OLTL Update Friday 5/16/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/16/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

The wedding is underway. Everybody gathers at the church. Roxy appears and asks Viki to sit with her. Viki reminds Roxy that she is the mother of the groom and should be sitting on Rex’s “side”. But Roxy seems to know that there is hardly anybody on that “side”. And she knows that there is something up that might prevent her son from marrying Adriana.

Bo goes to Dorian’s after noticing that Rex is nowhere to be found. Adrian looks very worried. Natalie attempts to console her by reminding her that she is marrying a man who has never been “on time” for anything in his life. But Adriana knows that there is something going on and she’s afraid that Rex has bailed on their wedding.

Right then, Rex is almost ready to kiss Gigi after they’ve taken Shane to the hospital after his asthma attack and are relieved to know that he will be ok.

Todd is walking near the rooming house where Starr and Cole are staying and talking to Blair on his cell phone. He reminds his wife that Starr is his daughter too and he has rights just like she does.

Meanwhile, Starr and Cole are reading books about how a baby develops during a pregnancy. They are fascinating and enchanted to learn how and when a baby’s heart beats and how it grows. Right then, Blair and John knock in the door.

Michael McBain goes to find Gigi and Rex and catches them almost kissing. They attempt to explain that he did not see what he may have thought. But he does not say anything except to offer the prescription for Shane’s new inhaler. Gigi goes to talk to her son in his room. He tells her that he must be a burden to her. He has frequent asthma attacks and loses his inhaler and he knows she is not rich nor has great health care insurance. But she tells her son he better not talk that way. He is not any burden to her. He is the most important thing in her life. Outside the room, Rex and Michael both appear awkward. Rex asks Michael if maybe he “thinks something” about Rex and Gigi. Michael knows that Rex has just postponed his wedding and not going anywhere because of Gigi and Shane. Michael tells Rex that he said nothing. He is not assuming or judging anything. But he thinks that maybe Rex needs to be “honest” with his feelings and what is really going on with him.

Adriana asks Dorian if she went and talked to Brody and “got through to him”. Dorian then remembers bribing and convincing Brody to go back home and cancel the plan he previously had where he would find Gigi and take her home. She assures her daughter that she did the “right thing” in regard to Brody.

Right then, Brody is at the airport with his plane ticket ready to return home.

Blair and John enter the room where they think Starr and Cole might be. They walk in on a young couple. But it’s not Starr and Cole. Starr and Cole are in the adjoining room however and hear the very loud noise.

Todd is on the beach by himself asking people if they have seen Starr and Cole when he shows them their picture. But he comes up with nothing.

John informs the young couple that he is a detective with the Llanview police department. They inform him that they did not do anything wrong. He tells them he knows that but he needs to find a teenage boy and girl who may be nearby. Blair shows them the picture and informs them that her daughter is younger than they are and she is all alone. They truthfully tell her they wish they could help but have not seen Starr or Cole. Blair then concludes to John that Winter has lied to them and she asks John why he’d think that is. They go into another room and Blair can tell that Starr has brought some of her stuff . They have definitely been there, she tells him. But he tells her he knows that they have just missed them.

Starr and Cole know that they better flea before they get caught. They try to figure out what to do. Should they get to the bus station or drive or what should they do? He tells her he wishes he could take better care of her but is afraid he’s not capable of that. She asks if that means he wants to get rid of her. He tells her that he knows that she believed that she needed her mom. And she is now there. But Starr does not want to face either of her parents. Right then, they notice the picture of both of them posted on a telephone pole. She concludes that no matter where they go, there will be pictures of them everywhere.

Todd is walking nearby.

Viki goes to greet Matthew and Carlotta and Jamie as they enter the church for the wedding. She then takes Charlie aside and seems to know that something is “not alright”. She asks where his son is. Charlie admits to her that if Rex does not show up, he’s afraid that it’s all his fault. He informs her that he had a little talk with Rex where he advised him to be honest about his feelings for Gigi. The guy was nervous enough as it was, he tells her. And he had to open his big mouth. He tells her that he needs to go and see if he can find his son. Marcie enters and asks Viki if everything is alright. Viki assures her it’s fine. But Marcie knows better. She gets on her phone and leaves a message for Gigi, informing her that Rex is very late for his wedding. And she asks Gigi if she spilled the beans to Rex that he is Shane’s father.

Right then, Gigi observes Rex talking to Shane in his hospital room. Shane asks Rex if he does not have a wedding to go to. Rex indicates that he has something more important involving Shane. Shane then asks Rex if he is not going to marry Adriana.

Blair notices the place where her daughter was staying. She remarks to John that it’s cold and there aren’t even any blankets. And she cannot think of her little girl there all alone. John then notices that there’s a flower in a vase and he tells her that she was not all alone. It looks like there is somebody who wants to make it right for her. He assures Blair that Starr is stronger than she thinks. Blair tells John that Starr had such a great life in Llanview. She just cannot understand why Starr would choose to live like this. And at that point, John picks up a brochure on the floor that looks like it might indicate the reason why they ran away.

The two teenagers are ready to board a bus. But at that moment, Todd catches sight of them. He calls to his daughter. She and Cole run. He runs after them.

BO tries and fails to find Rex but Rex won’t answer his phone. Cristian and Antonio tell BO that it’s unacceptable for Rex to do this. There’s no excuse that could possibly justify it. Bo reminds them that they must realize that they do not know what happened and cannot be jumping to conclusions. Rex would never intentionally hurt Adriana. At that point, Dorian enters and does not seem as baffled or upset as they are. She tells Bo that as the best man, maybe he should “make the announcement”. He asks her what announcement. She replies he must announce to everybody that Rex has called off the wedding.

All of Adriana’s bridesmaids are wondering what to do. Sarah does not think there’s any acceptable excuse. Layla tries to assure Adriana that he will be there, But they don’t know if Brody has followed through on the plan to get back with Gigi.

Right then, while Brody is at the airport, he has a flashback of his previous relationship with Gigi where he had to go off to the war but was ready to be there for her and her baby when he got back.

At the hospital, Gigi tells Rex that she realizes they are no longer kids. When you make decisions, you can no longer walk away from them. He is silent. She tells him it’s a good thing that the church is only a few blocks away. And he can probably make it there if he hurries. But he doesn’t look like he is in any hurry to get there.

After Dorian tells Bo he has to announce that the wedding is off, he tells her he is not about to call off anything until he hears from Rex. She tells him he must realize how her daughter is suffering. He tells her he is not going to call off anything until he is asked to by Adriana or Rex. He also reminds her that this is Rex. Not David “leave you at the alter” Vickers. Right then, Rex enters and Dorian is very disappointed and upset. Rex does not look happy to be there. Bo smiles and tells him he knows that he would come through.

Shane asks his mother if they can make it to Rex’s wedding. She tells him no way after he just suffered an asthma attack. Michael tells them that there’s no reason why he cannot as long as he brings his inhaler. Gigi and Michael talk outside Shane’s room. She tells him she cannot believe how her son is growing up. She asks if Marcie informed him that she and Rex used to date. He tells her she did. He knows about their history. And he asks her if she really wants to go to the wedding. She tells him she is ready. But when she is alone, she concludes that maybe seeing Rex marry another woman is the only way to be able to forget about him once and for all.

Brody sits at the airport and has a flashback of the last time he saw Gigi. He told her he loved her even though he knew she was going to have another man’s baby. And he promised to come back. At that point, a photographer took a picture of them together and encouraged Brody not to let her go.

Dorian goes to find Adriana and informs her that Rex has arrived. She doesn’t know where he went. Adriana asks her mother if he was with Gigi. Dorian replies he did not say. Adriana concludes that he is there now. And that is all that matters. He is going to marry her. And she is going to be Mrs. Rex Balsam.

Rex faces Bo and tells him that it’s time to get the wedding in gear. But he does not look like he wants to do that. He then looks at himself in the mirror when he’s alone in the room. And it looks like he’s coming to the realization that he cannot marry Adriana.

Adriana tells her mother that she is pleasantly surprised by Dorian actually coming around and supporting her wanting to marry Rex. She has no clue what Dorian has really been up to behind her back. Dorian then tells her daughter she has to go and check on some things and make certain that everything is absolutely perfect. When Dorian is alone, she looks like she is not ok with the fact that Rex came back and her daughter is going to marry him after all.

Viki notices Dorian and asks her if she is looking for somebody. Dorian knows she cannot answer that and gets distracted by talking to Carlotta. Right then, Shane enters and Viki asks him where his mom is. He informs her that she had to take care of some things and asked him to enter the room without her. Gigi talks privately to Marcie outside the room. Dorian finds Gigi and tells her she wants to talk to her alone. Marcie leaves. Gigi tells Dorian she realizes that her (Dorian's) daughter is marrying Rex. So if Dorian wants her to leave, she will. Dorian tells Gigi she does not want her to leave and has no axe to grind with her. She tells her that she knows that Rex is her son’s father. It does not matter how she knows. But Gigi must tell Rex the truth. Gigi asks Dorian if she wants Gigi to stop this wedding. Dorian tells Gigi she wants what is best for her daughter. Gigi asks her if she believes that Rex is beneath her daughter. Dorian tells Gigi that she is not judging Rex. She’d be ok with them marrying if Rex made her daughter happy. But she knows that that is not the case. Her daughter deserves a man who will be there for her without any reservations. And she tells Gigi that she believes that Rex and Shane both deserve to know the truth. And that is up to Gigi. She leaves. Gigi does not know what to do.

At the Virginia Beach rooming house, John tells Blair that maybe they should make some calls. She is very concerned that this facility is not clean or acceptable for them to be living in. Right then, John looks out the window and sees Starr and Cole. He announces to Blair that he’s spotted them. They run. And Todd finds them. They are startled. But he tells his daughter it’s ok. He is there to take her home.

Brody relives promising to marry Gigi when he comes back from his military endeavor and be a good father to her baby.

Right then, the wedding ceremony starts. Sarah, Talia, Natalie and Layla all walk down the aisle in their bridesmaid’s dresses. The music plays. Rex enters. But when he notices Gigi and Shane in the aisle, he stares at them. He observes Roxy and Dorian and all of his friends and family and knows he better “do the right thing”. Right then, they play “here comes the bride” when Adriana enters. She stands beside Rex. But neither of them look happy.

Brody hears the announcement that his flight is leaving.

The pastor faces Rex and Adriana and he speaks. He then asks if there is anybody in the audience who believes for any reason that these two should not be wed. The camera moves in on Gigi. But she does not say anything. Rex then smiles at Adriana.

After Todd has found Starr and Cole, his daughter struggles and tells him he must stay away. Cole helps her move. But Todd punches Cole in the face. Blair and John rush out to find them. Starr goes to help Cole after Todd has knocked him to the ground. But he pushes her out of the way. And she falls down the stairs.

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