OLTL Update Wednesday 4/30/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/30/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Mike McBain enters the squad room and Talia tries to talk to him about Jamie. He tells her he can’t talk about it to her. John comes up as Mike says he doesn’t want to get in the middle of John, Talia and Antonio.

Antonio is on the doc and pockets some money from the drug bust. Ramsey watches from around the corner.

Jamie is in the diner with Cristian and Sarah when Jessica comes in with Nash. They greet her but Jamie says to Jessica that she used to be her mom. Sarah shows off the sketches for the wine bottles when Carlotta comes up and thanks Jessica for her support when Cris was arrested. Jessica asks if Carlotta can be her friend again.

At La Boulaie, Langston is up in Starr’s room looking at Starr’s family photos when her phone rings. It’s Markko. She hides the phone when Blair and Todd come in. They question her about the family photos. Blair takes Todd out. Langston talks to Markko. They talk about Todd, Starr, and Cole.

Starr is outside and Cole is hiding in the bushes urging her to come with him. Vikki sees her thought the French doors and calls to her. Starr hesitates and Vikki comes out looking for her. They both go inside. Starr and Vikki talk. Vikki is concerned about Starr. She says she feels better, but Vikki doesn’t believe her. Vikki offers to listen.

Cole leaves as a guard comes up.

Markko and Langston talk. They think Starr and Cole already left. Markko is worried about what will happened to Langston when Todd finds out Starr is gone. Langston says she’s not afraid. She’s more worried about Starr. Markko says if Langston were in Starr’s place, he would do anything to take care of her.

Antonio and Ramsey talk on the dock. Antonio says it was a routine bust. Ramsey says he noticed how modest Antonio is. He advises him to tell his Mom and brother about Jamie’s illness. Antonio says Carlotta won’t take it well, neither will Cris so he wont’ tell them. Ramsey presses him not to carry this burden alone. Antonio says he’ll tell them when he has it under control. Ramsey says he knows about the money. Ramsey says he heard Dr. McBain say Jamie’s medical expenses won’t be covered by insurance. Ramsey apologies for talking about personal issues.

Mike tells John and Talia he can’t talk to them about Jamie. John asks Talia to leave and he talks to him about Marcie. He says Marcie doesn’t know what to do with herself and he wonders if Mike is avoiding Marcie. Mike says they are working through their problems. John suggests therapy. Mike says he loves Marcie and work is his therapy. John says to make sure she knows that. Mike leaves. The other cop teases Talia and John yells at him. Talia tells John she doesn’t know how much more she can take.

At the diner, Carlotta takes Jamie in the kitchen to make Flan and Jessica sits down with Nash, Sarah and Cris. They talk about Sarah’s mother.

Cole comes in and talks to Markko.

Vikki asks Starr again if she needs to tell her something. Starr almost says something when Todd and Blair come in. Blair and Todd go to get drinks. Starr tries to leave but Vikki asks her why she lied to her parents. Starr closes the doors and tells Vikki Todd won’t let her do anything. Vikki asks where she was going. Starr admits she was going to meet Cole. They talk about what Todd wants and how she is afraid Todd with get Cole put in jail. Vikki asks if this is what Starr was upset about earlier. Vikki asks what Starr hasn’t told her. Starr feels torn between Cole and Todd. Vikki thinks Todd is trying and asks Starr to give him time. Starr says she doesn’t have time. Vikki says she said that this afternoon, what’s going on. Todd and Blair come in. Starr and Vikki hug and Starr leaves.

Todd asks Vikki what Starr told her.

Starr runs upstairs and tells Langston what happened. Markko calls and puts Cole on to talk to Starr. Starr tells him what happened. Cole insists they have to leave tonight. Cole says that if Jared, Nora and John talk and find out he borrowed money from them all, he will get caught. Cole outlines the guard’s walk so Starr will know when to sneak out. They agree to meet at the docks. Cole leaves the diner.

Jessica, Nash, Sarah and Cris look at the wine label drawings Cristian made. Everyone is very happy with the designs. The investor comes in and Nash sits at a table across the room with him.

Ramsey and Antonio come back into the squad. Talia comes up to Antonio and makes a comment about him working with Ramsey but Antonio ignores her. Talia remarks to John that she can’t handle the tension. John goes to talk to him. Antonio is in his office hiding the money he took from the drug bust. John comes in and he drops the money on the floor. John says Antonio’s been under pressure lately. He says the tension has taken the toll on Talia. Antonio makes a sarcastic remark about forcing her to sleep with John. John says don’t take it out on Talia, it’s not right. Antonio throws him out of his office. Antonio hides the money and locks his drawer. His phone rings and Ramsey says he wants to see him about the money.

Carlotta calls Cris to help in the kitchen. Jessica and Sarah talk about their relationships. Sarah asks about Jessica and Cristian being first loves. Jessica says she blew that when she fell in love with Antonio but she’s happy now with Nash. Jessica goes and sits with Nash and the investor. She watches him write Nash a check.

At La Boulaie, Vikki tells Todd they only talked for a few minutes. Todd says something Starr said made Vikki come over. Vikki tells her what Starr said is between them. Blair applauds. They talk about the article in The Sun. Vikki changes the subject.

Cole hides outside. Langston helps Starr pack as Starr hides pillows in her bed so it looks like she’s sleeping. They say goodbye. Starr sneaks downstairs. She hides as Blair and Todd say goodbye to Vikki.

Cole finds Starr’s bag on the patio as Todd opens the door and looks out. Cole hides behind a bush. Blair calls Todd and stands with him at the door. Starr sneaks out the back. Blair and Todd go up stairs.

Nash takes the check from his investor. Cristian talks to Sarah over by the counter. He asks if she’s okay. She hasn’t seen her mom in years. Cris says her mom loves her.

The investor leaves and Jessica asks who that person was and what his deal is. Jessica wonders if Nash can trust him. Nash says nothing bad will happen.

Talia and John talk about Antonio. She says it’s all her fault. John says she can’t blame herself. Antonio goes into Ramsey’s office. He says the money seems a little off because its two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. That’s an odd number for a drug buy. He asks Antonio to sign something, he does and leaves. When he steps out, he stares at John and Talia who are talking at the other side of the squad room. Talia stops him and Antonio says he doesn’t want to talk to her, see her and he doesn’t want her hands on him or his daughter. He yells, asking if she understands. Ramsey comes out and clears her throat. Antonio says sorry and leaves.

Langston leaves Starr’s room and tells Blair and Todd she’s already asleep. Blair peeks in on her and remarks she’s a good girl. They go down the hall.

On the dock Starr and Cole meet, kiss and Cole promises to take care of her. They walk off arm in arm.

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