OLTL Update Friday 5/2/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/2/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Starr and Cole walk on the beach together. He announces that this is it. This is where they start a new life together.

Todd goes into Ramsey’s office and demands to know where John is.

John goes to talk to Blair and admits that he has tried but failed to find Cole and Starr. He asks her where Todd is. She replies that Todd is blaming everybody and anybody except himself. His family is in shambles. He’s made it impossible for Starr and for Cole. But can he take any responsibility for his part in this? Hearing that, John tells her that he is determined to get her daughter back. Whatever it takes.

Markko climbs in through the window to find Langston. She informs him that Starr’s parents now know that she is gone. He asks her if Todd hurt her when he suspected that she knew that they left. She tells him that she knew what to expect from Todd and she is not afraid of him or anything. But she tells Markko she can tell that he must know where Starr and Cole went. And she demands that he tells her what he knows.

Cole and Starr check into their “room”. She looks at the tiny “inexpensive” bed. The guy who checks them in looks like a teenager, himself who assumes they are there to “shack up” and party with many others for spring break. He also assumes that they are not going to be “faithful” and warns that they use condoms. Little does he know what is really going on.

Jared asks Natalie to go with him to Texas to talk about something. He tells her that he has assumed that it’s a business meeting. But she finds out that it was not for that reason.

John tells Blair that he will find Starr and Cole. She tells him that her little girl is there all alone. She doesn’t have any money. She doesn’t even know if Starr has her cell phone. He tells her that he knows they are both resourceful. Cole is a good kid. And he knows that he would lay down his life for Starr in order to protect her. Right then, Dorian enters ready to tell them all about the “day she had”.. But when she sees John and Blair’s sullen expressions, she asks them what is going on. Blair replies that Starr is gone.

The “hotel attendant” introduces himself to Starr and Cole. They give him false names. He tells them he will find them some linen and towels. When they are alone, she remakes that this place looked a lot better on the internet. Cole tells her that there are ways they can save money. He tells her that this place is just for the summer. They can stick it out for a while. And if it looks like anybody is on to them, they can just take off.

Markko tells Langston that he is not entirely certain where Starr and Cole went. But Cole left him a pre-paid phone so that he can keep in contact with them without revealing to anybody where they are. But Langston admits that she is worried that they might not make it on their own. And what will happen if Starr’s dad finds out she is pregnant?

Ramsey asks Todd, in a flippant manner, what he expects him to do. John replies that he expects Ramsey to do his job.

At the station, Talia takes her hair down. Eddie stands by and looks like he is interested in her business. She then asks him what he wants her to tell him. Does he want to hear that she and John are going to “go at it” tonight like horny little bunny rabbits? Eddie does not respond. But Antonio is nearby to overhear. She tells him she is sorry. But she is just getting tired of Eddie. He tells her if she wants to throw away her career, her reputation and her dignity that is her business. But he asks her if she is really serious about John. She answers that maybe she is.

Natalie tells Jared that the least he can do for her family is “play his role” so that nobody will find out that David Vickers is really Asa’s son. She asks him if he thought he could just bring her there and get her in the sack. He tells her that there’s so much more than that. It’s about how much she means to him.

Antonio asks Talia if he heard her correctly that she is in love with John. Doesn’t she know that John does not have relationships? He has train wrecks. All the women in his life wind up dead. He tells her he cannot believe that he still cares about her. After all she has done, he really cannot ever think of her in the same way.

Ramsey tells Todd that he cannot put out an APB on a case that is closed. The Laurence case is a cold case. Cole is no longer on his radar for that. Todd tells Ramsey he (Ramsey) is an idiot. He (Ramsey) saw Cole shoot Miles Laurence with his own eyes. He needs to open up the case and find Cole. Ramsey smirks at Todd and tells him he is like a skin rash. Todd then tells Ramsey that he knows some other information about Ramsey involving Gigi Morasco. He tells Ramsey he will find out all he needs to know about him in order to get the goods on him. Ramsey tells Todd he may knock himself out. And he dismisses Todd out the door.

Blair informs Dorian that she is very angry at Langston. She knows where Starr and Cole went but has been lying. Dorian asks Blair why she does not believe Langston.

Markko tells Langston that he knows she has a real dilemma on her hands. She knows that Starr’s parents have good reason to be worried. She admits to him that this is not the way it was supposed to be.

In their room, Cole tells Starr this must be very different than the life she’s been used to. She tells him it’s a lot better without her dad and Shawn watching over them. But they talk about how they don’t like being cut off from their friends. They want to see Langston and Markko soon. He tells her they will see their friends soon. He will get a job and they will find their own apartment. And their life will be better than ok. She asks him if he is really ready give up having his freedom or going to college. He tells her he is not giving up anything. He is getting everything just being with her.

Natalie tells Jared that he needs to get over himself. All he is is a man who manipulates and connives to get what he wants. He tells her he knows he did some extreme things. But he is not done with her until she gets this point. She asks him what point. He tells her the point is that he loves her. Hearing that, she runs out the door. He then calls out to her and runs after her.

Dorian and Blair argue. Dorian blames Todd for the situation. They both agree that they are very disappointed in Langston for not communicating to them. Right then, Todd enters, sees John and concludes that he “did this”. John is the reason why Starr has been kidnapped.

Cole tells Starr that they will tell everybody that they are Dan and Mindy and they are crazy about each other. She asks him where they say they are from. He tells her they can just say they are from the south. She reminds him that they do not have the southern accents. He tells her they can just say they are from California. And they will just tell people that they were both camp counselors and met at the camp. She asks him what they will do when they are not working. He replies that they can go to the beach and work on their tans. Right then, they hear the phone ring. Starr is worried and tells Cole she thought that they would not have any phones where they can be reached. He tells her he has a pre-paid phone that cannot be traced. Markko is on the phone. He informs Cole that Starr’s parents have found out and like he suspected, they are “tripping”. He then puts Langston on the phone. She wants to talk to Starr and find out that she is ok.

Natalie tells Jared that he knows nothing about love. And she was such an idiot. Everybody around her told him that he was bad news. But she didn’t want to listen. They shared this “experience” for such a short time. Until he decided that he wanted to be part of her “family”. She tells him that if her family ever finds out that he is not her father’s brother, they will run him out of town. She tells him that they had a “second chance” but he had to ruin it. He tells her that he believes in second chances. And that is why he took her back to the place where it all started with them. He tells her this is the place where he fell in love with her. And he is very certain that she fell in love with him too. She tells him he does not know how she feels. He tells her maybe not. But he does know that on that night, everything was perfect. The two of them stopped fighting and they really looked at each other. And then he kissed her and everything changed, he reminds her. He admits to her that he is not perfect. He is just a screwed up guy who has never known how to trust anything. Throughout his life, all of the “good times” he’s known only set him up for a fall. So he determined that the only thing he can trust is himself. And he determined that “love” is for suckers. Hearing that, she asks if that means that she is a sucker. He tells her he could never imagine feeling what he felt when he was with her. She tells him that none of that is real. As soon as he made up the story that he was Asa Buchanan’s son, all of the “love” and the “light” that he speaks of was all false. And she concludes to him that he confuses loving her with simply wanting her. He tells her he is not done. She tells him she is.

Dorian tells Todd if he goes anywhere near Langston, she will kill him. She goes up the stairs. Todd tells Blair that Dorian will regret ever bringing that orphan into this house. He tells her they will all pay. Dorian, Langston, Ramsey, John and especially Cole. Hearing that, Blair turns and asks Todd if he will ever take responsibility for what he has done.

Starr talks to Langston on the phone about what has happened with her family. She asks her if Jack knows. Before Langston can answer that, Dorian knocks on her door and she hides the pre-paid phone. Dorian asks her what she is doing in Starr’s room. Langston replies she is just looking for some clues as to where Starr might have gone. Dorian then asks Langston just what she is concealing in that bag when Dorian walked in.

At the station, Antonio tells Ramsey he is hustling to get all his work done. And he was wondering if he might be able to get out early to take care of his daughter. Ramsey tells him absolutely. Not a problem. But he asks Antonio what is going on with that “other problem” involving McBain and Sahib. Antonio tells Ramsey that is not his problem. John and Talia go off together again. Ramsey then tells Eddie he wants him to follow John and Talia and find out some information for him.

After Blair demands to know what type of responsibility Todd is taking in all of this, he tells her he is hustling to find any or all leads on their daughter and won’t rest until he finds her. And what has she been doing? Having a little “pow wow” with her buddy, “super cop”. She asks him if he means Lieutenant John McBain. She reminds Todd that he first threatened to take Starr away to Hawaii where she’d never see her friends again. He assaulted her boyfriend. He kept her stuck in the house like a prisoner and had her watched over 24/7. She tells him he is a no good bastard.

John and Talia walk together by the river.

Dorian talks to Langston about the situation with Starr. She tells her that when she adopted Langston and made her part of the family, she hoped that she would have taught Langston some things. And one of those things she hoped that Langston could learn is that all children have a choice and nobody has to be alone without the family that they have. Langston replies that Starr does not believe that she is a child. Dorian tells Langston she must know that Starr is a minor. Langston then asks Dorian if she plans to give her back. Dorian tells Langston that if she was missing, she would be just as frantic and Blair and Todd are about losing Starr. She realizes that her rules must be very tedious for Langston. But she has them to safe-guard Langston. So, she asks Langston if she may look to see what she is keeping in her bag. Langston tells Dorian she may go ahead. She has nothing to hide. Right then, Markko hides in the closet and overhears their conversation. Dorian then pulls out a book that Langston clearly does not want her to see. Dorian then notices that it’s a book about pregnancy. And she asks why Langston would have this book.

At the “motel” where Starr and Cole are staying, the attendant talks to them about how it’s very rare for kids who come to this place not to mess around and “break their vows”. This place forces them to want to party and play the field. But if the two of them are “exclusive”, he won’t argue with their choice. Starr then informs him that she is pregnant.

Talia and John walk on the pier. They remark how beautiful it is. He tells her it’s the perfect place to be with somebody you love. She tells him it does not get more perfect than that. Right at that point, they notice a motor boat approaching them. And it looks like somebody they know is following them. It’s Antonio

Cole asks Starr why she revealed to that stranger that she is pregnant. He concludes that she must “blame” him for being pregnant.

After Dorian discovers the book on pregnancy, she demands that Langston tells her why she is hiding this from her. At that point, Markko comes out of the closet and announces to Dorian that Langston is pregnant.

Todd asks Blair why she blames him for “preventing” Cole from violating their daughter. What did she want him to do when he walked in and saw them in bed together?. Sit and watch and offer them some “pointers” so that they can really “go for it”? Hearing that, she hauls off and slaps him.

Antonio rushes and kisses Talia. John stares stunned and speechless.

Jared kisses Natalie. And she does not stop him.

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