OLTL Update Friday 5/30/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/30/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At Todd’s court hearing, after Marcie, Cole, Langston and Markko testify against Todd, the judge calls Starr to the stand. Everybody watches and wonders what she will say about her father in front of the entire court room. She gets up and confidently admits that she and her dad used to be very close. But now she believes he is out of control and a danger to many people including herself. Not long ago, he grabbed her and caused her to fall down a flight of stairs. The judge thanks her and she sits down. Right then, Blair stands up and tells the judge she realizes she was not asked to testify, but as Todd’s wife, she requests being able to make a statement.

Charlie is still “sleeping it off” in Dorian’s bedroom after she has drugged him.

Jared and Natalie are trying and failing to contact Charlie.

Viki goes to see Dorian. She makes it clear that she is very frustrated about something.

Blair takes the stand in the courtroom. She testifies that she has known throughout her long history with Todd that he has a “dark side” that can cause him to be irrational and potentially violent. But she never believed that he could endanger his own children until now. SO she is ready to divorce him and keep him away form all of his kids. She is just as confident as Starr. She then sits down. Todd then takes the stand and testifies that he caught Cole Thornhart raping his daughter. And they ran away together. He brought them back. And then his wife kicked him out of the house and wants him to have nothing more to do with his kids. He says he admits that he’s done many things wrong in his life. He may have gone off the deep end in regard to his daughter. But nobody can accuse him of not caring about his kids. SO he begs the court not to take his son from him. At that point, the judge announces that he will make a ruling. Everybody rises. He announces that he has listened to everybody’s testimony about the custody of Sam Manning. And he has gathered all the information needed so that he can make the right decision in the best interest of the child. SO he rules that Sam remains in protective custody and not with Todd Manning.

When Viki goes to see Dorian, she asks her why Blair and the kids have thrown Todd out of the house. Dorian tells Viki she needs to wake up and see what kind of a human being her brother is. And need she remind Viki that they are both the “spawn” of Victor Lord. Hearing that, Viki lashes out at Dorian and tells her this is not the right day to push her.

David attempts to get inside the room to find the mysterious man whom Dorian is hiding. Addie comes by and tells him she might be able to help him by giving him the key. HE asks her what other kinds of “tools” she might have. She looks at him in a seductive way telling him that she might want to let him know that. But he wants to find out who is in the bedroom. Yet, he is tempted by Addie. And he kisses her.

Nash Brennan meets with his investment contractor about the future of the vineyard. The guy tells Nash that he can take the vineyard away for business reasons. It may be Nash’s dream but it must be profitable financially in order for him to put up the money. He informs Nash that his investors do not believe that it will make them any money. And there is no way that Nash can salvage his vineyard unless he has the capital to buy them out. At that point, Jared stands up and tells the guy if he needs capital, he may consider it done.

Natalie goes to visit Jessica and Bree. It’s Bree’s birthday. And Jessica announces that she is pregnant again.

After the judge rules that Todd will lose Sam, Todd stands up and protests that he cannot do that. But the judge tells Todd that he is a danger to many people including his own children and could have killed his infant son by transporting him without a car seat. The lawyer tries but fails to convince the judge to reconsider. Hearing that Sam is going back to foster care, Starr is not ok knowing that her baby brother will be placed with strangers and tells her mom she did not want that. Blair agrees that she’s not ok with that either. At that point, Judy (Marcie and Michael’s lawyer) suggests a more suitable alternative placement for Sam Manning. She looks at Marcie and Michael and announces that they were his previous parents and makes the recommendation for them to get custody of Sam. Todd stands up and protests. Marcie smirks at Todd. He shouts that he knows that somebody planned for Adriana to hit him. The judge demands that he sits down and shuts up. Judy asks if anybody planned for Adriana to hit him right when he was driving without a safety seat. Is it anybody else’s fault that he assaulted Starr and all her friends? He yells that Marcie and Michael must have set him up so that they could take his son.

While Addie is upstairs with David, Dorian asks Viki if there is “trouble in paradise” with Charlie. She rubs Viki’s nose in the fact that she cannot even find her man. But David walks down the stairs and happily greets Viki. Noticing him, Viki tells David she is really disappointed that he would “stoop so low” as to go back to somebody beneath him, such as Dorian.

At the court hearing, the judge tells Todd he better calm down and respect his courtroom. Todd then sits but tells the judge he wants to ask him one more question. The judge tells Todd he may ask. Todd then asks if the judge will put his kid in the custody of Marcie and Michael McBain. The judge replies no. He concludes that he cannot let two people who have broken the law and done the things that they have done have custody of the infant.

At Dorian’s, Viki smirks. She laughs hysterically and tells Dorian and David that she didn’t think that anything could make her laugh today. But they have done it. She tells them that she is there to see Blair. David replies that Blair is in court testifying against child abusers and car seat violations. Dorian tells Viki that Blair is finally coming to her senses and preventing Todd from hurting any more people. At that point, Viki is no longer laughing. She asks them if they see Charlie, would they please let him know that she is trying to find him. Dorian then smirks at Viki and asks if she has looked for Charlie at the “drunk tank." Viki then goes out the door. At that point, David asks Dorian just what Charlie Balsam is doing in her bed.

Nash’s investment associate tells Nash and Jared that they better come up with the money at the end of the business day. Or they don’t have a deal.

Outside the courtroom, Starr tells Cole that she cannot accept her baby brother being placed in foster care with stranger. She tells him she wants to be alone. And she indicates that he doesn’t know how to “Take care of her." If he did, they wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. She’s obviously thinking about the “future” regarding their baby.

Inside the courtroom, Blair tells Langston and Markko that she wishes she could do something. She doesn’t want Sam placed in foster care anymore than they do. Markko then stands up and asks the judge if he could talk. He informs the judge that his girlfriend, Langston was going to be placed in foster care. That would not have worked. She already saw that it would have really messed up her life to be taken from the people she loves. But Dr. Lord gave Langston a much better choice by adopting her. So the judge must know that Sam cannot be taken into foster care to live with strangers The judge doesn’t have any answer for that until Blair comes up with an idea. She asks the judge if he would consider her as a suitable guardian for Sam.

Jessica and Natalie enter the diner when Nash is talking to his investment associate and to Jared. She asks what was going on. He tells her he doesn’t want to spoil their daughter’s first birthday. And everything is going to be ok, thanks to Jared. Jessica and Natalie stare and Jared and seem to wonder what is going on.

David asks Dorian what her “plan” was involving drugging Charlie. She tells him that she is not going to discuss it with him. Right then, she gets a call but won’t answer it. He notices that she has two different cell phones in her living room. She’s secretly calling and taking calls from the first one but won’t answer the second one.

Viki is still trying and failing to contact Charlie. He won’t answer. And Dorian has his cell phone.

Blair stands up in court and says that she realizes that child and family services has good intentions for children who cannot live with their families. She was placed in foster care when she was a child. And she knows that the system fails. She should have had a real family to live with. She knows that Sam cannot live in a place like that. He has a family. She realizes she is only his step mother. But her kids are his brother and sister. She knows that Sam sees her as his mom. He has a family and a home with her and her kids. And she would like the court to recognize that Sam should live with them. Todd is silent when he hears that.

Right then, Marcie is in the bathroom, very upset. Michael comes in and holds her. She tells him he needs to leave her alone. But they both know that she is not ok with what has just happened. She looks like she’s going to have an emotional breakdown not knowing what will happen to Sam. He looks similarly upset.

After Blair has told the judge she can raise Sam, he asks the social worker if she has any objections. She says not really as far as Ms. Kramer’s fitness to provide a home for Sam, except that she’s concerned that she may allow Mr. Manning into the house to see his son. Blair protests that she promises not to do that. The judge then concludes that Blair can have temporary custody of Sam. At that point, Todd tells Blair she has taken everything from him. And he tells everybody that this no good slut is not fit to raise an animal much less a child.

Right then, Marcie cries and panics and tells Michael she cannot accept what has happened to Sam.

The judge rules to the courtroom that Blair Kramer will have temporary guardianship of Sam.

Viki keeps calling Charlie on his cell phone. But it’s not in his possession. Dorian has it in her living room. David hears it ringing and asks why she has a second cell phone and why Viki would be calling. She tells him he doesn’t need to know everything. He only needs to trust. And they will both get all that they desire. At that point, Dorian leaves. And Addie is ready to get “what she desires” from David.

Dorian then goes up to Charlie’s room. He is still lying in his bed unconscious. She smirks and says poor Charlie. She wishes she could tell him that things will get better. But she cannot. She tells him she bets he would really like a drink right now.

After the judge has ruled that Blair gets custody of Sam, Todd tells Blair she’s going to be sorry for what she has done to him. He goes out the door. Langston, Cole and Markko gather together and admit that they are relieved that Mrs. Manning will get custody of Sam. But they are concerned that what has happened has really hurt Mrs. McBain. Also they cannot find Starr.

In the courthouse bathroom, Marcie cries and tells Michael that they have lost their one and only chance to be parents. She cannot have a child the old fashioned way. And she doesn’t know how they could adopt if they can’t get Sam. He tells her that he knows that they will get to adopt again. She tells him that the only reason she ran with Tommy (Sam) is because she had to keep him away form Todd. She was right that Todd is violent. She just heard what he did to Starr. All she has wanted is a baby to love, she tells him. They go out the door afraid that there won’t be any easy answer nor happy ending. And right at that point, unknown to them, Starr is hiding behind the stall overhearing their conversation. And she is crying and looking very emotional.

David wants to go out the door. But Jared enters and asks him if he plans to “go somewhere." Upstairs, Dorian brings a bottle of booze on a tray for Charlie. She tells him that she really wishes it didn’t have to end up this way. But she simply cannot have him telling the world whom he really is. She looks up and tells “somebody” that he knows they are watching. She really is. But she had to finish what she started. So at that point, She holds unconscious Charlie’s nose and pours the booze down his throat.

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