OLTL Update Thursday 5/15/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/15/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

David Vickers appears at Asa’s house and announces to Jared and Natalie that he is onto them. He knows that Jared has been a “fake uncle” to Natalie. And he (himself) did not sit and wash Jared’s and Natalie’s dirty dishes for nothing. He no longer needs to work in that place for a paycheck. He knows that Jared is not Asa’s son. So he is going to get what is rightfully his.

Everybody is getting ready for Adriana’s and Rex’s wedding. All the women are in their formalwear. Dorian can tell that Langston and Markko have something on their minds. But she demands that Markko gets out of the room. She observes Adriana obsessing over her cell phone. She asks her daughter what is up. She knows Adriana’s mind is somewhere else.

At Viki’s house, after Rex and Gigi have a heated discussion, Shane overhears and has an asthma attack. At that point, they rush to find his inhaler. Brody continues to look outside but is still afraid to enter.

While Starr and Cole are getting situated in their new “home”, she finds that she has to rush to the bathroom and throw up.

Not far away, Blair and Todd are posting pictures of them. Todd appears and makes a sarcastic comment about how they might be “together”. Blair answers him sarcastically with a confirmation that yes, she and John made passionate love all night long. And she asks Todd if he is “happy now”. She tells Todd he is unbelievable. He tells her that it’s great. They are there to look for their daughter. And she has been “shacking up” with John. She tells him that she and John have been up since the crack of dawn looking for Starr. What has he been doing that is so great? Todd is very mindful and suspicious of Blair and John’s friendliness toward each other.

Cole suggests that Starr takes something to relieve her nausea. But she tells him no. It won’t be good for the baby. She does not look content that she is sick and dependent on Cole to take care of her.

Roxy enters the room to join the women before the wedding. She wants to do Adriana’s hair. But Dorian tells her no. That’s already been done. But she invites Roxy to come in and have some “bubbly”. Roxy indicates that she knows that there is something not working out with her son and Dorian’s daughter.

Adriana keeps calling Brody and demanding that he follows through on their plan. But he tells her it’s not the right time to make himself known to Gigi. Dorian steps outside and tells her daughter she has to stop this. But Adriana protests to her mother that this is her wedding day. And she is not going to let anything or anybody prevent it from happening.

Right then, Rex and Gigi are scrambling to take care of Shane after he’s had his asthma attack. At that point, Shane falls over. Rex rushes to him and appears very worried.

After Natalie asks David how he could have found out the truth, he tells her that he has been the “poster boy” for long lost uncles for a long time. And he intends to contact Viki and tell her all about it. Jared asks David why he thinks that Viki would believe a word he says. David tells Jared if there is any “seed of doubt” he can retest the DNA and prove that Jared is no more a Buchanan than he is. Hearing that, Jared and Natalie both know they have nothing to say about that.

Layla, Sarah and Talia gather for the wedding. Talia goes off and has some things to do. Dorian asks Adriana why she is so insecure and lacking confidence about Rex’s commitment to her. Adriana tells her mother that she knows that Rex was with Gigi the previous night. She tells her that they must find Brody. She pleads with her mother to do this one thing for her. She tells her she loves Rex so much and cannot lose him. Dorian then tells her daughter she will do what she can.

Meanwhile, Rex is coaching Shane on how to breathe. He holds him and assures him he won’t let anything happen to the greatest kid in the world. Gigi then reminds him that there is no time to wait. He has to get to his wedding. But Rex does not seem concerned about his wedding. He carries Shane out the door and they depart.

Dorian goes to talk to Brody. He wonders what she is doing there. He still has not gotten up the courage to talk to Gigi, knowing that she is “busy”

Rex rushes to get Shane to the hospital. Gigi urges him to get out of there and make it to his wedding. He has to let them deal with their own problems. He’s getting married. But he affirms to her that he is not going anywhere. This is where he belongs. He is not going to abandon Shane no matter what.

Talia goes off the secretly meet with Antonio.

John talks to the guy who they ran into at the amusement park and who rented Starr and Cole the room. He finds out that the guy is over 18 and his name is Winter. He reminds him that he could be in serious legal trouble for aiding and abetting two minors on the run.

Todd is still harassing Blair over the fact that she jokingly told him that she slept with John. She tells him that he is more concerned about that than he is about looking for Starr.

Meanwhile, Starr is sick in bed and very upset. Cole tries to comfort her but neither of them knows what to do.

Todd asks Blair why she believes he does not care about his daughter. She tells him that she can sense that wherever Starr is, she needs her.

Starr cries. Cole holds her and asks her what is going on. She admits to him that she needs her mom.

Jared admits to David that he is onto them. He is not a Buchanan. But he knows that David is just after the money. David tells Jared that he no longer has to pretend to be the baby Buchanan for money. He can marry it (by marrying Natalie). Natalie then tells David that there is a reason why they are not about to divulge the truth to anybody. She is concerned what will happen when her mom finds out. And she knows that David does not want anything to hurt Viki. He tells her that be that as it may, they have to consider the issue of money and blackmail.

Bo, Charlie and Matthew get ready for the wedding and observe themselves in the mirror.

Roxy tells Adriana that she knows all about “luck” with poker games and all. But she believes the best luck she’s had is having Adriana as a daughter in law. She knows the traditions of weddings are something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. So she has a blue rabbit’s foot for Adriana. She puts it in Adriana’s hand and smiles. Adriana asks her “future” mother in law if this thing will really bring her luck.

Meanwhile, Dorian finds Brody and tells him that the plans have changed. Whatever Adriana has paid him to do what she wants, Dorian will pay him double. She does not want him to find Gigi. She will pay him whatever he wants to get back on his jet and leave town. In response to that, he concludes that the reason for that must be that she does not want her daughter to marry Rex Balsam.

Starr tells Cole that she made a mistake to tell him that she wants her mom. She just felt really emotional and sick. And she is sorry she said it. Hearing that, he tells her he really understands that there are some things that only a mom can do. He understands that all too well since he cannot have his mom back the way Starr could.

Blair and Todd observe John talking to Winter on the beach. Todd approaches him and asks what he found out. John replies nothing. Todd asks Winter what they talked about. John replies that Winter is not talking. But Todd flashes some money at him. Although John asks Winter not to do what Todd asks, he tells John that he has to eat. And he complies with what Todd wants and tips him off as to where to find Starr and Cole.

Natalie reminds David that she knows that he swindled $10 million in order to donate a liver to Jessica. Viki remembers that. And her family does not exactly trust David. She tells David she will go with him to confess the truth to Viki. David then asks her if she’s going to kiss “uncle Jared” good bye. At that point, Natalie and Jared kiss. David watches.

Dorian tells Brody that she cannot let her daughter keep suffering. And she needs to let nature take its course. She knows that Gigi was meant to stop that wedding. And he cannot prevent her from doing that. So, she asks him if they understand each other. He replies yes.

Langston, Sarah and Layla gather flowers. But they know that Talia is busy and off somewhere with Antonio. Sarah asks Adriana where her groom is. Adriana knows she cannot answer that. Alone with Layla, Adriana expresses that she is very worried that Rex is, once again, with Gigi.

At the hospital, Rex realizes that he has to call Adriana. But the nurse tells him they cannot allow cell phone usage in this room. Michael McBain comes out and informs them that they have stabilized Shane. He’s going to be all right. Rex asks if he can see him. Michael tells him he will let Rex see Shane briefly if Rex really wants, although it’s not “advised” for anybody who is not family to see him. Gigi runs in and tells her son she is so relieved that he will be ok. He apologizes to his mom for losing his inhaler. Rex rushes in and tells Shane he got a terrible scare. Gigi observes them together and can tell that there are some unfinished issues going on.

Dorian and the bridesmaids all await Adriana. She comes out of her room. Dorian tells her daughter she looks absolutely beautiful. Adriana privately asks her mother if she is going to “be there”. Dorian tells her daughter she need not worry. She has done everything the way Adriana wants her to.

Brody looks at pictures while getting ready to leave town.

Jared and David talk about their present situation. David seems to know that Jared has more secrets than the first one he has uncovered.

Natalie goes to find her mother.

Dorian tells Adriana she need not worry. Everything is going to be all right.

Bo goes to find Dorian and the bridesmaids and admits that Rex is nowhere to be found. Do they have a clue where he might be?

At the hospital, outside Shane’s room, Gigi cries and tells Rex that she is very worried. He asks her why. Shane is going to be all right. She tells him that Shane is all she has. In response to that, he looks into her eyes and tells her she must know that she is not alone.

Cole tells Starr that he knows that their baby will be like both of his parents. Beautiful like his mom and strong like his dad. She tells him that the baby will be like her mom but in no way like her dad.

Todd goes looking for Starr and Cole alone but gets no leads.

John and Blair talk to Winter. He tells them he thought he rented a room to them. But he is not running a “babysitting” business. And he leads them to the place where Starr and Cole are staying.

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