurt. Langston tells her foster mother that she really believes she should let other people live their own lives.

In the kitchen, Todd smirks while Blair frantically calls the cops to report the violation of his restraining order.

Michael and Marcie are in their bed together. He tells her that he missed “them” so much. She tells him that she also realized what is really important. She tells him that when he came home last night and informed her that Jessica lost Nash, she realized she didn’t know what she’d do if she lost him.

Viki tells Jessica that last night she compiled a list of all of the people she is angry at. Jessica asks her mother who is at the top of the list. Viki replies that it’s Natalie along with Jared. Jessica is really surprised to hear her mother say that about Natalie. Viki admits to her daughter that Natalie helped a con man scam her own family. Jessica tells her mother that Natalie believes she is rugged and has street smarts and is better than them. She sees them all as a bunch of rich, spoiled people. But she sure didn’t hesitate to take all of their wealth. Jessica tells her mother that Bree’s room is filled with balloons. After she and Nash believed that Jared bailed him out of his debt and saved the vineyard, she was ready to celebrate. She bought several cakes to celebrate so many positive things in their lives including the vineyard, Brees 1st birthday and the new baby. She’s ordered these cakes. And she bets that the bakery is wondering when she will come and pick them up.

In Charlie’s hospital room, he tells Natalie that he is very much in the same boat as she is. He is worried that her mother may never forgive him. She doesn’t want to talk to him. Natalie tells him maybe he just needs to give Viki time. He tells her that he swears to God that he did not choose to drink and has no memory of drinking. She seems to believe him.

Jared goes to find Nigel. He tells him whether or not it’s wise to be there, he ahs to “man up” and face what has happened.

Todd tells Blair that he just wants a few minutes with “his little girl”. They both tell him that she is no longer a “little girl”. He tells her he knows she is not if she has the guts to get up on the witness stand and boldly testify against him. She can take his son from him and have him thrown out of the house and thinks nothing of it. Blair then tells Todd he needs to get out of there and leave Starr alone. But she tells her mother that this is between her and her dad. She tells him that nobody “turned” her against him. She made her own decision about his unforgivable behavior. He has gone too far with hurting people. Nobody is telling her what to think or feel. She is making this decision on her own. He then tells her he loves her. Blair tells Todd he needs to go.

After Langston tells Dorian that she needs to stop meddling in other peoples’ lives, Dorian tells her foster daughter that maybe that’s true. But she is very protective of her family. She wants to protect people from making the wrong decision. Langston then asks Dorian if she appreciated other people interfering in her life when she was young. Dorian replies that she didn’t have anybody helping her or interfering with anything. She had to take care of herself. All of her family members were in mental institutions. Langston tells Dorian that she felt she had to lie to her by telling her she was pregnant. And Dorian demanded that she had an abortion. Dorian then protests that she just wanted to spare Langston terrible pain. But she realizes she may have acted in an inappropriate manner. Langston confirms that she forgives her. Dorian tells Langston she appreciates that. But she is afraid that Adriana will never forgive her. And Adriana told her that she’d lose Langston also. Langston tells Dorian that she will never forget the fact that she(Dorian) took her into her house and became a mother to her when she didn’t even know her. So Dorian will never lose her.

Adriana protests to Rex that he cannot end their marriage over one mistake she made. She went and found Brody, hoping that he would get back with Gigi. He tells her that he cannot overlook the fact that she lied about Brody and went behind her back. She is very concerned, still, that he wants to end it with Adriana because he still has “feelings” for GIgi. But Rex tells her that this has nothing to do with GIgi. She(Gigi) is not the reason he wants to divorce Adriana. The reason he wants to is because of Adriana.

Jessica shows Viki the table and china sets that Nash was ready to buy for Bree for her birthday. When they went through the catalog, she teased him about making their daughter a “girlie girl”. He told her that is not true. He told her that real men drink Téa and he wants to raise Bree to be like a “real man”. And now he will never be there to have Téa or do anything else with his family. Hearing that, Viki tells her daughter that she believes that both Kevin and Joey are very much like their deceased fathers. She believes that they are keeping their fathers alive. And she believes that Nash will live on in Bree as she grows.

After Charlie tells Natalie that he has no recollection of choosing to drink, she asks him how, then, it was that he got hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

At Nora’s, Nigel asks Jared what he plans to do. Jared tells Nigel he promises to keep him(Nigel) out of it. He tells Nigel that he doesn’t want him to say a word. He(himself) will handle it. And he asks Nigel how they all are in the other room. Nigel admits that they are all very angry.

Inside the room, Clint, Bo and Nora are looking over all of the legal papers that give Dorian the legal right to own their company. Bo protests that none of them had a clue that Jared was a fraud. They were all being conned. Right then, Jared enters. They all eye him coldly.

Michael gets ready to go to work after enjoying his intimate time with Marcie. But as soon as he opens the door, they notice Todd standing by the door with his body guard.

Alone in the kitchen with Blair, after Todd has left, Starr tells her mother that she hates when her father calls him ‘her little girl”. It infuriates her. She wishes very much she could just blurt out to him that she is pregnant. Blair tells her daughter she better resist her temptation to do that. Maybe they can take this whole situation one day at a time. But, Blair tells Starr she thinks she was very brave to stand up to her father.

Michael demands that Todd tells him what he is doing there. Todd informs them that it was because of them that he lost his son. Now Blair has taken out a restraining order on him. Hearing that, Michael asks Todd if he is supposed to feel sorry for him because of that. Could Todd ever accept any responsibility for his actions? He asks Todd if he plans to kill him and Marcie. Todd says no. His body guard is going to kill him. Michael then asks the body guard if he knows about a certain type of artery. The body guard admits that he does not. Michael then confirms to them that he knows how to affect that artery so that he can end somebody’s life before they have a chance to kill him. And he tells the guy if he takes one step toward either him or his wife, he will not hesitate to “drop” him and Todd won’t have anybody to protect him anymore.

Charlie tells Natalie that maybe, for all he knew, he was so upset and angry that he “thought” that drinking would be something to do. She tells him that she knows all too well what it’s like to live with a drunk. She grew up with Roxy and went to many al anon meetings. But Charlie tells her for the first time, he had absolutely no memory of drinking. All he wanted to do was get back to her mother. She tells him that she doubts that her mother and Jessica will ever forgive her or Jared for what they did to Nash. And she is very concerned about what will happen to Jared.

When Clint notices Jared, he lashes out that he doesn’t want him anywhere near his home. Bo demands to know what Jared is doing on his home. Jared tells them he is there to tell them he is sorry. BO asks him why. Does he believe that they might forgive or accept him? He tells them that he didn’t want to lose his chance to be a part of this family. Nora replies to him that he was never a “part of the family”. He scammed and lied. He then tells them that he knows what he did. If he had known what he did in order to cause them to lose Buchanan Enterprises and Nash, he wouldn’t have done what he did. Right then, Renee enters. She stares at Jared. They all wonder what she is going to do next. She hauls off and slaps him.

After Michael has “laid down the law” to Todd, he tells them that as soon as he gets permanent custody of Sam, they are going to die. At that point, Michael slams the door in his face. Inside, Marcie laughs and tells her husband she cannot believe that he really said that to Todd. She asks him if he really knows how to kill somebody in three seconds. He admits to her no. But it was fun to scare both Todd and his body guard. Michael leaves and Marcie locks the door behind him.

Starr admits to Blair that she believes she is not ready to be a mother.

Langston tells Dorian that she remembers when her parents died. And it is very important for her to make her own decisions. Hearing that, Dorian tells her that she wants to send her to a college that will give her the opportunity to do what she chooses for a career. She doesn’t have to have anything to do with Cramer Enterprises if she doesn’t want to. But, she tells Langston, she thinks she knows how to make her hair look better with her(Dorian’s) favorite stylist. Hearing that, Langston tells her foster mother she should not mess with hair.

Viki tells Jessica she wants to go downstairs. Lois just made some food. Jessica can spend some time with her daughter. And maybe she can find the strength to get through the day.

Rex admits to Adriana that he was having his doubts before the wedding but didn’t tell her. He should have been honest with her. He had doubts about being ready for marriage. He got wasted at his bachelor party trying not to think about it. She reminds him that they are married and have taken their vows for better or for worst. He concludes to her that he now knows that he cannot live up to their vows. This is the “for worse” part. He cannot accept it. It was great for them to live together. But their relationship is over. They are not partners anymore. What they need to do is cut their losses. He tells her he’s sorry. He just cannot see another way. She then asks him what if she can.

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