OLTL Update Tuesday 5/27/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/27/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Adriana is driving home, furious with Gigi, Shane and Brody. She is not paying attention to driving. Todd is also driving distracted when he notices Sam leaning over in the passenger seat of the car. Todd doesn’t have a child safety seat for Sam.

Gigi goes to talk to Viki and can tell that she has something every serious on her mind. Viki cannot find the words to tell Gigi exactly what has happened. But she seems to want to discuss Gigi’s situation with her.

After Charlie has revealed to Viki that he is not really Rex’s father and has known that throughout Rex’s life yet he’s lied about it, he goes home to find Rex at his door. At that point, Charlie knows that it’s time to come clean to Rex.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Jared are looking for David Vickers in the stable but they cannot find him.

David somehow finds his way to Dorian’s house with the “help” of Shaun. Shaun informs Dorian that he found this man “lurking” around outside. David is wearing farmer overalls. After Shaun tosses him inside her door, David asks her to “hide” him.

After Adriana and Todd collide, Marcie and Michael find them. Michael calls for help and is ready to take them both to the hospital. The first thing that Marcie notices is Sam. She still calls him Tommy. And she rushes to see if he is ok. He is but no thanks to Todd. She acts just like she did when she was his mommy. She carries him out of the car and bonds with him. Michael attempts to rescue Adriana out of her car. He demands that she waits for a doctor. But she tells him she is ok. She just has to go home. But Michael tells her that she better tell him what has happened. Right then, Adriana remembers going to talk to Gigi and hearing Gigi inform her that she knows that Rex does not want her (Adriana) and that Dorian has attempted to prevent her daughter from marrying Rex. She answers Michael’s question by informing him that she had a “really bad night."

Gigi goes to talk to Viki about her situation involving Rex and Adriana and “Shane’s father." Viki asks her where Brody is now. Gigi replies that he is with Shane. She doesn’t want anything to do with him. And she does not know what to do.

Rex tells Charlie that he is not going to hold “the past” against him. He does not care if he used to be a drunk and slept with Rex’s mother all those years ago and had an accidental pregnancy that is now Rex. At that point, Charlie tells Rex that the plain truth is that he “got mixed up with” something involving Rex’s mother. But he never “had an affair” with Roxy.

After David appears in Dorian’s home, she pretends she does not know him nor care what happens to him. And the reason is clearly because she knows he sought out Viki Davidson before contacting her. He then tells her that he needs to “hide out” somewhere. She asks if somebody is chasing him and just what will happen if he does not get shelter. When he replies that his life may be in danger, she rushes outside and screams for the repo man and bounty hunters to come an get David. He tells her that he had every intention of coming to her first. But something “really big” suddenly fell into his lap. She then tells him that she has some plans in which she might include him. But whether she does or not depends on what he has to “offer in return." Hearing that, David looks at her and smirks.

Marcie holds Sam and makes certain he is ok while Michael attempts to rescue Adriana. Neither of them are very concerned about Todd nor noticing him conscious and lucid in his car as he observes Marcie holding Sam, calling him Tommy and telling him that “Mommy and Daddy have him now." But right then, Marcie turns to notice that Todd is observing her holding the child who used to be hers’ but is now his.

In response to Dorian informing David that she might help him if he “has something to offer her," she asks him just what he thinks he has that would be of interest to her. She asks him to “spill” what he thinks will impress her. He then replies that Jared Banks is an imposter. He has been scamming the Buchanans into believing he is Asa’s son. He now has the goods on Jared. She tells him she’s known that for a long time. He then informs her that Natalie Buchanan is getting it on with “uncle Jared” whom nobody else knows is not really her uncle. Hearing that, Dorian smirks and concludes that Viki will freak when she finds that out.

Gigi can tell that Viki has discovered something that has her in shock. Viki informs Gigi that Charlie just informed her that he was not really Rex’s father. He’s been lying to everybody about that. Hearing that, Gigi asks Viki why he would do that. Viki replies that \supposedly, Roxy asked him to. She is very worried about what will happen when Rex finds out he’s been scammed by a man whom he bonded with and believed was his father.

After Charlie spills to Rex that he is not really his father, Rex does not seem to believe or realize that that is true. Rex is distracted when he gets a call that Adriana has been in a car crash. He has to rush. But he still believes that Charlie is his real dad.

When Adriana and Todd are both taken to the hospital, they both seem to be ok, physically but are arguing about whose fault it is. And as soon as Rex notices his child in the arms of Michael and Marcie, he struggles to get up and take his son. But the doctors and nurses restrain him and prevent him from getting up.

After Viki informs Gigi that Charlie is not really Rex’s dad, Gigi concludes that Rex will be really “disappointed” to find that out. Viki tells her the word is more like devastated. Rex was at his wedding believing that he was having this “experience” with his real father and all the while Rex has been falsely believing that his children will be Charlie’s grandchildren. At that point, realizing what Rex really is to Shane, Gigi concludes that if Charlie is not really Rex’s father, then he is “not really…..” But she cannot reveal to Viki what she is about to say, in that Charlie is not really Shane’s grandfather if he’s not Rex’s father.

After Dorian finds out from David that Natalie and Jared are sleeping together, she relishes what she might be able to do with that. But she gets a call from the hospital informing her that Adriana has been in an accident. She tells David she has to rush and be there for her daughter.

Natalie and Jared search all over the stables for David. And she is very concerned as to where David might be. He could be anywhere in Llanview including finding his way to her mom’s house to tell her the whole thing. Right then, Jared gets a call from David informing him that while Jared and Natalie were “rolling in the hay," he (David) has been making hay. He tells them that he now has much bigger and better plans than being tied up in a Speedo. And right then, while David makes the call from Dorian’s living room, Addie walks in and remarks that “she would like to see that."

Rex goes to see Adriana in the hospital and asks her what happened. She replies that Todd was driving the car and ran into her. Hearing that, Rex asks her why she was driving near Angel square when she told him she just went to get eggs. He then asks her just where she intended to really go.

Michael makes certain that “Sam” is ok. Marcie is right there with him. They ignore Todd when he comes out of his room. Marcie rips into Todd telling him that he did not even have his son in a proper car seat. He could have killed him. She tells Todd that he is unfit to be his son’s father and any judge will be able to see that. He tells her she needs to shut up. She tells him that that is the very reason why she was willing to stop at nothing to prevent him from having that child. He could not even keep him safe in a car seat. She was right to have done what she did and to have assumed what she did about Todd. He tells her that she is in big trouble for what she did, holding people hostage at the diner. She will never see Sam again. She tells him neither will he. She is going to call the cops and child protective services and inform them what he did. When she rushes off, Todd falls over on the ground.

At Dorian’s, when David notices Addie, he is very surprised to see her unlike the sheltered St. Anne’s patient he’s always known her to be. He informs her that the last time he saw her she was “coloring without all of her crayons." So maybe he could get in legal trouble of he lets her come on to him. She tells him that now she is in full control of all of her crayons. She won’t be going back to St. Anne’s ever again. Dorian mistakenly believes that she is not whom she really is. She comes on to David and looks very sure of herself and unlike David has ever seen her.

After Gigi finds out from Viki that Charlie has lied to Rex about being his father, Gigi tells Viki that sometimes the truth does not need to be revealed and people will be hurt worse from the truth than they are if they believe something that is not true. Maybe it’s “ok” for Rex to falsely believe that Charlie is his father.

Dorian rushes to the hospital to make certain that Adriana is ok. But she realizes that Rex has full authority of the insurance forms and everything involved in her accident and medical care. He leaves. Alone with Adriana, Dorian tells her daughter that they are going to sue Todd and get him in big trouble for what he did. But Adriana is less concerned about Todd than she is angry at her mother. She tells her she knows that she went to Gigi and to Brody privately and plotted to have them help her prevent Adriana from marrying Rex. She tells her mother she knows that she never wanted her to marry Rex. And she will never forgive her.

Jared goes to Dorian’s house to attempt to find David Vickers when Shaun approaches him. Shaun is suspicious of why Jared might be there. He goes upstairs to see if “one of his men can check things out.” When Jared is alone, he wastes no time to rush into Dorian’s living room in search of David. He only sees Addie doing yoga on the floor. David is hidden. He asks her if she has seen a “very dangerous man” named David Vickers. Addie does not know what to say when David is hiding behind a couch.

Dorian protests to Adriana that she could see that her daughter was miserable with Rex. Adriana cries and tells her mother that she counted on her to help with what she wanted. She gave Dorian another chance and Dorian betrayed her. How could Dorian do that to her? Right then, Rex enters the room and asks what he missed.

In regard to Viki telling Gigi that she believes that it was inexcusable that Charlie lied by having Rex believing that he was Rex’s father, she tells Viki that she’s certain that Charlie had his reasons and did not want to hurt anybody. She sounds very odd to Viki justifying why it might be ok for Charlie to have Rex falsely believing that Charlie is his father.

Charlie enters Adriana’s room and helps Rex to get her released. Rex and Adriana go to check out. Alone with Charlie, Dorian asks him just why he had to “accompany his son." She knows the truth.

While Todd is in his hospital room, he gets on his phone and calls somebody whom he reminds that he is their boss. He asks him to buy a baby car seat. It’s none of the person’s business why. But he needs his contact to buy a baby car seat (which Marcie knew that Todd did not have for Sam). And he wants them to find Todd’s car and put it in the back seat.

Dorian asks Charlie if he and Jared are really ready to reveal the truth to this town. Don’t they know that they are going to be in serious trouble? He tells her that he is not afraid of any threats she could possibly make to him or to Jared. He reminds her that he and Jared have her on tape attempting to blackmail them. So she better not think she has any position of power over either him or his son.

Marcie is outside the hospital room, bonding with “Sam." She has called the cops, talked to John and tells her former foster son that his uncle John will help him nail Todd. And they will all be a family again some day soon.

At the hospital, Michael observes Marcie with Sam. They are both amazed to see how the infant has grown, all the words he now knows and how they miss him. But Michael is a bit concerned that his wife may have “ideas” that will only break her heart as well as the reality that Todd has legal custody of Sam now.

When Rex takes Adriana home, he asks her what is up, knowing she has something on her mind that she is not telling him. He goes through her personal belongings that were found in her purse when she was admitted in the hospital and wonders why she is carrying his toothbrush in her purse. She then remembers going to “propose a plan” to Gigi.

Addie, David and another woman are in the living room. She talks to him about a “66” and a ménage et trois.

Natalie goes to see her mom and Viki reveals to her daughter that Charlie lied to her. She cries and admits to Natalie that she feels betrayed. Natalie reveals to her mother that she might have had something to do with that.

At the hospital, Charlie tells Dorian that he is about to call Viki. But Dorian finds a needle that knocks him out.

Marcie holds Sam and tells Michael she realizes what has to happen. Sam will eventually have to go home with Todd. He asks her if she knows that he loves her more than anything. She tells him he may go and do whatever he has to do. Right then, Todd comes out and demands that Marcie hands over his son. She tells him no.

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