OLTL Update Thursday 5/8/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/8/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

After Todd has terrorized Langston and Markko to find out where Starr is, he uncovers the cell phone that they have to reach Starr. Todd talks to his daughter and asks if she is ok. She tells her father she is fine and that Cole has been great. He asks her if she was not happy to be with her family the night before she left. She didn’t seem angry at him before she left. Aren’t things getting better? She replies yes. He, then asks her why she ran away. She does not know how to answer that.

At Rodi’s, Roxy is serving drinks. Rex and all of his friends are gathered around and ready for his bachelors party. Brody sits by himself in the corner and gets a call from Adriana. She tells him that he has to go and meet his son and reunite with Gigi. Dorian walks in and overhears her daughter’s desperation about Rex and Gigi. And she tells her that maybe she should just call off the wedding if she is so untrusting of the whole situation.

Gigi and Shane are moving into Viki’s carriage house. Marcie comes to see them and informs Gigi that Adriana lied to her.

Back at the Bon Jour café in Paris, TX, Moe and Noelle argue about pie baking. And suddenly, we notice they have hired a new employee. It’s non other than David Vickers.

After Dorian asks Adriana if she should not just call off her wedding, Adriana tells her mother that she knows she just wants to stop at nothing to break up Adriana and Rex. Dorian tells her daughter it’s not about that. Adriana reminds her mother that they have a deal where Dorian must help her to have no difficulties in marrying Rex. Dorian tells Starr that she believes that her needing “insurance” that her fiancé stays away from another woman is “beneath her”.

After Shane hears Marcie tell her mom that Adriana lied about something, Shane asks her what is going on with that. Gigi asks him to let her talk privately to Marcie. She informs Marcie that Adriana is playing a game. It’s obvious that Adriana hates her but has appeared friendly and invited Gigi to her wedding. She tells Marcie she knows that Adriana has some sort of “plan” to keep Rex away from her (Gigi). She’s tired of Adriana’s games. It’s so “junior high”, Gigi tells Marcie

At Rodi’s, Bo talks to Antonio about what he, John and Talia are all up to. Antonio tells Bo he doesn’t want to involve him in it. Bo reminds Antonio that he is now a civilian and Antonio’s secret is safe with him. Antonio tells Bo that he may enjoy his vacation because Bo won’t be “on vacation” for long. He tells him that they are about to get the goods on Ramsey. Bo warns Antonio to be careful about messing with Ramsey. But Antonio seems confident that Ramsey will soon be out of his job and Bo will be reinstated as their boss.

After hearing Moe and Noelle arguing, David Vickers tells them they need to get a room. They are arguing because they have been bitten by the “Texas love bug” he tells them.

On the phone at the beach, Starr tells her father that she had no choice except to run away. He is never going to change. He makes it impossible for her. She’s ready to hang up. But Todd urges his daughter not to go. He tells her that he wants to make things right with her and with Cole.

Rex drinks and Roxy notices that maybe her son is “overindulging”. She tells him she has to join the women at Adriana’s party and look at the male strippers. She tells Rex that he need not be worried about anything when he is about to marry the woman of his dreams.

Gigi tells Marcie that she is worried that she has ruined Marcie’s friendship with Adriana. She finds it odd that they want Michael to be Rex’s groomsman. But Adriana hasn’t asked Marcie to be her bridesmaid. She knows it’s because of Marcie’s friendship with her. Marcie tells Gigi that is quite alright. She doesn’t care if Adriana has a problem with her. She knows Adriana has been stirring up trouble. She obviously has a problem with Gigi’s friendship with Rex. And at that point, Marcie remembers that she has noticed that there might still be something going on between Gigi and Rex. And she asks Gigi to share.

Dorian tells Adriana that she cannot be so insecure about Rex and Gigi. A Kramer woman does not live in fear of other women. Adriana tells her mother that it’s not as simple as that. And what is she supposed to do? Just sit and tolerate Gigi being everywhere Rex is?

Starr tells her father that she knows he will apologize and tell her he wants to make things up to her. But he will never respect Cole nor let her see him. At that point, Todd admits to his daughter that he was wrong. And he tells her if she comes home, she may see Cole any time she wants. He promises. Langston and Markko stand and overhear that. And they appear very surprised that Todd would agree to let Starr see Cole. Todd tells his daughter he loves her so much. And when he thought that Cole hurt her, he freaked. She affirms that Cole would never hurt her. He tells her he realizes that. He wants her to be happy. And if Cole makes her happy, then he is ok with that. He accepts the decisions that she makes and everything can be resolved. Hearing that, Starr is almost ready to ask her father if it’s ok with him if she is pregnant. But she knows she cannot reveal that.

After David expresses his opinion to Moe and Noelle at the Bon Jour café, Moe tells David he wants him to wait tables.

Natalie and Jared talks about what they are going to do in regard to the big secret that they are keeping from Viki that he is Charlie’s real son and Rex is not.

Dorian tells Adriana that she is beautiful and talented and needn’t be threatened or intimidated by Gigi. Of course Rex will come around if he has any sense. There’s no reason to be so obsessed about Gigi. Adriana tells her mother there, is in fact a reason. Dorian asks her why. Adriana replies that Rex is Shane’s real father.

Marcie tells Gigi she knows that Gigi still has feelings for Rex and she’d like her to be honest about that. At that point, Gigi admits that she is in love with Rex. Very much so.

At Rodi’s, Bo notices Rex looking kind of uptight. He tells him that he is really grabbing that bottle. He informs Rex that the last time he got “really smashed”, it was when his dad died. He knows that something is up with Rex. And he asks Rex just what that is.

Right then, there is a guy in a jet. It looks like he’s Snoop Dog

Todd tells Starr that he just wants her to come home and be “their little girl again”. But when she hears that, she tells her dad that she can never be “that little girl” ever again. She breaks down crying. Cole holds her. She disconnects the phone knowing that things will never be the same with her family given her situation.

Bo tells Rex that the point he’s trying to make is if Rex is “holding onto” something, Rex needs to let it out before it’s too late.

After Gigi admits to Marcie that she is still in love with Rex, Marcie admits that she is surprised. She did not know it was that serious. Gigi tells Marcie there is more. Adriana is inviting her (Gigi) to the wedding and to her bachelorette party and acting like her friend in order to “torture” her. They agree that Gigi is not about to go to the wedding. Marcie tells Gigi that she is going to go and join the crowd at the bachelorette party. Maybe she can find out some thing. And Gigi must call her if she needs anything.

Layla and Sarah are at Capricorn waiting for Snoop Dog. But they notice that Adriana has not gotten there.

After Adriana has informed Dorian that she’s found out that Rex is Shane’s real father, Dorian asks her how she knows that. Adriana tells her mother she can tell. And that is why they must bring both Gigi and Brody to the wedding so that they can see that Rex is “taken” and motivate them to get back with each other. At that point, Langston enters the room and knows they are having a private discussion. Believing that Langston has a “real problem”, Dorian tells Adriana she believes she is blowing this whole situation out of proportion. She tells Adriana she needs to talk to Langston alone. Langston obviously does not want to discuss what Dorian wants to discuss.

Starr and Cole walk on the beach. She tells him that even if her dad tells her that he is ok with them seeing each other, he will throw that all out the window when he finds out that she is pregnant with Cole’s baby.

At that point, when Todd hangs up the phone, he can tell that something is going on.

At the Bon Jour, after David tells Moe and Noelle he knows they are “hot” for each other and Moe tells David he wants him to go off and wait tables, he reveals to Noelle that the reason for that is so that they can be alone.

Marcie goes to meet Adriana at Ultraviolet and congratulates her. Adriana asks where Gigi is. Marcie informs her that Gigi is moving into Viki’s carriage house and probably won’t be able to make it. Right then, Adriana goes out to find Brody. She gives him the address where Gigi is staying and she instructs him to “go get her”. Right then, Rex enters unexpectedly. He looks drunk. Adriana asks him why he is crashing her party. He tells her they cannot have a bachelorette party without a stripper. He then goes out to the pole and proceeds to strip. All the women gather around.

Natalie and Jared go to visit Moe and Noelle at the Bon Jour. But David knows he better make himself scarce and unseen by them. Noelle asks Natalie how her mom is. Is she still seeing Charlie? And how is Gigi doing out there? And not knowing Jared, she introduces herself to him and assumes that he is Natalie’s boyfriend. They both look at her awkwardly not knowing what to tell her in regard to that.

Dorian talks to Langston alone and tells her she will see her through her situation. She knows of many places where she can get a safe, legal and discreet abortion.

Right then, Todd is getting ready to book a jet to Virginia Beach in order to being Starr home.

Rex is ready to take it all off. Adriana, Layla, Sarah, Marcie and Jessica are all cheering him on. And at that point, Snoop Dog enters and starts his concert. He talks about how he likes to “take it slow” when he makes love to a woman. And he sings the song, Sensual Seduction.

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