OLTL Update Wednesday 4/16/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/16/08


Written By   Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At her locker at school, Starr looks at abortion brochures. Langston comes up and asks her if she changed her mind. In another part of the school, Markko talks to Cole. Cole says he went to see Starr’s dad.

Langston asks if Starr will have the baby.

Nora confronts Clint about the article in the Sun. Clint says he’s not ashamed.

Jessica and Natalie talk about the article in the Sun. Natalie tells Jessica the article is true. Jared comes in and Natalie says Jared thinks it was okay what Clint did. The phone rings, Natalie answers. She is very happy but says she didn’t hear the squad room gossip. She repeats something about a motel room.

Ramsey and Antonio talk. Ramsey says Antonio is doing a good job. Then he says something about getting rid of John McBain

John goes to the diner for a meal and meets Cristian. He tells him the bruises on his face are from Antonio. Cris says he heard John was moving in on Talia. John says he took Talia to a motel. Cris calls him a son of a bitch.

Ramsey says he doesn’t trust the rest of the squad to be okay with Talia cheating on Antonio. Antonio says he can handle it. Ramsey tells him to hang in there. Antonio says no problem and leaves. Talia is out side the office and asks to talk to him.

Natalie thanks the person on the phone and hangs up. Jessica asks who it is and Natalie tells her about John and Talia at the motel. Jared isn’t surprised. Jessica is upset for Antonio. Natalie says it doesn’t seem like John. There has to be more to the story. Jared says they should gossip about their ex.’s lover’s sex lives later. Natalie says bite me and Jessica questions Jared on where Clint got the information. Jared doesn’t know. Jessica asks him how he feels about selling the vineyard. Jared says he sold at the right time.

In Clint’s office, Nora asks Clint if he was proud of what he did. Clint says he’s proud of his father and the company and he did it for the family. Clint says she doesn’t even know what he did. She asks exactly what he did. Clint says he can’t talk about the details, that the company was attacked and he had to react. Nora says there were alternatives. Clint says we had to do what we had to do. Nora says Bo wasn’t involved and would never do something like this. Clint interrupts saying he’s not Bo but that’s what this is about, isn’t it?

At school, Cole tells Markko about his encounter with Starr’s Dad.

Over at Starr’s locker, Starr says she has to do the abortion. She thinks Todd will kill Cole if he finds out she’s pregnant. She says Todd doesn’t care about her. She wants to know Langston will still help her.

Markko tells Cole to give Starr’s dad some space. Cole isn’t afraid but he doesn’t want to make things worse for Starr or end up in jail. He thinks Todd is a powerful man in Llanview.

Starr makes Langston promise to keep her secret.

In Natalie’s office, Jessica questions Jared and tells him the vineyard has taken a turn for the better since Jared sold. She leaves. Natalie says they have to call PR and spin the article better. Jared says she is dying to go find out what John’s story is. Natalie asks what would he do if she said she cared about John and calls him Uncle Jared.

Nora apologizes. Clint says Bo was always the straight shooter. He apologizes to her. He says he is eldest son and head of the family. He also spent a lot of time with Asa. Asa would have done the same thing. He says he had to stop it. There wasn’t time to let her help them. Clint asks what he would say to the family if the company went down. They talk about what Asa would have wanted for the company and his family.

Antonio says he only talks about work with Talia. Talia says they have to learn to work together. She says he hasn’t talked to her in days. Even before. She felt this meant she was free to do as she pleased. Antonio doesn’t want to listen and Talia says she’s trying to explain. Antonio says he caught her in bed with John so there’s nothing else to explain. She says if he’s trying to drag her away, he finally did it.

Cristian tells John he moved in on Natalie when they were together and now he’s doing the same to his brother. Cris says he has to be taught a lesson. John says lets go and Bo walks in just in time to break them up.

Jared asks if she wants to go on like this. Natalie asks what he wants her to do. Does he want to go to jail? Jared leaves.

Nora says Clint is not a horrible man. She was just starting to have very strong feelings for him. He says he is under a lot of pressure and has to do what he has to do. She says she’s the district attorney. Clint says he didn’t do anything dishonest. She starts to leave and Clint stops and asks her if she believes he did the right thing. Nora says it was a little oily. He says he’s the same man who kissed her at the ranch. He asks if they are okay. She says she’ll see him at home.

Cris explains to Bo that John took Talia to a motel. John says it’s none of his business. Bo tells Cris to take a walk and cool off. Bo turns to John and asks what’s going on. John says Antonio is under Ramsey thumb now.

At the squad room, Antonio asks Talia that she climbs into bed with his friend and it’s his problem? Is that why she plays all sweet and innocent? It was all an act. Talia says he’s wrong. He says Talia used him as a stepping-stone. He asks if she’s going to go through the rest of the department now. Talia gives him a hard shove, pushing him back a few paces. Ramsey is standing in the doorway watching them.

Cole moves toward Starr and Markko pulls him away.

Starr tells Langston that when they turn 18 her dad won’t be in control and then she can be with Cole. Langston says she needs to tell Cole, this is his baby, too. He should know about it before she goes through with abortion.

When John tries to pay for his food at the diner Cris comes up and throws his money back at him. He tells John not to come back. John says the food wasn’t that good, keep the tip.

Jessica enters the squad looking for Antonio. Someone goes to find him. Talia comes up and asks if she can help her. Jessica tells her good news travels fast. Jessica tells Talia how much Antonio cares for her. Talia tells her to cut the crap after what she did to him.

Langston talks to Starr about Cole and the baby. Starr says she can’t tell a baby that the reason his daddy is in jail is because of him. She says there is no happy ending. She needs Langston to back her up. Markko comes up and asks if they want to go to the diner. Starr runs away and right into Cole.

Jared brings a proposal to Clint’s office. They talk about how things were handled. Jared agrees with Clint’s actions. Clint tells him Asa would have been proud of him.

John comes in to talk to Natalie. He makes small talk then starts to leave. She calls him back. She says every time she sees him lately he has a face full of bruises. So, what’s up?

Cole asks if Starr is okay. He says he’s sorry he went to see Todd. Starr doesn’t think Todd will budge about them. Cole says he will wait as long as it takes. He says he loves her and she starts crying and runs away.

Bo comes into Clint’s office. They talk about the article in the Sun and Nora. Clint is sorry. He asks if Bo is there to work or resign.

Nora orders comfort food at the diner. Cris asks if she had a bad day. He tells her about Talia and John. Nora says it doesn’t sound like John. Cris says it does to him. Cole and Markko come in. Markko goes to work. Cole talks to Nora. They talk about Starr. Cole says things were suppose to get easier but its not getting easier. He can’t wait until Starr and him are 18 and do what they want.

Talia tells Jessica that she was married to Antonio and look what she did to him. Its no wonder they were doomed. Jessica says Talia was the one who cheated. They argue and Antonio walks in. Antonio says it’s great, two women fighting over a man neither of them want.

Natalie asks John about the stuff in the motel. She touches his face and offers to be there for him if he needs her. Jared listens at the door.

Talia goes back to work. Antonio asks if Jessica was defending his honor. Ramsey comes up and says hello. He offers them his office. He leaves and Jessica says she’s sorry he’s been hurt again. She heard about John and Talia and wanted to make sure he’s okay. He says he’s fine. She asks about Jamie. Antonio says she’s not really doing so great. Jessica says he doesn’t deserve this. He says it’s been a bad day, go home to Nash. Jessica thanks him for the Allison Perkins' thing.

Bo says one rough patch and he’s out the door? Clint says he needs him. Bo says how can we make this work. He thinks their styles could compliment each other. Bo leaves.

John tells Natalie there is nothing she can do. She says he can tell her what’s really going on. He says things happen. She says nothing just happens. He touches her cheek and thanks her for caring.

Ramsey walks into the diner and orders coffee to go. Cole watches from the back room. Ramsey walks up to Nora and says it’s not a happy day for her. She asks if he has business with her. He goes on about the BE article. She says she’s fine. He says she’s putting in a lot of time at BE. They talk about what happen at BE. She abruptly cuts him off saying her onion rings are getting cold.

Ramsey sees Cole and goes back to talk to him. He says Cole slept with the wrong girl and he knows what he did.

In her bedroom, Starr looks at brochures for abortion and hides them as there’s a knock at the door. But it’s Langston. Starr tells her about her encounter with Cole. She holds up the abortion brochure and says she’s doing this today. Langston says Sean is outside. How is she going to do this? Starr says Langston is going to be her and she is going to be Langston.

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