OLTL Update Thursday 6/5/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/5/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Gigi returns home and informs Brody that Rex and Adriana might be splitting soon. She doesn’t know exactly how she feels about that. But she has witnessed some terrible things happening at the board meeting today.

Rex tells Adriana he demands that she comes clean and tells the truth about what she’s been doing behind his back or else it’s over.

When Dorian returns home from doing her dirty deed, David tells her he demands that she tells him what she has just done. And she must swear on Adriana’s life that she is telling the truth.

At the hospital, Michael delivers the grave news to Jessica that she has no choice except to say good bye to Nash and face the reality that he is dying. She is hysterical and does not want to accept that. She goes into the hospital chapel and tells God that she is alive and has all of her miracles because of Him. She has her new life, her husband and her babies. And she asks what she has to do. She begs God not to take Nash away from her.

Rex tells Adriana that she needs to tell him the truth about everything. She then confesses to him that she has made a “serious mistake’. And he must realize that he has lied also and everybody does. But Rex is aware that she is not ready to come clean. He informs her that he was at the board meeting earlier. Dorian took the company from the Buchanans. Jared lost his fortune and got exposed for a fraud. Nash Brennan went off on him and Jared threw Nash through a window. And Nash might die. But, he concludes to her, that all she cares about is that he was there with Gigi.

GIgi informs Brody that Dorian Lord announced that she has done a hostile takeover of B.E. That is Adriana’s mother.

Jessica, Natalie and Sarah rush into Nash’s room and are all horrified that he is going to die. Bo goes to find Michael and tells him he is very grateful for all that he has done. Sarah asks Michael if she can go in and talk to Nash just one last item. She goes and tries to talk to him not certain if he can hear her. He has a mask but looks like he is conscious and able to talk. But he tells them he knows he is dying. Bo tells Nash that they are not going to leave him. They are all there for him with whatever he needs. Nash says Jessica. Sarah cries and realizes that she cannot save him.

Jessica is alone in the chapel asking God how she’s going to tell her daughter what has happened to her daddy. And there is this new baby. Who is going to tell him or her what happened? She had their lives all planned out. Everything was going to be perfect. She tells Him that He brought her back when she thought she was going to die. He gave her another chance. She would give her life in order to save Nash. She wants the doctors to be wrong and for God not to take Nash away from her. Right then, Viki and Clint enter to hear their daughter’s desperation,.

After Dorian agrees to swear on her daughter’s life that she is not lying to David, he asks her if she is really telling him the truth that she will make not only herself, but him as well, rich. She then tells him that she is going to tell him the truth about everything. And the truth is she lied. She smiles and smirks at him.

Adriana tells Rex she remembers when he supposedly bought her an engagement ring that he got brand new. But unknown to her, he got it form Gigi. She has overlooked and forgiven him for that. She also reminds him that they used to be happy before Gigi and Shane and little league games came into his life. He asks her if she is jealous of his relationship with a little kid. She replies no. She’s worried that Gigi will take him from her. She is afraid she will lose him. So afraid that she kind of “found Gigi’s past” and brought it to her. He asks her what, exactly, she is talking about. At that point, she replies that she found Brody and arranged for him to come back to Llanview.

Gigi informs Brody that at the board meeting, Rex informed her that he is going to demand that Adriana spills the beans about her secret. Not only that, she is worried that she might be out of a job because Natalie is her new boss and she’s afraid that she has crossed the line. Not only that, but she saw death close up right in front of her face. There was a big argument about the takeover. Then she suddenly saw a guy fall through a skylight. IT was Nash Brennan, Viki’s son in law. And they both conclude that Gigi is in shock from noticing what has happened to Nash.

When Sarah is with Nash in his hospital room, Natalie and Jared enter. She leaves. She looks at Nash through the window and cries. She informs Bo that when she and Nash were in Napa, he was all about his family. He was really excited. He believed he was finally doing something. Jessica loves him so much. And what is she going to do?

While Jessica cries hysterically, Viki and Clint try to console their daughter. Viki tells her that she can do whatever she needs to do. They are there for her. Clint tells his daughter that she is stronger than she knows and her husband needs her. She then asks them to have someone go and get Bree so that she can see her dad. They all leave together.

After Adriana admits to Rex that she tracked Brody down and brought him to Llanview, he asks her why she would be interested in Brody. She replies that she found out that he was not really dead. His mother and sister have lied to Gigi and to Shane and to everybody that the love of Gigi’s life and Shane’s father was dead when he was not. So she believes that she did something good for Gigi and her son. He tells her he does not buy that she cares about Gigi nor Shane and he asks her why she had to resort to such drastic measures right before and after their wedding. She admits that she went a bit over the top. But it’s because she loves him so much and is willing to do anything to save their marriage. Hearing that, Rex asks her who she is. She replies she’s the same person she has always been. He tells her no. She is not the person he believed she was and whom he loved. She is her mother.

Natalie and Jared go to talk to Nash in his hospital room. Natalie cries and tells Nash that she will never forget all of the great things he has done for her sister. He helped to pull Jessica through when she was near death. And she promises that she will take care of her sister and her niece for him. Jared then tells Nash that he really has admired him. And he wishes that he could have been a little more like him. Nash then gasps through his oxygen mask that he wants Jared to get out of his room. Jessica, Viki, Clint and Bo are all outside the room. When Jared enters with Natalie, Jessica stares at him coldly, knowing that he has killed her husband. Clint also eyes Jared coldly and tells him he thinks Jared better give “this family” some privacy. Jared tells him of course he can do that. And he goes to find his real father, Charlie.

After Rex tells Adriana he believe she is turning into her mother, she protests that he is wrong. She is nothing like Dorian. But she seems to know he might be right.

When Gigi shares with Brody what happened, she tells him that she saw the glass flying and Nash’s wife was crying. And she is in shock remembering the whole thing. She’s afraid she cannot get that picture out of her head.

At the hospital, Clint turns to Natalie and tells her that he holds her at least partly responsible for helping Jared pull off this scam on the family. She cries and attempts to protest to her father that she did not mean to cause any of this and she knows that Jared didn’t either. Clint then tells her that when Bree comes home, having that little girl say good bye to her daddy has got to be the hardest thing that Jessie has ever done.

After Dorian tells David that she might not “share” her wealth with him, he reminds her that he did his share of the work by blowing Jared and Natalie out of the water. He is not asking for any “hand outs”. Only what he has earned. All he would want is a “title” on the board. She suggests why not gigolo who takes money from women. And she indicates that she can tell that he has developed a “friendship” with Viki, of which she is very bitter and unforgiving. That no good woman walked in there and scoffed thinking that he had a relationship with Dorian. He protests to her that that was just a joke. She then tells him that he can “laugh” his way out of her house. He can mooch off of Viki instead. He leaves but tells her united they stand and divided they fall.

After Rex has confirmed to Adriana that she has gone too far, she protests that they can go on their honeymoon and find “them” again without her mother or Gigi or Shane or Brody in the way. He concludes to her that what they “had” was real. But it’s not there anymore.

Nora concludes to Nigel, back at her house, that she knows that there has got to be more people than she realizes that were in on the scam to falsify the DNA evidence for Jared to pass himself off as Asa’s son. Hearing that, Nigel does not know what to say to her.

Jared goes to see Charlie and cries by his bedside. He tells his father that this is all his fault. He wants to make it up to him if he ever gets that chance. Charlie awakens, opens his eyes and grabs his son’s hand.

Jessica cries and looks at Nash while she tells him that she hopes they will have a son. She thought if there is anything that she could tell him that would make him fight harder, this would be it. She tells him that she is alive today because of him. She tells him he saved her and she now wishes that she could save him. She admits that she does not know how to do this. She cannot be without him. Right then, Viki enters carrying Bree. Jessica tells Nash she promises that every day their kids will know how much he loves them. She turns to see her infant daughter with her parents. She tells them that he saved her. She picks up Bree and tells her that her daddy loves her so much. She tells Bree that he is just a little hurt now but he wanted her to come here so he could tell her how much he loves her. Clint tells Nash that he is such a good man . He thanks Nash for loving his (Clint’s)daughter the way he has. Viki holds Bree and leaves the room with Clint while Jessica talks privately to Nash. She cries and tells him that she cannot say goodbye to him.

Noticing that Gigi is in shock, Brody informs her that when he was in Afghanistan, he learned out to close his eyes and meditate when he was in shock from watching things like that. She seems interested to find out that he has learned how to meditate. And he tells her that he doesn’t think that she needs to worry what will happen when Rex talks to Adriana. He doubts that she will “love” him enough to tell him the truth.

Rex is silent and has concluded to Adriana that he does not know her nor trust her. She pleads with him not to give up on them and to realize that she loves him and will do anything for him. He then angrily tells her that he used to believe that she actually knew what love meant. And he walks out the door indicating to her that he is done. She then picks up a broken picture of them from the floor.

Jared goes to talk to Charlie urging him to pull through and get better.

Natalie sits alone in the chapel, lights candles and cries

Jessica cries and holds Nash’s hand. She tells him she loves him and will never forget that for the rest of her life. He is not just in her heart. He is her heart. He is her whole life. She cries and he holds her hand letting her know that he is going to have to leave her.

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