OLTL Update Wednesday 5/14/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/14/08


Written By Jeannie

Rex wakes up with a hangover. Adriana kisses him and asks if he remembers anything from last night. Over the radio comes a dedication from Roxy; White Wedding.

David Vickers comes into Viki’s kitchen and interrupts Viki and Charlie kissing. Viki is glad to see him but asks what he’s doing there.

Natalie and Jared arrive at the Buchanan mansion, but before going in they go over their story. Jared wonders how he can stay away from her.

Jessica wakes Nash up with breakfast in bed.

Gigi is sitting on the couch looking at old photos of her and Rex. Shane shows Gigi the photo of Brody he framed. He’s coughing. Gigi sees this as an excuse not to go to the wedding. Shane thinks it’s because she’s sad about his dad.

Adriana gives Rex aspirin. Rex apologizes for getting drunk. She assures him its okay, they have a whole lifetime to do everything.

Inside the Buchanan mansion, Bo enters the living room and sees Matthew looking at family wedding albums. He asks who Little Richard is. Bo tells him how the singer is also a reverend and married him and Nora. They look over the pictures. They talk about the divorce. Matthew wonders why people get married when no one stays married.

Roxy knocks on Rex’s door. She tells him he was a hit last night. He asks her to tell him he didn’t strip last night. Roxy said it was a great strip. Adriana comes out and Roxy says its bad luck for them to see each other. Adriana says they make their own luck and leaves. Roxy wants to have a serious talk with him. She says for the next few hours he’s her baby boy, then he’ll belong to Adriana and she has something heavy to say to him.

At Viki’s, Charlie and David talk as David serves himself breakfast. David tells Charlie that he and Viki shacked up together but Viki explains he just lived there for awhile. He tells her about where he’s been the last few months. He tells her he worked at the diner in Texas and Viki is shocked he actually worked. She asks if he saw Natalie at the café.

Nigel comes out the front door and catches Jared and Natalie kissing. Nigel thinks the charade is over but Jared and Natalie hesitate.

Nash and Jessica eat breakfast in bed. Bree is sick and Jessica thinks she will skip the wedding.

Bo and Matthew talk about marriage and divorce. Matthew thinks most people divorce. He quotes statistics. Bo says he still believes two people can stay married their whole lives. He hopes Matthew finds that kind of love.

Natalie and Jared explain to Nigel they aren’t ready to tell everyone. Bo and Matthew come out. He questions why they went to Texas. Jared says it was just damage control. Nigel makes a face and Bo asks him what’s wrong. Nigel says he has an upset stomach. Bo and Matthew head out to the wedding. Natalie warns Nigel to keep the secret. Nigel wonders if she can keep the secret.

Adriana knocks on Brody’s hotel room door and demands to know what happen last night. Brody tells her he didn’t go in because Rex was at Gigi’s last night.

At Gigi’s, Shane asks if Gigi is mad at him for talking about his dad. Gigi tries to reassure him. Shane is still coughing. Gigi is worried about it but agrees to go to the wedding with him.

At his apartment, Rex makes sarcastic jokes about what Roxy has to say. Roxy is upset and tells him she is very proud of him. She says she can’t be a loser if she had a kid like him. She starts crying. She tells him she loves him. She leaves.

Marcie comes to see Gigi. They talk about what she told her last night. Marcie sees the photo of Brody and asks about it. She remarks that Shane doesn’t look like him. Gigi is upset and tries to bluff her way though when she remarks Shane reminds him of his dad every time she sees them together. Marcie notices her cover up and realizes Brody isn’t Shane’s father. Gigi blurts out that Rex is.

Natalie and Jared talk to Nigel about playing it cool around the family. She says they are only keeping the secret a little while longer. Nigel says he went along with them to protect the family from learning who the real Buchanan is; David Vickers.

Viki tells David about Jared Buchanan. David asks where Jared lives. Viki asks what David is doing here and assumes he’s here for the wedding. David’s eyes light up when he hears about the wedding and he says that’s why he’s in Llanview. Before he leaves, he asks Charlie if he and Viki had popcorn and movie night under the flowered comforter. Charlie is confused and Viki covers her face.

Brody says Rex just talked and left. Brody didn’t go in because Gigi was crying.

Gigi tries to explain to Marcie why she kept the secret from Rex. She tells her that Brody was wonderful to her and wanted to be a father to her baby. Then he shipped out and she was told he was killed. So, she put things together to give Shane a hero for a father. Marcie says Shane and Rex need to know the truth. Gigi makes her promise not the tell Rex.

Bo and Matthew arrive at Rex’s. Matthew asks to use the computer. Bo tells Rex Matthew has a friend named Courtney and needs to check his email ever five minutes. Bo and Rex talk about what Matthew said about divorce. Rex asks if Bo is trying to cheer him up. Bo goes on about how he explained to Matthew about being sure you have the right person to marry. Rex asks if he’s telling him he shouldn’t get married.

Nash and Jessica decide not to go to the wedding. Jessica suggests putting on a Snoop Dogg CD, mix up some virgin coladas and see what happens. Nash jumps up to get the blender.

Rex and Bo talk about getting married. Rex thinks it means he shouldn’t get married. Bo says no, he means marriage just takes work. He thinks it’s a beautiful commitment. He asks if something is bothering Rex. Rex makes a joke and Bo and reminds Rex to bring the priest a copy of his vows. Rex hesitates and Bo asks if he wrote the vows. He says yes, but when Bo leaves, he sits down and tries to write them.

At Brody’s hotel room, Adriana is on her cell phone yelling at Dorian that she will get there when she gets there. She tells Brody she paid him a lot of money so he had better get together with Gigi.

Gigi tells Marcie she doesn’t want Rex out of guilt. Marcie says Shane deserves to know who his father is. Gigi brings up Tommy and Marcie says Rex isn’t Todd. Rex is good and kind and would make a wonderful father. Gigi says Shane worships Brody’s memory and how can she take that away from him. Marcie says what if he finds out? He would never forgive her.

Natalie promises never to bring David Vickers’ name up when it all comes out. Nigel leaves. The doorbell rings and its David. He walks up to Jared and says he must be Asa’s long, lost heir. Natalie asks what he’s doing here. David jokes with Jared about becoming an uncle. Natalie asks what he wants. David says a Harvey Wall banger and then to do a little business with her and Jared.

Charlie calls Rex and leaves a message that he’ll meet him at the church. Viki and Charlie talk about Rex and Bo’s relationship.

Back at Gigi’s, Shane comes downstairs in his tux. He’s still coughing and Gigi is worried its worse. Shane wants to leave. Gigi tries to talk to him about his father but Shane has an asthma attack. The inhaler he has is empty. They have to run to Viki’s for the other inhaler.

Adriana goes to Dorian’s. She tells her she was taking care of things and now everything will run smoothly.

Rex talks to himself in the mirror as he practices his vows. His mirror image confronts him about Gigi. Rex argues with his mirror image. He says he’s going to marry Adriana. Mirror-Rex asks about seeing Gigi in the future. Rex turns away from the mirror and says he’s just nervous. He’ll wing the vows. He believes he’ll know what to say when he looks into Adriana’s eyes.

Jared tells David to leave Natalie alone. David asks if the fake uncle protects the fake niece. He tells them he knows everything.

Rex goes to Viki’s looking for Charlie.

Dorian tries to hurry Adriana, but Adriana yells at her to go and she’ll get ready by herself.

Brody goes into Gigi’s house and finds the door open. He finds a picture of himself and Gigi.

Adriana is trying to call Brody and Dorian is yelling for her. She gives up and goes to find Dorian.

Gigi and Shane go into Viki’s kitchen looking for the inhaler. Shane can’t breathe. Gigi can’t find the inhaler and yells for someone to help her, and Rex runs in.

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