OLTL Update Thursday 5/29/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/29/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

After Dorian drugs Charlie and takes him to her home where he sleeps, Blair enters and demands that Dorian tell her what he is doing in her bed.

Todd goes to Viki's home now that he is homeless. He informs his sister that there is a newspaper article that reports that he was in a car crash the previous night. Noticing that her brother is ok, Viki wonders what is going on that would involve a court hearing. Todd informs her that that “publicity” could kill him.

Right then, Starr and Langston are on the computer noticing the article that reports that Todd Manning was involved in a car accident where he transported his infant son without a child safety seat. Starr remarks that her dad did a very stupid thing driving that kid at his young age without knowing the law. Right then, Cole enters and informs them that he has been subpoenaed to testify against Todd.

At Nora’s, Clint goes and tells Nora that he realizes that she disapproves of his situation where he “teamed up” with Lindsay to do the dirty business.

Todd shows Viki the court subpoena he has. He tells her he needs her help. He needs her to “plead his case” to Blair.

Nora tells Clint that she realizes that maybe he had no choice except to fight fire with fire. He tells her that he would like to put it all behind them. But he’s afraid that she might be ready to tell him that that cannot happen. She tells him that she just wishes that he had not done this “dealing” with Lindsay of all people. Clint must know that Lindsay’s only motive is to get something for herself. Why else would she help Clint? Right then, Bo enters and answers her question that Lindsay did it for him. And he asks Nora if she has a problem with that.

Lindsay goes to find RJ Gannon and tells him that he has ruined her life by revealing to Nora that she teamed up with Clint. He tells her that she must realize that he did not do that to ruin her life. And there are far worse things he could have revealed to Nora about her, including admitting that she faked insanity in order to get away with murder. Knowing that RJ may want blood, Lindsay asks him what it will take in order for him to keep his mouth shut. He replies that what she can do is break it off with Bo.

Marcie is at the diner talking to Judy, the lawyer who fought for them to win custody of “Tommy” against Todd. Michael enters and reminds his wife that his name is Sam and she really shouldn’t be going so far as to talk to a lawyer. Marcie tells her husband she wants and needs Judy to help her nail Todd Manning and prevent him from ever seeing his son again.

Blair assumes that Dorian might have David Vickers in her bed. But Dorian wants to hide Charlie without anybody knowing.

Starr discovers that she has been subpoenaed to testify at Todd’s hearing. So has Langston, Markko and Cole. She goes and informs her mom and asks what she wants her to do.

Viki asks Todd just what happened that is causing him to have to go to court for such a minor accident in which nobody was even hurt. He then attempts to explain to his sister the whole situation. He tells her that Blair kicked him out of the house. She asks him why. He tells her that he caught Starr and Cole together and they had some “disagreements." He took his son after both Blair and Starr kicked him out of the house. But he’s afraid he might be in some trouble. SO maybe Viki can help him by testifying or by trying to convince Blair that Todd is “damaged goods” and may be an “inner prince." In response to that, Viki asks her brother if he thinks she is an idiot or if she thinks that Blair is an idiot to believe that. She is not going to do his dirty work for him nor help him with this situation. He is on his own.

At the diner, Marcie tells Michael she realizes that they will never get custody of Todd’s son. But they did promise to always protect him and be there for him. SO whether he wants her to do it or not, she is going to be at Todd’s hearing and testify that he should lose custody of that child.

RJ tells Lindsay that he believes that Bo wants to get her in the sack. He saw Bo kissing her. She tells him that she knows that there is something between herself and BO. But she asks RJ just what he and Nora are plotting against her.

Clint tells Nora she just cannot help herself with this vendetta against Lindsay. Nora tells Clint that Lindsay is a murderer. She keeps escaping the consequences and escaping the law. He tells her she needs to understand and accept that he did what he had to do or else they might not have a future together.

Viki tells Todd that she has gone and attempted to convince Blair of Todd’s “damaged childhood” so many times. She and Blair have both forgiven and overlooked Todd’s behavior over and over again. They have both mistakenly believed that some day, some way he might change. But they have both been very stupid to think that Todd will ever change. Todd then tells his sister if she cannot help him, then maybe she would want to help Sam. He has been taken from his family. He’s all alone in some place probably crying and scared and all alone. Doesn’t she care about that? She tells Todd that all he ever wants to do is be a victim and blame everybody and anybody for all the things they have done to him. He must know that the courts took Sam from him because he put him in danger. He then concludes to her that he is going to get Sam back. And if she won’t help him, she can go to hell. She and Blair and anybody else who wants to get in his way.

RJ tells Lindsay that he wanted to find out how “deep” she is into BO. She asks him if this was some sort of a test. He tells her that he now understands that he and she cannot be together. She tells him she has to go and meet Bo. He tells her he hopes everything works out. She tells him no he does not.

Clint tells Nora she means a great deal to him. She tells him not enough to respect her interest in upholding morals. He tells her that all he and Lindsay are to each other is business partners. But she tells him that she knows that Lindsay is going to use him and hurt him. He must know that Lindsay is destructive and dangerous. He tells her that he wants her to get over her obsession about Lindsay. He tells her that she is irrational in regard to Lindsay. She asks him if he cannot understand why. There is a laundry list of things that Lindsay has done to her. Lindsay kept Nora from her son. And she took Sam Rappaport away from Matthew and from Jen by killing him. He tells her that she needs to find a better way to “deal” with Lindsay. She then tells him that she can find a “better way." She can dig up dirt on Lindsay and drag her down.

Lindsay and Bo meet at the diner. She tells him that she thinks she knows why he wanted to meet with her. He did not come home last night. She bets he wants her to call the court and tell them she cannot stay in his home any longer.

Blair takes Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko to the courthouse. Dorian and David are alone in the house.. David asks Dorian just who this “mysterious person” is whom she is hiding upstairs.

In the courtroom before the hearing, Todd talks to his lawyer telling him he better realize that he needs to beat the charges. The lawyer reminds him that he got him off some serious enough charges at Virginia Beach. And maybe Todd should not expect miracles. He needs to convince the court that he can provide a safe and loving home for his child and his attitude does not indicate that right now. Right then, Marcie walks in and tells Todd and his lawyer that Todd is unfit to be a father and he’s going to lose his son. He asks her if she is not yet aware that she will never get his son. She tells him she may not. But at the end of the hearing, he won’t get to have him either.

David tells Dorian he wants to know just whom she invited into her house. She replies that her private life is none of his business. He tells her that her financial life is very much his business. He asks her if it’s the “faux Buchanan” who’s been sleeping in her bed.

Meanwhile, Viki is alone in her home wondering why Charlie did not come home.

Dorian informs David that she has “motives” not to get Jared in trouble for fraud. And she lets him know that all of the BE shareholders are going to have a board meeting. And this is the first after Asa’s death. And she informs him that she has been “working” on a situation that might benefit him.

Todd approaches Judy who is representing Marcie and he confronts her. She asks him if he wants to go off on her or if he wants to find out how Sam is doing. His lawyer asks Todd what did he tell him about not offending the wrong people. Right then, Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko enter. Blair is behind them. Todd stares at his wife and daughter knowing what they might plan to do when they testify.

Bo admits to Lindsay that he does not like what she and Clint did. But he knows that they did it for a reason. He knows about her habit of acting before she thinks. She tells him he must know that she is fiercely loyal. She would do anything for him. He tells her that he just wishes that she wouldn’t hide things from him, he thinks they have a shot. Hearing that, she is really happy to hear BO say that he wants to be with her. But, he tells her, if she hides anything important from him again, it’s over. He smiles and looks like he only has positive feelings. He kisses her and departs to get to the board meeting. Cristian and Sarah enter. She informs him that she tried to call her mom, last night. He tells her he is surprised. He thought she was pretty mad at her mom for being out of touch. She admits that she is still mad. She called last night and got a recording that this number is out of service. It’s as if her mother has dropped off the face of the earth.

The hearing is underway. The judge announces that he wants to hear from many people. He first calls Marcie to the stand, acknowledging that she witnessed MR. Manning driving his son when the accident occurred. Todd speaks up and reminds the judge that she is also the woman who kidnapped his son. The judge then asks Marcie what happened on the night in question. She replies that she and her husband heard a crash. They noticed that Todd had a car accident. She went to make certain that his infant son was ok. But she saw that Todd did not have him in a child safety seat. After the judge is done hearing from Marcie, he asks Markko to take the stand.

Cristian asks Sarah if she really wants to find her mom, Tina. Sarah tells him she is considering that. But she realizes that if her mom wanted to find her, she could.

Nora goes to the diner to find Lindsay and asks to talk to her. She pretends to be friendly. Lindsay tells her she does not buy it.

Bo and Clint look at their figures before the board meeting. Bo concludes that BE is thriving and that he can credit Clint for turning things around. Clint tells his brother that they are all going to be together at the meeting. And they are all going to make their pa proud.

Dorian comes down the stairs looking at her messages on her phone. David tells her she better tell him what her secret is with BE. She tells him that he will find out the truth when the rest of the world does. And in the mean time, he has to keep his mouth shut about Jared Buchanan. She tells him he has to take a shower. A cold one. He goes upstairs. When she’s alone, she calls her contact and plots a plan that might involve the BE meeting. David goes upstairs and attempts to open the door to the room where Dorian has kept Charlie.

Viki goes to Dorian’s house and asks to come in.

In the court hearing, the judge asks Markko what his relation to the defendant is. Markko replies that he is Mr. Manning’s best friend’s boyfriend. The judge asks Markko if he can share some information about Todd’s violent behaviors. Markko replies that Todd assaulted him when he knew that Markko knew where Cole and Starr were on more than one occasion. The judge then asks Cole about Todd. Cole testifies that Todd caught him and Starr together and almost killed him. Todd interjects it was because Cole was raping Todd’s daughter. The judge asks Todd to shut up. Cole talks about when Todd assaulted him and put both Cole and Starr in the hospital at Virginia Beach. The judge then asks to hear from Starr Manning.

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