OLTL Update Wednesday 4/23/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/23/08


Written By Jeannie

Jessica wakes Nash up with kisses. The phone rings and its Sarah. She says Cristian didn’t come home last night and she’s worried. Jessica takes the phone and says he spent the night in jail.

At the jail, Antonio come into Cris’ cell and tells him he shouldn’t have been the one to get in the fight. He should keep out of it.

In the squad room, John asks what time Cris is being arraigned. John tells Talia about some of Ramsey’s previous cases and large sums of cash. They are suspicious of what this means.

At his penthouse, Ramsey comes down stairs and talks to his housekeeper as she takes food upstairs.

At La Boulaie, Blair and Todd are at breakfast teasing each other and Blair throws a newspaper at him. He tells her that he spent quality time with Starr last night.

At the diner, Cole talks to Markko. Markko guesses Starr is pregnant.

Starr and Langston are in her room talking about her changing her mind last night. Starr wishes she went through with it. She’s still afraid of what Todd will do to Cole.

Cole denies it, but Markko puts things together and guesses he’s right about Starr’s pregnancy. Cole finally admits it.

Jessica explains Cristian’s fight with John and Harden to Sarah. Sarah is upset Jessica didn’t call her. She tells her that Cris asked her not to call. Sarah is furious she wasn’t called.

Jessica gets up to go tot the police station. Nash asks why she cares and calls her back to bed.

Antonio lectures Cris about punching two cops on one night. He tells him to just let his attorney do all the talking.

At Ramsey’s the housekeeper comes back downstairs and Ramsey asks about the woman upstairs. He remarks how beautiful she is. The housekeeper looks surprised, then agrees.

At the station, Talia and John try to figure out if Ramsey is skimming money. Antonio walks in and one of the other police officers claps and jokes, “in the blue corner, Antonio..” Antonio ignores him and goes over to John. He asks if John will press charges. John says no but Talia says he should. Antonio asks what’s up with her.

Todd and Blair talk about Cole and Starr. Todd insists Cole forced Starr. Blair says he’s living in a fantasy world. She goes up to see Starr.

Langston tells Starr John McBain can protect Cole. Starr thinks Langston told Markko. Blair comes in. They make excuses for being late. Langston goes downstairs and Blair asks how Starr is. Blair notices Starr hasn’t been eating breakfast. Blair thinks it’s a weird diet thing. Starr reassures her she’s not hungry. Blair says she thought she’d be in a great mood after last night. Starr says last night was hell.

Cole and Markko talk about the possibilities of Starr having the baby. Cole seems excited about the idea. He asks to borrow money and if Markko can get a couple of fake ID’s.

Jessica explains to Nash that Cris is her friend and Sarah doesn’t have the money. She explains the Vega family is still special to her. Nash asks why Jessica didn’t tell him about Cristian’s arrest last night. Jessica says he was asleep.

Talia says Cris isn’t acting in the heat of the moment and he goes on about how he’d do it again. Antonio says Talia lives in her own little world.

Markko doesn’t know where he can get a fake ID. Cole says its all about keeping Starr safe. Markko thinks one of the football team might have a fake ID and know where to get one.. He’ll check it out. Coles says to keep it a secret.

Blair questions Starr. She says she knows she misses Cole but can’t expect the situation to change over night. Starr tells her how Todd barges into the woman’s restroom at the diner. Blair says this is not a prison. Starr says she has a round the clock guards so it’s the same thing. Blair says it will take a little time. Starr starts to say she doesn’t have—then stops. Blair tells her she loves her and she can talk to her. She says she’ll keep it between them. Starr asks if she means that she’ll never tell Todd.

Sarah visits Cristian in jail. She asks why he didn’t call. He says it wasn’t his proudest moment. She tells him how she waited up for him and when she woke up he still wasn’t home. She was very worried. She tells him how she found out where he was. He doesn’t want her hanging around the jail. She says she should have been there at Capricorn. She could have stopped him, distracted him. He says she was too busy with Nash.

Langston comes into the kitchen and Todd is there. They talk. Todd asks about Markko. He asks what kind of hobbies Markko has and what she likes to do. Then he asks how often Starr sees Cole. Langston turns to him and says Cole is a great guy.

Cole gives Markko a note to give to Langston to give to Starr. Markko suggests he talk to John McBain. Markko leaves and Cole calls John. He tells him it’s important that they talk.

Blair jokes that Todd over reacts. She says growing up there might be things she’s afraid to talk to Todd about. Starr is worried about messing things up between her parents. Blair assures her she’s on her side and can tell her anything. Starr just says she doesn’t know what to do.

Sarah asks if Cris is serious about his remark about Nash. She’s upset he didn’t call her with his one phone call. He says he called his mom. She says she couldn’t wait to see him after the conference call and she went to his place. He says he’s sorry and they kiss through the bars. Jessica and Nash walk in. Antonio comes in to take Cris to his arraignment.

In the squad room, Ramsey comes in, looks at John and Talia and goes into his office. Cris and that group come in and Ramsey comes back out. Jessica says she’s going to post Cris’s bail and Ramsey says it’s not going to happen. Sarah starts telling him off. Ramsey says they are not going to charge him. He’s free.

Langston meets Markko at the door. They kiss. Langston asks if Markko is okay, he seems kind of weird. He hands her the note for Cole. Markko calls Cole the expectant father and wonders how quickly her parents are going to figure this out. Langston apologizes for not telling him sooner.

Blair tells Starr to just spit it out. She takes a deep breath but before she can say anything Todd interrupts with a tray of Breakfast. Starr says no thank you and turns to get something out of her drawer. Blair starts to leave and Starr tells her to take the tray, its making her want to throw up. After Blair leaves, Todd says he knows what’s wrong with Starr.

At the station, the police officer named Harden objects to letting Cris go because he popped him in the face. Cris warns John not to come near Capricorn and leaves. Ramsey talks to John saying he has his number. Someday he’ll go pop and Ramsey will be there to kick him off the force.

Starr asks who told him. Todd says he knows she's still angry. He talks about how they get each other and used to be a team. Todd apologizes for barging into the ladies room. He wants to talk to her about Cole. He says what happened between her and Cole probably wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t insist they move to Hawaii. He says if she can stay away from Cole for six months he’d think about letting her see Cole. Todd says it’s lucky he got there when he did or Cole would not be living. He tries to kiss her as he leaves but Starr turns away. When Todd is gone, she touches her stomach and says, six months.

Cole asks John for money. Cole says he wants to sign up for football camp. He says it would take his mind off of Starr. He asks how much he needs. Cole asks for $150. John says lets go to an ATM and Cole says no. John warns him again about staying away from Starr.

Todd tells Blair what he said to Starr and Blair is very happy. They kiss.

Langston asks Starr about what Todd said. Langston says it’s a start. Starr points out she would have a bowling ball in her stomach in six months. Langston gives her Cole’s note. It says how much he loves her and he thinks her, him and the baby could have an awesome life together.

Ramsey and Antonio talk about Cris and John. Antonio walks out and looks at Talia. Michael comes in and asks to talk to Antonio. Antonio says if it’s about John forget it. Michael says no, it’s about Jamie. She’s very sick.

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