OLTL Update Monday 4/28/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/28/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the high school, Cole tells Starr that the “only way” they can deal with their situation is to run away together and start a new life. She tells him that that is a crazy idea and it’s never going to work.

At the B.E. office, after Gigi asks Rex why he thinks it’s any of his business what she does with Jared, he tells her he cannot help it. She is his friend. He is concerned about how Jared might be taking advantage of her in a vulnerable state. And Rex moves closer toward Gigi and looks like he’s very near to kissing her.

Shane shows Viki, Charlie and Marcie the drawing he has of the “evil” woman in his comic book who looks just like Adriana.

At the country bar, Adriana walks in the door after Dorian and Layla have informed her that they have found Brody Lovett. The guy who has announced he is Brody Lovett kisses her. At that point, Dorian rushes and demands that he waits. She tells him that the woman whom he is kissing is not Gigi Morasco. She is Dorian’s daughter.

At the B.E. office Jared kisses Natalie and she does not stop him. They are ready to undress each other.

Viki and Charlie are very impressed by Shane’s really great art work. But Charlie tells him that perhaps he should not show it to Rex, right now. Shane asks why Rex would not want him to show his drawing of “Evelyn evil”. Both Viki and Charlie are concerned that this “character” whom Shane drew just happens to look exactly like Adriana. He explains to them that Rex created her with him. And it’s a mere coincidence that she looks exactly like Adriana.

Jared and Natalie are ready to go at it in the B.E. office when it looks like they are going to be interrupted by a knock on the door.

In the other room, Gigi tells Rex that he doesn’t have any business judging Jared who happens to be single. Rex is going to get married in a few more days. Right then, Shane and Marcie walk in together. Rex asks Shane if he’s started his “second edition” of t the comic book. Gigi tells Shane that they might not have time for that right now. But Rex tells her they have plenty of time. And he suggests that Shane shows him Evelyn Evil. They go off together.

At the country bar, after the “real” Brody Lovett kisses Adriana, she pulls away and tells him he must have been drinking all day. But she is about to bring him back to his long lost love in Llanview, she tells him.

Cole tells Starr that he realizes she may not want to run away. She tells him that is true. Doesn’t he remember what happened the last time they planned to “run away” together? Her dad almost killed him. He reminds her that things are different now. She clarifies yes. She is pregnant and she has a body guard watching over her. He reminds her that she was able to escape to Atlantic City to almost have the abortion without being found out or prevented. And he tells her that he can find a job and he might consider marrying her. He admits to her that he imagined it differently. He wanted to buy her a ring and plan it in a different way. She tells him she didn’t think they’d be talking about marriage for a long time. He tells her he loves her and wants to be with her for the rest of his life. She tells him she loves him too. But how are they going to pull this off? He tells her he has found a way to get IDs for both of them that say they are 18. They can be together, live together and wake up together every morning.

At the country bar, Adriana concludes to Brody that nothing is stopping him from being with Gigi and his child. But he tells her that is not true. He’s no good for them. But Layla tells Brody that Gigi loves him and has not been interested in anybody else. Adriana tells him that Gigi is struggling all alone to provide for her son without a man. He tells her that he doesn’t think he should see Gigi again. But she tells him he must know that Shane wants to see him. And she tells him she can show him the picture of the “super hero” whom Shane has drawn that is him.

At B.E., Rex notices Shane’s drawing of “Evelyn”. And he remarks that she is “really hot” although evil.

Gigi informs Marcie that she has a real “dilemma” with Rex.

Natalie and Charlie knock on the door when Natalie and Jared are kissing. Natalie and Jared do not want their respective parents to know that they are there together doing what they have been doing. But at that point, Jared finally opens the door. Viki asks him what is going on with him and Natalie.

Cole tells Starr he’s found a place where they can go where nobody will be asking them any questions. But she tells him that people always ask questions of pregnant teenagers. He tells her that they don’t have to answer any of the questions. She tells him she doesn’t think she can have the baby without her mom present. And she doesn’t want to leave her two little brothers, Jack and Sam. He tells her they don’t have to stay away forever. They can always come back and nobody can prevent them from getting married and living wherever they want when they are 18. She reminds him that her dad can have him thrown in jail for shooting Miles Laurence. She asks him what they are going to do about school and their families and everything else. At that moment, Markko tells Cole that his coach needs to talk to him. Cole departs. Markko tells Starr that he did not hear their conversation. But he thinks Cole knows what he is doing. She tells him she cannot go through with this.

After Viki and Charlie enter the room and ask Jared and Natalie what they have been doing, Jared and Natalie bluff about their “business-related” conversation. Jared leaves. Charlie then tells them he thinks he will go and see if Clint is free now. Alone with Natalie, Viki asks her daughter what just happened. And Natalie cannot bluff her way out of that. Viki knows better.

Gigi admits to Marcie that Rex almost kissed her. Marcie asks her what she did.. Gigi replies that she almost belted Rex and she knows it meant nothing to Rex. Marcie asks Gigi how about her. Did it mean anything to her?

At the country bar, Adriana shows Brody the drawing of the super hero that Shane did. He seems impressed but he tells them he is no super hero. The guys who were the real super heroes were the ones who have suffered real tragedies in the war. Anybody who believes he is any hero knows nothing about him. Dorian tells him he is being way too modest. But he tells her she knows nothing about him.

Charlie takes Jared aside and asks him if he has a “death wish”. Does he know what will happen if the others find out that he is not really Natalie’s uncle? He must realize that given all of the circumstances, he cannot have a “life” with Natalie. Jared tells his father he does not believe that. And he does not believe that Natalie does either.

Viki asks Natalie just what is up with her and Jared. She asks her daughter if it’s ok for her to be working with him. She asks if her father and uncle work well with him. Natalie replies that Bo and Clint are very happy with the work Jared has done. Jared is really excellent on the job. But he does drive her up a wall and is a pain. She obviously doesn’t want her mother to know what is going on. But Viki asks her daughter to please open up and reveal what is going on. Natalie evades the question. At that point, Viki drops it and tells Natalie she will let her get back to “business”. As soon as Natalie is alone, she relives her fantasies of going at it with Jared.

In the other room, Gigi tells Marcie that she wishes she could just turn off her feelings for Rex. And she wishes she could just never see him again. But Shane loves him. He is really good to Shane. She can’t just shut Rex out of their lives. And she can’t get him out of her mind. She thought Rex was nothing more than a distant old flame. But since she’s been in contact with him again, she’s seen that it’s not as simple as that. But she knows Rex is going to get married and is done with her. Hearing that, Marcie explains that many times when guys are ready to get married, they have mixed feelings about the person they are going to get married and about previous partners.

Rex and Shane talk in the other room. Rex runs off copies of Shane’s comic book. He tells him he thinks it’s great that Shane is keeping a “connection” to his dad. He shares with Shane that when he was growing up, he wished he had a dad that he could be proud of. He fantasized about him in a very similar manner when he was Shane’s age.

In the country bar, after Brody tells Dorian she knows nothing about him, she apologizes to him for broaching such a sensitive subject. Adriana then tells him that he has a future with a wonderful woman in Llanview, PA. He can’t miss out on seeing her and being with her. He asks if Gigi has changed. They have not seen each other in many years. Has she gotten fat or anything? Hearing that, Layla sarcastically replies that all women “get fat” when they get older. All men assume that. Dorian replies that Gigi is an amazing, stunning young woman. Brody then tells them he has one question to ask. Why are they coming all the way out there to tell him this? Why hasn’t Gigi come out there to find him herself if he’s still so special to her?

Viki runs into Starr and they discuss Star’s issues with Todd preventing her from seeing Cole. Viki tells her niece she believes that sooner or later, Todd will “come around”. She must just be patient and give it time. But, hearing that, Starr reveals to her aunt that she might not have any “time”. Things could be very different in another 6 months. In response to that, Viki asks Starr what exactly she means will happen in the next 6 months. Starr bluffs to her aunt that she just doesn’t want to wait that long. Viki then clarifies to her niece that if she and Cole were meant to be, then it will withstand the test of time. And she also tells her that she really does need her family even if her dad gives her good reason to be angry at him. At that point, Starr realizes she must rush out the door to meet Cole. Charlie enters. Viki informs him that she thinks she knows what they walked in on in regard to Natalie and Jared.

Marcie concludes to Gigi that she knows that that “kiss” must have meant something. And Gigi must talk to Rex about it. At that point, Rex walks in. Marcie leaves them alone. He tells Gigi that they must talk about Shane’s father. Hearing that, she turns her back and firmly tells Rex that “She already told him”. He asks her why she always gets so “weird” whenever anybody asks her about him. If he’s a super hero and everything, why does she never want to talk about him?

At the country bar, Adriana explains to Brody that she thinks that he should reunite with Gigi and Shane. If nothing else, Shane will be eligible for many military benefits if they can declare that he is Shane’s father. He asks if Shane is sick or something. Adriana answers that he has asthma. And Gigi has had it tough. It’s not fair that she’s had to take care of herself and Shane all by herself. SO Brody needs to go to Llanview and tell Gigi that he will be there for her.

Alone in the room with Natalie, Jared tells her that what happened between them was a “dose of reality”. She tells him it meant nothing to her. But she tells him she did not mean to hurt or lead him on. She then concludes that it’s late. She has to go home and get some sleep. Before she is out the door, he remarks that she might not be able to.

Viki tells Charlie that she knows that Natalie is not comfortable working in that office with Jared. And Clint is really playing hard ball with many people, including this one guy who is an old and dear friend of hers’.

Rex concludes to Gigi that he thinks he’s found out what is going on with Shane’s father. She tells Rex he wouldn’t know anything about it. He tells her it’s because he was not really the “hero type”. She tells him that Shane’s father was the most amazing man she’s ever met. And it’s too painful for her and for Shane to think or dwell in it. She tells Rex she doesn’t want to discuss it with him anymore and she goes out the door.

Adriana tells Brody she knows how he can explain to Gigi how and why it is that he’s been away for so long and then suddenly reunites with her and their son. He can tell them that he just noticed their names in the paper. Dorian tells him that she can arrange for an all-expense paid private limo and jet to take them back to Llanview. Hearing that, he tells them: ‘what the hell”. He leaves the table. Dorian asks if Brody is not a “bit of a sleaze”. Adriana replies not to worry. By the time she gets done “cleaning him up”, Gigi and Shane will welcome him with open arms and be out of Rex’s life. Right then, she calls Rex, telling him that she and Layla are almost ready to “sign, seal and deliver” their most recent business deal. And she’ll be home soon.

At the B.E. office, Shane asks his mom of he can ask just one question about his dad. What was he like besides brave? She answers that he was sweet and funny and she treasures every moment she spent with him.

At the high school, Cole and Markko arrange for Cole and Starr to get their fake IDs within hours. Cole tells Markko that maybe Starr was right. Maybe he is crazy to think he can pull this whole thing off. Right then Starr enters and tells Cole that of course she will marry him and have the baby together. He is now her family. But she asks how long it’s going to take to get everything in order. He tells her not long. And he informs her that they have to leave tonight. And it looks as though she’s not ready for that.

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