OLTL Update Friday 4/25/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/25/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the high school, Cole tells Starr that he has many things to do. They are meeting in secret. He tells her he will see her after he takes care of something. And he is not telling anybody what that is.

At B.E., Clint, Bo, Jared and Natalie discuss their business options When Clint is alone in this office, he secretly goes over the investigative report that Rex did for him.

At the coffee shop, Lindsay talks to Marcie and Shane. She seems to be very interested and impressed by Shane’s art work. He informs Lindsay that that is a picture of his deceased dad, Brody Lovett.

When Dorian and Layla are in the country bar, they observe a guy whom they have just been told is the real Brody Lovett. And this guy gets into a bar fight and causes a big scene.

At B.E., Rex tells Gigi she must call Adriana to confirm that there are no bad feelings between them and that she is welcome to come too the wedding. Adriana begrudgingly tells Gigi that they are friends. But Gigi does not buy that.

Todd and Blair go to a day spa. He tells her that he knows where they can go to “get the blood flowing”. And that means they go into the sauna, take off all their clothes and have sex. But as soon as they get in there, they have an unexpected “observer”. It’s Cristian Vega.

Lindsay tells Shane she thinks he’s a great artist. She thinks it’s great that he’s so proud of his dad. He tells her that he’s getting to be friends with Rex. Hearing that, Lindsay remarks to him that she also knows Rex. He is a friend of hers’. At that point, Lindsay asks Marcie if she plans on standing up at Rex and Adriana’s wedding. Marcie admits that she has not been invited by Adriana. Lindsay wonders why, knowing that Marcie is friends with both Rex and Adriana.

On the phone, Adriana tells Gigi that she wants to be her friend and welcome her to the wedding. She hangs up. And when she’s alone, she gloats when she concludes that Gigi is in for the surprise of her life.

At the country bar where Dorian and Layla find Brody, Dorian admits that she is very disenchanted to find out that Brody is this violent psycho and not the other young man whom they saw in uniform who looked totally honorable and respectable. But she concludes that they must work with what they got. She goes over and attempts to talk to the real Brody. But he looks totally incorrigible.

When Jared is alone with Natalie at B.E., he asks her why it is that she still wants everybody to believe that he is her uncle. He asks her if she might have been “not ok” seeing him with Gigi at Capricorn. In response to that, she tells him that he would chase anything in a skirt simply because he cannot bear seeing her with another man.

At the sauna, Cristian tells Todd that he did not expect to see him at a place like that. Blair then asks Cristian if he was able to make bail after the fight. He informs her that Ramsey dropped the charges. Overhearing that, Todd is very interested to hear that Cristian went to jail and had a violent outburst that caused a scene in Capricorn. Cristian then remarks to Todd that he, at least, only picks on people his own size. He doesn’t beat up kids like Todd does.

Right then, Cole goes to hustle a way to raise money for his secretive plan. And he asks Jared if he can help him.

Shane shares with Marcie and Lindsay that he’s drawn a character who looks like Adriana whom he has deemed as evil. Hearing that, Marcie asks Shane if he really thinks Adriana is evil. She believes Adriana is a nice person. She’s Rex’s fiancé and Marcie and Michael’s friend. Lindsay then asks Marcie if she and Michael are back on track. Marcie tells Lindsay that she does love her husband and is grateful to have a happy marriage.

At B.E., Bo tells Rex that he is more than willing to be Rex’s best man at his wedding. But what about Charlie? If he is Rex’s real father. And, at that point, Rex reveals to Bo that he knows of some sort of “dirt” that he dug up for Clint. Hearing that, Bo demands to know just what that is about.

In the other room, Jared asks Natalie if she was not the slightest bit jealous when she saw him with Gigi. She tells him she could care less. There is nothing between them except this “fake uncle” thing. Right then, he grabs a hold of her and looks like he’s going to kiss her. And Gigi walks in to see them together. She tells them she does not intend to interrupt. She can come back later. But after Natalie asks Gigi if there’s anything she’d like to discuss, Gigi replies that she believes that her going out with Jared is a mistake.

Alone with Lindsay, Clint asks her if she thinks that Calvin knows what his “boys” are up to. She tells him she bets that there is a lot going on in regard to Calvin Jenkins that nobody knows about.

At the country bar, Dorian leaves another message for Calvin, urging him to consider what she wants him to do that will ruin the Buchanans.

Marcie and Shane go to Rex’s apartment. He is not there. But Adriana opens the door. They inform her that Shane has some comics and drawings to show to Rex. Marcie asks if he is there. Adriana replies he’s not. But she’d be happy to give it to him. At that point, she reminds Marcie that she forgot to ask her something. She is sorry that Michael is not going to be able to stand up at the wedding. But they want Marcie to be a part of it. She and Rex want Marcie to handle the guest book. Hearing that, Shane confirms to Marcie that something is just as he told her. Adriana then asks Shane what exactly he “talked” to Marcie about.

Bo asks Rex exactly what kind of “dirt” Clint asked him to dig up for them and whom was it about? Was it Calvin Jenkins? Rex replies that it was not about Calvin. At that point, Bo has just found out that Clint has partaken in this whole plan behind his back. He had no idea that Clint contacted Rex. He clarifies to Rex that he is not angry at him. It’s his brother he has to take something up with.

At the B.E. office, after Gigi asks Natalie if she has a “problem” with her and Jared together, Natalie tells Gigi that she does not have a problem with her. But Gigi knows that there is something going on that Natalie is not ok with.

Dorian calls Adriana and informs her that she found Brody Lovett. She warns her daughter, however, that Gigi’s son’s father has turned into somewhat of a “wild card”. So she might want to use care before bringing him to Llanview. Adriana then gets off the phone and tells Marcie and Shane that they are both welcome at her wedding and it was great to see them. But as soon as Shane is alone with Marcie and they are out the door, he tells her he “told her”. And that obviously means something about Adriana.

At the country bar, Dorian asks Brody if they could have a minute of his time. She informs him that she and Layla are friends of Gigi Morasco.

At the sauna, after Cristian has makes the remarks to Todd, Todd asks Blair if she will let this guy talk to him like that. He reminds his wife that Cristian works for her. Blair tells Todd that this is kind of a private matter. Cristian then tells Todd that if he had a daughter like Starr he wouldn’t be keeping her imprisoned in the house nor threatening her boyfriend. Todd asks Blair what she’s been telling Cristian about him behind his back. She then asks him if he really thinks that preventing Starr and Cole form seeing each other for 6 months is going to accomplish anything.

Cole goes to B.E. to see Jared and tells him he can do a job for him and needs $100. Jared gives him the money. Cole thanks Jared and promises to pay him back. Jared then walks into the conference room and asks Rex why he is there. Rex replies that he is doing some work with Clint. And rex makes it clear that he does not want Jared around Gigi. Jared then asks Rex why he can’t mind his own business. Rex then concludes to Jared that he trusts all of the Buchanans. He works with them. He has a good feeling about Clint and Bo and the whole family. But he knows there is something “not right” about Jared. Jared is not like the rest of them. And he’s going to find out what it is that’s “not right” about Jared. Jared then goes into the other room and informs Gigi that he can tell that Rex does not like him. Gigi then goes in to confront Rex and tells him he must “stop it now”.

At the country bar, Dorian asks Brody if he remembers Gigi Morasco. He replies no. She tells him she does not believe that. He was going to marry her. Layla informs him that they went and talked to his sister Nadine. She informed them that Brody left to travel the world in the military and Gigi left him for another man. Dorian then informs Brody that he and Gigi have a son.

Bo tells Lindsay he needs to talk to Clint alone. She leaves. Bo then asks his brother if he went and attempted to “dig up dirt” on Calvin Jenkins and asked Rex to spy upon him. Clint admits that he did what he thought was right. But Rex is not at fault. He tells Bo that he tried what Bo wanted by “taking the high road”. But it didn’t work. Bo then concludes that he knows he will not be able to get through to Clint. So he tells his brother why not ruin an innocent man’s life just in order to get what they want? Who cares about have a conscience or practicing ethics?

At the country bar, Dorian tells Brody she realizes it must have been very difficult to have Gigi leave him for another man. He then reveals to her that he knew that Gigi was pregnant and her son’s name is Shane. And he’s been without his son all these years. Hearing that, Layla tells Brody she is so sorry. But Brody concludes what is done is done.

Gigi tells Rex he must stay out of h her personal life. He asks her why she would even consider somebody like Jared. He tells her that he’s “seen it before”. He’s even done it himself. The guy sees a girl who is not interested. And then he plays the “I’m your friend” with her. He acts nice and sensitive. Then he watches for her to let her guard down. Then he goes in for the kill.

Jared then goes to find Natalie and asks her what is going on. She tells him she cannot deal with him. Everything is over. And there is nothing he can do to change anything. He then asks her to convince him of that.

At the sauna, Cristian tells Todd and Blair that he thinks he’s had enough of “the battling Mannings”. And he goes out the door. When they are alone, Todd tells Blair that they must “resume” what they were doing.

At the high school, Cole tells Starr that he knows how to take care of them. Things are “coming together” better than he thought. Hearing that, she tells him she does not know what he means. He tells her he has found a way for them to run away together and never come back.

Alone in the room with Natalie, Jared tells her that he thinks he can tell if she has feelings for him or not. He asks her to kiss him. She does.

At the country bar, Layla asks Brody why he didn’t come back to the states when he found out that Gigi had his child. He tells her he had too many family issues when his mother died. At that point, Adriana enters. Brody sees her. He obviously assumes she is “somebody else”. And he kisses her.

Gigi asks Rex if, in his “little scenario”, she is this clueless little idiot whom Jared has wrapped around his little finger. He tells her he does not believe she is an idiot. She is just lonely. She has not had a guy in her life in a long time. She tells him that she likes Jared. She thinks he is a decent guy. Kind of like Rex. Only less annoying. And what business is it of his whom she is seeing or what she is doing? He abandoned her and never came back. He then admits to her that he never forgot her. And he never dreamed that he’d walk into a little café in Paris, TX and find her after all this time. It looks ad though the two of them might still have some feelings for each other

Marcie and Shane go to B.E. looking for Rex. Bo tells them that Rex is in the other room.

Rex asks Gigi if she really trusts Jared. He got her talking about Shane. Right? She then reminds Rex that she talks to everybody about Shane. But he tells her that he bets that when she talks to Jared, he looks into her eyes and tells her that’s really amazing. And, at that point, Rex moves closer toward Gigi and looks like he’s ready to kiss her.

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