OLTL Update Monday 5/19/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/19/08


Written By Jennifer S.
 Pictures by Amanda and Juanita

Todd finds Starr and Cole at Virginia Beach and tells them that their “adventure” is over. She tells him she is not going anywhere. He tells her she will come back to Llanview with him and everything will work out. But she makes it clear that she is not going anywhere. Cole speaks up and asks Todd to just listen to them. At that point, Todd punches Cole in the face and he falls over. Starr rushes to help Cole. Todd pushes her out of the way and she falls down the stairs. Blair and John rush to find them and notice what Todd has done to his daughter.

At Nora’s house, Jared and David Vickers contend their issues. David reminds Jared that he is the rightful heir of Asa’s fortune. Jared asks David if he should not get back to Dorian. Wasn’t he going to marry her for her money? In response to that, David tells Jared that he knows that marriage is not going to work for everybody. And what he knows about Dorian’s daughter and her future husband, they are not about to be cured of.

Right then, Rex and Adriana are about to take their vows although neither of them wants to go through with it. And Gigi is ready to speak up.

After Starr falls down the stairs, John calls for an ambulance. Blair is furious at Todd. Todd blames Cole for “hurting his daughter” and he punches him in the stomach.

Before the pastor is ready to perform the wedding ceremony, he asks if anybody has anything to say in regard to objection of this wedding. At that point, Gigi stands up and tells them she has something to say.

David reminds Jared that they “had a deal”. Jared is supposed to get some money for him for keeping his secret. Jared tells David he will get him his money. David then reminds Jared what he could do in the way of exposing him and sending him to prison for fraud if he does not. Jared then repeats to David that he will get him his money. David reminds Jared again that when he gets the money himself, he will indulge and sit on the beach. Right then, Nigel enters and is shocked to see David in his employers’ home. And he knows the reason why. David informs Nigel that Jared, here, is about to give him a ton of money. So, he encourages Nigel to quit working in this “rat trap” and instead work for him (David)

After Gigi stands up and announces that she wants to speak, Natalie tells Viki that she is worried that Gigi wants to ruin Rex’s wedding. The pastor then asks Gigi if there is something she has to say. She then tells him no. He then tells her he realizes that she might have her opinions about the situation. But these two people are about to pledge their lives to each other. So, again, does anybody have any objections?

On the beach, Blair sits with Starr, horrified at what could have happened to her daughter. She notices that Starr is not able to get up. Todd wants to “help” his daughter. But Blair screams that Todd stays away from her. He threw her down the stairs, she tells him. And, Blair tells him, she’s afraid that Starr might have broken her neck.

After the pastor asks Gigi what she intends to say, Adriana tells him that this is none of Gigi’s business. But he asks Gigi to stand up and asks her if she has an objection. She then looks at Shane. And she tells him that she just wanted to say that Rex was late to the wedding because her son had an asthma attack. He is fine now. But he might have died were it not for Rex. Rex was there for Shane and got him to the hospital. Rex is “not the kind of guy” who is late without a reason, she tells the pastor. And that is what she wanted to say. Dorian looks at Gigi, disappointed and asks her if that is all she intended to say.

The doctors and nurses rush Starr into the hospital. They also take Cole in after he’s been assaulted. They haul them both in on stretchers. John is with Cole. The nurse asks John if he is Cole’s father. John replies no. He is just a friend. He asks her if Cole is going to be alright. She says hopefully. He has a concussion and needs medical care. She asks him how that happened. He looks at Todd but says nothing. Blair tells Todd this is all his fault.

Jared tells David he will get him his money. He just need to talk to Nigel privately and hammer out the details. David reminds Jared that he is not going anywhere. Nigel demands that Jared tells him what David is doing there. Jared informs Nigel that, unknown to him and Natalie, David overheard their conversation in Paris, TX and followed them back to Llanview. Nigel reminds Jared that none of this would have happened if he had just kept his trousers on and not had to reveal the truth to Natalie. Nigel reminds Jared that they are in very serious trouble. They are both facing fraud charges. Jared tells Nigel that he can do the damage control. Right at that moment, Nora and Clint enter. David rushes out and greets them. He makes it clear to them that he is coming to claim what is rightfully his.

After Gigi stands up but cannot reveal what she really wants to reveal, Dorian asks her why she is there to interrupt Rex’s wedding to her daughter. Gigi replies that what she wanted to say is that she is in love with Rex. She tells them that she realizes that this is not the right time to admit it. And she knows it does not have to change anything. But she just thought that he should know. She loves him. Rex then stares at her stunned and speechless.

At the hospital, Todd tells Blair if she feels like ripping his head off, she may do it later. But right now, he has to take some action about all of this. She tells him that he is less concerned about his daughter than he is about his stupidity. He might have ripped her arm out of the socket. He then asks her what she wants from him. She replies she wants him to disappear. John sits by himself and observes their heated conversation.

At Nora’s home, Clint gets out a shot gun and informs David if he does not get out of there, he’s going to put a bullet in him. Nora reminds David that Clint probably won’t get in too much trouble shooting a trespasser. She did not invite him. David tells them he realizes she did not. But Jared did. He turns to Jared and asks: “didn’t you, Jar-jar?”

At the wedding, after Gigi has admitted she is in love with Rex and it looks like everybody is distracted, Adriana smacks her right in front of everybody.

At the hospital, Todd reminds Blair that that is his daughter in there. He is not going anywhere. She reminds him that Starr does not want to see him. Right then, the doctor comes out. They ask if Starr is al right. He informs them that she is stable. But she suffered a concussion. Blair and Todd argue about whether he has the right to see her. They both go in to see Starr. But Todd has to inform his daughter that he believes that Cole “did this to her”. Starr lashes out at him that it’s his fault. He assaulted Cole as well as her. And Blair demands that Todd gets out of Starr’s room.

At the wedding, Adriana lashes out and tells everybody that: “this little bitch” has ruined everything for her. She tells Gigi that she has had 6 months to spill the beans with whatever she thinks or feels about Rex. And she has no right to come there and do this now of all times. She has no right. Adriana cries. Gigi then admits that maybe that is true. She is sorry to have come there and to do this. And she leaves. At that point, Viki and Marcie go to see if Gigi is al right. At that point, Bo announces that they need to sort some things out before resuming the wedding. At that point, Lindsay finds Dorian and tells her she knows that Dorian has been scheming this whole thing all along. She is a cool as a cucumber to see what has happened to her daughter’s wedding. She must have plotted some plan to prevent Adriana from marrying Rex. In response to that, Dorian asks Lindsay just how “ok” she was when her daughter married Rex.

After Clint tells David that he has no right to be in this house, David informs him that he had his own show on national television. Clint asks what that would be called. Deadbeats of America? David reminds them that Clint must know that his (Clint's) daughter is walking around with David’s liver. Clint tells David in that case, he will not shoot him if he leaves the property. Nora reminds them all that she does not want David on her property and does not care if Clint shoots him. But at that point, David tells them all that Jared has something to tell them.

Outside the wedding ceremony, Marcie tells Gigi that she doesn’t have to feel guilty. If she hadn’t have admitted to what his going on, she would have regretted it for the rest of her life. And Marcie asks her if she plans to tell Rex “the rest”.

Adriana and Rex talk alone in a room. She tells him that “his girlfriend” has impeccable timing. He tells her that all Gigi intended to do was acknowledge that fact that he was late because he helped Shane when he had an asthma attack. But she reminds him that Gigi not only announced that. She announced that she is in love with Rex. How would he feel if some guy announced at his wedding to her that he (the guy) was in love with her? And she asks Rex if he is in love with Gigi.

After Todd is out of the room, Starr asks her mother what has happened to Cole. She replies that Cole will be ok. Todd is not going to bother either of them. And she mustn’t worry about anything. Todd then barges into Cole’s room when John is talking to him privately. And he flippantly tells Cole: “Sorry what happened on the beach but I was just protecting my daughter”. John pushes Todd out the door and talks too Cole privately. He tells him that the doctors need him to tell them what really happened. He might know the reason why Cole and Starr ran away in the first place. And he shows Cole the brochure on pregnancy that he noticed on the floor of the place where Cole and Starr were staying.

At the wedding, Natalie informs Viki that David Vickers is “back in town”. And she knows that, sooner or later, her mother will have to know the whole truth in regard to that. Viki calmly tells her daughter that she just talked to David this morning. She sees no cause for alarm. Viki then goes and finds Dorian and asks if she knows that David is back in town. Dorian angrily tells her no. At that point, Dorian reveals to Viki that she knows something that Viki does not know. And sooner or later, Viki is going to find out that many of her “precious friends” are not what they want her to believe they are. She departs. Charlie observes and looks like he fears the up and coming fate.

After Nora and Clint leave the house and David and Jared are alone, Jared asks him if what he told them was necessary. David replies that Jared must know that it’s people like both of them that people like Nora and Clint look down their noses upon. And he reminds Jared that he holds all the cards now.

Gigi reminds Marcie that Rex rushed Shane to the hospital after he had an asthma attack. So she has to “acknowledge” Rex for that. But then, what is she going to tell Shane about his real dad? Does she tell him that all of the “hero stories” about Brody are all false. Marcie suggests that maybe she tell Shane that she told him that Brody was his real father because she could not find Rex and didn’t know what Rex was doing. Gigi tells Marcie she is going to go and reveal the truth to Shane. But Marcie urges her not to do that.

In response to Adriana’s question of whether Rex is in love with Gigi, he admits to her that he is not really certain how he feels about her. He remembers the history they had together. And he has been reflecting what their lives would have been like if they had not parted company all of those years ago. And what it would have meant in regard to Shane and in regard to both of their lives. She then concludes to him that she can see that he still has a “connection” to Gigi. But she asks Rex if he still loves her. He replies of course he does. She then concludes to him that as long as they love each other, they can get through anything. That is all that matters. He then asks her if that means that they are still going to get married. She replies yes. Inside the church, Viki asks Gigi if she is ok after getting smacked. She replies she’ll be fine. Shane then tells his mom that he wants her to “smack evil Evelyn” and get her back twice as hard. Right then, Rex and Adriana enter. He announces that the wedding is on. So if everybody could grab a seat…. Adriana tells them that “she” should leave. He tells her that is not necessary. But Gigi tells Rex it is. She is going. But there is one more thing she needs to say before she goes.

At Nora’s, David tells Jared that she knows that Renee likes him. He knows that it could be that Renee is a “born saleswoman”. That might be what made her such a “good madam”. And David goes on talking. At that point, Jared breaks a bottle over his head.

At the hospital, Todd stands outside Starr’s room by himself knowing that he is not welcome there by anybody.

John talks to Cole in his room. Cole explains to him that they believed they had no choice except to leave. Mr. Manning could never accept “what has happened”. John concurs that Manning is an idiot. But he thinks he knows the real reason why they escaped without a trace.

Todd snoops through Starr’s medical files. When a nurse comes, he asks her if she can “Translate these medical findings into English” so he can know what has happened to his daughter.

The doctor enters Starr’s room. Blair asks what will happened. He smiles and tells them good news. Starr and “her baby” are going to be fine. Hearing that, Blair is shocked.

At the wedding, before Gigi can say what she is working up to say, Brody enters in his white military uniform. Shane sees him and rushes up to him. He yells: “dad”. Brody picks him up and hugs him. Dorian is very disappointed and angry. And Gigi is completely dumbfounded.

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