OLTL Update Tuesday 5/20/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/20/08


Written By Jennifer S.
 Pictures by Amanda and Juanita

At the wedding, Gigi announces that she needs to speak to Rex alone just for a minute. Adriana tells her she’s got to be kidding. But she says that there is something that Rex needs to know. But right at that moment, Shane observes a man walk through the door in a white navy officer’s uniform. It’s Brody. Shane seems to know who he is and rushes up to his dad. Noticing that, Gigi is stunned and looks like she’s going to pass out from shock.

After David “lays down the law” to Jared, Jared breaks a bottle over David’s head. He asks Nigel just what they are going to do given the situation.

While Starr and Cole have both been taken to the hospital, Todd asks the nurse if she could clarify the medical files and translate them into English. In Cole’s room, John shows Cole the brochure that he picked up off the floor in the room where they were staying—the information about pregnancy. In Starr’s room, the doctor announces that there is good news for Starr. Blair is happy to hear that until he announces that “Starr and the baby will both be fine”. Hearing that, Blair tells the doctor there must be some sort of mistake. But Starr confirms to her mom that it is true that she is pregnant. She is in her second month.

At the wedding, after Brody appears out of nowhere when Gigi believed he was dead all these years, he confirms that “some people do not stay dead.”

After finding out that Blair had no clue that Starr was pregnant., the doctor confirms that mother an daughter need to talk. Starr, then tells her mother, crying, that she wishes she could have told her and she is sorry.

After Jared knocks David out, David is lying on the floor. Nigel, Clint and Nora are wondering what to do about that.

At the wedding, Gigi goes up to Brody and asks him what is up with this. She believed all this while that he was dead. He tells her he is sorry. She cries and asks him what he has to be sorry for. He replies that he lied to her and to his mother having them believing that he was dead. At that point, he observes the bruise on her face from Adriana smacking her. And he asks her what happened. She turns to look at Adriana and Rex and tells him it no longer matters.

After Blair finds out that Starr is pregnant, she holds her daughter and tells her there is nothing to be afraid of. She just wishes that Starr had told her. Starr tells her mother that she was afraid that her father would find out.

Outside in the waiting room, the nurse tells Todd that Starr Manning’s’ records are confidential. But he reminds her that he is Starr’s father and has the right to know about his daughter’s medical records. At that point, John comes out and knows what Todd is about to find out.

After David is on the ground at Nora’s, everybody is wondering how to clean up the mess and get rid of him. Clint and Nora still are not aware that he is Asa’s son instead of Jared. Only Nigel knows. Clint is ready to call security and find out how Vickers got there in the first place. Nora tells them she does not want him on her property. But right as soon as Nora sits on the couch, a hand reaches up to the top of the couch without her seeing it.

Todd asks John who the hell he thinks he is to keep Todd in the dark about his own kid. In response to that, John tells Todd that he treats “his own kid” like a piece of property.

In Starr’s room, she tells her mom what she was afraid of. Blair then asks her daughter just “how it happened”. But she tells her she doesn’t’ want to hear “all the details”. Starr then confesses to her mother that when both Blair and Todd found her and Cole, she lied to them that “nothing happened”. But it was the only time they did it. Blair apologizes to her daughter and confirms that it was her fault not to put her foot down to Todd and to let him do what he did. Starr admits to her mom that she only confided in Langston. Blair concludes that that was because she was afraid to come to her mother. John then enters and asks if he can come in. Starr asks if Cole is alright. John tells her he will be fine. But he knows about the baby. Cole confessed to him the reason why they ran away. Starr then asks John to tell Cole that she loves him very, very much. John tells her he will let Cole know that. Alone with her mom, Starr tells Blair that the first thing she thought of when she was taken to the hospital was that her baby would be ok. Blair cries and tells her daughter that is funny. That was exactly what she was thinking when she saw Starr fall. She also just wanted “her baby” to be ok. She holds Starr in her arms. Blair tells her daughter that she regrets giving her the idea that she put her daddy’s wishes before Starr’s best interest.

Outside her room, Todd tells John he cannot blame him. It’s all Cole’s fault. John tells Todd that that kid in there is more of a man than Todd could ever me.

At the wedding, Dorian remembers believing that she had successfully bribed Brody to leave town so that Gigi would find her way back to Rex and it would prevent Adriana from marrying Rex. And now this has happened. She confirms that “that young man” has made a mockery of her daughter’s wedding. Shane announces to his “real dad” (Brody) that he has had to deal with kids harassing him and telling him that he is a bastard and his dad died. But now he can face them all. Gigi is shocked and does not know what to do. The pastor then asks if Rex and Adriana want to get on with their wedding. Adriana confirms absolutely yes.

John goes into Cole’s room and informs him that he saw Starr. She will be ok. And the baby is fine too. Cole says thank God but asks if Starr’s dad has found out. John answers not yet. But it’s just a matter of time. He asks if her mom knows now. John confirms that Blair knows and is ok with it. Cole asks if this is the part where John will “lecture” him about his irresponsible action that got Starr pregnant. John tells him no. He believes that Cole is a responsible kid and there won’t be any lecture. Cole then concludes that he and Starr were afraid that they would never see each other again. And it just kind of “happened”. John tells Cole that he feels guilty that he may have failed to do what Cole’s mom asked him to do, in looking out for Cole.

Starr informs her mother that she was ready to have an abortion. Hearing that, Blair admits that she regrets not knowing anything about it and not being there for her. Starr admits that she took a bus to Atlantic City and was ready to have a confidential abortion without either of her parents ever finding out. But then Cole talked her out of it. They felt they had no choice except to run. But she missed her mom and dad and two little brothers like crazy. At that point, Todd enters smiling and assuming that everything is alright. He asks if he can talk to Starr alone.

After John tells Cole that he is afraid that he may have failed what Marty wanted for her son, Cole tells him that he thinks that his mom would be happy and believe that John was there for him. And she’d be proud that there will be a baby that is going to be like both her and Cole’s dad.

In Starr’s room, Blair angrily tells Todd that he is not going to be anywhere near Starr. She lays down the law to him that he has hurt their daughter for the last time.

At Nora’s, as soon as Nigel and Jared are alone, they scrounge to figure out what they do before David wakes up and spills the beans and gets them both into serious trouble.

At the church, the pastor asks Adriana and Rex if they are about to commit for the rest of their lives under God. They both agree that they will.

Meanwhile, Gigi, Shane and Brody go to the carriage house. Gigi is speechless. But Shane tells them that he doesn’t need to know anything as long as his dad is there for him. It’s a dream come true.

Right then, Rex and Adriana both confirm that they take each other as husband and wife. And they put the rings on each other’s fingers and declare that they are wed. Then, the pastor says with the powers vested in him and God, he now declares them husband and wife. And Rex may now kiss the bride. At that point, everybody is happy except for Dorian.

Alone, while Shane and Brody are happily bonding, Gigi cries and is clearly not ok with what has just happened.

Todd tells Starr that she must believe that he did not mean to hurt her. He only attempted to do what was best for her. Blair tells Todd that there is no excuse for what he did. He kept Starr away from Cole and wanted to believe all this stuff about rape because of what he did not Marty. She concludes that Starr loves Cole. He asks what either of them would know about love. Blair tells Todd that Starr knows more about love than the two of them combined. And she (Blair) wants Todd to get out of there and leave them alone. He then turns to Starr and asks if she forgives him. Starr replies no. And she never will. At that point, Todd goes out the door.

While Jared and Nigel are attempting to tie up David Vickers and prevent him from talking or going anywhere, Natalie enters and stares at them.

After the wedding, Talia wants to be with Antonio. But Carlotta does not trust her after what she did to her son. Not far away, Bo and Lindsay sit at a table and talk about their past and their future. Layla finds Dorian and notices that she is furious. She asks her what is wrong. She did what Adriana wanted. And she knows that Adriana wanted to prevent her daughter from marrying Rex. Dorian drinks and appears sullen.

Shane tells his mom that he wants Brody to stay at the house overnight with them. Gigi begrudgingly agrees. Shane goes upstairs. Brody asks Gigi if she has a problem with him staying. He will leave if she wants. She tells him she cannot disappoint Shane. He tells her that he apologizes for lying to her. She asks how he found them.

The wedding reception starts. The announcer presents Mr. and Mrs. Rex Balsam. Roxy is very happy that her son and Adriana are married. Langston and Markko are together wondering what could be going on with Starr and Cole. They both know that their friends’ lives are not going to be easy for a long time. And they miss them.

In Starr’s hospital room, Blair promises her daughter that she will not be alone anymore. She will be there for her. Right then, the nurse comes in and tells Starr she will be released soon. And she shows her a sonogram. Blair is really encouraged to show her daughter the growth and development of her baby. Outside Starr’s room, Todd goes to find Cole and tells him he better ask Starr to forgive him. But Cole pulls away and tells Todd he has no right to ask Starr to do anything. At that point, cops come and arrest Todd. Todd tells John that he knows that he arranged for his buddies to come down and do this. But it looks like it was Blair who made the call to have Todd arrested.

Jared and Nigel tie up David. Natalie asks them what is going on. But she helps them to hog tie him. He wants to talk. But they put the gag in his mouth so that he cannot. At that point, Jared and Natalie conclude that they are together in all of this. And they are getting closer and ready for romance

Gigi asks Brody how he found out after all this time that his mother lied to Gigi. He tells her it’s because his mother died. And some secrets come out. He tells Gigi that he never forgot about her. He knows that she is still “jonesing” for that Rex guy. But, he reminds her, Rex made his choice right in front of God and everybody.

At the reception the announcer asks everybody to join Rex and Adriana together as husband and wife. The newly married couple dances. Viki and Charlie get up and dance beside them. Talia is disappointed not to have Antonio with her. Dorian and Roxy sit alone at the table as the two mothers. All the couples dance. Romantic music plays.

At the carriage house, Gigi gets Brody pillows and blankets and tells him he may sleep on her couch. She goes upstairs but doesn’t know what she will do next.

The cops put Todd in handcuffs. Cole pushes Todd out of his way and goes in to see Starr. Blair stands by. John comes over to be with her. Cole goes in to see Starr. He sits on her bed with her and puts his arm around her. Together they look at the sonogram.

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