OLTL Update Tuesday 5/13/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/13/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Brody stands outside the carriage house making himself unseen while Rex comes to visit Gigi. Rex is drunk. He enters and informs Gigi that he intended to knock but he needed to talk to her. She asks if he drove. He tells her no. He cabbed. She asks him why he would make such effort to see her, drunk and so close to his wedding date. He explains to her that he had to see her.

Antonio and Talia kiss passionately. And at that point, Cristian comes by to observe them. They can tell that he is not “ok”. He needs to calm down, Antonio tells him. Cristian reminds his brother that he doesn’t appreciate being instructed to calm down. He had to spend the night in jail because of their crusade to stage something to mislead Ramsey. He assures them that he is all for helping them with their cause. But they need to use care and realize their whole plan could be ruined. They need to realize they must know that it’s more important than thinking about whenever they need a little ‘face time”.

Langston goes to find Markko. He asks her where she was all this time. She informs him that because of his little “story” to Dorian, she was out to “get an abortion”.

At the amusement park in Virginia, Blair shows the guy who was previously talking to Starr and Cole a picture of them.

Adriana sits alone in Dorian’s kitchen staring at her phone and observing that Rex has not called her and that he is not answering her calls.

Rex tells Gigi he had to talk to her. But he cannot admit what it really is all about. She tells him he needs to “keep it to himself”.

Outside the carriage house, Brody text messages Adriana about what he is observing. But he still does not have the guts to go and make himself known to Gigi.

Antonio tells Cristian he realizes that Cristian spent the night in lock up. But he has been without this woman (Talia) for a long time. They admit to Cristian that John knows all about their plan. He asks them if that is really true. He then tells them he realizes that they have not been together for a long time. But he does not like having to look over his shoulder all of the time. He tells them that Rex asked him to lock up. So he will take care of everything and they may go home. And he reminds his brother that he “owes” him one.

Alone at Ultraviolet, Antonio and Talia listen to the music and resume their “intimacy”.

Todd goes and finds the guy at the amusement park. And he runs into Blair. She demands to know how he got there. He replies a jet. She asks why he would find his way out there. He replies that McBain is not the only detective around here. He talked to Starr on the phone and he was able to trace the call and find out where she was.. Hearing that, Blair demands that Todd tells her more about his phone conversation with their daughter. But he refuses to tell her. He only takes the guy aside and demands that he tells him what he knows about Starr and Cole. The guy protests that he does not want any trouble. And Blair calls to Todd that he better come back and tell her more about this phone conversation with Starr. But Todd will not.

AFTER Markko finds out that Dorian demanded that Langston go and have an abortion after he blurted out to her that Langston was pregnant, he asks her what happened “behind his back”. He jokes over the fact that it “was his kid”. But she tells him it was not funny. Dorian had her friend in the clinic do an ultrasound. She freaked out. And Langston had to confess that she lied. He asks her if that means that Dorian has put two and two together that Starr is really pregnant and just what happened when she found out. She replies yes. Dorian figured it out. And she does not know what is going to happen next.

Todd informs Blair that he talked to Starr on the phone. He told her he just wanted her home and that he would reconsider his policy involving Cole. She then asks him if Starr listened and why, then, she has not considered coming home if Todd really made everything alright with her. And Blair concludes that the reason for that must have been that Starr does not believe a word her father told her. John leaves Blair and Todd alone. He asks her why she is so mad at him. She asks him why he did not tell her about his lead. He asks her why she did not tell him about “her lead”. She replies it’s because he is out of control. John talks to the guy who talked to Starr and Cole. He is ready to buy him a hotdog. But the guy tells him that it’s not enough incentive to “jog his memory”. John then explains to the guy that he realizes that Starr’s father is a little bit difficult. But there is some sort of “incentive” in telling him what he knows. The guy asks if that means that her father is rich. John replies that both Todd and Blair are rich. So why doesn’t the guy start over in telling John what he knows?

Adriana stays with her eyes glued to her phone.

Sarah and Layla talk in their apartment and laugh about Rex getting on the pole and stripping. And they get a call form Adriana. Layla answers the phone and asks her why she is calling so late. Adriana angrily informs Layla that she has found out where Rex is. He is with “her”. He is with Gigi. She is furious.

Rex stays at the carriage house although Gigi asks him to just go home. She asks him to please not make her his “cold feet” That means that if he is having second thoughts about getting married, he cannot take that out on her. He has to go. But he tells her she must wait. He stares into her eyes and looks like he’s going to kiss her. At that point, Shane comes down the stairs and asks Rex what he is doing there. Brody spies upon them from outside the window.

On the phone, Adriana tells Layla that she needs to know why it is that Rex crashed her party drunk and is uncontactable. She also has proof that he is with Gigi. But she realizes she has no control over what is happening and neither does anybody else. Right then, Cristian comes to see Sarah. She informs him that the “bride to be” is having a major melt down. He tells her maybe in that case, he should leave. But she tells him no. He better get in there and celebrate. She is very happy that they are not having these types of problems. Adriana tells Layla that she is counting upon Brody to “help” her. She pays him more money that he has ever seen. And he is not “doing his job”. Layla suggests in that case, she fires Brody. But they both realize that Brody is not their real problem. She announces that she will go and find Rex and Gigi’s home.

Inside, Shane informs Gigi and Rex that he finally found a picture of his ‘real dad” whom he assumes is Brody. He shows Rex the photo. And Rex reveals that he knows that guy. Hearing that, Gigi demands to know what he just said. He then clarifies that he ran into Brody just about an hour ago.

Blair and Todd argue about why it is that he had Starr right on the phone and yet she refused to come home. She tells him that it’s all his fault. He has failed their daughter. He demands to know what she wants from him. She replies she wants him to grow up and accept responsibility for his behaviors. But she can see that that is impossible.

The guy who saw Starr and Cole together informs John that nobody told him that they had those names. He admits to them that they seemed cool. John confirms to the guy that they are cool. He would probably like them if he met them. The guy identifies himself to John as Eugene Silverstein. And he departs. Alone, John gets on his phone and does a check on Eugene Silverstein and Winter Silverstein. And he asks his contact to let him know when they get something.

Todd asks Blair if it ever occurred to her that it is not 100% his fault. Maybe Starr is an “out of control teenage” just like her mother. She tells him that she may have had problems when she was young. But it is because of him that she may never see her daughter again. She walks off and tells Todd she is done with him.

Markko asks Langston what she is thinking about. She admits that she knows it’s only a matter of time before Todd and Blair find out that Starr is pregnant. And since Mr. Manning took the phone away from them, there is no way they can call and forewarn Starr and Cole what is going on. She tells him that it must be terrifying. She knows how scared she was even though she was “just pretending”. She then admits to him that when she thought about being pregnant, a part of it seemed “kinda cool”. It made her feel grown up and womanly. But when she saw how freaked out Dorian was, she realized that it is a major thing and not to be taken lightly. And they are all too young for that.. She tells him that Starr and Cole only had sex once and it happened. And she knows the same thing could happen to them. He apologizes to her that she had to get “dragged to the doctor’s” because of his big mouth. She laughs and kisses him and tells him she knows “just how to shut him up”

Adriana returns home and calls to Rex. But the apartment is empty.

Shane asks his mom and Rex about Brody. She tells Rex there is no way he could have possibly seen Brody. He is dead. Rex then admits she’s probably right. He realizes he is terribly drunk and probably didn’t know what he saw. Shane asks Rex if he is taking a cab home. Rex replies yes. Shane departs. Gigi asks Rex why he doesn’t just go home. He tells her not until he tells her what he came to tell her. Right then, the phone rings. Gigi can tell that it is Adriana. She has obviously figured out where he is. They do not answer it. Adriana is furious. Gigi tells Rex he has to go. He leaves. Brody continues to lurk outside the window.

Langston tells Markko maybe he should go. He already gave Dorian enough of a scare.

Cristian and Sarah are happily together.

Rex returns to Adriana. She acts really happy to see him. But she knows he is lying when he tells her he went for a walk alone and did not see anybody. She kisses him and tells him she wants to make love. But he seems to resist. They take off their clothes But it looks like nothing is resolved.

Blair, Todd and John walk to a motel. She insists that she is not about to share a room with Todd. She apologizes to John for bringing him into all of this. They are alone while Todd goes to book them rooms. John tells Blair no worries. This is a tough situation for everybody. And he assures her they are going to find them.

We see all of the couples together. And it looks like everybody is happy with their relationship except for Rex and Adriana.

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