OLTL Update Friday 4/18/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/18/08


Written By   Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

After Adriana has informed Dorian and Layla that she plans on going to Niles, MI to find out information about Brody Lovett, whom Gigi and Shane allege is Shane’s real father, Dorian reminds her that there is no direct flight there. She’d have to stop in Indiana and drive for hours. Layla tells Adriana that she doesn’t see the point in going to all of that effort in order to find Gigi’s deceased ex. And why would she care about Gigi’s son’s real father, especially when it confirms that Rex could not be his father?

At the diner, Natalie sits alone and remembers Jared asking her what is up with her feelings toward John and toward him. But she wants to talk to Rex about what is going on with him. He informs her hat he doesn’t understand all of Adriana’s mysterious plans to run back and forth to Paris. He thought that she would ask Marcie to be a bride’s maid. But she told him no way, with the excuse that it would make Marcie uncomfortable to be out in public, even though Marcie is willing and able to stand up at the wedding. It looks like Adriana has some secrets going on behind his back. Rex admits to his sister it’s as if he doesn’t even know the woman he is marrying anymore.

Right then, Starr’s friends are at school. Cole knows that Langston is hiding a secret for Starr and demands to know what is going on.

Starr arrives at the clinic in Atlantic City. When she approaches the front desk, the receptionist asks if she can help her. Starr gives her name and informs her that she is there to have an abortion. But all around her, she observes couples. And she looks hesitant.

Layla tells Adriana that it’s pretty harsh for her to call Gigi an out and out liar. Adriana says she wants to make certain that Gigi does not spring any sudden secrets before she (Adriana) marries Rex. Dorian tells her that even if Gigi has secrets, that does not mean that her son is Rex’s. And even if he is Rex’s son, is Adriana so insecure that her relationship will end when that is revealed? Layla asks Adriana if Gigi planned on letting Rex know that he is Shane’s father, why hasn’t she already done it?

At the B.E. office, Gigi and Jared talk about what she will do after she’s done with work. She tells him she is too busy with her son. Right then, Shane enters with Viki and Charlie. They inform Gigi that her son has created a story based on a book. And he hero is his father. Viki is very impressed. Jared remarks that he thinks it’s really cool that Shane considers his father a hero. Shane tells them all that he needs to find out all about his father. Hearing that, Gigi is not ok.

After Rex informs Natalie that Adriana “outlawed” Marcie standing up at her wedding when Marcie was totally ready to do it, Natalie admits to her brother that that is not good. And she asks him if he believes that Adriana is turning into Dorian.

At the high school, when Cole and Markko see Langston dressed as Starr, Cole tells her he is afraid that something bad might have happened. She denies it. But he tells her that it all makes sense. He knows what has happened to Starr.

When Starr is in the abortion clinic, the receptionist gives her a form to fill out. But she is very ill at ease and drops the clip board. A woman sitting beside her asks if the demonstrators outside have made her feel nervous. Starr replies yes. The woman tells Starr if she knows she is making the right decision, then she need not worry.

After she observes Jared’s, Charlie and Viki’s encouragement of Shane’s new “hobby”, Gigi tells her son she will show him how to make color copies of his story. Right then, Charlie goes to find Jared and tells his son that he can see that he might have unfinished business with Natalie. Jared tells his father that nothing has changed now that he has informed her that he is not her uncle. But Charlie remembers the “chemistry” between them not long ago. And he tells him unless Natalie has made a total 180 since then, Jared might have some things to deal with.

Rex admits to Natalie that he has invited Gigi and Shane to his wedding. Hearing that, she is shocked and demands to know why he would do that. He protests that he wouldn’t mind having some people on his side of the church. But she tells her brother that that is reserved for his friends and family and not for ex lovers. In response to that, he asks his sister if she has been “avoiding hers’” She has no answer for that.

Layla and Dorian remind Adriana that Gigi keeps affirming that Rex is not her son’s father. But she tells them that she knows that there is some sort of secret and possibly some trick up Gigi’s sleeve. She and Dorian scheme about all of the possible scenarios that might happen. Hearing that, Layla comments that that sounds really amazing. She asks Adriana just what they should tell Brody Lovett’s family when they ask who they are. Adriana replies they will just tell them that they are some of Gigi’s friends.

At the high school, Cole and Markko tell Langston that she has to reveal to them what is going on with Starr. At that point, she breaks down and informs them that Starr went to Atlantic City. At that point, Cole knows he better get to Atlantic City to find Starr. Langston stays back and hugs Markko.

At the abortion clinic in A.C., the woman sitting by Starr gets called in and they inform Starr that she will be next.

Charlie asks Jared if he really thinks that he and Natalie have a future once this whole mess comes out into the open. Jared asks his father if he believes he has a future with Viki. Charlie admits that he knows he is facing some problems ahead of him and asks his son what will happen when everybody finds out that he is scamming the Buchanans. Jared admits that he has no clue what will happen in the future. But he is hoping that he will have a future with Natalie. Charlie then joins Viki and Shane and they go off to a game. Natalie returns to see Jared and seems surprised to see that he is “still there”. He asks her did she think she was going to get rid of him that easily. Did she? He tells her that he will be out in a minute. He just has to download some things. She asks if he thinks he will be able to download anything when they cut off his electricity. He reminds her that she has been covering for him (a con man) and keeping him out of jail. So is she just doing it to protect the family?

Layla asks Adriana if she really thinks she will be able to accomplish anything when she goes all the way out to Michigan. Adriana replies that she knows how to get the goods on anybody she wants. She takes after her mother. Right then, Rex enters. Adriana goes out the door and wishes Layla good luck. Rex asks good luck about what. Adriana replies that she and Layla are about to go on another business trip. He asks her what has suddenly come up that is so important that she has to leave and not have any time for him. She doesn’t have an answer. Right then, Gigi enters. They ask her what she is doing there. She tells them she has some thing to return of Rex’s that are for “business”. Jared sent her.

At the diner, Viki remarks to Charlie that she saw him talking alone to Jared. She asks him what they were talking about. He has an answer that does not reveal the truth. She then informs him that when she first met Jared, she did not like him at all. But she admits that perhaps she misjudged him. He does, after all come from “good stock”. Hearing that, Charlie almost believes that she is talking about him. But realizing she has no clue that he is Jared’s father, he listens to her telling him that Jared is a Buchanan. Right then, Dorian enters. Viki doesn’t want to talk to her. But Roxy is near by and the two mothers in law plan the wedding. When Shane comes by, Viki introduces him to Mrs. Dorian Lord, realizing they have never met. Little does she know all that Dorian has heard about Shane and his mother. Right then, Shane informs Dorian that he knows that her daughter is going to marry Rex. And Rex invited him and his mother to the wedding. Hearing that, Dorian is obviously shocked but tells him that is really nice.

At the high school, Markko tells Langston that he believes she did the right thing to tip Cole off as to what happened to Starr. And they plan on hiding from Shawn. She is worried that it might not work. But he promises her that it will. She tells him she doesn’t know what she would do without him. He kisses her and tells her lucky for her, she won’t have to know.

Starr waits at the clinic while holding a picture of Cole.

Right then, Cole drives. And we see the scene of them together the night they spent together. And romantic music plays. She looks like she is reliving being with Cole. She remembers Langston reminding her that Cole is her baby’s father and she might not want to go through with an abortion. Yet she protested to Langston that she did not know what her dad would do to Cole when he finds out.

Cole then gets a call from Markko when he’s driving.

At the clinic, the nurse tells Starr they are ready for her. Starr admits that she is going to be ok although the nurse can sense that Starr might not be ready to go through with it. She then walks into the other room. But she hears something. It almost sounds as though she knows that Cole is not far away.

After Gigi enters the apartment to do some “business” with Rex, she tells Adriana if this is a bad time, she can leave. But Jared asked her to go and get some information and research from Rex since he is doing some investigations for B.E. Right then, Adriana goes and finds Layla and talks privately to her. She asks what she will do now. Adriana tells them she has some stuff to do. But Layla stays behind telling Rex and Gigi they needn’t mind her. She looks like she is “keeping watch”.

In response to Jared reminding Natalie that she has “feelings” for him, she asks if he is referring to when she detested or when she loathed him. And then he scammed her into believing that he is her uncle. She then concludes that she will never do anything for him.

Charlie talks to Shane alone at the diner. Dorian sits with Viki and Roxy talking about their previous wedding plans and what they will do for Adriana’s wedding plans. Right then, Adriana rushes in the door and tells her mother that she needs her to go with Layla to Michigan. She can’t go. Dorian has to go in her place, with Layla.

At the abortion clinic, the nurse calls to Starr. But it looks like something is holding Starr back.

Not far away, Cole is speeding and sensing that he might not find her until it’s too late.

Dorian is obviously not keen on the idea of going with Layla to find Brody Lovett’s family. Adrian informs her mother that right when they were in the apartment, guess who showed up. Gigi. And she reminds Dorian that they had a deal. Adriana will forgive her mother for the malicious stunt she just recently pulled if Dorian agrees to stick to her end of the bargain to not let anything prevent the wedding from happening on May 13. And that includes going to Michigan with Layla.

When Shane overhears Roxy telling Charlie and Viki that she believes Adriana is a sweetheart and a “keeper” for her son, he admits that he does not like Adriana.

At the apartment, Rex and Gigi are looking at all of the files and he’s leaning over her shoulder. Layla watches them suspiciously. She can tell that there might be something between them. And Gigi knows that Adriana’s best friend is giving her the evil eye. Rex encourages Gigi not to be intimidated.

At the B.E. office, Jared tells Natalie she might want to be careful. One day, she might not be able to ‘put the breaks on”. She tells him he can leave now.

After Shane announces that he does not like Adriana, Roxy asks him what is up with that.. Viki also asks him why he does not like her. Shane firmly tells them he is sorry. But she is always coming by asking his mom questions, upsetting her and being a nuisance. At that point, Roxy tells Shane he is an “ok kid”. But she doesn’t appreciate him speaking negatively about the woman whom her son loves. Right then, they observes Langston and Markko enter the diner and wonder why she is dressed to look like Starr.

Then we see Starr is on the table in the abortion clinic ready to have it done.

Cole is rushing to get there in time.

Adriana returns home and inform Layla that she needs to go with Dorian on “the trip” She notices that Gigi has not left. She goes to talk to Layla where nobody can hear them. Layla asks her why she can’t go there herself. She admits that she cannot leave Rex alone with Gigi. She sends Layla out the door. But Layla is obviously not comfortable with that. Adriana returns to the room and puts her arms around Rex to make certain Gigi can see that.

Miles Laurence comes by the B.E. office to see Natalie. Assuming he is Jared when he enters the room, she demands to know what he wants. But when she sees that it is him, she runs and hugs him and tells him it’s great to see him. He asks her to go and have lunch with him. She tells him she would love to spend time with him. Not far away, Jared overhears them and is not happy.

Layla and Dorian are together on the plane to find the mysterious Brody Lovett. Layla cannot remember his name. Dorian tells her they are not leaving until they find out all about him.

Rex leaves Adriana and Gigi alone. Adriana asks her why it is that she cannot comprehend a few simple words. Gigi asks her what she is talking about. Adriana replies that she will make it very clear and then instructs her to stay away from her (Adriana's) man.

At the diner, Markko pretends that he is waiting on Starr when Langston is dressed to look like her. Privately, he tells her she mustn’t worry. Everything will be ok.

Right then, Cole rushes into the abortion clinic and pounds on the door. But is it too late?

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