OLTL Update Tuesday 6/3/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/3/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Antonio and John talk privately in the men’s room about how they can get the goods on Ramsey and find out what his secret is. They conclude that the jewels were the reason why he came to Llanview and took BO’s job. But they both wonder whom this mysterious woman is who is staying in Ramsey’s home.

Meanwhile, Ramsey is talking to a disabled person without a face. They are in their bed. He tells them they will get their life back. But they have to trust him.

Viki talks to David Vickers about the fact that she cannot find Charlie.

Right then, Charlie awakens at the place by the dumpsters where Dorian has had her men leave him. A guy comes out and notices that he is “wasted” assuming that he chose to make himself that way. And the guy tells him he cannot stay there. Charlie awakens, turns his head and says Viki.

At B.E., Rex observes what Dorian has done and concludes that she has gone too far.

Dorian appears at the board meeting and announces that Jared Buchanan is a fraud.

Rex, right then, notices mysterious text that says his wife has been lying to him.

Dorian announces as, per Asa Buchanan’s wishes and per the board regulations, only family members have voting rights. But Jared is not Asa’s son. He is not a Buchanan at all. She announces that she can prove that Jared is an imposter. He came to this town with one goal in mind which was to infiltrate Buchanan Enterprises. And he succeeded. Right then, Rex and Gigi are sitting and watching as Dorian makes her startling revelations to the board meeting. She tells them that her questions are simple. She wants to know if the Buchanan family was aware that Jared was a fraud. These questions demand an answer, she tells them. And if the family did not know and this young man perpetrated this hoax on his own, then is this board not guilty of gross mismanagement?

The guy who finds Charlie lying on the ground assumes he is drunk. But Charlie tells the guy he is not drunk. He’s sick. He needs help. He needs Viki.

David asks Viki if she is not supposed to be “mad” at Charlie after finding out that he lied to her. She replies that they had their disagreements. But she is worried about what might have happened to him. So she asks David if he knows anything. He then tells her that he will tell her what he knows.

At the board meeting, Dorian announces that she would really like to know. Aren’t her shares safe? Nora, Lindsay, Clint and Bo are all wondering what to do next. Bo admits to his brother that he never trusted “that guy” (Jared). At that point, Natalie stands up and tells Dorian that it is she (Dorian) who’s the one who cannot be trusted. Jared has done an excellent job and has earned their trust, she protests. Jessica stands up and tells Dorian that Jared is just as much a Buchanan as she is. Dorian then informs Jessica if that is really true than her sister (Natalie) is sleeping with her uncle. Hearing that, everybody is shocked. Natalie says nothing in regard to that comment. But Jessica asks her sister to please admit that Dorian is wrong. People then stand up and ask Natalie if she has really been having an affair with her uncle. Neither she nor Jared responds. Jared goes to stand by Natalie. Dorian continues to plead her case. But security officers come and remove her. Some want her out of there. But one man stands up and tells him that since he is a shareholder, he wants to hear what this woman has to say.

Antonio and Talia are alone kissing at the station. He tells her that he wants to make certain that they do not get caught especially when they are so close. Eddie goes and finds John and asks if Ramsey is there and if he is not, then why is his door closed? John does not reply that the reason is so that Antonio and Talia can be alone.

In his penthouse, Ramsey tells the “faceless” woman that he is truly sorry that this has happened to her. But when she is better, and he promises she will be, he will take her home.

Viki demands that David tells her where he thinks that Charlie might be. But he hesitates. Right then, she gets a call on her cell phone from the guy who found Charlie. She asks why this stranger would have Charlie’s phone. He informs her that he is the bartender at Rodi’s. Charlie asked him to call her. This guy is in really bad shape, the bartender tells her. And he might need Viki’s help. Overhearing the conversation, David admits that Dorian has gone too far this time.

Rex observes the mysterious text that says his wife has been lying to him. And he recalls the other day when Adriana obviously lied to him about going to the store to buy eggs but coming back without eggs, then telling him that she wanted to find out if he was Charlie’s son yet leaving without the fork that Charlie used. He concludes that he knows that Adriana is keeping a secret from him.

At the station, after Eddie asks John why Ramsey’s door is closed if he’s not there, John asks Eddie how he would know. Eddie argues with John about how he believes that he and John are siding against Antonio, Ramsey and himself. John then tells Eddie that he (Eddie) has something on his nose that is brown and flakey. And Eddie might want to wipe that off. Eddie leaves. John then goes in the door and tells Antonio and Talia that he has an idea about how they can find out about Ramsey’s new friends and his big secret.

Ramsey then tells the faceless woman that he knows she wants to see her loved one. Isn’t that what she wants?

Rex stands alone and remembers when he asked Adriana why she lied about where she went that night and how it did not make sense. All she could do was evade the issue and not even attempt to come clean nor explain anything to him.

At the board meeting, Pamela Stewart stands up and admits that she and Jared lied about his being hers and Asa’s son. Jared’s real mother was her friend, Valerie Banks. And his father is Charlie B. In response to that, Dorian concludes that Charlie B. is known as Charlie Balsam.

Viki goes to the alley at Rodi’s after the bartender calls her. He informs her that there is no way that any of the employees at the place could have served Charlie. He has a big bottle of booze in his hands. And they do not let customers take bottles outside. Viki obviously assumes that Charlie chose to get drunk. But she seems concerned about his well being regardless.

Dorian tells the board members that Charlie, the man who is currently dating Viki Davidson and whom everybody believes is Rex Balsam’s father is really Jared’s father. At that point, Rex enters and is shocked. Dorian informs him that Charlie and Jared are father and son and have been lying and colluding to everybody in this room. She concludes that they are all victims. Bo then announces that this is mere speculation from a woman who does not have any credibility. But Pamela Stewart confirms that she and Jared have been lying. She is not his mother. Asa was not his father. Valerie and Charlie are Jared’s real parents. Dorian thanks her for telling the truth. Clint then tells Dorian that even if this is proven true, Jared is nonetheless an able and valued member of the board and of B.E. Rex is devastated to have found out that he has been betrayed. Gigi is right behind him very concerned about how he is feeling.

Viki goes to help Charlie. She asks him what has happened. She asks why he would buy a bottle of vodka after revealing to her that Rex is not really his son. She cries and tells him that he promised her that he would not drink anymore. He protests to her that he did not drink. But it looks obviously as though he must have.

Roxy returns and finds David alone in her salon. She asks him how she should explain the reason why she had to lie to Rex about his father. She tells him that maybe she will have to leave town just because Viki demands the truth. She tells him that this town needs their hair fixed by her. And she believes that the truth is overrated.

Dorian concludes to the board meeting that even if the members of B.E. are allowed to be non family members, they have falsely passed off Jared’s identity. Clint then protests that the company had no way of knowing that that was true. Dorian informs them that their contracts with Boyd and Honeycutt are now null and void. Natalie and Jessica ask what that means. Do Boyd or Honeycutt own B.E.? Dorian replies no. They don’t own B.E. She owns B.E. Bo and Clint then demand to know what she means. How could she own B.E? She explains that since Asa’s death, she has been quietly buying up shares and has been doing business with a “dummy corporation”. And unknown to all until now, she has legal authority and ownership of B.E. People all around demand to know what has just happened. Bo answers that they will look into this matter and issue a statement tomorrow. Dorian then says sorry but the “king” is dead. And long live the queen.

When they are alone at the station, Talia, John and Antonio all brainstorm about what they are going to do, what risks they might be taking, and how they could succeed or fail in finding out why Ramsey stole the jewels and whom this mysterious woman is.

Ramsey tells the mysterious woman that he wants to take care of her. And until she is well, he cannot let anybody know that she is there with him.

Clint and Bo go and demand that Jared starts talking. He admits to them that Dorian’s allegation that he has lied about being Asa’s son, with Pamela’s help, is true. He admits that he told the truth about admiring Asa all of his life and wanting to be his son. Pamela wanted that too. So that is why she helped him. He tells them he realizes that there is no excuse or justification for what he did. But he wanted more than anything to pour his heart and soul into Buchanan Enterprises. He tells them he has nothing left to say. It’s all his fault. He leaves. Jessica then turns to Natalie and concludes that she knew. Natalie replies not at first. But she covered for Jared because she loves him. She goes after Jared. Everybody gathers around silent and not knowing what they are going to do. Dorian smirks and raises a glass of champagne. Clint tells her she won’t get away with this. She tells him that she already has.

Nash concludes to Jessica that this is a big mess. But she tells him that she might be able to uplift his spirits. Yet, before she can tell him, Jared’s “business associate” informs him that he has just confirmed that what Dorian has alleged is true. Jared Buchanan has no legal rights to any money or assets from the company. So Jared’s claim to help Nash save the winery is all invalid. Nash will have to vacate his dream. There is nothing they can do about it. Hearing that, Nash is furious.

Viki attempts to help Charlie get back on his feet. But he passes out again. She calls an ambulance and is very worried that Charlie might be dying. She urges him to wake up. But he looks like he won’t.

Gigi attempts to find out from Rex what is going on. She asks him if he is willing to forgive Charlie or overlook what has happened when he really admires and likes Charlie. But she knows that there is something more than that going on with Rex and she demands to know what is going on. Rex then shows her the mysterious text that says: “your wife lied to you”. And she knows that he has a serious issue on his hands.

Antonio leaves to go and chase his lead.

Ramsey tells the woman in the bed that she needs to get some sleep. She must think of all the people who love her and realize she will be seeing them sooner than she thinks.

Viki tries and fails to revive Charlie and she is very afraid that she will lose him.

Roxy gives David a manicure. He tells her she is a miracle worker. But he asks her what she plans to do to Viki about the “big bad truth”. She admits she is not certain.

Clint tells Dorian that she needs to go home. She tells him she does not get mad. She gets even. He asks her if she did this because she is mad at him for breaking up with her. She laughs hysterically. He then tries to choke her and others are concerned that he might kill her.

Nash lashes out at Jared. He knew from the moment he met him that he was a fraud. But he overlooked it because Jared saved Jessica’s life. Natalie demands that he does not yell at Jared. He then points his finger at Natalie and tells her she is a dirty little tramp to be doing this thing with Jared. And it is because of her that her sister has lost her home. At that point, Jared pushes Nash off the balcony. Jessica screams, afraid that her husband has been badly hurt as glass smashes.

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