OLTL Update Wednesday 6/4/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/4/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In slow motion we see Clint talking to Dorian at the meeting and when she laughs he tries to choke her. Everyone rushes to pull him off.

In the hall Jared throws Nash over the balcony. He crashes though a glass skylight. Rex sees it coming and grabs Gigi and they fall to the side just in time. Nash is bloody and he’s unconscious.

Talia peeks out of Ramsey’s office as John goes through his files. They talk about how to get Ramsey.

At the penthouse, the woman in Ramsey’s bed is struggling. He comes in to calm her down. He promises her she’ll go home when she gets better.

Antonio goes to Ramsey’s penthouse. The house keeper says he’s not home but then Ramsey comes downstairs with a tray. Ramsey is surprised.

At the hospital Charlie is brought in. Michael works on him. The two paramedics call Charlie a waste because he did this to himself. Viki looks on.

Jessica is screaming for someone to help Nash. Everyone runs in. Jessica pushes past them to go downstairs to where Nash is lying. Clint asks what happened but all Natalie can say is that it was an accident. Bo calls for an ambulance. Nora tells Dorian that everything that happened here is her fault. Jessica runs to Nash. Rex starts to go to him. She yells at Rex not to touch him. She’s crying “Please don’t die.”

Layla comes in with Adriana’s hat and a present. It’s a nightie. She looks at the picture of Adriana and Rex’s wedding. They talk about Gigi and what she did at the wedding. Adriana tells her Dorian planned for Gigi to stop the wedding.

Mike tries to wake Charlie up. Viki is calling to him to breathe. Mike says she got him to the hospital just in time. Mike says he’ll have to stay over night, but he’ll be fine. He pulls Viki aside and asks what happened. Viki doesn’t know.

Clint pulls Jessica from Nash. Rex says he couldn’t get a pulse. Jessica is hysterical and yells he was doing it wrong. The paramedics come in and find a pulse and say he’s breathing. Jessica talks to Nash.

John finds an x-ray in Ramsey’s files. Skull and chest x-rays. There are articles from medical journals about seizures. Eddie comes into the squad and walks in Ramsey’s office. He says, “What the hell are you doing here?”

Ramsey sends his housekeeper to the store. Antonio says he was worried because he left the squad in a rush. Antonio says they are in business together and he doesn’t want IA knocking on the door.

Mike checks on Viki and Charlie. She asks to stay with him and Mike says yes. He leaves and Viki asks Charlie why he did this. She says he lied to her and everybody. She wonders if she pushed him too hard. She tells him to get well.

At BE Nash is taken out. Gigi tells Rex his head is bleeding and she checks him over. She says he’s okay and moves away. They talk about Nash. Rex offers her water. Gigi says no but asks him to stay with her for a minute.

At the hospital Nash is brought in. The paramedics say he crashed in the ambulance but he’s back now. Mike starts ordering tests and asks for a neurosurgeon. He says Viki’s in room three with Charlie. Everyone is shocked. Jared runs to him. He kneels at his bedside and calls him dad. Viki is behind him.

Jared talks to Charlie. Charlie calls him son. Viki asks him to explain. Natalie runs in and tells Viki about Nash. They go out. Jared reads the chart and sees alcohol poisoning. He asks, “What have I done?”

Jessica goes into the exam room and Clint drags her out. She’s hysterical and Viki hugs her.

At BE two cops are talking about the accident and they say it had to do with the BE take over. Dorian listens.

Layla and Adriana talk about Gigi and Shane being Rex’s son. They talk about Brody.

Rex picks up the note he found in the folder and asks Gigi about it. She says she has an idea. He says forget it. He wants to talk to Adriana about it. She gives him Band-Aids with bunnies on them. She says Shane won’t use them anymore. He laughs, says thanks and leaves. Gigi watches him go.

Dorian is alone in the board room calling the hospital about Nash. She looks uncomfortable. She says it’s his own fault for over extending himself. She turns and looks at Asa’s portrait.

At the hospital they say Nash has fractures on both legs, ribs and trauma to the aorta. Out in the hall the family gathers. Nora comes in she asks Clint how he’s doing. She says she’s going to the chapel. Lindsay asks to go with her. Nora says yes, takes her arm and they go.

Jared is talking to Charlie. He blames himself for Charlie drinking. Charlie tries to talk but Jared keeps interrupting him.

Viki pulls Clint aside and ask what happened. Sarah tells Viki what happened at the meeting. Viki says what Dorian did caused this to happen to Nash. Natalie comes up. Clint asks what happened. Natalie tells him all about Nash’s investor and how Jared was going to help him. She says Nash came after her and Jared tried to stop him. Natalie admits to being in love with Jared.

Mike is working on Nash. His blood pressure is dropping. Jessica opens the door just as Mike says he has to get the chest tube in or he’ll lose him.

Eddie demands to know what Talia is doing in the commissioner’s office alone. Talia says she didn’t want them to see her do this and she tosses her badge and gun on the desk. They argue about what went down with the jewels.

In the penthouse, Antonio asks when he’s getting his cut of the money. He has to pay Jamie’s doctor. Ramsey tells him to be patient. Antonio asks how an FBI agent could afford a place like this. He says he needs his cut. Ramsey says he’s starting to sound like a criminal. He tells him to calm down. Antonio asks if he has anything else lined up. Ramsey says he’ll see him at the station. Antonio says don’t wait too long.

Arriving at his apartment, Rex and asks Layla to excuse them so he can talk to Adriana. She leaves. Rex asks if she knew Charlie wasn’t his father. Adriana denies it. He says Charlie lied to her, Roxy lied and Adriana lied. He gives her the note. She denies knowing anything. He demands to know what she is lying about. She admits she lied.

David and Sean watch the news report on TV about what happened at BE. They hear everything that went on at the meeting. Dorian comes in. She looks shaken but tells them she’s fine. She asks about Nash’s condition. They tell her he’s critical. Sean asks if Nash will make it.

Viki, Clint and Natalie talk about Jared lying. Natalie tries to explain but Viki says they have to concentrate on Nash right now. Bo and Sarah are in the elevator talking about who they should call. They come out and Bo asks if Sarah wants to go home. She says no, Nash is a good friend too. Lindsay and Bo talk about everything that went on. She says she’s going to go because his family needs him. She leaves. Nora wants to go home to tell Matthew. She tells Clint that no matter what happens she will be right by his side. Mike comes out. Jessica asks it he’s okay and if she can go see him.

Antonio is in the rest room and other cop tells him that some guy fell at BE down two floors. He leaves. John and Antonio talk about the woman at Ramsey’s. John will have Mike look at the x-rays. Antonio says he planed a bug. We see the bug on the bottom of the tray Ramsey uses to carry food up to his mystery woman.

Adriana hedges. Rex demands an explanation. Rex demands she tell him everything before they get on the plane.

Dorian asks Sean if he has something to do. Sean leaves. David asks for his payday. Dorian points to the champagne sitting on the side board. David pours the champagne and asks her tell him everything. She says she has controlling interest in BE and almost drove Clint out of his mind. David notices the marks on her neck. David says he will be filthy rich. They clink glasses. David says he knows about Charlie.

Jared talks to Charlie. He’s upset and tells Charlie it’s all his fault. He grabs Charlie’s hand and says he’s so glad he has him.

Jessica begs Mike to fix Nash. Mike says Nash may not survive surgery and they need to say their goodbyes. Jessica starts screaming and crying.

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