OLTL Update Thursday 4/17/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/17/08


Written By   Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

John goes to B.E. and runs into Natalie. She tells him that she is disappointed that he had to “come between” Antonio and Talia. He tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it now. Jared enters and asks what Antonio wants to see him about.

At the station, Jessica talks to Antonio She appears concerned with what Talia did to him. But he tells her it’s over. She need not worry.

Nash and Sarah are flying home from Napa. They are happy together but realizing that they have to get back to their respective partners and lives back in Llanview.

Blair enters the diner and talks to Cristian. She asks him if Sarah is back. She hasn’t seen her at Capricorn. He replies no. Sarah’s not back. And he doesn’t look happy She makes a joke about how Sarah and Nash might have gone off together and “hooked up”, assuming he will laugh and not suspect that that very thing might be happening. But when she sees he is not amused, she remarks that she must have hit a nerve and asks Cristian if he is ok. He tells her he has no worries and doesn’t care to talk about it.

At the table nearby, Cole tells Markko that he is not going to give up on Starr no matter what Todd Manning wants to do to him.

Todd asks Shaun to report on what he observes about Starr. He asks him if he observes Starr talking to anybody in school. Shaun answers that she stays away form Cole but he does observe her talking only to Langston. She doesn’t have much contact with anybody else.

Upstairs, Starr asks Langston if she could “help” her sneak off to New Jersey. Langston tells her even if she manages to pull that off, how is she going to be ok after coming home from the abortion. Starr tells Langston she knows what she is going to do. She has everything in the box for Langston to “be her”.

At BE, John tells Natalie and Jared he has to go. Jared tells Natalie that they have to continue with work and John has to leave. But she tells Jared she and John need to talk alone. She asks John what is up. He walked into B.E. and tried to kiss her. And she knows what he’s been doing with Talia.

At the station, Jessica tells Antonio that she is really sorry that things did not work out with him and Talia. He scoffs at her. She tells him that there will always be a part of her that loves him. She wants him to be happy and find somebody special. But she knows that maybe she should not be getting into his personal life right now. He informs her that he caught John and Talia together. And he knows that Nash and his brother’s girlfriend were “together” under the guise of “working”. And he asks her if she is not a bit suspicious of the same thing.

On the flight back. Nash tells Sarah that he and his winery are on the way up. And can she say the same thing about Capricorn? She tells him she believes that she can make decent money with her job at Capricorn. But, he reminds her, she is still working for somebody else. That may not be what she is meant to do. And he belies that she is a risk taker.

Starr has a wig, hat and clothes for Langston to wear to disguise herself as Starr while Starr is gone. Langston is a bit hesitant and tells Starr they need to “think” about this. But Starr reminds her that there is no time to lose. Shaun will see Langston and believe that she is Starr. At that point, Starr brings Jack into the room to observe Langston with the “Starr” wig. And Langston is worried that the plan won’t work.

Markko and Cole discuss what it means for Starr to be a prisoner in her own home. Right then, Blair enters and asks Markko if she can talk to Cole alone. He leaves. Cole asks her if something is wrong and if Starr is ok. She asks if she can go first and asks him if he really wants to go to prison. He replies no. He clarifies to her that he went to her house to talk to Mr. Manning. Not to see Starr. He thought he should let Todd know that he is making Starr miserable. She asks him if he thinks he accomplished anything by going over there and confronting Todd. She tells him he needs to be patient and ease up a bit. Or else, she can guarantee that he will never see Starr again.

Jack tells Starr he is not going to help her and Langston by “dressing up like a girl” and he goes out the door. She tells him that’s ok. But she can tell their dad that his car got dented by Jack’s skateboard. He asks her if she plans to sneak off and see Cole. She does not reply to that and tells him it’s “something like that”. She asks Langston if she can wear something of hers’ so that they will think she is Langston.

Jessica tells Antonio that he should not be suspicious of Nash. But he reminds her that the last time Nash was in Napa, he was with Tess, a pretty blond who likes to party. Now, he’s there with Sarah. Another pretty blond who likes to party. She tells him she wishes he would not be so suspicious. She reminds him that she and Nash are really happy. He reminds her that so were they (Antonio and Jessica). Jessica leaves and Talia enters and tells him that she needs to talk to him.

Natalie notices that John almost kissed her. And she asks him what is up after he has slept with Talia in a motel room and got into a fist fight with Antonio. Then the next day, he shows up at her office and kisses her. She wants to know what is up. But he won’t tell her anything and heads out the door when he sees Jared. She attempts to get him to wait but he goes out the door refusing to talk. Jared enters and asks her what “that was about”. She tells him that it’s none of his business. He reminds her that “that creep” made a pass at her the day after sleeping with his friend’s girl. She then sarcastically asks if he wants to watch out for her and she calls him “uncle Jared”. He demands that she does not call him that. She suggests that maybe he goes and takes a cold shower. He asks her if she knows what it did to him to see them together.

At the station, Antonio tells Talia that they are not going speak. They have to work together. But that is all. And he storms out. Once again, John approaches her, asks her if she is ok and inquires what John said to her.

On the flight back, Sarah and Nash check their misusages. She notices that Natalie has been calling her and wants her to get to B.E. He knows he better call Jessica. And she has been getting calls from her new boss, Blair who wants her to get home. And they conclude that this is the end of their “business” relationship

Jessica goes to talk to Cristian at the diner. He asks her if she’s heard from Nash. She replies yes. He just told her that his plane landed. And she informs Cristian that she just went to talk to Antonio. She wanted to express how sorry she was. He asks her how that went. She replies that they managed to have a conversation. But she can tell that he will never forgive Talia or John. He tells her that she must trust Nash. She tells him she wants to. But it might not be that simple.

Cole asks Blair what is wrong with his loving Starr. She replies that nothing is wrong with it. But she and Todd are Starr’s parents and they love her too. She agrees that Todd has gone too far. But Cole needs to realize that he has to heed Todd’s warning or he will go to prison. Cole asks her how Starr is. She replies that her daughter is miserable. Just like he is. He asks her if she thinks they will ever get past this. She tells him she hopes so but she doesn’t know what is going to happen.

Langston puts on the “Starr” wig and hat. She asks Starr if she thinks this plan will work. Starr tells her it will have to. She gives Langston the keys to her car and tells her that Shaun will follow her. Langston asks Starr how she’s going to get to the bus station without the car. Star replies she can take the bus. Langston then asks her what if something happens at the clinic. Starr then tells Langston that she wrote down all of the information. And she will never forget what Langston has done for her. Langston tells Starr she will be thinking of her the whole time and she loves her. Starr tells Langston she loves her too. Before she goes out, she looks emotional to Jack. She tells her little brother that he is a really good kid. He asks her if she is ok. She tells him yes as long as he keeps the secret for her. She hugs him and asks him to go through with the plan. Langston then goes down the stairs dressed as Starr. Jack then asks Shaun if he can help him get his ball up off of the roof where it was stuck. Langston hides. Starr also hides. But right then, Ramsay enters and demands to know where Shaun is. Todd yells for Shaun but cannot find him.

Antonio goes to the diner. Cristian observes his brother is not happy and tells him he knows what happened. Antonio tells Cristian that maybe he needs to watch own his back. Nash is going to do the same thing to Cristian that John did to Antonio.

Cole and Markko are ready to go to see Starr while Todd calls for Shaun, Jack informs his dad that he needs Shaun to help him find the ball. Right then, Todd is distracted by talking to Ramsay in the other room when Starr and Langston put their plan into motion.

Ramsay asks Todd what was so important that Todd had to summon the police commissioner to his home. Todd then hands Ramsay some statements with charges that he and Gigi have filed against Ramsay.

Natalie demands to know why Jared thinks it’s any of his business what is going on between her and John or anything else in her personal life. But he asks her if maybe she has somebody else on the brain such as himself. Right then, Sarah enters and asks them what they need to talk to her about.

Todd tells Ramsay that if he knows the law and reads the statement with all of the charges, then Ramsey will know how many years he will spend in jail if he harasses either Todd or Gigi. Ramsay reads it and laughs. He asks Todd if he knows how unimportant he (Todd) appears on the radar. He tells Todd he really does have other fish to fry.

While Starr and Langston are both hiding themselves, Blair walks in the house to talk to Todd and to Ramsay. When the three of them are in the other room, Starr runs out the door.. Ramsay leaves. Blair asks Todd if she should be worried. He tells her no. She reminds him that he told her he had a meeting. He tells her it got cancelled. And she can tell that Starr is gone. He tells her that he knows that Starr had a drama club and probably left with Shaun.

In response to Antonio implying that maybe Cristian should not trust Sarah with Nash, Cristian asks him why he has his suspicions. Antonio tells his brother that he should be suspicious of Nash. Right then, Nash enters and rushes to Jessica.

Natalie asks Sarah why it is that she never picked up her phone throughout the entire time she was in Napa. Sarah reminds Natalie that she was working. Natalie informs her that they had a proxy meeting and needed Sarah’s vote. But she was nowhere to be found. She pulls out some papers for Sarah to sign. But she makes it clear that she is very disapproving of Sarah going off without checking her messages. And it’s not just in regard to business. Jared observes their conversation while Natalie interrogates just what Sarah was doing with her sister’s husband. Sarah demands to know why everybody is so into everybody’s business.

Langston goes to school wearing the Starr wig when Markko calls to Starr. When she turns around, he can clearly see that Langston is dressed as Starr and he demands to know what the hell is going on.

Starr is right then, at the Llanview bus station ready to board a bus to New Jersey to go through with the abortion.

Sarah protests to Natalie that she did not do anything wrong. She went on a business trip with Nash. That was all. She is dating Cristian. And it’s really not anything Natalie needs to know about since both she and Jessica have been with Cristian. She asks Natalie if she will excuse her while she goes and finds her boyfriend. When Sarah leaves, Jared asks Natalie if she has anything (personal) that she’d like to tell him.

At the station, John asks Talia what is up. He asks her if she wants to go and grab a couple beers. She tells him she does not know if they should go anywhere together. This town is very small. She asks him where he suggests. He tells her there’s always Capricorn. They leave together.

At the diner, Antonio gets ready to leave. Cristian tells him he is not worried about himself and Sarah. They are solid. Right then, Sarah rushes in. When she sees Nash with Jessica, she remembers that she forgot to give him a slip of paper with an important contact. Yet, it looks like Sarah has completely “forgotten” to find Cristian. Right then, Nash gets on the phone to call the contact whom Sarah found for him. Jessica goes to talk to Cristian. At hat point, Sarah goes to find Cristian and kisses him. She tells him she and Nash had a great time and worked really well together.

Blair tells Todd that Starr is at Drama. Jack is watching a video. And Langston is doing other things. And it looks like they get to be “distracted” having some time alone.

At school, Markko asks Langston what she is doing dressed up like Starr. He asks her if she’s going to tell him what is going on. She tells him that she and Starr where just trying to get her mind off of things. And they started playing with make up. Right then, Cole enters, thinks that Langston is Starr when he sees her from behind. When he sees her, he also asks her what is going on and where is Starr.

Starr then gets ready to board her bus to Atlantic City.

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