OLTL Update Wednesday 5/28/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/28/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At their apartment, Rex finds his toothbrush in Adriana’s bag. Adriana has a flashback to when she asked Gigi to take it. Rex asks her why she took this with her to buy eggs.

At Gigi’s, Brody and Shane watch sports on TV and eat pizza. Shane reaches for a beer bottle when Gigi walks in. She freaks out and tells Brody he is out of here.

In Dorian’s living room, David, wearing only bike shorts, and Addie hang on each other doing couples yoga. Blair walks in.

At Viki’s, Natalie asks Viki what happened with Charlie. When Natalie apologies Viki tells her it’s not her fault. Natalie says maybe it is. Viki presses her for answers.

Still at the hospital, Charlie tells Dorian its over, he’s going to tell Viki everything. When he turns away to call Viki, Dorian stabs him with a syringe. He faints. Dorian smiles. She says she’s sorry, but he can’t tell Viki or Rex. They have to save it until she does what she has to do.

In the hospital hallway, Todd finds Marcie with Sam. Marcie refuses to give him back. John McBain comes up and asks what’s going on. Marcie says Todd tried to kill “her son” tonight. Todd says he should have put her in jail when he had the chance. Mike tells Todd he could have killed Sam tonight. They tell John the baby was in the front seat without a car seat. Todd denies it. Marcie recites the law to him and Todd says there was a car seat in the back seat and Sam was in it.

At Dorian’s, Blair tells David to get her hands off her mother. Addie refuses, but the instructor separates them and leaves. Blair asks Addie if she’s taking her medication. Addie says its just yoga. Blair asks what the hell David is doing in the house. David says Dorian invited him. Blair mentions that she had to change the locks to keep Todd out. Addie says she hasn’t said anything about Starr. David asks what’s going on with Starr.

Upstairs, Starr looks at her stomach in the mirror as Langston walks in to the room. They talk about Cole. Starr asks if she thinks its crazy for her to raise the baby.

At Gigi’s, Shane says he only had three sips of beer and its no big deal. Gigi throws the bottle and breaks it. Brody gets up and says it’s no big deal. She tells him to leave. Shane yells that he hates her and runs upstairs. Gigi tells a good dad doesn’t drink beer at ten years old.

Adriana says she was going to take the toothbrush for a lab test. She says Rex didn’t seem 100% sure so she would do the test to put his mind at ease. Rex asks why he didn’t take the fork with Charlie’s DNA.

In the hospital room with the unconscious Charlie, Dorian is on the phone telling someone to bring a friend and meet her at the back entrance of the hospital. The package is big. She covers Charlie with a sheet and says she’ll take care of him.

Brody and Gigi argue about who told Shane Brody was the father and if it is an excuse to give a kid alcohol. Gigi shows Brody Shane’s comic book and says he didn’t need to give the kid beer to be cool. Brody says he learned a lot in the service but not about being a father.

Adriana asks why Rex is grilling her when she was just in an accident. Then she sags and says the room is spinning.

Viki and Natalie talk about Charlie. Natalie says she suspected Roxy was lying. She says she didn’t want Viki to get hurt. Natalie says maybe he had a good reason. Jessica comes in with Bree. Viki is happy to see her. They talk about Bree.

Langston tells Starr she’s not crazy. She says everyone will help. Starr tells her to stop with the Kramer stuff. Starr says when she ran away with Cole he did everything he could to make her happy and comfortable. She says she felt free. She had been so mad with her dad for so long. She says the second she saw her mom she wanted to hold her forever.

Blair tells David Starr ran away and just got home. She doesn’t want her daughter to see them doing yoga. Blair tells him not to unpack. David leaves. Blair reminds Addie that Starr’s pregnancy is a secret.

Mike tells Marcie to give Sam back. Marcie refuses but Mike hands him over. John comes back with a cop.

Dorian pokes her head out of a room. She is in scrubs with a mask on and in a thick accent asks someone to help her with a body. Two nurses go in to help.

John tells Todd they caught the guy putting a car seat in the car. Todd says someone was probably stealing it. John says Todd should have hired someone who wouldn’t roll over on him in two questions.

Starr tells Langston about being in the hospital and how right it felt with Blair. She says Blair was very accepting when she found out about the pregnancy. She says Blair protected them. She tells her Todd took Sam.

Todd tries to leave the hospital with Sam but John stops him. Marcie asks how Todd thought he would take Sam home without a car seat. Todd wants to leave but John says Child protective services will determine if he leaves with Sam.

Gigi and Brody talk about the past and Shane. She tells him how great he was to her ten years ago. She says she told Shane he was his father because she would be proud if Shane grew up to be the Brody she knew then. She says he can stay if he follows the rules.

Rex answers his phone. It’s Viki calling to ask if he heard from Charlie. Rex tells her about the hospital and the accident.

Dorian sneaks Charlie into the house. She has two men carrying him. Blair and David come out of the living room and ask what she’s doing. Dorian says she can explain. Blair goes off on her about David doing yoga with Addie. Dorian yells at him. Blair thinks its bad for David to live here. Dorian defends him. Blair warns him to behave. David walks off. Blair heads for the stairs. Dorian asks where she’s going and she says to see Starr.

In Starr’s room, Blair comes in and Todd calls her cell phone. He says if you ever cared about me at all, you’ll help me now.

Rex asks if Viki is worried about Charlie but she says no. They hang up.

Rex asks Adriana if she feels better. She says a little queasy and she needs sleep. He kisses her. She closes her eyes and he goes back to his toothbrush. He looks from it to Adriana.

Jessica is surprised about Charlie lying about being Rex’s father. They wonder where Charlie is and Jessica says to call him.

At Dorian’s, the men come down and hand Dorian Charlie’s phone. They say it was buzzing. Dorian checks it and sees its Viki.

Shane comes down and Brody says he was out of line to give him beer and then yell at Gigi. Brody tells him to apologize to Gigi for mouthing off to her. Shane says he’s sorry and they make up. Shane asks if she’s still mad at dad. Gigi says they understand each other now.

Natalie and Jessica talk about Charlie and the fact that he lied. Viki comes back in and tells them that they and Kevin and Joey are the most important people in her life.

Dorian says goodbye to her helpers and looks at Charlie’s phone to see Viki called. David walks in and she warns him to be good. David asks who those men were. Dorian warns him to keep his mouth shut and he’ll get a lot of money.

Todd tells Blair to take good care of Sam and hangs up. Starr misses Sam.

The child services lady comes in. Todd reminds her he has custody. She asks if he was on his cell phone while driving and Sam wasn’t in a car seat. She says she’s taking the baby into protective custody until a hearing tomorrow. Todd asks Marcie if this was what she wants, to put Sam back in the system. Marcie says Todd almost killed him, is that what he wanted?

Adriana sleeps as Rex looks at the toothbrush. He gets into bed and stares at the ceiling. Adriana is turned away from him, she opens her eyes and stares.

Gigi cleans up while Brody teaches Shane how to salute.

Dorian is texting on Charlie’s phone. David peeks in on her.

Jessica, Natalie and Viki play with Bree. Viki gets a text message from Charlie saying he hasn’t told Rex yet, and needs more time.

Blair, Starr and Langston look at family photos.

Child Services take Sam away. Marcie and Mike leave. Todd sits in a chair.

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