OLTL Update Friday 6/6/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/6/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jessica is asleep and dreaming of being with Nash, waking up next to him and declaring that he is the love of her life. But at that point, she awakens, distraught, and realizes it is only a dream. Her husband has died and she’s all alone in her bed in Viki’s home..

Viki is downstairs in her kitchen with Bree when Todd enters and makes a flippant remark about how he prefers her coffee over the French crap that that bitch Dorian makes. Viki admits to her brother that she is getting tired of his attitude. He tells her that he would like to go up and talk to Jessica and offer his condolences to her for losing her husband. Viki tells him that she might not be up to that. He tells her in that case, she may go up and talk to Jessica alone and he will stay downstairs with Bree. She indicates that she might not be ok to have him alone with a child. But he tells her that he would have his own child with him, had it not been for “that bitch”, Blair taking him from him. And he can stay with Bree.

Dorian has Blair, Addie, Starr and Langston assembled in her living room while she plans a “surprise” for them. She uncovers a big poster of “the Cramer women” (herself, Adriana, Blair, Addie, Starr and Langston) and her new company that is called Cramer Enterprises. She wants them all to be her partners in her new billion dollar conglomerate.

Right then, Charlie awakens in his hospital room and looks like he’s recovering. Jared is by his bedside. He tells his father that he (himself) is in big trouble for many things. He blames himself for what happened to Charlie. But he wants his father to promise him that he will never drink again. Outside the window, Rex and Natalie watch them. He tells her that he needs to find out why Charlie would lie about being his father. Natalie tells her brother the only way to find out is to ask Charlie.

After Todd has referred to Blair as “that bitch” to Viki, Viki angrily tells her brother that she will not tolerate him using that word to describe Blair or any woman in her home or around her granddaughter. He tells her he’s sorry. But she needn’t worry about him being alone with Bree. He can entertain his infant niece while she goes up and talks to Jessica. At that point, Viki goes up to talk to her daughter

Blair and Addie both tell Dorian that they don’t want any part of this hostile corporate takeover. Starr asks why Jack is not a part of the “new company”. Dorian replies that since he is male and at a tender age, he might have inherited the “evil seed” of his psycho father. Addie asks her sister why she did not include Kelly or Cassie. Dorian replies that Kelly and Cassie have both declined. Addie remarks that she also declines. Blair tells her aunt that she does not want to be part of a “business venture” that has caused an innocent man to get killed. In response to that, Dorian protests that what happened to Nash Brennan is not her fault. It was Jared who assaulted him. Blair reminds her aunt that she exposed Jared as a fraud in front of the entire board of Buchanan Enterprises and made him lose everything. Dorian reminds her niece that it wasn’t her fault that Jared scammed the Buchanans. Blair tells her aunt that she can only imagine what other kinds of dastardly deeds she’s been up to in order to steal the company from that family. And they all make it clear to Dorian that they want no part of it. Right then, Adriana enters. Blair notices her alone and asks why she is not on her honeymoon and if her husband has dumped her already. She tells Blair to shut up and demands that she talks to her mother alone now.

Viki goes to Jessica’s room and tells her she brought her some breakfast. Jessica tells her mother she is not hungry She asks how Bree is. Viki assures her daughter that Bree is fine but she needs her mother. Jessica reminds her mother that she may not be fit to be around her child., She has so much to do right now. They have to pack up the vineyard and find a new place to live. And does Viki think that it’s as simple as packing up a few things.? Viki tells her no. She has some things she must do. She has to eat and sleep and take very good care of the baby she is carrying.

Rex knows he should not talk to Charlie when he is critical and talking to his “real” son. So he goes and talks to Bo. He tells BO he wants to help him out of the big mess that Dorian has caused his (Bo's) family., But Bo tells Rex that he doesn’t want to involve him in that. Rex has a honeymoon to attend. Bo also realizes that Dorian is Rex’s new mother in law. But Rex informs BO that the “honeymoon” is kind of put on hold. Bo asks Rex if he’s talked to Charlie. Rex tells Bo that he doesn’t think that talking to Charlie is the thing to do right now nor a priority. He cannot deal with the fact that not only Charlie, but Adriana as well, have lied to him.

Charlie tells Jared he swears that he did not choose to drink. He realizes that nobody has any reason to believe him but he hasn’t a clue what happened that caused him to wind up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Jared sounds like he is listening and willing to believe his father as Charlie tells him that the last thing he remembers was being with Dorian in a room while he accompanied Rex to the hospital after Adriana had the car accident. And he thinks Dorian might have had something to do with what happened to him. At that point, Jared sounds like he is putting two and two together about Dorian. Jared also knows that his father has some real business to take care of in regard to both Viki and Rex. Right then, Natalie enters and asks Charlie if he is alright. He tells her he’s fine and asks how her mom is. She tells him that Viki is right now tending to Jessica and Bree. She also informs him that Rex was considering talking to him. But he left. She then tells them that maybe she needs to go and see if maybe her mom needs some help even though she realizes she may not be the most popular person in the family right now.

Viki tells Jessica that maybe she is not thinking clearly right now. But Jessica sets her mother straight that that is not true. She is thinking completely clearly right now. She is thinking all the time about what she is going to do for her daughter now that she doesn’t have a father. She is thinking about what she could have done to prevent Nash from getting in over his head with that man and being dependent on Jared to bail him out. So Viki cannot tell her she does not know what she needs to do.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Todd stacks up some Oreo cookies for Bree and tells her that he is not going to lose his child. And he knows she is a fighter just like he is. He remembers what his kids did when they were her age and he would stack up Oreos for them. He remembers that both Starr and Jack knocked them down just like she is doing.

Dorian invites Adriana into the house and tells her that Cramer Enterprises is going to be about oil wells and big business. Adriana can “dream big” with her fashion industry or anything else she wants to include in their corporation. And now that she is married, Rex can have some “creative input”. She then asks Adriana where Rex is. Adriana replies that he is gone. He left her last night.

BO asks Rex what exactly has happened. Rex tells Bo that he feels like an idiot not to have seen it coming.. He is a PI yet never questioned whether Charlie was his father. He had a chance to do the DNA test. But he knows he just wanted, so much for Charlie to be his dad that he never had the courage to question it. And he didn’t even realize it was all a scam. And maybe he deserved to be scammed. Bo then tells Rex that he has no reason to blame himself for what has happened or for wanting to have a good man as his father. Rex also must realize that some “good things” have happened to him in his life. He just married the woman of his dreams. But after Rex hears that, he tells Bo that that did not exactly happen. He is done with Adriana. Right then, Shane enters, greets Rex and congratulates him on his marriage.

Adriana informs Dorian that Rex has left her. And she knows that Dorian is behind what has happened. She knows Dorian sent the “mysterious” text that Rex found that says that his wife is lying. And because she (Adriana) did not trust her own heart, she doubted everything and she turned into the miserable scheming bitch that he mother is.

While Jessica is talking to Viki, she gets a knock on her door. She assumes it might be Todd, tired of “babysitting”. But when she gets the door, she notices that it’s Natalie. She eyes her sister coldly.

Downstairs, Todd gets the door and a messenger asks for Victoria Davidson. Todd asks the guy if he looks like “Victoria”. He informs the guy that his name is Todd Manning and asks if the guy has ever heard of him. The messenger then replies to Todd that actually he has. And he tells Todd that he is now “being served”. It looks like a restraining order served on behalf of Blair and her family.

In the kitchen, Starr asks her mother, grandmother and Langston why it is that Dorian included all of them but not Jack or River or Zane. Addie replies it’s probably because none of them have the “equipment” to be Cramer women. Addie reminds them that Dorian also wants to reserve a seat for Starr’s baby. She informs her daughter and granddaughter that she consulted an astrologist about Starr’s baby. He told her that the baby will be very strong-willed and will have two parents that will go through many hardships but will overcome their obstacles and love their child. Blair then reminds them that Starr needs to have an appointment with an OB. At that point, Starr tells them that she really doesn’t want to talk about the baby right now.

Jessica tells Viki that she is ready to talk to Natalie. Viki leaves her two daughters alone. Natalie enters Jessica’s room and asks her sister if there is anything she can do. Jessica tells Natalie that there is one thing she wants to know. She asks Natalie if it was “really worth it”. Hearing that, Natalie asks her sister what she is talking about. Jessica asks Natalie if the sex was so good that she had to scam with Jared in order to ruin Nash. What was it that had to cause Jared to push Nash so hard that he fell two stories down and through a skylight? Was it worth it for Natalie just to get laid? Natalie responds by telling Jessica that she “loves” Jared. Hearing that, Jessica hauls off and smacks Natalie really hard. Natalie then tells Jessica she realizes that she (Jessica) is upset right now. Jessica reminds her sister that she remembers 7 years ago when Natalie blew into town and made it clear that she wanted to inflict as much pain as possible upon their mom and her (Jessica),. And she congratulates Natalie on succeeding on ruining them. Natalie tries to justify herself. But Jessica grabs a hold of her and demands she gets out of her room, out of her life and away from her family. She holds the door open for Natalie to leave.

Viki returns to the kitchen and notices that Todd has fed Bree too many Oreo cookies. He asks her how Jessica is. She admits not good.

Shane greets Bo and tells him he is really sorry for what happened to his family’s business. BO tells Shane he appreciates his concern. Shane then asks Rex what it’s like to be married. Rex does not know how to answer that.

Adriana tells Dorian she knows it was her (Dorian’s) plan all along to manipulate and belittle her. She did everything she could to plot a plan to keep her daughter away from Rex. Dorian protests that all she wanted to do was protect her daughter. Hearing that, Adriana asks her mother how many times she has heard that. And after 4 years of being Dorian’s daughter, she has finally realized that it was not her father she needed protection from. IT was Dorian.

Natalie rushes downstairs revealing to her mother that her talk with Jessica did not go well. But she asks Viki if she was able to talk to Charlie. Viki tells Natalie that she is not going to make any efforts for Charlie at this point. Her main priority is Jessica and that little baby.

Bo tells Rex that he understands all too well how people believe that they have found the right person and have their “images” about the perfect person. He remembers driving Rex home that night when he got drunk and maybe Rex revealed the “truth”. He then tells Rex that he thinks he (Rex) needs to go home and discuss things with Adriana. Before Rex is out, Bo tells him if he ever needs a friend or a ride, he (himself) is Rex’s “go to guy”. Hearing that, Rex hugs Bo.

Adriana tells Dorian that she knows that all she (Dorian) ever wanted was for Adriana to be a “ticket” to some poor old lady’s money. And since they’ve known each other, all Adriana has been to her is some sort of project. Hearing that. Dorian looks very upset and tells her daughter she will forgive her for saying something she couldn’t possibly mean.

Starr tells her mother and grandmother that she is not ready for them to be interested in “what is inside of her”. Right then, they are interrupted by Todd smashing his way through the window with his own bodyguard. They all call for Shawn. He comes to protect them. But Todd tells them he is there to discuss the “restraining order”.

Jessica tells her mother that she hates Natalie. She meant what she said. She hates her. She hates Jared. She cannot even face her own daughter. And she cannot accept that her husband is dead.

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