OLTL Update Monday 4/21/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/21/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Blair and Todd are in bed enjoying intimacy for the first time in a long time. And they are completely unaware of what their daughter is doing or where she is.

At Capricorn, Antonio asks Cristian where Sarah has been all this while, suspicious that she might be avoiding him and might have Nash on the brain. She enters tells Cristian that she has missed him and is just a bit jet lagged. He kisses her. Antonio’s new partner, Eddie, reminds him that John has some nerve. Antonio looks and sees John with Talia not far away.

At the B.E. office, Jared asks Miles Laurence what he is doing sitting in the office, waiting for Natalie by himself. He reminds him that there are some sensitive and confidential documents that he cannot let him be alone in the room and seeing. He reminds Miles that this office is not only Natalie’s. It’s his (Jared's) also. It clearly looks like he’s jealous of Natalie’s friendship with Miles.

At the diner, Roxy informs Rex that she has many plans for his wedding. He informs his mother that he and Gigi are working together. Hearing hat, Roxy makes a remark about how he has “those two dames” alone in his apartment together. And she asks her son if that is really a good idea.

Alone in the apartment, Adriana confronts Gigi and asks her why she is always wherever Rex is. Gigi informs her that she is only doing the work that Jared asked her to do. And she is staying at Rex’s waiting for him until he comes back. They have work to do. Adriana tells her like hell she is staying there.

At the diner, Markko attempts to pump Langston for information about what Starr is doing. But she won’t tell him the specifics.

Right at that point, Cole enters the abortion clinic and pounds on the door to the room where Starr is about to have it done.

After Jared informs Miles Laurence that he cannot be alone in the room, Miles asks him why he no longer has his own office. Has he gotten demoded to security guard. Jared tells Miles he will call security and have him removed if he doesn’t get out of there.. Right then, Natalie enters and demands to know why Jared is bothering Miles. She protests that this is her office and Miles is her friend. She goes off with Miles to have a drink.

At Capricorn, Cristian informs Sarah that Antonio caught Talia and John together in a motel. He tells her that he won’t let the guy who took his brother’s girlfriend into his establishment together.

At the diner, Roxy asks Rex what is wrong with him with asking his ex and her kid to attend the wedding without asking Adriana first. She asks if it did not even occur to him to ask Adriana. He protests that he has all of about 5 people on his side at the wedding. And Gigi is his friend. She reminds her son that she just noticed that Adriana has been very worried and stressed out recently. He assures his mom that Gigi is not the reason for that. Roxy tells her son that he better not do anything to upset or risk losing that very sweet and rich woman of his. Rex goes out the door to return to his apartment.

While they are alone in the apartment, Adriana and Gigi argue. Gigi tells Adriana that she is not about to lose her job just because Adriana doesn’t want her around Rex. Adriana tells Gigi that she is working everybody to her advantage. She lives at Viki’s home. She works at B.E. She is all around Rex. Gigi tells Adriana that Rex is marrying her (Adriana) and asks her why Adriana is so insecure if she knows that Rex loves only her. Adriana tells Gigi she does not trust her. Right then, Rex enters and demands to know what is going on.

Blair and Todd lie in bed and discuss what they plan to do in regard to Starr. She asks him if he might consider easing up on their daughter.

At the diner, Markko asks just how they all plan on “hiding” Starr from not only her parents but that body guard while she goes out of town. He tells her that whatever Starr is doing, he hopes that she is ok.

After Cole pounds on the door to the room where Starr is about to terminate her pregnancy, the nurse and receptionist tell him he better get out of there. He is causing a disturbance and upsetting their clients. He protests that his girlfriend is in there and he can’t let her go through with this. They inform him that many people come in there and claim to be relatives. If he doesn’t calm down, they will call security and have him removed. But at that point, Starr rushes out the door of the room and tells them they cannot do that. And she rushes to Cole and hugs him.

At Capricorn, Sarah goes and notices John and Talia sitting together at the table. John gets a call and leaves the table. Alone with Talia, Sarah tells her that maybe it’s not a great idea for the two of them to be in this place and seen by Antonio and Cristian. Talia reminds Sarah that it was Antonio that broke up with her. So maybe he has to deal with the fact that she is seeing John. Sarah tells her that Cristian may not kick tem out of the bar. But it might be better if they went somewhere else. Realizing that they won’t, however, Sarah tells them she will get them their drinks. From the bar counter, Antonio, Cristian and Eddie observe them together. Antonio concludes that Talia has chosen John. And he’s glad to be rid of her now that he knows what she is all about.

In response to Rex asking what is going on between Adriana and Gigi, the two women bluff by telling him that they were discussing what kind of dresses they should wear. But Rex obviously doesn’t buy that. Adriana then concludes that she will go and make herself scarce and they need not mind her while they are working together.

In the bedroom, Blair tells Todd that maybe he should take this rare opportunity to spend some quality time alone with his daughter.

After Cole goes and “rescues” Starr from the clinic, she tells him she is sorry she did not tell him. But she just had to make certain that her dad did not find out. She didn’t want anybody to know. He asks her if he is “too late”. She replies no. She was just about to get an ultrasound. She goes back into the room. And she still has not confirmed that she has reconsidered going through with the abortion.

Rex informs Gigi and Adriana that he and Charlie plan on accompanying Shane to his activities in school. Gigi talks about Shane’s comic books At that point, Adriana remarks that she has seen Shane’s comic books where he’s written about a super hero who is his dad. She tells Gigi she thinks it’s really sweet that Shane loves his daddy even though he’s never even met him. At that point, Gigi tells them she has to leave. She goes out the door. And when they are alone, Adriana tells Rex she doesn’t want to talk or think about Gigi. And she and Rex are ready to sleep together.

Blair goes to Capricorn and sees Sarah. She makes a remark, somewhat sarcastically about Sarah “gracing them with her presence” after coming home from her trip. But she tells her she didn’t want them to get off on the wrong foot. She asks Antonio and Cristian, however, just what is going on with them. She knows they must have some issues going on.

Gigi goes to the B.E. office and talks to Jared. She remarks that Shane has not had a dad and is really bonding with Rex. He tells her he thinks that is good. She asks him if he plans to eat. But she concludes that he is not Shane. She will let him make his own decisions about that. She gets on her coat and tells him good night. But he tells her there is one thing he could do for her. He asks her to go out with him.

At the clinic, Cole asks Starr how long she’s known that she is pregnant. She replies for a few weeks she has felt it and recently took the test. And she cannot tell her mom because she knows that Blair will tell Todd. And she doesn’t even want to think of what he will do to Cole if he ever finds out that Starr was pregnant. Cole then remarks to her that he can see that she is planning the abortion in order to “protect” him. But he doesn’t want her doing this unless she believes it is the right decision for herself. He tells her that she may not need to make the decision right away. The nurse overhears and reminds Starr that this is a big decision and she might need time to think about it. Cole tells her that he wants her to be able to look back 20 to 30 years in the future and know that it’s the right thing. So he will let her think about it. The other nurse tells Starr that Cole is right. If she has not thought it through, she might need more time. Right then, she cries and concludes that she can’t do it now.

At the diner, Markko notices Shawn walking toward Langston disguised as Starr. And he distracts him by asking him what he thought of the last foot ball game. Shawn tells Markko he does not have time to make small talk. He has a job to do. Right then, he gets a call from Todd informing him that he is coming to the diner to see Starr and buy her an ice cream sundae. Todd tells Shawn he will see them all soon.

At Capricorn, Blair remarks to Cristian that she knows that it must be tough for Antonio. He has lost his inheritance. Then his club. Then his girlfriend. Then he has to see her with another man. Cristian remarks that that is why John and Talia that should leave. But she tells Cristian now that she is the new owner, she doesn’t want any trouble and is concerned about what Antonio might do.

Natalie and Miles enter and notice John with Talia. She tells him that she does not think it’s very cool what they did to Antonio. He remarks that he believes that John would move in on any woman. He didn’t waste any time with Marty when she was married to Miles. Right then, Rex and Adriana enter. Natalie observes them and comments on the fact that Adriana has been really busy with work and she knows some things are going on with the two of them.

At the B.E. office, Jared asks Gigi if he may inquire when the last time was when she went out on a date. She replies it was not since before Shane was born. She asks him when the last time was when he went out. He admits that was also a long time ago. She laughs and concludes that they are both “pathetic”. Maybe they both need to get out. So he tells her he wants her to let him buy her a drink.

Cole drives Starr home. He asks her if she has any clue what she plans to do. She admits she does not know what comes next. He concludes that they will figure it out. He holds her hand. Right then, he gets a call from Markko demanding to know where he is. Cole informs Markko that he and Starr are driving back. Markko warns Cole that Mr. Manning is headed for the diner. And when he discovers Langston wearing Starr’s clothes, they don’t want to know what will happen. He then goes and tells Langston that Todd is going to be there any minute. And maybe she needs to go and hide herself. She rushes off to the bathroom and Todd enters. Markko attempts to distract Todd by asking him if he wants a booth or a table. Todd asks him where Starr is. Markko replies that she is in the bathroom.

At Capricorn, Natalie and Miles remark how Rex and Adriana look happy. But she knows that Adriana has some major trust issues with her brother. Right then, he informs her that the night has “just gotten more interesting” when he observes Gigi and Jared enter together.

Blair goes to find John and asks him if he might be able to help her to get through to Cole and persuade him to stay away from Cole. She is in a position where she has to support what Todd is doing. She admits to him that she has attempted to get throughout to Cole But she doesn’t think he’s going to listen to her. He might, however, listen to John. He tells her thank you for giving her the heads up. She then tells John that she does not dislike Cole. She believes he is a good kid and hopes that at some point possibly Todd will come around.

At the diner, when Markko attempts to stall Todd and Shawn from finding Langston dressed like Starr, Todd smirks that he remembers the last time he had an “encounter” with Markko. He and his girlfriend were hiding in Starr’s bedroom covering for her and Cole while they snuck off together. He then tells Markko he better get out of his way although Markko protests that he cannot go into the women’s bathroom. Todd rushes in and Starr appears in the bathroom. Langston and Cole hide. Starr demands to know what her dad is doing there. He tells her he wanted to meet her and buy her a meal. She tells him he better get out of the women’s bathroom. He tells her he realizes he has not had a chance to spend time with her in a long time. She asks him if he is ready to go. He tells her yes. And they go off together. When Starr and Todd are gone, Markko goes to the lady’s room and knocks on the door to inform Cole and Langston that it is all clear. They get out. Langston hugs Markko. Cole thanks Langston and Markko for all they did. Langston remarks thank God he got there in time and she asks what has happened. He replies that Starr has not made a decision yet.

At Capricorn, Adriana notices that Rex is distracted while looking at Gigi with Jared. She asks him why he is concerned with whom she is seeing. Rex remarks that he thinks Jared is a jerk and believes Gigi could do so much better than him.

At the bar, Sarah remarks to Cristian that she is not as comfortable with Blair in charge as she was working for him and for Antonio. She doesn’t’ think Blair likes her. He remarks that Blair is cool. Sarah just has to get to know her better. Sarah then concludes that she has things to do and she departs. Blair enters and asks why Sarah is leaving so soon.

John and Talia are making themselves very noticeable.

Miles observes Natalie staring at Jared with Gigi and tells her she’s going to hurt her neck staring at them. He gets a call. She goes over and remarks that it must be a hard day at the office since everybody is there. Gigi then asks Natalie if there is a problem with socializing outside of work. Because if there is, she doesn’t want to risk her job. Natalie replies to Gigi that she does not have a problem with her. But she needs to talk privately to her “uncle”. She then takes Jared aside and demands to know if he is trying to make her jealous. He then asks what she thinks she is doing with Miles. She replies that Miles is her friend. And Jared obviously doesn’t’ know the meaning of that. And he notices that she is observing John with Talia. At that point, while Antonio, Cristian and Eddie observe John and Talia together, Cristian can see that his brother is really uncomfortable with them there. They observe John and Talia kissing and making spectacles of themselves. At that point, Cristian replies that he’s had enough and he goes over and punches John in the face.

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