OLTL Update Wednesday 5/7/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/7/08


Written By Jeannie

Adriana tells Layla that Shane is Rex's son. Adriana says Rex will never find out.

Rex is in the tux shop when Gigi walks in looking for Shane. Rex tells her Charlie took him to Viki's. Gigi tries to leave and Rex stops her.

Natalie talks to Viki on the phone and realizes Charlie is with her. Jared warns her not to say anything while Charlie is there.

In the back room at the restaurant Markko and Langston talk about Starr and Cole. They wonder what to say to Dorian about telling her Langston was pregnant.

Starr wakes up to an empty room. Cole comes in with groceries and flowers. Cole give her a T-shirt for a baby that says "Oh Great One's kid".

John comes to see Blair. Blair is feeding Tommy. Blair tells John about the fight she and Todd had last night.

Markko tells Langston to fake being pregnant for a while so they don't figure out it was Starr is the one who is pregnant. Todd comes in and hangs Markko on a hook. He says to tell him where Starr is or he will kill him.

Markko says they don't know where they are. Todd knows they helped Starr run away and he thinks he does know. He pulls a knife out of a box and threatens them.

John and Blair talk about finding Starr and Cole. John tells her how they will search for them. Blair is confused why Starr left because things were changing.

Cole and Starr eat and talk about her going to a doctor. He made her an appointment for next week with an Ob-Gyn. Starr says he thought of everything. Cole reassures her that Todd doesn't know where they are. He tells her they have a job interview. Cole starts to leave while she gets dressed. Starr stops him.

Natalie tells Viki she is in Texas on BE business. Viki asks her to go to the cafe and look in on Mo and Noelle and tell them she misses them and loves them. She says the cafe worked its magic for her by bringing her together with Charlie. Viki asks if everything is okay and Natalie says fine. Jared says telling Viki would ruin her life.

Rex tells Gigi about talking to Charlie about her. Rex says he wants to apologize. Gigi says he was trying to warn her about Jared and accepts his apology and says its over. Rex says he wasn't trying to kiss her because of Jared. He was trying to kiss her because of them.

At the apartment Layla tells Adriana she can't keep the fact that Rex has a son from him. Adriana says why should she tell him? Gigi kept the secret for ten years. Adriana and Layla talk about telling Rex. Adriana tells Layla that she bribed Brody to keep Gigi away from Rex. Layla says if Rex ever finds out about this she will lose him.

At the tux shop, Rex says forget it. Gigi questions what he meant. Rex says he isn't talking about how he felt about her in high school. He is talking about how he feels about her today.

Cole and Starr talk about undressing in front of each other. He leaves to give her time to dress. Starr looks at her flowers.

John and Blair talk about Cole. She asks about Cristian and Talia. John ignores her and talks about Sam. Blair asks about Marcy and Mike. Blair says the first thing Sam did today was wake up and go to Starr's room.

Todd starts stabbing boxes as he threatens Markko. Markko says he doesn't know where they are. Langston asks Todd to listen to her.

Adriana and Layla talk about Rex, Shane and Gigi. Adriana thinks Gigi wants Rex back. Adriana admits to making mistakes but doesn't see a way out. Layla suggests the truth.

Gigi asks Rex not to talk about this and it doesn't matter why he tried to kiss her. She says he's nervous about getting married. Gigi says tomorrow he's marrying the woman he loves. Isn't he?

Viki asks Charlie if Rex talks about Gigi. He admits Rex said she's on his mind a lot. Viki says he needs to examine his feelings for Gigi before he gets married. Charlie agrees. Charlie tells Viki he doesn't ever want to lose her. She asks why he would say that.

Jared says Natalie did the right thing. Natalie says she did what he wanted. Jared says he does want the truth to come out. Natalie is worried that Viki would lose the love of her life and David Vickers would join the family.

Starr and Cole sit on the beach. She worries about being outside that they could get caught. They talk about the jobs they just got at a restaurant.

Langston says she'll tell Todd what he wants if he gets Markko off the hook. Langston says Starr loves Todd.

John is on the phone and finds out Cole sold his car in Virginia. Blair is ready to call Todd but then changes her mind. Blair says they need to find the kids before Todd finds out.

Jared is mad at himself for making up this lie. He defends Charlie keeping his secret. Jared is worried that if Viki finds out then Charlie might start drinking. Natalie and Jared try to figure a way out of the mess. They say they will have to be careful when they get back to Llanview. They kiss and close the bedroom door.

Rex admits to being nervous about the wedding. Rex tells her he cares about her as Adriana walks in.

John says the bus station that Cole and Starr went to Virginia had busses going in 15 directions. Blair wonders where they went. John thinks they went south. They talk about where they could have gone. Blair says she ran away when she was a kid.

Todd asks Langston about Starr. Langston asks how he would feel if someone kept him away from Mrs. Manning. She tells him he gave Starr no choice. She says it killed Starr to leave because she loves her family. Even Todd.

Rex tells Adriana he was done with the fitting and just leaving. Adriana asks where Shane is and Gigi says he's home and Gigi tries to leave. Adriana invites her to the Bachelorette party. Gigi says she'll try and leaves. Adriana apologies to Rex for being such a bitch.

Charlie tells Viki that talking to Rex made him realize that the past could come back to bite you. Viki says the past is the past. Charlie says he has trouble forgetting. Viki says he's never hurt her and she's not going anywhere.

In bed, Jared and Natalie discuss how to be together back in Llanview. She says they need to practice ignoring each other in public and tells him to get dressed.

Langston tells Todd to stop being so hard on Starr. Todd dumps Markko's back pack and finds the extra cell phone. He sees there's only one number in and starts throwing things. He asks who will answer that number. Langston says if he makes that call he should tell her he changed his mind about Cole.

Blair talks about where she went when she ran away. John asks if she every stopped trying to run away. Blair says she ran away to the beach and got a summer job there. They talk about the summer jobs. Blair says Starr loves the beach. John says maybe they're on to something.

Cole answers the cell phone. Todd demands to talk to Starr.

Gigi arrives back at Viki's and remembers what Rex said. She says she cares about him too.

Adriana tells Rex she overreacted to him spending time with Gigi. They hug.

John tells Blair the bus company will fax the records to beach towns. John asks Blair to come with him.

Cole tells Todd she doesn't want to talk to him but Starr takes the phone.

Natalie brings Jared to the cafe. Jared says does this mean he has to keep his hands off her? She says yes. They go in. Moe is there talking to Noelle about nutmeg and key lime pie. David Vickers is the dishwasher.

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