OLTL Update Wednesday 5/21/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/21/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Amanda and Juanita

At La Boulaie, Addie reads the Sun’s report of Adriana’s wedding. The headline reads “Bridezilla.” Starr comes home and Langston greets her with a big hug. Addie says something about a new Kramer in the family and Blair wants to know who else knows.

At Cristian’s loft, Cristian and Sarah are in bed together reading the paper and talking about the wedding.

At the police station, Antonio goes into Ramsey’s office. He over hears Ramsey say something about money problems. Antonio asks about it.

Lindsay is in her gallery and Bo comes in. She is very excited about an exhibit of crown jewels coming there. They kiss.

David Vickers is still tied up in the stable. Jared is in the mansion talking to Natalie on the phone. Jared says he’ll figure it out. He says I love you just as Nora and Clint come in. Natalie says it when Viki comes in and Viki asks who she loves. Natalie pretends to say goodbye to Jessica. Jared says something about loving that they’ll close the deal.

Viki asks Natalie where she went yesterday, as they didn’t see her at the reception. Natalie says she just went home and went to bed.

Clint guesses Jared was talking to a redhead. Jared stops but then Clint goes on that it must have been Dan at work.

Natalie talks to Viki and Charlie.

Davie Vickers knocks over his chair.

At the station, Eddie drops a newspaper on her desk and jokes about the wedding. Talia says she was there. Eddie asks questions and Talia says he’s like a twelve-year-old girl. John calls and she tells Eddie to go tell his BFF. John talks to Talia.

In his office, Antonio questions Ramsey about his money problems and Ramsey says it’s none of his business. Ramsey asks about his daughter. Ant says he’s taking her to a specialist. Ramsey says he has something lined up but doesn’t know if Ant is up to it. He says there is a crown jewel exhibit at Lindsay’s gallery. If Antonio wants in, he has to make sure the jewels never reach the gallery.

Bo and Lindsay talk. Bo says he’s been wanting to kiss her. He says he saw that Gigi missed her second chance with Balsam and that made him realize he has a second chance with Lindsay. Lindsay says she felt the same thing. They kiss. RJ comes in.

Blair asks Addie if Dorian told her, but Addie says it was something she overheard. Langston tells the story about how Dorian found the pregnancy book in her backpack. Markko asks where Todd is and Blair says she put him in jail.

Clint and Nora are drinking coffee and Jared says he has to go. As he leaves, Clint says he was thinking of going to the stables to go for a ride before work. Jared stops him.

In the stable, Natalie takes David’s gag off and gives him water. He asks who the Buchanan heir is.

Antonio questions Ramsey about his idea to steal the crown jewels. Ramsey says that they have to let the jewels get stolen. He says there will be a heist today and if he wants his cut, he has to make sure it goes through. Talia will take the fall for it.

Blair tells her mom that Todd caused Starr and Cole to go to the hospital. They talk about how they are going to keep Todd out. They said they won’t tell Todd Starr is pregnant for as long as humanly possible.

Sarah kisses Cristian and he says he’s not in the mood. Sarah asks if he’s mad at her. Cris says he’s been lying to her.

Ramsey asks Antonio if he has any problem setting up Talia. Antonio says no, as long as he gets his cut.

Bo warns RJ to keep it civil. Lindsay asks to talk to RJ alone and Bo leaves. RJ asks what she’s doing. He asks if she knows how he feels about her and she says he wasn’t ready to make a commitment. RJ says he was there everyday she was in the hospital what did she think that was building up to? She says they were building a friendship. He says it was more then that. RJ reminds her that she has an elephant size secret. What happens when Bo finds out?

Jared talks to Clint about coming to work to do a conference call for him with someone form overseas. Clint agrees. Jared leaves and Clint asks Nora if he seemed nervous. Nora tells Clint John will bring Cole home today.

Blair says everyone to keep their mouths shut so Todd won’t find out. John asks to talk to Blair alone. He says he has to take Cole back to the Buchanan’s. He says Cole should tell Nora about the baby. Blair is worried Todd will find out. John suggests she get an order of protection. In the living room, Markko and Langston tell Starr and Cole that Dorian thought Langston was pregnant. Blair and John come back and suggest Cole go home to Nora but Cole refuses. Starr takes him out to the hall to talk. They hug. Starr tells him she’ll never forget what he tried to do for them.

Natalie says it’s none of David’s business just as Jared walks in with a pitchfork. He says they have to eliminate the blackmail. He holds the pitchfork to David’s chest.

Viki tells Charlie he doesn’t know who his son is. Charlie mutters.

David tells Natalie to talk some sense into her uncle boyfriend. Natalie suggests throwing him into the moat. David says they have the hots for each other and people will figure it out. David asks for money again. David says Jared’s not the killing kind. He asks for a check and promise to go away.

Cole comes back to Nora’s She hugs him. John says he had a concussion and suggests a neurologist. Cole says he wishes he could be with Starr. Nora says things will be better. She says running away isn’t the only choice. Nora sees John and Cole exchange looks and asks what’s going on. Cole says they ran away because they are having a baby.

At La Boulaie, Langston hugs Starr and says she’s glad she’s back. Blair tells Markko and Langston she understands why they covered for Starr and she thanks them. Markko and Langston leave. Blair says she should have stopped Todd when he started the stuff about Hawaii. She says from now on she’ll make sure everything is okay. Starr asks how she’s going to do that when Todd comes home.

Sarah and Cristian talk about Talia and Antonio’s break up. Cris explains it was faked. So is Jamie’s illness. Cris says he hated lying to her. Sarah understands. She asks why he decided to tell her now. He says he hated lying to someone he’s so crazy about.

Ramsey says it’s a good day. Antonio gets rich and gets to stick it to his ex in one day. He calls Talia over and tells her she’s on a special guard detail with Antonio.

RJ warns Lindsay will lose Bo when he finds out her secret and he leaves.

Blair assures Starr that she’s in charge and she doesn’t worry about Todd anymore. She asks Starr what she wants to do about the baby. Starr says she’s still thinking. Blair says they will think together. Starr starts crying and says she knows Blair is disappointed in her. Blair tells her she loves her.

Cole tries to explain why they left town. Because of Todd. John tells her that Todd is in jail. Nora says she’ll track Todd’s case. They agree not to tell Todd. Cole apologizes to Nora but she says Marty wanted her to take care of him and that’s exactly what she will do.

In the stable, Jared and Natalie move to the side to talk about what to do. They agree to take away David’s leverage and tell everyone. Jared wants to tell Charlie first. He leaves. David teases Natalie and she stuffs a rag in his mouth.

Sarah asks if Cris is worried about Antonio. He says his brother can take care of himself. Sarah says she’s been such a bitch to Talia. Cris says she’ll understand. Sarah smacks him with a newspaper for letting her make a fool out of herself with Talia. They kiss and lay back on the bed.

Talia agrees to work with Antonio. Ramsey sends them both to the gallery. He says Eddie goes with them. They leave. John comes in and Ramsey says he has to get to work.

RJ goes to Nora’s and says he has to tell her something about Lindsay.

At the gallery, Bo comes in to check on Lindsay. She’s upset but tells him she’s fine.

Viki kisses Charlie goodbye and leaves. Jared comes in to talk. He asks him to tell Viki he’s his son and not Asa’s.

Natalie covers David with a sheet as Clint tries the door.

At La Boulaie, There is a pounding on the door. Blair tells Starr not to answer it. Starr thinks its Todd.

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