OLTL Update Friday 5/23/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/23/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex and Adriana awaken in their bed. She doesn’t want him to check the clock. She tells him she put on one of her gifts for him and they can stay in bed all day long because they are newly weds. She tells him that the wedding wasn’t pretty. But now they are officially and legally together forever. Rex looks, however, like he might not be entirely on board with that.

Gigi and Shane return to the carriage house and notice Brody on the couch. He awakens startled. Shane asks his mom if “Dad” is ok.

Charlie goes to talk to Viki, ready to “drop the bombshell” on her. He tells her that he’s been lying to her about his son.

Marcie gets a mysterious text from Michael. He appears with flowers and wine and asks her if he needed an excuse to show his wife a little romance. She reminds him that they have not had a lot of romance for a long time. She asks why he would consider this. He then answers that this is their second anniversary.

At Blair’s house, she makes certain that Shawn escorts Todd out the door and he won’t be living there any longer. He tells her that if she is really kicking him out, he is taking his son. She better “cough him up”. In response to that, she tells him that maybe he might want to consider his two other kids. Does he want to take their brother away form them? He tells her that they won’t be without him for very long. Right then, Dorian and Jack enter. He sees his dad, having no clue what has just happened and wants to tell him what happened in school today. Blair tells Todd that he better not reveal to Jack what they have been talking about.

At the carriage house, Shane asks Brody if he can teach him more military moves and share with him what happened in Afghanistan unless it’s “classified information”. But she tells him that his dad has a lot to do today. And she encourages Brody to go up to the shower. Alone with his mom, Shane tells her that it’s “weird” that his dad is back. It’s like he’s dreaming. But, he tells her, he’s a “real cool guy”. At that point, Gigi discovers an empty bottle of booze under the blanket where Brody was sleeping. And she replies to her son that yea, he’s “really cool”.

After Rex gets out of the shower, he and Adriana go through their wedding gifts. He remarks that he wants to make some waffles and remembers that “somebody” gave them a waffle iron. He then pulls it out and notices that it’s from Gigi and Shane. He knows that might not be al right with her. But she tells him that if waffles are what her husband wants for breakfast, that is what he will have. And he tells her that he’s had something going on involving DNA. She asks who it involves. HE replies Charlie.

After Charlie reveals to Viki that he has been lying to her in regard to his son, she asks what specifically about Rex. She knows that they have not found each other until now. And whatever is going on between the two of them may not be any of her business, she tells him. But he tells her that he thinks it is. The issue in regard to Rex is that Rex is not really his son.

When Dorian returns home with Jack, she knows that Blair might need to talk to her alone where Jack cannot hear what they have to say about his father. She asks her what is going on. Blair informs her aunt that she has put her foot down that Todd is no longer welcome in this house or around their children. Hearing that, Dorian asks her niece what the problem is. Blair replies that the problem is Todd intends to take Jack with him and she does not want him to be taken from Starr and Jack. They can’t lose their baby brother. Dorian tells Blair that she happens to know that Starr is pregnant but she hopes that Blair has not revealed it to Todd. Blair assures her aunt that she has not. At that point, Dorian concludes that she has wanted for such a long time to give that worthless pig what he deserves. She and Blair then go into the room. Jack can tell that his parents are fighting and he asks why. Todd then tells his son that he really wants to stay in the house with him and with Starr and with Sam. But his mom is making his dad leave.

Rex reveals to Adriana that he has never done an official DNA test to prove that Charlie is his father. She asks why he would hesitate of he is really certain that he is. He tells her that Roxy told him that he is. She reminds him that Roxy has lied to Rex all these years having him falsely believing that Walter Balsam was his father. And Roxy doesn’t exactly have the best credibility in the world with anything. So why should he take Roxy’s word for it. He asks her how she believed that Dorian was her mother. She tells him that she had irrefutable proof that she was. He, on the other hand, has no proof that Charlie is his father. But he tells her he believes that Charlie would have no reason to lie to him about that.

Viki asks Charlie how it is that he has “suddenly” found out that Rex is not his son. And why did he suddenly, not long ago, believe Roxy’s word that Rex was his son. He doesn’t exactly take Roxy’s word for everything. He tells Viki that he knows he never slept with Roxy. He never met her before in his life. He may have forgotten many things. But he is certain that he could not have possibly conceived a child with her. He is attempting to reveal the truth to her. She tells him that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He then tells her that he has always known whom “his son” really is. He has always known that he is not Rex.

Adriana tells Rex that she thinks he should confirm whether Charlie really is his father. What if he needs a new kidney or something? He tells her if something like that ever comes up, then he will check out Charlie’s DNA. But he’s not worried about it now. They realize they have a fork with Charlie’s DNA on it. And she notices Rex’s toothbrush when he goes off.

When Brody has gone upstairs to shower, Shane asks his mom what will happen in regard to where his dad lives. She tells him she really doesn’t know. They cannot live in Viki’s carriage house forever. Much less can they expect him to live there. He also tells her he knows that she has some reservations about his “real dad”. He knows she has some unresolved issues involving Rex. He asks her if she thinks she could ever love his dad the way she loved Rex.

At their apartment, Adriana tells Rex that she has discovered they are out of eggs. She will go to the store and be back soon. But it looks like she has some other type of “plan”.

After Shane asks his mom if she could ever love “his dad” the way she loved Rex, she attempts to answer that question while Brody stands at the top of the stairs overhearing their conversation. She tells her son that “love” is not something you can easily predict. Shane asks her if maybe she and Brody could go out on a date. Right then, they get an unexpected visit form Adriana. She tells Gigi that she has a “plan” that might solve all of Gigi’s problems. But right as soon as Shane sees her, he lashes out at her and sprays soda all over her. Gigi asks Shane to behave. And she asks Adriana to finish what she was saying.

Marcie and Michael have their wine at Angel Square together. He tells her that he wanted to meet her there because this place is kind of where “his real life” started. He almost ‘bought it” right where they were standing a few years ago. But she gave him a reason to live. He really had no ambition in his life. But she changed that for him. And then a few months later, it was Valentine’s Day. He chased her all the way there from Capricorn. She laughs and remembers that. He tells her that he wanted her to see the real him. He tells her that she gave him this life and this happiness. And he just wanted to return the favor.

Dorian and Blair confirm to Jack that Todd is no longer going to be living in their house. But Jack cries and asks them why their dad can’t live there. Why can’t they be a family? Hearing that, Todd tells Blair and Dorian he’d like them to answer that question to his son. And at that point, Starr comes down the stairs and tells Jack she will answer his question. It’s because nobody is safe to live in that house with their dad anymore. She explains to her little brother that the reason why everybody is mad at their dad and they want him out is because he hurt her. He put her in the hospital. Jack cries and tells his sister she must know that their dad did not mean it. He would never hurt any of them. She tells him that he did. Todd has gone too far and needs a time out away from their home. Jack goes to hug his dad and tells him he can’t be leaving. Todd attempts to “bond” with Starr by calling her Shorty like when she was a little girl. But she tells him she is no longer his “Shorty’. She wants him out. Jack cries and protests that he cannot let them do this to him. Todd tells his son that he has to leave now and hopes Jack will be ok. But he turns to Blair and asks her if she is “happy now”.

Adriana has taken Rex’s toothbrush and a fork Charlie ate from to Gigi's house. She tells her that she can find a way to “prove” that her son has the father she wants him to have.

After Charlie reveals to Viki that he lied about being Rex’s father, she is outraged. She asks how he could lie to Rex and to everybody about that. He tells her that Rex was really happy to believe that Charlie was his father and he could not break his heart by admitting that he knowingly falsified that to him. She angrily tells him that he has to “undo the damage” and reveal that to Rex now.

At the apartment, Rex notices that Adriana has left with his toothbrush and Charlie’s fork and has probably not gone to the store to buy any eggs.

Charlie tells Viki that he wants to make certain that things are ok between “them”. But she angrily tells him that she is not his primary concern. What he needs to do is go and attempt to do damage control with Rex. That poor boy has been betrayed and made a fool of, she tells him. And he has to go. But Charlie is very worried that there is no way she will ever forgive him for what he’s done knowing he still has not yet revealed to her the secret involving Jared.

At Gigi’s, she informs Adriana that her (Adriana's) mother encouraged her to go after Rex to prevent him from marrying Adriana. Adriana tells Gigi she does not believe that Dorian would do that behind her back. But since Rex is not “available” to either Gigi or Shane anymore, she has some DNA for Gigi to use in order to “pass Brody off” as Shane’s father. She tells Gigi as much as she does not care for her or for Brody or for Shane, she doesn’t want to break that poor little boy’s heart by having him know that his mother has lied to him by preventing him from knowing the truth that Rex is really his father. Gigi angrily tells Adriana she better get out of her house. Adriana refuses to go. At that point, Brody comes down the stairs and carries Adriana over his shoulder and out the door.

When Todd is ready to leave with Sam, Dorian tells him that if he thinks any court would give a rapist and child abuser custody of an infant, he’s out of his mind. But Blair does not want to upset Sam or Jack. So she has Starr go and get Sam and give him to his daddy. She tells her infant stepson that he is going to “visit” with his daddy for an “overnighter”. But Todd snatches Sam out of their hands and rushes out the door with him.

After Brody has removed Adriana from Gigi’s home, Gigi tells him that she remembers an honorable guy whom she met many years ago in Michigan. He was strong and responsibility and didn’t drink anything stronger than water or O.J. He then responds to her that he doesn’t know what to say. People change.

Rex goes to see Charlie. Charlie looks horrified at that point and Rex wonders what is up.

Blair assesses to Dorian that Todd threw Starr down a flight of stairs. He could have killed her and the baby. Starr slept with Cole because Todd was going to make her leave and she was afraid that she’d never see Cole again. And her little girl is going to have a baby. Dorian reflects that it may not be an easy life for Starr to be having a baby so young. Blair asks her aunt just what her daughter is going to do if Todd ever finds out that she is pregnant. What is Starr going to do? Right then, Starr stands at the door to overhear them.

Marcie and Michael declare their life together and that they mean everything to each other.

Meanwhile, Todd is in his car driving away with Tommy. He tells his son that he will be a good father to him. Nobody will take Sam away from him.

At the same time, Adriana is driving and furious at Gigi and Shane and Brody. She doesn’t look like she is paying attention to driving.

Todd then notices that Tommy looks like he’s attempting to get out of his child safety seat and he turns his eyes away from the road.

Next, we hear what sounds like a very loud and fatal collision.

Marcie and Michael can hear it very close by and get up to find out what just happened.

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