OLTL Update Tuesday 4/22/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/22/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At Capricorn, Antonio and Cristian observe John and Talia flaunting their “involvement” where everybody can see it. Jared and Natalie also observe and he remarks that she appears jealous and must still have feelings for John. At that point, Cristian becomes “protective” of his brother. He asks Antonio to just “say the word”. When nobody says anything, Cristian goes over and punches John in the face. Everybody watches stunned and speechless. Right then, Adriana gets a call from her mother. Dorian informs her daughter that she and Layla just landed in Fort Wayne, IN. She does not sound comfortable to be going on this mission for Adriana. She promises Adriana that she will arrive at the “house” first thing in the morning. But Adriana demands that she gets there and finds out what is going on .She demands that her mother does not argue with her. She reminds her that they had a deal. At that point, Dorian hangs up and informs Layla that they must find Brody Lovett’s house tonight. Layla asks what they are supposed to do. Dorian replies that they must finish this “tramp”, Gigi Morasco for Adriana.

At Capricorn, Cristian and John are duking it out. Everybody freaks. Blair demands that they break it up or she will call the cops. They don’t listen.. While the two guys engage in combat, Gigi attempts to intervene and she accidentally gets knocked down. At that point, Rex rushes to make certain she is ok. Antonio’s new partner, Eddie, attempts to intervene. Cristian, then punches him and knocks him down. And Eddie tells Cristian that he made a “big mistake.

At his new home, (previously Todd’s penthouse), Ramsey makes a call to somebody about the arrangement he has for them to “deliver” what he has paid for. At that point, his “hired woman” comes down the stairs and asks him if everything is al right. He asks her if she can stay a little later since he has to get to the station. She tells him sure. She then tells him she does not wish to pry but was that call good news? He replies that he is optimistic.

After Cristian has assaulted Eddie, Eddie reminds Antonio that he is a cop and he better enforce the law. But Antonio tells him he deserved it and he won’t incriminate his brother.. At that point, they stop fighting. Blair announces that everybody needs to go back to their seats. The show is over. And from now on, drinks are on the house, she announces. Jessica enters to see what is going on not knowing what caused the two men to go at it. Natalie and Miles inform her that John provoked Antonio by making out with his (Antonio's) girlfriend right in front of everybody. So Cristian popped him. Jared also expresses his opinion about it. Jessica is shocked. Blair tells Antonio that she does not want any trouble from him or from Cristian again, or she will have them thrown out. After Adriana observes Rex rushing to help Gigi, she is obviously not ok with that. But she seems to be “satisfied” knowing that very soon she will get the goods on Gigi about the mysterious father of her son.

Meanwhile, Dorian and Layla arrive at the house that is supposed to belong to Brody Lovett. Dorian briefs Layla that they must appear as though they are friends of Gigi Morasco. Right then, they knock and a woman answers the door and tells them that whatever they are selling, she is not buying. Dorian asks if this is the Lovett household. Layla informs her that they are friends of Gigi Morasco. Hearing that, the woman tells Dorian if she does not remove the hand she has on the door, she will lose it. And she intends to slam the door in their faces. Dorian then inquires of she is Brody’s sister, Nadine. The woman replies that she is. Dorian tells her they would prefer to talk to Brody’s mother. Nadine informs them that her mother has been dead for years. Dorian then asks Nadine if maybe she could answer some questions on behalf of their good friend, Gigi Morasco. Doesn’t she know Gigi? Nadine replies that yes. She remembers Gigi. Her brother had a little thing with her when he was a Navy SEAL. At that point, Dorian smirks. And it looks as though Nadine is going to invite them into her house.

At Capricorn, Blair tells John she will bandage him up. The cops come and take Cristian to jail. Jessica tells the others she wants to go down to the station and make certain that Cristian is ok. Some of the others are less concerned about that than they are about Gigi’s business. Rex seems very concerned about her being there with Jared. So does Natalie. So does Adriana.

Eddie goes to the station to press charges against Cristian. He informs Ramsey that this man assaulted him. But Jessica and Antonio defend Cristian. Talia also accompanies them. Ramsey then asks Talia and Antonio to come into his office. Outside the office, Jessica tells Cristian that he really went too far. He protests to her that John went too far messing around with Talia and humiliating his brother right in front of everybody. In Ramsey’s office, he remarks that he knew that Officer Sahib would be “fraternizing” on the job.

When Dorian and Layla enter Nadine’s home, Dorian mentions that she must know that her brother has a child. Gigi has a little boy. Nadine replies that she knew nothing about that.

At Capricorn, Adriana sarcastically encourages Gigi and Jared to explore their relationship and tells Rex she wants everybody to be as happy as she is with him.

Natalie talks to Miles at the table about John. She tells him that his behavior really surprised her. One thing she’s always known about John is he is not into public displays of affections. She knows he won’t even dance with a woman in public. Much less would he be slobbering all over her right in front of her ex and everybody who can see them. In response to that, Miles concludes that maybe the “old John” she previously knew has been replaced.

Blair goes to administer first aid on John and reminds him that Cristian has been a professional boxer. He may need to stop provoking him. And she asks him if he knows how much Cole Thornhart respects him. He asks her what Cole has to do with this. She tells him that Cole really looks up to John and John is his hero. So why doesn’t John stop acting like jack ass?

In Ramsey’s office, after he makes the comment about Talia’s personal life, she firmly tells her boss that it is none of his business. He tells her it is if her behavior is causing these types of public scenes and violent episodes. He tells her if she is sleeping with half of the police force, it is going to cause some consequences. She tells him he has no right to talk to her like that. And observing Antonio’s silence, she demands to know if he is going to sit there and let Ramsey talk to her like that. Antonio remains silent. She protests that if she and John want to date, it’s nobody’s business. They were not working. They can go to Capricorn and do as they please without being having to be at risk of having Cristian Vega attacking John.. Ramsey protests that if they are making out and causing scenes in public that humiliate her ex boyfriend, they need to understand the consequences of their actions. He tells her she is dismissed and he must talk to detective Vega alone.

Blair tells John he must realize that kids learn from examples. Is that the type of example he wants to set for a young man who lost both of his parents and who looks up to him?. She reminds him that he promised Marty that he would look out for Cole. He does not seem to listen to her. She then concludes that she cannot figure him out. He replies that there is not much to figure. She tells him that may or may not be true.

At Capricorn, Miles concludes to Natalie that she seems to still be concerned about John’s involvement with another woman. She rationalizes that she is no longer concerned about John. She realizes he has moved on. He has been with Marty. And she does not want to talk about John. She asks him to talk about something else. And she can sense that it might look like he is ready to leave town. He tells her that he has been overstaying his welcome at Viki’s carriage house. But she tells him that she does not want him to leave. She will miss him. He tells her that he will always be her friend and they can keep in touch. But it’s time for him to stop depending upon other people. He needs to develop his own life.

Jared and Gigi talk about the different couples they observe. He asks her if she might want to leave because of Adriana’s dirty stares at her. She then asks if he might have a clue just why it is that Adriana has it in for her. Is it because she (Gigi) and Rex dated a million years ago? He then concludes that for a man who plans to get married in a few weeks, Rex seems a bit too concerned about Gigi’s personal life. That could be the reason.

At the table with Rex, Adriana tells him that there are many things they can do together before the wedding. Maybe they can travel around the world and have all kinds of adventures. There are no limits when they are in love.. But he appears to maybe have his mind elsewhere. She tells him that she would like to put things behind them and make it all about the two of them. But he admits to her that he is not ok with Gigi being with Jared. She asks him why he feels as though that is his problem. Rex tells her that he feels responsible because he got Gigi the job at B.E. and now she has to work with that punk, Jared. He is concerned that Jared might hurt her. In response to that, Adriana tells Rex she could care less about that. She is so tired of Gigi. And it would serve her right if somebody hurt her.

Nadine talks to Dorian and Layla about her deceased mother. She reveals that her mother abandoned her kids. Dorian tells her she can see that this is stirring up some painful memories. But she knows what might motivate Nadine a lot more than sympathy . So, at that point, she pulls out some large denominations of cash and suggests that maybe Nadine could share some things about her mother and her brother, Brody. Nadine then concludes that her mother lied to her about Brody dying oversees. She knows that her brother is no deader than either of them.

In Ramsey’s office, he asks a silent Antonio if he has any comments about what just happened at Capricorn. Antonio replies that he knows his brother lost it. Maybe he used bad judgment. But he hopes Ramsey realizes that Cristian is not a threat to society nor intended to endanger either of the two officers (John or Eddie). He concludes that it was a family thing. It was about loyalty. Ramsey asks Antonio if after his brother assaulted two officers, he expects special treatment for him because Cristian is his brother? In response to that, Antonio tells Ramsey he is sorry to have said that and won’t argue. When he gets ready to go out the door, however, Ramsey asks him to wait. He tells him that that he realizes that Cristian was provoked. He will keep him there overnight but not throw too many charges at him.

Nadine informs Dorian and Layla that her mother wanted to keep Brody away from Gigi Morasco. She thought that Gigi was beneath her son. So then Gigi ran off with another guy. And Brody has been in the service since then. He never comes by nor tells anybody where he is. And she admits that she has so many things on her mind these days. However, realizing that Dorian is willing to pay her substantially, she admits that somebody told her that they saw Brody in Norfolk, VA. At that point, Dorian thanks her and seems to conclude that this will unravel the mystery once and for all for Adriana.

At Capricorn, Adriana tells Rex that she is so tired of everybody thinking that Gigi is so special. She then tells him that maybe she needs to stop whining. She’s just kind of cranky from jet lag and hopes she did not ruin their evening.

Talia and John return to Capricorn. Blair asks them what happened. Talia informs her that Cristian got put in lock up. Blair tells them she hoped it would not go that far.

Miles asks Natalie if she wants to leave the scene and they leave together.

Gigi talks to Jared but she can tell that he might not be listening to a word she says. He may be too “fixated” on seeing Natalie leave with Miles. He tells her, however, that he thinks it’s great that Shane is so proud of his deceased father.

Rex tells Adriana that starting tonight, everything is going to be about them and nobody else. He asks her if she wants some Champaign to celebrate. Right then, she gets a call from her mother. Dorian informs her that she has uncovered good news. Brody Lovett is very much alive. Adriana then hangs up and has a big smile on her face for the first time in a long time. Rex knows she won’t tell him a thing, however.

At the station, Jessica tells Cristian and Antonio that she cannot believe that Cristian has to spend a night in jail. He tells her it’s no big deal. He’s spent the night in the slammer before. She insists to him that she will be there in the morning. She realizes that he can post bail. But she will be there anyway. After they take Cristian away, Jessica tells Antonio she does not get this. If Bo was still commissioner, he would not let this happen to Cristian. He tells her he agrees. No decent person would do what Ramsey did to Cristian.

Ramsey returns home and noticing that his ‘hired woman” has stayed late, he asks her if he can call her a cab. She says no thank you. She leaves. He engrosses in something on his laptop and then goes upstairs.

Adriana and Rex talk about the phone call. She tells him that she got a call from Layla. She landed a very successful business deal. She is very proud of her business partner and best friend. She is a real go getter. Rex remarks that that call sure put Adriana in a better mood.

Alone in the penthouse, Ramsey again talks to “somebody”, remarking that he is new in this town. He observes the skyline. And he says it must “be good to be home”.

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