OLTL Update Tuesday 4/29/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/29/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the station, Talia and John continue to work together and see each other outside of work. Ramsay calls Antonio into his office and tells him that he wants to give him some exclusive assignments. Antonio tells his boss he does not ask for any special favors. Ramsey tells Antonio he is not granting him that. But he can start this stake out after sunlight. Right at that moment, Jamie rushes in. As soon as she sees Talia she runs up and hugs her.

At the B.E. office. Clint shares with Bo and Nora what he plans to do with Calvin Jenkins. They are both not quite ok with that and conclude that Clint wants to destroy this guy.

Meanwhile, Viki meets with Calvin in the coffee shop. She tells him the reason she is meeting with him is strictly as a friend. She does not plan to stick her nose in his business affairs. But she needs to know just why he plans to take over B.E. Right then, Langston walks into the coffee shop and asks why Cole has not arrived.

Cole is with Markko at the docks. And they have manufactured a Virginia driver’s license with Starr’s picture that says she is over 18.

Right then, Starr is in her room alone. Blair and Todd enter with Sam and tell her that they want her to join them in a poker game. She raises many objections for why she cannot. One of which is she must “go to school” the following morning so she must study and go to sleep early. But they tell her that since this is a special family event, they can arrange for her to has to make some kind of excuse.

At the station, Carlotta accompanies Jamie and eyes Talia very coldly when she sees her granddaughter approaching her. She ignores everybody except Antonio. She tells her son that since he is working tomorrow, she can take Jamie for her check up. Antonio tells his mother that is ok. He has it covered. At that moment, Ramsey enters and asks if he can be introduced to Antonio’s family. Antonio then introduces his boss to his mother, Carlotta and his daughter Jamie. Ramsey shakes Carlotta’s hand and makes friendly conversation with Jamie.

Nora reminds Clint and Bo that Calvin Jenkins has an impeccable reputation. So even if they could justify getting “down and dirty”, there wouldn’t be any dirt to dig up on Calvin. But Clint clarifies to her that there is a way to “dig up dirt” on anybody if you really want to.

At the coffee shop, Viki informs Calvin that she did a little research and found out that if he went through with his plan to “compete” with B.E., he would not have much benefit as far as she is aware. She admits that she has no clue why he plans to do this.

At the docks, Cole tells Markko he is a bit worried what might happen if Starr’s parents find out that he helped him manufacture the fake IDs. Markko tells Cole not to worry. But he will miss him on the football field, in the physics lab and when he needs to hang out with his best friend. Cole tells Markko he will miss him also. And he plans to pay him back for his help some day. Markko tells Cole he need not worry about it.

Jack enters Starr’s room with his parents and Sam. He asks his big sister why she can’t join them on their family event with pizza, poker and all the fun. He asks her when the last time was when she had this much fun. Todd also asks her that and he brings Sam over to sit on her lap and appears friendly and positive to his daughter. She seems like she wants to join them very much. But she must keep her secret.

At the station, Ramsey shows Jamie some “magic tricks” with quarters. She seems fascinating and asks how he did that. He then tells her that she may take the money and go have some ice cream down stairs if it’s ok with her dad and grandma. Carlotta smiles at Ramsey. He tells her that she has a really honorable, hard working and excellent law enforcement officer for a son and a wonderful granddaughter. Jamie goes off with her grandma. Talia, John and Eddie watch this entire event. Eddie makes some snide comment toward Talia. At that point, John screams at Eddie to back off.

Viki tells Calvin that she really wants and needs to know what is up with him. What types of secrets he is not revealing? She offers to go somewhere with him.

Nora concludes to Bo that she won’t keep drilling Clint about the way he does business. So maybe they will just talk about their son. She reminds him that Matthew needed his father to come up and help him with his homework. Bo reminds Nora that he cannot proofread as well as she can. But she specifies that Matthew can benefit from Bo’s input. At that moment, they are very surprised to get a call from Calvin.

Starr’s family all gather around her in the poker game and all act really happy and inviting.

It appears that Langston knows nothing about Starr and Cole’s plans to run away together. When she meets Cole at the coffee shop, he tells her he needs her to deliver something to Starr. She asks him what kinds of secrets he and Starr have that she has not been told. He admits that he cannot tell her. She tells him if he cannot tell her what is going on, she won’t deliver his message to Starr. He asks her if she does not trust him. She then asks him if he does not trust her. And she reminds him that she was the one who was there for Starr when she found out she was pregnant. He tells her that she must know that he is doing the right thing. And he realizes he will never see her again. So he acknowledges that he is sorry. She asks for what. He tells her she’s been a really good friend to him and he will always been grateful for all she has done. He hugs her, knowing this is final. But she has no clue what is up.

Calvin goes and meets with Bo and Clint. He thanks them for meeting him on such short notice. They ask if he wants a drink. He reflects that he remembers all of the hunting and drinking days he had with them and with Asa. Bo is very friendly and engages with Calvin. But Clint stops their interaction telling Calvin he knows he did not come there to reminisce about their old times together. So he demands to know what is going on.

When they go to the docks for their stake out, Ramsey tells Antonio that he knows Antonio has some things going on in regard to his daughter’s medical condition. Antonio still does not trust Ramsey’s “concern” about that. He tells him that he remembers that bad things happen in three’s. He lost Talia. Then he lost his inheritance. And now he’s suffered the hardship with Jamie’s health. But he concludes that he will be ok.

While Starr joins her family, Jack asks her why she is not drinking soda. She tells him that she wants to stay away from caffeine. He asks her why. She explains she is going to be a vegan. Blair and Todd seem to have no clue what is going on with their daughter. But they are friendly and warm. Right then, Langston walks in. Blair asks if she wants to join them. She tells them thank you but she and Starr have to get back to their school project.. Todd tells Langston she is more than welcome to join them if she wants and be part of their family celebration. Starr then concludes that she does have to get back to her work. But she tells them all she loves them and hugs them all. Right then, she appears stunned as she walks up the stairs with Langston.

Cole is right then going out the door with his suitcase, assuming he is not seen. But Nora catches him and asks him if he is “going some place”

At the station, John and Talia have their friendly private conversation. Eddie continues to observe and eavesdrop. John then yells at him: “What is your problem?”. He backs off. She tells John that she is concerned that Ramsey might be “working” Antonio. He concludes that Ramsey is making Antonio his own personal lap dog. Again Eddie interferes to tell them they should not be speaking that way about Ramsey. John yells at Eddie to shut up.

Clint makes it clear to Calvin that he will not be fooled by him for a minute. Calvin looks at Clint and laughs. Bo asks him what is going on. He tells them that he noticed Clint getting all worked up and it reminded them of their pa. And he concludes that he is not going to play hard ball with them after all.

Nora tells Cole that she realizes she has not had a lot of time with him and maybe hasn’t done that great of a job being his guardian. But when he hears that, he tells her no. She has been awesome. He is really grateful for all she has done for him. His mom would be very proud and happy with what she has done for him. And he hugs her. He knows it will be final with her also.

Langston gives Starr the secret letter that Cole wrote for her. She reads that he is going to be with her for the rest of their lives. In a short while, they will be on their own and nobody will be telling them what to do.

Antonio meets the drug dealer on the docks while Ramsey watches them unseen. They pull the gun on him. And Ramsey says to the guy: “I will not let you screw this up for me.”

After Calvin reveals to Bo and Clint that he intends to back off and not oppose them, they are very baffled as to what is going on. Nora is also surprised. Clint tells them that he did not even show Calvin the dirt that Rex dug up for him. So it wasn’t out of “fear”. Bo realizes that he didn’t really work very hard to “make friends” with Calvin and was ready to side with Clint. So he hasn’t a clue as to what happened either. Nora is equally baffled.

Viki goes to visit Todd and his family. She remarks how big both Jack and Sam are getting. And Todd shows her the picture he took of Starr. She tells her brother that she can see that Starr is happy after all and he is a good dad to her.

Upstairs, Starr tells Langston that she plans to run away with Cole. But tonight, she remembered how much she loved her dad and how much he loves her. And she was almost considering staying. But she realized that her dad would never accept the choice she made with Cole nor would he ever be able to accept her being pregnant. She hugs Langston telling her that she will miss her but this won’t be forever. Langston asks her what time she is leaving. She tells her it’s when her parents go to bed. Langston tells Starr she will need more money than what is in her bank account. Starr tells Langston she will not take her money. But when her family finds out she is gone, she wants Langston to say good bye to them for her.. Langston now is ready to help Starr run away with Cole.

Eddie asks John if he thinks he can go around talking trash about Antonio and expect Eddie to keep his mouth shut. Talia tells Eddie that he must know that Ramsey wants to set them all up and pit them against each other. He tells her that he thinks that in Bo’s absence, they could do a lot worse than Ramsey.

On the docks, Antonio reads the drug dealer his rights. The uniform cop takes the guy away. Ramsey tells Antonio he will meet him at the station. Antonio says alright. But as soon as he is alone, he notices a big wad of cash that has been left behind. It looks like Ramsey is up to some dirty business.

Nora tells Clint that whether he wants to admit it or not, she thinks he does not really like playing hard ball. He turns to face her and admits that she is so right. And they kiss.

At the Manning house, Viki tells them she will go. Todd asks his sister if she is sure. It will just be a matter of time before the boys are in bed. And Starr is upstairs studying. So she can stay. She tells them she doesn’t have much to do. At that moment when Starr assumes nobody will see her, she comes down the stairs and goes out the door. Not far away, Cole is hiding behind the bushes and has a flash light that says I LOVE YOU. But right at that moment, Viki notices Starr and asks her niece what is going on.

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