OLTL Update Monday 6/2/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/2/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the station, John asks Antonio (in front of Eddie) why he let Talia get fired. John asks Antonio why he could not back her up for something she did that was not a crime. Antonio tells John if he has a problem with this, he can take it up with Ramsey. But they can see that he is not there. When they are alone and out of earshot of Eddie, John asks Antonio just what happened. Antonio replies it was Ramsey

Right then, Ramsey is alone in his new penthouse, putting the jewelry on an unseen person. He tells them it’s beautiful, just like they are.

At B.E., reporters want to talk to both Bo and Clint about business. Not far away, Rex enters and notices Gigi. She greets him and asks how is “the married man”.

It looks like the board members at B.E. are going to have a press conference. Lindsay is on Bo’s arm while Nora is with Clint. They are getting ready for the satellite hook up. They get up to the podium and notice that all Buchanans are present and accounted for except for Jared.

Right then, Jared goes to talk to David. David pushes the door shut. But Jared wedges it open with his foot and tells David they need to talk. David asks Jared just what he plans to do to “buy off” Dorian in order to silence her.

Right then, Dorian is in the bedroom with unconscious Charlie passed out in the bed. She is looking up at God (or somebody) while she is ready to drug Charlie with booze as he is unconscious. She says she is really sorry. But she has to finish what she started. She then holds Charlie’s nose and pours the booze into his mouth.

Alone in Ramsey’s empty office, Antonio informs John that Bo helped them set Ramsey up with the jewelry. And when they can tell that Eddie is eavesdropping outside the door, they argue like they are “rivals”, as though John is angry at Antonio for getting Talia fired, and as though Antonio tells John that he does not care about either of them. They then speak softly as not to be overheard and brainstorm just what they think Ramsey might be up to involving stealing and setting them up to get in trouble for stealing.

Ramsey has his hired woman help him take care of this mysterious person. She is serving food on a tray.

Viki goes to see Roxy at her hair salon and demands to know why Roxy lied to Rex and asked Charlie to help her with the scam that Charlie is Rex’s father. Roxy protests that her son needs a daddy. Viki tells Roxy that lying to Rex won’t work. Roxy tells Viki that no harm was done. Viki can smooth things over with “her old man” when she sees him again. But Viki informs her that she cannot find Charlie. He is not answering his phone and she hasn’t a clue what has just happened to him..

Meanwhile, Dorian has Charlie lying unconscious in the bed upstairs. She pours alcohol down his throat and tells Charlie that he will never be able to see the love of his life, Viki OR his real son again. And even if he does see them, they will both believe that he has defaulted on his promise to stop drinking.

At B.E., Gigi tells Rex that she thinks she owes him an apology for causing a scene at his wedding.

Clint and Nora discuss what they remember about the most recent shareholder’s meeting when Asa did all the talking. Lindsay and Bo join them and they all agree that Asa would be proud of their success. Natalie is right then, trying and failing to get a hold of Jared on the phone. Nash and Jessica and Sarah are nearby. The “business associate” of Nash’s who wants to buy Nash out appears. Nash demands to know what he’s doing there. He reminds Nash that he is a shareholder. When the others ask him whom that guy is, he tells them about their deal where he almost lost his winery until Jared saved the day and bought the guy out.

When Jared goes to see David, Dorian enters and tells him she is surprised to see him. She thought that he’d be at the Buchanan’s shareholder’s meeting. He asks her how she’d know about that. She replies that she makes it her business to keep informed about everything that goes on at B.E. She tells Jared that, as the newest Buchanan, she thought he might want to get to the meeting bright and early. She and David both scoff about how he is “Asa’s newest lovechild”. He tells them they can laugh all they want. But he reminds Dorian that he still has that tape. David tells Jared that as long as he gets paid, he will continue to keep his mouth shut. Dorian tells Jared that he and Charlie may continue their charade as long as they want. But she and David have them both wrapped around their little finger. Jared then goes out the door. When David and Dorian are alone, he asks her if the Charlie whom Jared spoke of is the same as Viki’s Charlie.

At Roxy’s salon, Viki demands to know what Roxy might know about Charlie. Roxy protests that she is not lying when she says that she also hasn’t a clue as to where Charlie is. She hasn’t seen him since before Viki last saw him. But Viki does not trust what she is saying and she asks Roxy why she would ask Charlie to lie to Rex for her.

At B.E., Gigi tells Rex that she embarrassed both him and Adriana. It wasn’t fair to either one of them. And she is really sorry. But he does not seem at all angry at her. He does, however seem to have some “issue” about something. He makes a remark that he is “sorry about the way things turned out”. And she asks him what he means by that. He replies that he feels bad that she got into a brawl with Adriana. But he is clearly referring to her sudden discovery and reunion with Brody. She tells him it’s a miracle that Shane’s real father arose from the dead. And she tells Rex she has to get back to work and pass out brochures. Rex is clearly depressed that it looks as though Gigi is now “spoken for”.

At the meeting, Sarah tells Nash she wants to introduce him to some people. Alone with Natalie, Jessica tells her about the plans to reveal that she’s going to have another baby. But they also are both aware that Charlie has disappeared. Jessica tells her sister that she thought that Charlie was a “good guy”. Natalie assures that he is. Jessica asks why, then, he lied to Viki about being Rex’s father. Right then, Jared appears and overhears their conversation.

At Dorian’s, she tells David that she is going to have a “celebration” and wants David to look his best. He then asks her what is going on with the shareholder’s meeting. But she only wants to distract him and not answer his question. She asks him to run along. The doorbell rings. He asks her if that is the “package” she is expecting. Two guys enter. David believes that he’s seen them before and demands to know what is going on. But she tells him he does not need to “think” or ask questions. When Dorian is alone with the two guys, she arranges for them to carry Charlie out of her home, unseen and then “drop him off” somewhere. They ask just where she wants them to drop him off. She tells him she will figure that out later.

John and Antonio talk alone in Ramsey’s office about how they can work together to uncover Ramsey’s secret. But when they notice both Eddie and Ramsey outside the office eavesdropping, they continue to yell at each other about what Antonio has allowed to happen to John’s “girlfriend”. It looks like both Ramsey and Eddie are fooled into believing that that is what they are talking about.

Right then, the guys whom Dorian has hired are ready to drag Charlie out of her house.

John asks Antonio just whom he believes Ramsey is trying to protect. Antonio admits he does not know. They are ready to continue their “civilized” conversation, until Ramsey enters. John, then, instantly grabs a hold of Antonio, pushes him up against the wall and demands to know what type of crooked stunts he is about to pull. Noticing that, Ramsey demands that John gets his hands off of “his detective” or John will find himself out on the street with Sahib. John leaves and Ramsey asks to talk to Antonio alone. Antonio instantly “plays the role” of acting courteous to Ramsey and like he’s very worried that his daughter has a deadly disease and he will stop at nothing in order to be able to pay her medical bills. Right then, Antonio gets a phone call from somebody who sounds hysterical about the situation.

David goes to Roxy’s salon wondering if either she or Viki might have seen Charlie. Roxy runs out and Viki talks to David alone admitting that she is upset about having absolutely no clue as to what has happened to Charlie.

Meanwhile, Dorian has her “thugs” take Charlie to the docks and dispose of his unconscious body by a dumpster. When she dismisses them, she pours alcohol all over Charlie She wears her elegant hat and looks very smug. She then walks off in grim satisfaction.

When Jared arrives at the meeting, he privately talks to Natalie about this little secret that is obviously going on between David and Dorian. He is not worried what either of them can do. But he is a bit concerned that he cannot reach his real father, Charlie. She remarks that her mother has also been trying just as unsuccessfully to get a hold of Charlie and it seems he’s nowhere to be found. Right then, Nash comes over and tells Jared he apologizes for the fact that they got off on the wrong foot. Jared tells Nash it’s quite al right. He obviously doesn’t want to sound like he has any reason to be “angry” at anybody. Nash tells Jared he realizes he only married into this family. And he really appreciates all that Jared has done.

Right then, Clint and Bo stand up and speak. They introduce themselves but admit that they are not much to look at. So they ask Natalie, Jessica and Sarah to stand up so that they can introduce almost all of the beautiful women except for Renee. They also introduce the guys in the family. Clint announces that since they are carrying on Asa Buchanan’s legacy, they have a big enormous photo of their deceased father. Everybody claps. Clint tells the audience that some people may have heard that since Asa’s passing, there have been some rumors of “raids” on the company. But they are now no longer threatened by anything or anybody, he assures them. He announces that Buchanan Enterprises is no longer “up for grabs”. Not now or ever. Hearing that, everybody claps and cheers. But not far away, Dorian appears looking seductive, devious and smug.

David asks Viki if there is anything he can do, noticing she is upset. She tells him that he could tell her where Charlie is. He tells her he wishes he could be he has no clue. She tells him she cannot understand why he would want to be “back” with Dorian. He replies that he gets a cheap place to live. And that’s about the only reason. Viki then informs David that she found it very odd that Charlie has disappeared and is unreachable but he allegedly sent a “text” message from him the other night. She informs David that that is so unlike Charlie. He never sends text messages. Right then, David recalls noticing that Dorian has had access to a “second” cell phone on which Viki was calling and Dorian was refusing to answer. And he puts two and two together.

Charlie lies unconscious by the dumpster.

At the BE shareholder’s meeting, Clint asks if anybody wants to ask any questions or make any comments. Right then, Dorian appears. Everybody wants to know what she is doing there. She informs them that she is a shareholder. She then speaks up and asks Clint what he plans to do in regard to the fact that he is committing fraud with his company and his shareholders.

John and Antonio talk alone in the men’s room about this mysterious “companion” that Ramsey has in his home.

Meanwhile, Ramsey and his hired woman are strapping somebody down on a bed. He shows the person a picture to calm them down

Viki tells David she’s sorry to be burdening him with her problems involving Charlie. It’s not his problem, she concludes. But hearing that, he tells her that she’s wrong. It is his problem. He wants to make her problems his problems, except, of course, for her multiple personality. For that, she is on her own. She responds to that comment by telling him sometimes he is incredibly tactless. But that is what she likes about him. He then tells her that he might be able to find out where her boyfriend is.

After Dorian announces that Clint Buchanan has been “defrauding” the shareholders, people ask her why she says that and what she knows. BO then confidently encourages Dorian to “stand up ad speak her mind” assuming she cannot hurt them.

Not far away, it looks like Rex is uncovering some dirt.

Dorian stands up and announces that everybody is under the mistaken belief that the Buchanan board members are made up of Buchanan family members. But she happens to know that that is fraud. She announces that Jared Buchanan, the newest board member, whom everybody alleges is the also the newest family member, is not Asa Buchanan’s son. In fact he is not a Buchanan of any kind. Hearing that, everybody is shocked.

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