OLTL Update Thursday 5/22/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/22/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Todd attempts to enter the house but it looks like the locks have been changed so he cannot enter. He pounds on the door and calls to Blair. But nobody seems to care that he’s out of jail and ready to come home. Inside, Starr and Blair can hear him and Starr asks her mom how he got out of jail so fast and what they’re going to do with the fact that he is “on the loose”.

Jared goes to see Charlie at Viki’s house. He warns his father that sooner or later, Viki will find out about their lie. Charlie asks his son what he plans to do. Jared replies he will have to let it be known that he is an imposter and there is another Buchanan heir.

At the stables, Clint goes looking for his horse. But he is very surprised to find Natalie n the stables. She is tying up David and hiding him. Clint asks his daughter what is going on.

RJ Gannon goes to talk to Nora.. She can sense that he might have “motives” to help her get the goods on Lindsay now that Lindsay has kind of “dumped” RJ for Bo.. Nora asks him to please tell her that he knows that Lindsay faked her breakdown and that he is coming clean and ready to nail Lindsay for her crime.

While Todd is pounding on the door outside, Starr asks her mother what they are going to do. Outside the house, Todd calls a locksmith and demands that they unlock the door so that he can get in. Right then, Shaun enters but seems to disregard Todd. Todd demands that he helps him get in. But Shaun informs Todd that he no longer works for him nor follows his orders. He now works for Ms. Kramer. He informs Todd that she pays him better and she’s a lot “better on the eyes” than Todd is. He goes inside and ignores Todd.

Jared tells Charlie that he cannot keep this secret from Natalie’s family. And it’s unfair to ask Charlie to keep lying for him. Charlie asks his son what changed his mind. Jared admits that Natalie had a lot to do with it.

After Clint finds Natalie in the horse stables, she attempts to have her father believing that she is taking care of the horse. She’s concerned about the horse’s diet. Clint then concludes that he’s never known of Natalie to have an interest in horses nor wanting to shovel manure. He then asks her if she wants to go out riding with him. But she knows if they attempt to get the horses and go out riding, Clint will discover David. So she shouts NO and gets Clint distracted in a conversation. David is still bound and gagged and cannot speak. Natalie talks to her daughter about how she realizes all of the family business and secrets that have been recently revealed.. He tells her that Jared really took them by surprise. He first did not seem like anybody they could trust. But now he’s a valued member of the family. Isn’t it amazing the way things sometimes work out the way you’d never expect, he asks her> David looks like he is desperately trying to make himself seen and heard but cannot.

Antonio, Talia and Eddie are at Lindsay’s gallery ready to install a new security system. Lindsay and Bo are looking like they are getting really close. Antonio asks Talia to help him demonstrate how well it works. He asks her to take off her shoes, belt, holster and all metal items. But it looks like the metal detector senses all the jewelry and everything she is wearing. It looks like Bo and Lindsay are very satisfied with how the new security system works. Antonio gets a call from Ramsay informing him about how he expects their “plan” to work where it looks like they are going to set Talia up.

From inside the door of the house, Blair tells Shaun that she does not want Todd inside the house. But Todd tells her he is not going anywhere until she lets him say what he has to say. Starr tells her mother she may let her father inside to say whatever he has to say. At that point, Blair unlocks the door and tells Todd she will let him in. But he must swear that he will not yell or do any type of violent or uncontrollable behavior. Starr then holds her arms around her belly to indicate that she is protecting her baby. Blair tells Todd he may start talking. He asks her if she means in front of Shaun. She tells him yes. He is there to prevent Todd from hurting his daughter. He tells her she cannot be serious in believing that he would hurt Starr. Blair tells Todd she knows that he is ready to stop at nothing and she does not trust what he could do. She then asks Starr to go up and check on Jack. And Shaun can leave her alone with Todd. When Blair and Todd are alone, she asks him to start talking and reminds him he is “on the clock”.

RJ tells Nora that he wants to inform her about some things. He asks her if she remembers the time when Clint “went off the deep end” to nail some of his rivals. She replies yes. RJ asks her where she thinks that Clint got the dirt. She then replies that it must be Lindsay.

At the gallery, Antonio gets a call and informs Talia and Eddie that the truck is coming in. He and Talia will go down and get the jewelry and Eddie may stay inside.. But Eddie tells Antonio that this is a “three man job”. At that point, Antonio agrees to let him join them. The three of them go down the elevator.

Todd tells Blair that what happened to Starr was an accident. She asks him why he uses the words: “what happened”. Doesn’t she realize that it didn’t just “happen”. He did it to her. He threw Starr down the stairs in his fit of rage. He punched Cole in the face and sent him to the hospital. He has also assaulted Markko. There’s no excuse for him assaulting teenagers. He is so out of control that he could have killed three people on that boardwalk. Hearing that, he asks her who the “third” person is that he could have killed.

In the stables, Clint concludes to Natalie that he no longer has time for his morning ride. So he will call a guy to accompany her. But again, she shouts no. She needs to learn this for herself. He leaves. Alone with David, Natalie tells him she will take the gag out of his mouth. But if he even thinks of screaming, she will “muck him up”. He tells her that he can really relate to her similar goal to cover up a lie. She tells him she is nothing like him. She is incapable of doing the things he has done. He reminds her that he gave her sister his liver. And he tells her that he has motives to protect Viki. Hearing that, she demands to know what this has to do with her mother and why he’d believe that he wants to protect Viki.

Jared tells Charlie that he dreads revealing to Renee that he took her for a fool. She really came to love him. Charlie then reflects that he feels the very same way about his similar situation involving Rex. He believes he’s found his father. And he doesn’t know how he’s going to break the news to Viki after they’ve built a relationship on trust.

At the gallery, while Antonio, Talia and Eddie are looking like they are following Ramsay’s plan, three guys covered in black masks rush into the gallery, pull guns on them and demand that they hand over the jewels.

RJ admits to Nora that he knows how Lindsay helped Clint do his dirty business deeds but she has not told Bo anything about it. She asks him why he suddenly revealed that to her. What motive does he suddenly have to double-cross Lindsay? RJ replies he just thought she should know. And he leaves. Clint enters and asks Nora what is going on when he can tell that she is not happy. She then asks him why he did this little covert stunt with Lindsay and never told Nora about it. Clint answers it was because he knew how she felt about Lindsay. Right then, Lindsay walks in and asks if she heard her name.

Starr goes up and talks to Sam. She tells her infant brother that she was hoping that their family would have a “fair tale” ending. But unfortunately, that couldn’t happen. She tells him that she wishes she didn’t have to make him grow up without his dad. But she thinks he will be better off in the long run by finding out about Todd early in his life. He won’t ever have to have his heart broken nor his life ruined by Todd.

Blair replies to Todd that he almost killed three people: Cole, Starr and herself. She would have died if anything had happened to her little girl. He was less concerned about helping Starr when she got hurt than he was about assaulting Cole. He tells her that he only wanted to protect Starr. She asks him just what he might have done differently if he had it to do over again. He’d still lock Starr up, treat her like a piece of property and completely disregard her rights. She tells him that he will never change. He’s the same old Todd. In response to that, he smirks and reminds her that he’s the “same old Todd” who she has always been in love with. She will always take him back. But she tells him not this time. He’s not welcome in this house any longer.

Jared tells Charlie that he promises to take full reasonability for whatever happens in regard to Viki and Natalie. He realizes that it was his lie. Charlie merely helped him. He admits that he chose to be a Buchanan before realizing what was more important to him. Charlie tells his son that for coming clean that makes him a better man and he hopes that the Buchanans will appreciate that. Jared tells Charlie it’s not so much the Buchanans that he is concerned about. He wants a future with Natalie. Hearing that, Charlie tells his son that he is so glad that he and Natalie are working things out. He tells Jared that the most important thing in his life after getting sober was for his son to be happy. He knows that Jared can be happy with Natalie. She is her mother’s daughter.

In the stables, David tells Natalie that he knows that she is going to have a real problem on her hands admitting to Viki that Jared is not a Buchanan. And both he and Charlie have been scamming her family. But, David tells her Viki need never know. He will keep his mouth shut and go away. All she has to do is write him a check.

Nora tells Clint and Lindsay that she knows what they were up to behind everybody’s back. And she invites Bo over to hear what she has just discovered.

Todd tells Blair that she is his wife and they are his kids. And she cannot kick him out of his own house. She informs him that she will not be his wife for long. The kids want him out. This is Dorian’s house. Nobody wants him there. She tells him that with him out of the picture, everybody’s life will be better. So why doesn’t he take all the money he has been spending on security guards and all of his nasty little deeds and spend it on his own place to live by himself. He reminds her that they are still his family. She tells him in name only. And she concludes that they will all have piece of mind without him.

Natalie asks David if she writes him a check and lets him go, is he simply going to go and forget about his blackmailing scheme? Just how stupid does he think she is? He tells her that her money would be better for him than working in a restaurant as a dishwasher. Jared enters. She informs him that her dad was just there and almost caught David there. The stable boy will be there soon. And it’s too dangerous to have David there. David talks about his “suggestions” Natalie then puts the gag in his mouth so that he cannot talk. Jared concludes to Natalie that he can no longer take a cent from her family because he is not a Buchanan.

Bo enters to hear Nora reveal that she knows that Lindsay helped Clint do his dirty deeds. Bo appears very disappointed. But Clint protests to his brother that he must know that Clint has done everything he can to save their company. And he leaves. Nora goes after him. Alone with Lindsay, Bo asks her if it’s true that she and Clint had this secretive plan. Why didn’t she come to him? She answers because she wanted to be able to save the company and be successful and independent. And she tells Bo she hopes that he can trust her.

After it looks like the jewelry has been stolen, Antonio and Talia sound to Eddie like they are very upset at what just happened. Antonio calls Ramsey and informs him that he regrets what just happened. But we see Ramsey in his office with a very expensive piece of jewelry.

The man who owned the stolen jewelry goes to the station. Ramsey assures him he will do everything in his power to help him recover the jewelry. At that point, he tells Talia he wants her to turn in her badge and clean out her locker. She is fired. She looks at him like she is very upset.

Lindsay goes to confront Nora asking her why she has to persist with what she is doing. If she is so secure in her relationship with Clint and so over Bo, why does she have to resort to such drastic measures? Nora tells Lindsay that she has the right to know and to have Bo know what kind of bitch he is bringing near their son. Lindsay tells Nora that she is working to save the family’s business. And it will be on Nora’s conscience if the plan gets ruined. Nora then says boo hoo hoo.

Blair tells Todd that their little talk is over. He tells her he is not finished. But Shaun gets ready to escort him out the door. Todd then concludes that he will leave if they insist. But he’s taking Sam with him.

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