OLTL Update Thursday 5/1/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/1/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Outside in the yard, Blair and Todd are looking at all of the cell phone photos he’s taken of the family the previous night. She reflects on how great it was when all of them were together. They both seem happy and suspect nothing. At that point, they notice Langston coming down the stairs. Blair greets her. They ask about Starr. Langston does not know how to answer as to where she is.

At that point, Starr and Cole are at a coffee shop after driving away. She asks him just exactly where they are going.

Rex and Adriana sleep together. He tells her he is looking forward to the honeymoon. She tells him they might not have to wait much longer. As soon as he is gone, once again, she gets on her cell phone to call Dorian.

It looks like Brody has let Dorian and Layla take him to Llanview, Layla knocks on his door but does not get an answer. She calls Adriana. She admits that she feels kind of weird dragging this strange man back to town on behalf of Gigi. Adriana reminds her that last night Brody got very drunk and spilled bourbon all over himself on the flight. So he’s probably passed out and not hearing the knock on the door. At that point, Layla walks in and notices bottles of booze on the floor. She notices a woman in her underwear asleep in the hotel bed. At that point, Brody comes out and asks her if she is looking for him.

Shane shows Viki and Charlie all of his art drawings. They are very impressed. Viki tells him he could enter them into an art gallery. At that point, Gigi comes down the stairs and asks if he is bothering them again.

Alone with Charlie, Viki tells him that he is so good with Shane. She wonders about his son. Hearing that, he assumes she is talking about Rex. But she tells him it’s the “other one”. She really believes that he can reconcile his differences with the one whom he is estranged from.

At Nora’s house, Nigel informs Jared that Clint and Bo have resolved their dispute with Calvin Jenkins and Mr. Jenkins is no longer going to fight them. At that point, when he is alone, Jared calls Natalie and informs her that Calvin Jenkins is no longer the enemy of the Buchanans. He hasn’t a clue as to why. Neither does she. And he admits to her that he is disappointed. He was really looking forward to “playing hard ball” with Calvin Jenkins.

Right then, Calvin meets Dorian for breakfast at the palace. He appears happy. But she tells him she intends to destroy him and smirks.

After Layla notices Brody with his “friend”, she asks him whom his bed companion is. Adriana calls Layla and asks if she has found Brody. Layla replies yes. She “found him”. But there is a problem with this guy. Not aware that there’s a woman in his room, Adriana tells Layla all they have to do is get Brody cleaned up and sober before he reunites with Gigi and Shane. But Layla tells her it’s not as simple as that. At that point, Rex gets out of the shower and asks Adriana what she is doing on the phone. He reflects to her that he has been talking to Marcie and Michael about Shane’s art work.

Meanwhile, Layla shows Brody Shane’s art work. Brody admits that he is very impressed.

While Natalie talks to Jared on the phone, when Viki is hearing her from the kitchen, she tells Jared that she might not be coming into work. She tells him, out of her mother’s “ear shot” that he should have thought about the “consequences of his actions” before lying about being a Buchanan. After Natalie is off the phone, Viki asks her what she found out. She informs her that Calvin Jenkins changed his mind about going after B.E. Charlie, Gigi and Shane overhear that and are happy to find that out.

At the palace, Calvin tells Dorian he is not threatened by her. She has to play by his rules. He reminds her that she is a major share holder of his company. And he can buy out all of her shares. She tells him he must be bluffing. She ask shim just whom he intends to have buy her out. Who would have that kind of money nor the interest? Unless, of course, it’s Viki.

At Viki’s, Gigi tells Natalie she has to drop off Shane. But she will see her at the office. At that point, Natalie reminds Gigi that she forgot to send an envelope to Charlie. Gigi tells Natalie that she will see Charlie at the palace and can give it to him. Gigi leaves. At that point, Natalie hears a knock on the door. She looks and sees Jared in the window. As soon as she sees him, she refuses to answer the door.

At the palace, Dorian observes Viki and Charlie together. And she asks Viki how she feels about that terrible stunt that Clint pulled that got into the paper. Viki tells Dorian that she is not concerned. That’s Clint’s problem. She is not very concerned about getting into anybody’s business. And she dismisses Dorian.

Adriana goes to find Brody in his private hotel room and notices he shacked up with a woman. She tells him there is no way he will get Gigi or Shane back until he gets rid of this woman. At that point, Adriana calls Dorian and demands that she gets down there right away. Hearing and seeing what is going on, Brody tells Adriana and Layla that he knows there is more going on there than they are letting on.

Blair tells Langston she better tell her what is going on. She demands that Langston tells her where Starr went. Did she escape with Cole and when did they leave? Langston replies last night. At that point, Todd enters and asks what is going on.

Jared tells Natalie she better let him in. He has some important information. Clint, Bo and Jenkins are going to hang out at the cabin and relive old memories of their friendship with Calvin. He admits that it was his idea to have them all together. He’s going to join them. And he wants her to join them also.

At the palace, Viki tells Charlie that Dorian just cannot stand the thought of seeing Viki happy. She always has to do something to prevent it. But she won’t let Dorian get to her again.

Dorian comes to the hotel room where they have arranged for Brody to stay and observes the sleeping woman in his bed. Adriana shows Brody the key card and tells him they can send her back to her room. But he informs her that he only knows how to “undress them”. He leaves. And Dorian, Adriana and Layla all attempt to brainstorm about what they are going to do next with their “mission” involving Brody.

After Todd finds out that Langston is keeping the secret about where Starr is, he grabs her. Blair tells him he better not touch Langston. He needs to calm down. Todd pounds on the door and shakes his finger at Langston and demands to know where Starr and Cole are. She does not answer. But Blair tells him that they ran away last night. Todd walks away and Blair urges that he waits.

Cole and Starr are at the coffee shop and he asks her what she needs. She tells him he must know that just because she is pregnant, does not mean that she is helpless. She tells him she has some plans about how they can work together and hide.

Jared tells Natalie that she has to pack and join the Buchanans. But she tells him that since she is a “real” Buchanan, they will wait for her.

In Brody’s room, after Adriana, Dorian and Layla find a way to hide Brody’s “partner”, Adriana discovers he’s disappeared and demands to know why that haven’t kept a closer eye on him.

Right then, Brody goes downstairs to the palace restaurant. The waiter informs him they are serving breakfast. Hearing that, He tells him that it’s “screw driver time” for him. And right then, Gigi and Shane are sitting at a table with Viki and Charlie.

Blair tells Langston that she is going to be in big trouble if she thinks she’s going to prevent Starr’s parents from knowing where she went.

Todd rushes to Nora’s looking for Cole. He barges in the door and Nigel demands to know what he wants. He shouts that Cole Thornhart is going to die if he’s anywhere in that house.

Starr and Cole are ready to get up and leave to their next destination. She tells him she wants to drive this time. She tells him she won’t listen to any more of the music that only he likes. It looks like they appear confident that they will soon be off the radar and nobody will find them.

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