OLTL Update Monday 5/5/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/5/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

While John and Talia are on the docks, Antonio drives up in a boat and kisses Talia. John asks him if he really wants to do this. He reminds him he is taking a “real risk”. Antonio tells her that he cannot keep pretending not to care. He loves her. She replies that she loves him. John then sits on the boat by himself.

Blair slaps Todd after he makes the comment, implying that she might have wanted him to encourage Starr and Cole to “go at it”. He asks her what that was for. She tells him it’s for his being a self centered idiot. He had all of them. The kids and her. But he has blown it too many times. All he does is throw his ego and hostility at everything and everybody in his life. And she cannot deal with him anymore.

While Starr and Cole are together at the motel, they discuss how the whole thing started. He reminds her that if his mom taught him anything, it is that you must be completely honest with the people you love. So, he tells her he must ask her a question. He asks her if she blames him for the fact that she is pregnant. Hearing that, she replies yes. She does.

After Dorian goes through Langston’s stuff and discovers the book she has on pregnancy, Dorian asks her why she has this book in her possession. When Langston cannot answer that, Markko comes out of the closet and answers Dorian’s question by informing her that Langston is pregnant. And he says “Congratulations, Nanna."

Jared kisses Natalie and she does not stop him.

Star tells Cole that she blames him but she realizes it is not entirely his fault. She also accepts some responsibility for the choice that they both made.

After Dorian hears that Langston is pregnant she hopes that they are just imagining that. She asks if they are joking. Langston looks back at Markko and he motions that he does not want her to reveal that she is not telling the truth. She then tells her foster mother that it’s true. At that point, Dorian looks at Markko and tells him he better run. It looks like she’s going to hurt him.

Todd tells Blair that maybe instead of looking for who is at fault for why Starr is missing, maybe they should spend their time and energy trying to find her. But Blair asks him how he plans to do that. He has already exhausted all of the “resources” he could possibly have. Nothing has worked that he’s tried. So that is why she called John McBain. After he hears that, he sarcastically asks why he did not think of that heroic John McBain. Doesn’t she realize that Ramsey does not plan to do anything about finding their daughter or Cole. She asks him if he does not realize that Starr is growing up and making her own decisions. And if he tells her she cannot do something, she will only want to do it more and/or do it behind his back and they could lose her forever if they keep refusing to accept her decisions. He has no respect for the choices she makes. All he does is blame everybody except himself or everything that happens. And he keeps having his tantrums and his little pity party for himself. She tells him he needs to grow up and stop acting like a little child.

Natalie admits to Jared that she loves him. He then tells her that he was such and idiot. He wasted a year of his life wanting to be somebody that he is not. He does believe that her family is great. But being a Buchanan is not worth giving up on what he could have with her. She tells him she knows. But he cannot have her.

John observes Antonio and Talia kissing and tells them maybe they need to “go easy”. He tells them they have to be careful so that they do not get found out by Ramsey or Eddie. All three of them seem to be working together and ready to find a way to get Ramsey fired from the department.

Todd tells Blair she has no right to tell him he is acting like a child. She tells him he is worse than a child. At least a child learns from their mistakes when adults show them the error of their ways. By preventing their daughter from going to school and having a normal life, he only pushed Starr to take drastic measures. He tells her that she really doesn’t understand what is wrong with allowing their daughter to interact with some steroid raging kid who wants to exploit her. Hearing that, she asks him if he is talking about Cole Thornhard and she tells him he must know that Cole is a good kid. He would never hurt their daughter and Todd does not understand what is going on.

Meanwhile, Starr and Cole reflect about the big mess they have gotten themselves into.

After Dorian finds out that Langston is pregnant, she flies into a rage and tells Markko he is a malicious, nasty person to have done what he did to her daughter. She will cut out his tongue and then “go further south” so that he can never do anything like that to Langston again. In response to that, Langston demands that she stops. And she tells Dorian she sounds just like Mr. Manning.

Antonio informs John and Talia that Ramsey got the idea that Antonio is “taking money” when he saw Antonio with his hand in the till. But they, all three admit that they don’t know exactly what they are going to do in order to get Ramsey to let his guard down.

Todd tells Blair that this is not all about him. She tells him that it is always “about him”. He thinks the whole world revolves around him. He needs to realize that others have suffered besides himself. He asks her what she thinks should be done in regard to their daughter sleeping with Cole. Does she approve of it? She replies that she did not say that she approved of it. But she realizes that they love each other. And she knows that this entire thing Todd has about it has nothing to do with Starr or Cole. It’s all about Marty. He wants to “relieve himself” of the guilt for what he did to Marty by pretending that Marty’s son raped his daughter. But they both know that Cole did not rape Starr. She wanted to sleep with him. And now Todd’s behavior has run them both out of town. What has that accomplished?

Cole tells Starr that they both need to realize that they had to go on the run because of her dad. It was Todd’s very same behavior that caused Marcie McBain to run away with Todd’s son. Hearing that, she admits that he is right. Her dad is a very hard person for anybody to deal with.

After Langston and Markko inform Dorian that Langston is pregnant, they attempt to tell her that she doesn’t need to assume that the worst will happen. But Dorian asks her if she ever had a clue what would happen to her life before sleeping with “this low life” who has done that to her. In response to that, Markko tells Dorian he realizes she looks down her nose at him because he does not have the money that she has. Dorian asks them both if they realize that they could get a disease without using protection. She asks Langston if she realizes that a Kramer cannot do these kinds of behaviors. Hearing that, Langston concludes that she does not want to be a Kramer if it means that it’s ok to behave the way Dorian does.

Jared asks Natalie if she remembers and if she can “give back” the night that they spent together before Asa’s Will was read, and before he screwed up. He asks her if she can please “give them back” that night.

Dorian gets into a shouting match with Langston and Markko. In the other room, Todd and Blair talk about what is going to be done in regard to their marriage. He asks her if she plans to give him back his $10 million. She tells him she is tired of cleaning up after him. The world revolves around him in his world. She admits that when they first met, she was really messed up. But when they got those beautiful kids, she wanted to clean up her act. And then he got Sam back. She thought that maybe things would be different between them. But now she can obviously see that she was wrong. She tells him if he really wants their daughter to come home, then he will just let John do his job. He asks her if she wants him to do it “her way”. She tells him yes. He needs to accept the fact that he is of “no help” there. He must know that forcing Starr to move to Hawaii only forced her to go sneak off with Cole and sleep with him behind their back. He needs to know that if he just keeps up the” bully tactics”, he will only drive everybody in his life away from him.

Starr asks Cole if he remembers a person named Patti who was always in detention. She tells him she and Langston overheard her saying that people cannot get pregnant the first time they had sex. She and Langston both laughed at Patti and knew that that was not true. He tells her that that is how people reproduce But sensing that she may not be ok with the situation, he concludes to her if what she really wants is to have an abortion, he will take her there himself and agree to it. She then tells him she really is indebted to him for giving up his life for her. He tells her that the only thing he regrets was that her dad barged in the door and prevented them from having a chance to fall asleep together.

Dorian enters the room appearing calmer and tells Langston and Markko she needs to say something to them. She tells them she wants to apologize. She realizes that her life has gotten complicated. She has been very stressed over the fact that Starr has run off. She should not be letting Todd live in this house. But she wants Langston to know that she will be there for her.

Talia and Antonio go to a hotel together. And it looks like Eddie is spying upon them. She admits to Antonio that she cares for John. But he is not “her man”. Antonio is. They talk about how John has many “limitations” and is not what Antonio is. Antonio and talia kiss and reveal that they were meant for each other.

Natalie and Jared are alone together. They look at each other. But it looks like she is not certain. She holds out her hand to him and they walk together.

Dorian observes the book and faces Langston and Markko. Markko leaves the room. Dorian takes her foster daughter aside.

Starr and Cole sleep in the bed together and hold each other. Yet it looks like they are not certain what to do together.

Antonio and Talia are ready to have sex.

Natalie and Jared look like they are ready to have sex.

And we hear the song with the lyrics: “When the time is right, don’t hold back.”

While Natalie and Jared are together, she asks what about “tomorrow’. But he tells her that tomorrow does not exist until they get out of bed. She tells him that she wants to make the future about them.

While Antonio and Talia are together, she tells him they have to “get Ramsey”. He asks her if they have to talk about Ramsey now. She tells him the reason why they have to get Ramsey “de-throned” is because she cannot wait any longer for Antonio.

Dorian sits Langston down and tells her they have to handle this situation together.

While Starr and Cole are sleeping in the bed, he asks her if she is awake.

Blair asks Todd what he plans to do. He asks her what she plans to do. She replies that she is going to call John mcBain and tell him they need to get their daughter back. And she will tell John that Todd is in full support of that they need to do. Todd only looks at her sarcastically. She walks out the door and tells Todd whenever he plans to be a part of this family, he needs to let her know.

When John is alone, he gets on the phone to talk to somebody about the situation involving Cole disappearing with Starr, what he’s going to do to find Cole for Nora, and what he’s going to do about Todd Manning. And he gets in the boat and departs

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