OLTL Update Tuesday 5/6/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/6/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Natalie are in bed after spending the night together.. He tells her he is so grateful that she gave them another chance.

Antonio and Talia awaken together. She asks him if he heard her talking in her sleep. He tells hr no. But she doesn’t believe him. She confirms that Antonio is the man of her dreams. But he warns her that if Ramsey finds out that they are lying about her seeing John and that she and Antonio are really still together, they could be in big trouble. She doesn’t seem worried. Right then, however, they hear a knock on the door and they are startled to hear Ramsey’s voice demanding that they open up.

Brody awakens in this hotel room after “sleeping it off”. Adriana sits by his bed and asks him if he is ready to go through with her plan. But he demands to know whom she is and what she wants. She reminds him that she already told him. She is a friend of Gigi and Shane’s and she wants to help reunite him with them. But he tells her he does not buy that that is all she wants. He knows that there is “something in it for her”. He tells her that he “knows her kind”. She always has to get something her way. She then replies to him that what she wants out of this is for him to keep Gigi and Shane away from her fiancé.

At Viki’s home, Charlie and Rex come by and take Shane to school. When Viki and Gigi are alone, Viki remarks that she misses their coffee breaks at the Bon Jour Café where they could just talk freely. Gigi agrees that she misses that too. Viki then tells Gigi she wants to talk to Gigi and hear what is on her mind.

Jared tells Natalie that he knows he’s screwed up with many things. But he main thing is that they are together now. She asks him, however, how the “board” will react when they find out that she slept with her uncle.

Cristian is getting fitted for a tux to stand up at Rex and Adriana’s wedding. Michael McBain enters and tells Cristian that he and Marcie want to be there. But he is worried that his marriage is not what it used to be. He reminds Cristian that he remembers all too well that it was only a few short years ago when he was the one getting married.

Ramsey bangs on the door of the hotel where Talia and Antonio are staying. He assumes that she is sleeping with Lieutenant McBain and appears to have no clue that she is really with Antonio. But at that point, John enters and reminds Ramsey that he needs to observe the “do not disturb” sign on Officer Sahib’s door. Talia calls to Ramsey that she is getting ready but he needs to wait. Antonio hides. She then tells him he may come in. Ramsey enters and seems to have no clue that Antonio was there and assumes she spent the night with John. He reminds John and Talia that he needs them to attempt to find Cole Thornhart. He leaves. Antonio comes out of the bathroom. The three of them are wondering what they are going to do in order to make certain that Ramsey never catches onto their scheme.

Natalie gets dressed and ready for work. But she asks Jared just how he did pull this whole thing off. He replies that he swiped some hairs from David Vickers and submitted it as his own DNA. And he got Pamela to “work” with him to convince the Buchanans that she was his real mother. They then conclude that they are going to tell the family. She tells him this is not going to be easy. She doesn’t know how she’s going to reveal the truth to her father and Uncle Bo. He tells her that Renee is the one he is really worried about. He does not want to betray her, knowing that she trusted him from the start. She tells him that she does not look forward to “breaking the news” to Jessica or Nash or to her mom. Hearing that, Jared realizes he has another even more serious problem involving a secret that will have to be “revealed” to Viki.

Viki and Gigi talk about Gigi's social life. Viki asks Gigi if she has any “girl friends” or any men in her life. She remarks that she can see that Rex is a friend to her and is really close to Shane. Gigi then tells Viki she is not going to count on Rex. His “devotion” to Shane might end soon after he gets married. Viki then asks her if maybe the reason she is so uneasy whenever somebody brings up Rex and whenever she sees him might be because she is still in love with Rex.

Adriana admits to Brody that Gigi and her fiancé are together all the time and constantly running into each other. She tells him that now that Gigi has moved to Llanview, she might want to have her son’s father come back to her and hopefully he will take her and Shane back to Texas. He tells her he hates to burst her bubble. But that is not happening.

In response to Viki’s question of whether she is still in love with Rex, Gigi replies that they were together long ago. But she realizes that Rex is going to get married in a matter of days. Viki tells Gigi that she understands. But Gigi cannot hide her feelings. She has to talk to Rex. Gigi replies that there is no point in doing that because he’s going to marry Adriana. And she has an “issue” about how Rex always “catches” her and tells her he will always be there for her and Shane. And she admits to Viki that she can sense that Rex has some real feelings for her. Yet she does not know what to do with that, given the situation.

Rex, Charlie and Shane enter the men’s store while Cristian and Michael overhear them. At that point, Cristian greets Rex and congratulates the groom. Realizing that Shane does not know Cristian, Rex introduces him to Adriana’s cousin. At that point, the sales rep asks Cristian, Michael and Shane to come with him. Alone with Rex. Charlie tells him he didn’t want to discuss this with him in front of Shane but he knows of the “awkwardness” involving Adriana and Gigi and Shane all in Rex’s life.

In the hotel room, Antonio, John and Talia all “brain-storm” what they are supposed to do in regard to Ramsey. John admits that he is concerned that Ramsey will attempt to go after Cole. Antonio assesses that while Ramsey believes that John and Talia are seeing each other and believes that Antonio is worried about Jamie’s health, they might all be able to “play” him. But they realize it might be easier said than done.

Cristian and Michael find a tux for Shane. They tell him he looks really classy. But he looks at himself in the mirror and tells them he thinks he looks like a penguin. He concludes to them that when he gets married, he wants to wear jeans and not a “monkey suit” like this.

In the other room, Rex admits to Charlie that he does have some questions to ask a “father figure”. Hearing that, Charlie tells Rex that maybe he needs to discuss that with Bo, knowing that he has developed a “fatherly” relationship with him. But Rex tells Charlie he wants to consult with him. He asks him if people “change’ after marriage. Hearing that, Charlie asks Rex just what type of “change” he is talking about.

Viki and Gigi discuss her situation with Rex. Gigi admits to Viki that she does have some unresolved feelings for Rex still. And that could mess up a lot of people’s lives.

Adriana asks Brody if he is not getting little tired of “Margaritaville”. Wouldn’t he prefer to get up in the morning and remember what he did the night before? She also reminds him that he must know that he is a father. At that point, he tells her that is not true. He is not Shane’s real father. The real father of Gigi’s son is “some guy” named Rex Balsam. Hearing that, Adriana is stunned.

In response to Natalie’s questions of Jared concerning Viki, he tells her the last thing he’d want is to do anything to hurt her mother. But he has an issue involving his “father”. Hearing that, she tells him she thought that his father died or abandoned him. At that point, he admits to her that his father is Charlie. She asks if he means the Charlie she knows who is her mom’s boyfriend. She does not sound like she is ok with finding out that her mom’s boyfriend is Jared’s real father. She then asks Jared if Charlie Balsam, Rex’s father, her brother’s father is also his father. He then clarifies to her that Charlie is not Rex’s father. But he is Jared’s real father. They have been estranged for a long time. He wanted Charlie out of his life for a long time He realizes that Charlie has been trying to clean up his act. He wants to be the perfect “father” to Rex. And he knows that Charlie really loves Viki. Natalie tells Jared she believes that when her mother finds out about Charlie’s and his lies and deceptions, it will kill her. Jared replies not if she never finds out. Natalie does not respond to that and looks like she might be considering never telling Viki.

John and Talia talk about how it has been for them to pretend to “have a thing” for Ramsey. She asks him if he thinks they can pull that off. She also admits that she believes Ramsey is a pig. But he does sometimes appear “sweet” like the way he talked to Jamie when she came by the station the other day. Hearing that, John tells Talia she mustn’t even consider seeing the “good” in Ramsey. He cannot be trusted.

In Ramsey’s office, Eddie tells his boss that he must realize that Antonio is no good. But Ramsey seems to defend the fact that Antonio is a single dad. Right then, Antonio comes in and offers Ramsey “the money”. Ramsey asks him if his “conscience” is talking, and seems to sense that Antonio might not really be able to “go through with” taking the money. But Antonio tells him that he thinks he can as long as he can get away with it.

After Brody has revealed to Adriana that he knows he is not Shane’s father, she asks if they were never serious. He replies that they were serious. But Gigi dumped him for Rex. Hearing that, she asks why Gigi either does not know or does not want to reveal that Rex is her son’s father. He replies that maybe the reason she does not reveal or admit it is because Rex is engaged to a knock out. But Adriana tells him that she knows that Rex would be there for his son if he knew that he was his son. And she seems to have some conflicting feelings about what to do.

Rex asks Charlie what he has to tell him about going through with his wedding. He admits to his “dad” that he is having cold feet and knows that Adriana has some issues. Charlie tells Rex that he is in no position to give anybody advice about relationships. But he does believe that Rex should give it time and make his marriage work.

Viki asks Gigi if she really does plan to attend Rex and Adriana’s wedding. Gigi tells her that she will be there for Shane. Viki tells her if she wants to talk, her coffee pot is always on. Gigi reflects to Gigi that she felt as though, living in Paris, TX, her life was great. But now, she is not certain.

After Natalie finds out that Charlie is really Jared’s father but not Rex’s father, she asks him just how he is going to get himself out of that mess. She reminds him that if he confesses, Uncle Bo is going to ask a ton of questions. He wasn’t the police commissioner all those years for nothing. Her father will also demand many answers. He reminds her that they interrogated him before and got nothing on him. She reminds him that that was before his father was living with her mother. She concludes that they must come clean and reveal the truth to Viki. He asks her even if it breaks Viki’s heart.

Ramsey tells Antonio that maybe he should take the full amount of money. Antonio asks if he should spend his life in the joint when his daughter needs him. Ramsey then asks Antonio why, if he’s taking part of the money can’t he take it all. And he also asks him if he is really concerned about the consequences, has he considered taking any of it.

Charlie returns to Viki’s with Shane. He informs her that Shane told him and Rex that he wants to wear blue jeans when he gets married. Charlie informs Viki that he managed to have a “nice little talk” with Rex. She asks if that is so. And she informs him that she had a “nice little talk” with Gigi. Right then, Viki gets a call from Natalie, telling her mother she has something very important to tell her.

Adriana concludes to Brody that he must know that his life is a mess. He needs to clean up his act and set his sights on being a husband and father. He tells her he is not “daddy material”. She writes a check. He asks her how much she thinks she can buy him off with. She concludes to him that she is not asking him to make a life-time commitment to Gigi and Shane. She just wants him to commit long enough to keep them away from Rex. She walks away. And he does not seem to argue when he sees the check she wrote.

Rex is alone at the store and he reveals that he is not certain that he can commit to Adriana with the marriage vows he is about to take

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