OLTL Update Monday 5/12/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/12/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Starr and Cole are at the amusement park. They run into a young guy who looks like he’s running a casino. Cole tells Starr that he knows how to win the game so that they can make enough money for their baby. The guy tells them no way can they win. Cole tells him they will see. Not far away, Blair and John talk. After she tells him that she is very worried that Starr will “follow in her footsteps”, he tells her that he believes that Starr could do a lot worse than to become like her. She tells him that she knows that she and Todd got the daughter that they wanted. She is willful and incredible and special. But Blair is very afraid that Starr will befall to the same fate she did.

Rex is very drunk after crashing Adriana’s party, hardly able to stalk or walk. Bo takes him home and tells him he must get some rest. Bo gets up to leave. But Rex tells him he needs him to stay. The room is going to start to spin for him. He wants to talk. Hearing that, Bo then tells Rex that if he wants to talk, they can talk. He tells Rex they can talk about the real reason Rex decided to crash Adriana’s party.

Gigi is sitting by herself in Viki’s home with a football shirt that says Balsam. She puts it up to her face looking like she is relishing being close to Rex again. Outside, Brody looks through the window at her.

Adriana returns to Dorian’s home. Addie comes out into the kitchen and asks her how her party went. Adriana makes it clear that she is not ok. She tells Addie it went great until Rex interrupted the party to obsess and go after Gigi.

At the Bon Jour café in Paris, TX, Natalie and Jared sit at a table and believe they are having a private conversation about how they are going to deal with her family finding out that he is not her uncle that that his real father is dating her mother when nobody knows. David Vickers observes and overhears their conversation unheard from the restaurant kitchen.

After Dorian has wasted no time taking Langston to an abortion clinic and the doctor is ready to go through with the procedure, Langston finally admits to Dorian that she is “not the one” who is pregnant. Hearing that, Dorian asks Langston to tell her what is going on in a private conversation. The doctor leaves. Dorian asks her why, if she is not pregnant, did she allow Markko to tell Dorian that she was pregnant. What would prompt the two of them to do something like that? The only answer could be that they needed to protect somebody that they love. And from that, Dorian figures out that it must be Starr whom they are covering for. She then asks Langston if it is, in fact, Starr who is pregnant. Langston nods.

At Rex’s home, he tells Bo that maybe Bo can give him some advice on marriage since Bo has been married more than once. Bo asks Rex why he had to go and “disrupt” Adriana’s party. Rex replies that he wanted to make certain that Adriana did not get over served too much alcohol, And he was concerned about all the women there with male strippers. Hearing that, Bo reminds Rex that the only male stripper at the party was himself. Why did he go there and make a complete spectacle of himself? Rex then explains that he wondered if he should go there drunk and have Adriana and the others believing that he was spying upon them. Or should he reveal to them that he was at the club looking for Gigi. And Rex concludes to Bo that “he thinks he got away with it.”

Brody continues to spy upon Gigi through the window of Viki’s house.

After Adriana has shared with Addie that she believes that Rex was secretly looking for Gigi, Addie asks her niece if she is really certain that that is what he was doing. Adriana replies that she knows Rex better than any human being on the planet. The man was looking for his old girlfriend. Addie then clarifies if this Gigi is Rex’s old girlfriend. Adriana replies that they dated in high school way back in Michigan many years ago. Hearing that, Addie concludes that she already hates Gigi. Adriana tells Addie so does she. And what she hates most about Gigi is that she turned Adriana into a total bitch.

At the Bon Jour Café, David Vickers continues to make himself scarce and unnoticed by Natalie and Jared. He attempts to speak Spanish and hide. But at that point, Noelle comes out and is ready to “engage” him and let it be known that he is there. But he grabs her and urges her to keep his “secret” because he cannot be seen. He tells her she better listen to hm. He knows what goes into those pies of hers’. And if she does not want him to tell Mo, she better not tell Natalie and Jared that he is there. They argue loudly enough to be heard by Natalie and Jared. They ask Noelle what is going on. She then rushes to take their order and hides David.

Jessica and Nash are with Bree talking about the different articles in the magazine. He shows her that an article was written about Nash Brennan’s wine. She reads that he has gotten publicity for his very special quality of premium wine. Jessica reflects to their daughter that she is very impressed by her daddy.

Dorian asks Langston just what type of “plan” she had to fabricate that she was pregnant in order to “cover” for Starr. Langston tells Dorian that she realizes that she made a mistake and is sorry to upset Dorian. Dorian tells her foster daughter that she is just glad that she is alright. Dorian asks if the reason why Starr and Cole have run away together is because the baby is Cole’s and they knew that Todd would freak. But why didn’t they tell her? She then realizes that she was not around. Langston explains to Dorian that Starr snuck off to have an abortion. But Cole found her and they reconsidered. She reminds Dorian that they did not want Mr. Manning to ever find out anything about it. She is very concerned about what Todd might do. He nearly killed Markko. Hearing that, Dorian admits that she agrees that Todd is crazy. Langston concludes that it’s a good thing that Todd does not know where Starr and Cole are.

Starr and Cole play their games at the amusement park. He wins many tokens. It looks like luck is in their favor. He wins many stuffed frogs for her. They are very happy together.

Addie assesses to Adriana that she’s known her since Dorian brought her into their lives. And she believes that Adriana has never been a bitch. Adriana reminds Addie that she has never seen her “in action”. Is it Gigi or the bangs? She cut her hair. And she is afraid she is turning into her mother. Addie then asks her if weddings are not supposed to turn all women into “Bridezillas”. She notices Adriana is depressed and tells her she wishes she did not look so sad. Adriana asks Addie why Rex was looking for Gigi and not for her.

Bo asks Rex if he really spent the night before his wedding looking for his ex girlfriend. Rex admits to Bo that he almost kissed Gigi at B.E. Bo sounds very surprised to hear that and asks Rex what exactly happened. Rex tells Bo that they didn’t actually kiss. But Bo asks Rex why he would even consider kissing another woman before he’s ready to get married. Rex is very drunk and acting silly, not ready to deal with what is going on. But Bo tells him he better get a hold of himself. Rex tells Bo he realizes he is very drunk. So maybe he has to watch what he might say. Maybe he should shut up. Hearing that, Bo tells Rex that maybe what he needs to do is admit to the truth and get it off his chest.

Shane comes out of his room and discovers that his mother really has kept a picture of his “real father”, Brody. She observes the picture that Brody gave her many years ago before they went their separate ways.

Dorian assesses to Langston that although she could be angry at her for enabling Starr to run away, she knows that she has good reason to be really proud of Langston for what she did.

At the Bon Jour café, David crouches on the floor in an attempt to be unseen by Natalie and Jared. Mo comes out and asks him what he is doing on the floor. He tells Mo that Noelle has something going on.

At the table, Natalie shares with Jared that she and Jessica got drunk once and they freaked by the thought that they might be related to David Vickers. David overhears but does not exactly hear the “confirmation” that he is in fact Asa’s son.. Jared tells her at least he is not a Buchanan. She concludes to him that the first thing they should do when they get back to Llanview is find a way to be alone together. And they both realize that it won’t be easy figuring out how to “break the news” about the real truth they’ve kept from everybody. David overhears their conversation and is very surprised.

Jessica informs Nash that she is very impressed by how Sarah is booking bands and doing a really good job with her business. She invited Snoop Dog to Ultraviolet last night. She used to think that Sarah was just a “spoiled kid”. But she is very impressed by her business savvy. Nash clarifies to his wife that he and Sarah are just friends. She tells him she knows. And tonight is going to be just about them.

Brody overhears Gigi explaining to Shane the story in this book that Brody gave her about a soldier who goes out looking for adventures. He tells her that maybe he will become a soldier just like his real dad. But she tells Shane that she believes there are other ways to see the world and be a hero without getting himself killed.

Langston asks Dorian if she is really “proud” of her for what she did. Dorian clarifies that she is not ok with the fact that Langston lied to her. But she understands the situation. Langston reveals to Dorian that she and Markko have been in contact with Cole and Starr by phone. Hearing that, Dorian tells her the next time they call, she must be notified. But Langston informs Dorian that they won’t because Todd confiscated the phone from her and Markko. He did, however, talks to Starr and sounded like he was going to make some changes. Dorian then realizes that she must tell Blair what Langston just told her. Langston tells Dorian no. Blair cannot find out. But Dorian tells her that Blair must know where her daughter is.

Blair and John talk and attempt to figure out what to do. The guy at the hot dog stand overhears and has his own ideas.

Natalie tells Jared that nobody will think about who the “real” Buchanan heir is when they have believed in a fake one. She tells him that her family is very much about money and power. And the fact that he tried to take advantage of them for their money will be a very important issue. Right then Mo and Noelle come out. Natalie tells them that it was great to see them. Viki sends her love. Noelle tells Natalie to please say hi to Viki and Charlie and Gigi and Marcie and the little guy. Natalie and Jared go out the door. David then stands up and announces to Mo and Noelle that he quits.

Dorian tells Langston that she hopes that Starr’s situation has made an “impact” upon her and that she is now thinking about her own “situation” with Markko. But Langston tells Dorian that there is no need to worry. She has not done anything with Markko. Dorian then smiles and tells Langston she is so proud of her. She is a brilliant and wonderful girl. And she wants her to have the future she deserves.

Shane tells Gigi that when he turns 18 he can do whatever he wants without her permission. He asks her if he can take “the book” with him up to his room and see the picture of his dad. From outside, Brody overhears their conversation.

Addie tells Adriana she must know that she is about to get married. And maybe she should not be distrusting of Rex. Adriana admits to Addie that all her life she has been alone. Then she fell in love with Rex. He was everything to her. She was no longer alone. That was until Gigi came back into their lives. Addie tells her that when she goes down the aisle, she will look into Rex’s eyes and know how much they are in love. She tells Adriana that she wants to hear all about the wedding and how it went. Adriana asks her if she cannot attend. Addie chuckles and asks her if she is kidding. She must know that Blair would not want her mother to attend Adriana’s wedding since she hates Adriana’s guts. Adriana smiles and hugs Addie.

Bo tells Rex he will see him the next morning. Rex needs to get some rest. And Bo leaves. Rex clearly indicates that he is not ok.

After David announces that he will quit the job at Bon Jour, Mo tells him he cannot just do that. He still “owes” Moe. David tells Mo he will have no trouble paying him everything and then some. He then reveals to them that he is going to Llanview. He will never want for anything monetarily again.

Jessica and Nash are ready to sleep together.

Brody goes up to the door and is very tempted to knock and reveal himself to Gigi. But he hesitates.

Dorian tells Langston she realizes she’s come “very late” into Langston’s life. But she was hoping she could keep Langston as “a little girl” just a bit longer. Langston then replies to Dorian that she has not been “a little girl” in a very long time. And she walks away.

Blair and John run into the guy who was interacting with Starr and Cole, show him their picture and ask if he’s seen them. He stares and the picture and admits that he does not know what to tell them. Not far away. Cole and Starr walk together.

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