OLTL Update Thursday 4/24/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/24/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex and Adriana sleep together while Layla and Dorian are on their mission in Michigan. She asks him if he is not glad that she has stayed behind and let Layla “take care of business”. He replies that she is all that ever matters to him. But he has to go and get ready for work. As soon as Adriana is And Layla is not presently with Dorian. Adriana is a bit doubtful that they will get the goods the way she wants. But Dorian assures her daughter that they will accomplish what she wants and be back soon.

Gigi and Shane are at the coffee shop. He tells her that he has been spending a lot of time with Rex. But he is also very focused on his deceased father who was a hero.

Michael McBain goes to find Antonio at the police station. And he informs him that his (Antonio's) daughter is really sick. Carlotta has taken her in for tests. And he’s concluded that Jamie has a really serious neurological disorder. Hearing that, Antonio does not want to believe that and tells Michael that his daughter is fine. Michael tells him however that this disease is covert and he might not see anything until it’s taken its course. And what that means is if this disease progresses, she won’t be the same kid anymore. Not far away, Talia overhears and looks worried. John also overhears. SO does Ramsay.

Renee meets with Nora at the coffee shop and informs her that she has noticed that Clint has been working really hard. She saw the article that Todd Manning wrote in the Sun about him. Hearing that, Nora sounds like she wants to disbelieve what Todd says. And she tells Renee that she does not believe that Clint is in any way like Asa.

At the B.E. office, Bo tells Clint that he wants to meet with Calvin Jenkins and he believes he knows how to communicate with him. Clint tells his brother that he thinks he knows how to handle things without Bo’s help. He is not worried about what was written about him in the press. But Bo tells his brother that, given the situation, maybe it’s time for a little “good cop”.

Adriana asks Dorian to put Layla on the phone. Layla tells her that she was right that there is something weird going on, what with Gigi believing that her son’s dad died. But it looks like Layla and Dorian are both chasing dead leads for finding Brody.

Shane asks his mom why it is that if his dad was so great that nobody ever talks about him or even has any pictures of him. She doesn’t really answer that question but tells him that he must know what a hero his father is. She then asks her son just when he plans to present his Masterpiece” of art work. And right then, she notices a character that he drew and she remarks that she looks just like Adriana.

Rex gets a call about investigating Calvin Jenkins. And he tells Adriana he has to go and take care of business.

At the station, Michael tells Antonio that there are certain types of experimental treatments for Jamie’s disease. But he warns him that they are very expensive and many insurance companies won’t even authorize them. Hearing that, however, Antonio tells Michael he will do whatever he needs to do in order to raise the money for his daughter. Again, Talia, John and Ramsay all overhear and eavesdrop upon their conversation.

Rex tells Adriana that he has to go. He has this meeting and has information he must pick up on the way. She tells him they must talk about the wedding. He tells her as soon as he gets back form B.E. But she concludes that he must mean Gigi.

After Gigi discovers that Shane has used Adriana’s face and body to portray a character, she tells him that there might be some restrictions with that. But he tells her that artists create what they want and it can’t be illegal if he simply draws somebody who looks like Adriana and gives her a different name. Right then, they run into Nora and Renee. Both women are very intrigued by Shane’s drawings. But Gigi tells them she has to get to work and take her son to school. Alone with Renee, Nora tells her she apologizes for trashing Asa. And from what she knows, Clint believes that he should be running B.E. Enterprises in a way that would make his father proud. Hearing that, Renee concludes that Nora is about to say that she is afraid that that will make him turn into his father. Nora admits that that is true but she hopes that it did not offend Renee. She tells her that she is a bit concerned about people playing by the rules and not resorting to corrupt or illegal tactics. Hearing that, Renee tells Nora that maybe Clint believes he must “borrow” from his father’s bag of tricks. And she hopes that Nora will understand and accept the choices that Clint is making.

At the B.E. office, after Clint affirms to Bo that he is not afraid to “play dirty” with Calvin Jenkins, Bo concludes that the two of them are obviously different. He might want to make different choices than his brother would in matters like this. His career as a cop and public servant obviously makes him different. But he believes that maybe their differences might make them a good team. So he asks if Clint will let him talk alone to Calvin. At first, it sounds like Clint is against that. But when they let Calvin in, Clint excuses himself and tells Bo and Calvin he will step out and let them talk alone.

At the station, Michael tells Antonio that they will have to start treatment for Jamie soon. And the unfortunate reality is the hospital needs to have some idea of how they are going to be paid before they can proceed. Antonio looks worried but tells Michael that he hopes he won’t tell anybody. Yet he can see the three others standing around listening to every word they say. John acknowledges his brother. He also notices Talia wanting to go over and console Antonio. Antonio is very upset and throws books. He then tells them that he wants them all to keep their mouths shut and tell nobody. He looks like he is going to cry. At that point, Ramsay asks Antonio to step into his office.

Renee tells Nora she must confess that when she first found out that Nora and Clint developed feelings for each other, she had her doubts. For one thing, she did not think that Nora could ever love anybody the way she loved Bo. But now she admits she was wrong. Nora and Clint are great together. And what she has to say to Nora is that she must compromise, live and let live. And that is all she has to say about it.

Bo and Calvin Jenkins talk alone in the room at B.E.. Bo acts really friendly to him, remembering how he liked his coffee and reminiscing how Calvin used to join him and his family to go hunting. Calvin then tells Bo that maybe they need to “get to it”. Bo then concludes to Calvin that he remembers that he (Calvin) and Asa used to really like to talk about business. Calvin admits that things have obviously changed. Bo then tells Calvin that he knows that this “fight” is only going to cost them all a lot of money and he asks why they cannot just work things out. Calvin, however, sounds like he has different ideas. He asks Bo if he can be excused to go and make a call. But then tells Calvin that he will step out and give Calvin all the privacy he needs.

Rex then goes to find Gigi and immediately wants to know about her “date” with Jared. She clarifies to him that it was not a “date”. He asks if that is really true. He remembers that he saw the two of them kissing in this very room. Hearing that, she tells him she doesn’t want to talk about that.

At the apartment, alone, Adriana gets on the phone to tell her mother she is very stressed that Rex is gone again to find Gigi. But Dorian tells her daughter not to worry. She will make certain that she looks great on her wedding and honeymoon. Dorian hangs up. It looks like she and Layla are on a “stake out” in a car together. Dorian tells Layla she has some very intriguing idea. Layla must know that she knows how to get what she wants.

In Ramsey’s office, he tells Antonio that he (Antonio) needs to be with his daughter. Hearing that, Antonio assumes that must mean that he is out of a job and he protests that he needs his job. Ramsey tells him he needs to take a leave of absence for his daughter. And he promises Antonio that his job will be available to him when he comes back.

Right then, Dorian and Layla enter what looks to be a country bar. And they notice a man with a Military Uniform sitting by himself at the bar.

After hearing the news, Talia asks John if he has talked to Michael about what has happened to Jamie. He tells her no. His brother has only told Antonio. She sounds like she might blame herself for the whole situation. But he tells her it’s not her fault.

Right then, Ramsey gets on the phone and sounds like he is finding a way to “get money” for Detective Vega.

After Bo is done talking to Calvin he informs Clint that he took him on a trip down memory lane. And he hopes that Calvin will realize that Asa is the one who helped him get his opportunities in business.

Rex tells Gigi that he is worried what might happen to her job if she is “fraternizing” with her boss. She clarifies to him that Jared is not her boss. And she asks him why it is any of his business what she does in her personal life. She also concludes to Rex that she can’t deal with the “situation” anymore. He asks her just exactly what she means by that. She replies it means that she and Shane will not be coming to his wedding.

From the country bar, Doran tells Layla that she must observe how Dorian operates to get the goods that Adriana wants. But at that point, she gets a call from Calvin after he’s gotten done talking to Bo. He tells her he cannot go through with her plan. It’s too nasty and corrupt. And he asks her why she would want to do this. What is she getting out of it? She tells him he can either join forces with her and she can help him get rich. Or he can trust the family of Asa Buchanan who will do nothing except screw him over. She hangs up and gets a call from Adriana who asks her if they have found Brody Lovett. Dorian replies to her daughter that she believes they will find him very soon.

While Calvin is alone in the room making the private call to Dorian, Clint tells Bo he does not approve of his letting Calvin make the call alone. He might be calling his mistress. But Bo tells Clint he does not believe that Calvin has a mistress. Right then, Rex presents the information he’s gotten for Clint about Calvin. But Rex does not look comfortable. Clint looks it over and tells Rex if he is not happy with his results, he has chosen the wrong profession. This is the mother load. And once again, Rex talks to Gigi alone. He asks her why she is mad at him and won’t take Shane to his wedding. He thinks Shane is a great kid and they are really close. She tells him she realizes that. But she doesn’t want her son to get hurt by getting too attached to Rex. He is going to get married soon and won’t have time for Shane. But he assures her that he will always have time for Shane. Nothing will ever change that.

In the country bar, Dorian asks the mysterious guy in the Navy Officer’s uniform if he can find a reservation for Dr. Dorian Lord. He tells her of course. He will get them a table. Dorian then tells Layla that she knows everything is falling into place.

At the station, Talia asks Michael if he believes there’s a possibility that he could be wrong about Jamie’s condition. Michael tells her he wishes he was but he’s afraid that it’s true.

After Bo talks to Calvin, he asks him why he won’t consider compromising. He knows that there is something going on with Calvin that Calvin is not admitting to . “Somebody” must be pulling his strings.

On the phone, Adriana is pressuring her mother to help her make certain that Gigi stays out of Rex’s life.

Antonio goes and finds Jamie. And he takes her to the coffee shop and buys her an ice cream sundae. Nora and Renee notice her and want to talk to her. But Antonio knows he cannot act happy with what has just happened.

At B.E., Rex asks Gigi why she refuses to come to his wedding. She tells him if he has not yet noticed, it’s very clear to see that Adriana hates her and doesn’t want her or Shane near Rex. Right then, he gets a call from Adriana. And he asks her if she can assure Gigi that she wants Gigi to come to the wedding.

When Dorian and Layla sit at the table with the Navy Officer, he asks them what he can help them with. They assume he must be Brody. Dorian tells him his mother lied to his sister and his ex girlfriend by telling them that he is dead. But he tells them that is impossible His mother would never lie. At that point, Layla asks him if he is Brody Lovett. He replies no. Right at that point, they notice another guy engaged in a barroom brawl punching another guy and turning over chairs and tables. And he clarifies to them that that is Brody Lovett.

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