OLTL Update Tuesday 4/15/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/15/08


Written By   Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Gigi goes to Rex’s home, ready to “spill the beans” once and for all about Shane. She notices that he is in bed with Adriana and she’s told Gigi they are busy so Gigi must leave. But Gigi tells Rex that he is Shane’s father. She knows it would have to be. She wasn’t with anybody else when he was conceived. Adriana asks her what about her “Navy SEAL”. At that point, Rex tells her he knows she has lied to him and he will fight her for custody. And Adriana stands by him and tells her she will help Rex take Gigi from Shane. Gigi is a single mom without any money or power to fight them. She will lose her son. At that point, Gigi hears Shane’s voice and awakens, realizing she is only having a bad dream.

Right then, when Rex and Adriana awaken in their bed (in real life), Dorian calls her daughter to inform her that she has gotten some information about Brody Lovett.

Charlie is having breakfast with Viki in her kitchen. And he is surprised when he finds out that the person whom she told him she had this “issue”( having known him forever yet noticing he did something she could not imagine nor forgive) is Clint.

Right then, Clint is in his office at B.E. and Lindsay is by his side ready to help him “co battle” with Jenkins.

At the diner, Nora talks to Matthew about a speech he is preparing in school when Bo enters.

Jessica is alone with Cristian in his gallery. She remembers all of the times they had together when they dated as teenagers. Both of them are without their respective partners. She gets on her phone to call Nash. But she realizes that it’s very early in California, So she decides to leave a message. When he picks up his phone, Sarah is nearby. He sounds surprised to hear from his wife. And she is able to hear Sarah’s voice. She asks him what Sarah is doing in his room. And when Cristian overhears that, he is also startled. In response to that, he explains that he came out there looking for his phone. And Sarah may have thought it was her phone. And Sarah may have been startled when she saw him “dressed like this”. In response to that, Jessica asks her husband if he was naked in the presence of Sarah. And there is obviously tension between Nash and Jessica.

At the diner, Bo informs Nora that he and Viki have found out that a “slanderous article” that Todd Manning wrote about Clint was true. Hearing that, Nora assumes that Todd wrote false information about Clint and she assumes that Clint will slap a libel suit on Todd.. Matthew is with them but goes off so he cannot overhear their conversation. When they are alone, Nora asks Bo what is really going on. Bo replies that Clint did not stop Todd from writing the article about how Clint is going to maliciously go after Calvin Jenkins because what Todd alleges about Clint’s behavior is true.

In the BE office, Clint tells Lindsay that he is not going to go after Jenkins’ family. He may not be afraid to argue with Jenkins himself but he won’t go so far as to hurt his family. She reminds him that Jenkins has gone after Clint’s family. But she seems to want to encourage him to go for the juggler if need be.

Viki and Charlie have a similar conversation when he observes the article that Todd has written. She tells him that she hoped that Todd wrote false information. But Clint confirmed that it was true. Charlie seems very surprises to hear that Clint would do anything like that. Shane sits with them and reflects that he knows that Clint and Bo’s father was Asa Buchanan. Asa is a grandpa to Viki’s kids. And he wishes he had a grandpa. At that point, Gigi enters and asks the three of them what they are talking about. Shane informs his mom that he was just telling Viki and Charlie that he never had a grandpa, as her dad died and he never knew his real father’s family. But he wants Charlie to be his honorary grandpa. Charlie tells Shane that he’d be honored to be that for him. Gigi is obviously not comfortable with that. But Viki tells her that she thinks it would be great since she can see that Charlie’s “son” (Rex) is practically like a father to Shane.

After Adriana gets off the phone with Dorian, Rex asks her what the call was about. She tells him it was merely a surprise about the wedding. He knows there is something going on that Adriana is not telling him, however. He then asks her why it is that she does not want Marcie to be a bridesmaid for her. Adriana tells Rex that she doesn’t think Marcie would be comfortable and she wishes that rex had asked her before asking Marcie. Right then, Rex gets a call and Adriana tells him she guesses it would have to be Gigi. And she is obviously not ok with that.

In Viki’s kitchen, she tells Gigi that it is so unlike Clint to use these “smear tactics”. She knows that he obviously got Rex to help him dig up the information to nail Jenkins. Right then, Gigi blurts out that it is not Rex’s fault. Viki then tells Gigi that she realizes Rex is not to blame. Gigi tells Viki she “knows Rex”. In response to that, Viki tells her she thought she knew Clint.

At the diner, Matthew is rehearsing a speech he is going to make at school about leadership. He reads and rehearses it for his parents and for Carlotta. He talks about leaders of integrity versus leaders who lack substance and asks his “audience” what kind of leader they would prefer. Nora silently listens to her son while she observes the headline on the Star that says Clint Buchanan is fighting dirty.

At the Napa hotel suite, Sarah and Nash talk about what they want for breakfast. They joke about what to order for room service and whether he should “put something on” when they come. When they get their meal, Sarah talks to Nash about how her mother, Tina Lord, was an unfit mother and thought she was better than others only because she came from a rich family. He seems to listen intently to all that she says about not wanting to be part of wealth and earning one’s way in the world.

While Jessica is with Cristian in his gallery, he asks her if she feels just as “weird” as he does about Sarah and Nash being together.

Bo goes to pay the check for Nora and Matthew at the diner when Lindsay enters. She informs him that she read the article in the Sun today. And she asks Bo if he is ok. He replies that the article is not about him. He informs her that Clint gave him his word that he wouldn’t do anything like it again. She is concerned, however, that Bo might not only have a problem with his brother, but also with her when and if he finds out that she is helping Clint with his dirty deeds.

While Rex is getting dressed and ready to head out, he discusses with Adriana about how they manage money and who pays for what. She tells him that she does not plan on taking money form her mother. But she certainly wants to contribute her own money to the marriage. As soon as she is alone, she calls Layla and tells her she needs her to drop everything and come over. She needs her help. Layla comes to see Adriana and tells her best friend that all she needs to think about in regard to her wedding is being with the man she loves. Adriana then informs Layla that she found out from her mom that this Brody Lovett, whom Gigi alleged was Shane’s father, really does exist. Layla informs Adriana that Dorian also told her about that. And isn’t’ that good news to find out that Rex is not the father of Gigi’s son after all? Adriana tells Layla she hopes that it is true but she is not certain that it is. And she wants to make absolutely certain that Gig will not have any opportunity to ruin her (Adriana's) future with Rex.

Dorian goes to talk to Lindsay at the diner about the article that lets everybody know that Clint has fought dirty with Calvin Jenkins. Hearing that, Lindsay knows that Dorian has been doing her own “scheme” and she asks Dorian how she would know about Clavin Jenkins.

Again, Rex goes to talk to Gigi about Shane’s endeavor with baseball. He tells her that her son is good but lacks self confidence. And that reminds him of himself when he was Shane’s age. At that point Clint asks to talk to Rex alone and asks him if he can find out any dirt or any way to expose a man named Calvin Jenkins. Hearing that, Rex seems a bit hesitant to fight dirty the way Clint seems to want him to do.

After Jessica asks Cristian if he might have a “problem”, he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it. But he tells her that he will treat her to a latte at the diner.

At the Napa hotel, Clint informs Sarah that he talked about his wife all night. Sarah then concludes that when he mentioned that she was a Buchanan, they got the idea that she (Sarah) was his wife. And that is why they talked to her about how great it must be to be a Buchanan. At that point, she asks if that is the only reason why all those guys thought that she (not Jessica) was really hot. And instantly, they get into a conversation about whether he believes she is hot. And Nash confirms, without hesitation, that he does believe that Sarah is hot.

Cristian and Jessica go to the diner. Carlotta observes them together and indicates that she may be very resentful of Jessica for what she did to Antonio. Cristian, however makes it clear that he does not. Right then, Jessica observes the article that Todd wrote about her dad. She is shocked and cannot believe it could be true. And she instantly declares that Todd (not Clint) has gone too far.

At the other table, Lindsay inquires just why it is that Dorian would know so much about Jenkins. And she can see that Dorian might very well be helping him to go after the “Buchanan boys”.

Viki comes down the stairs and is ready to head off to work. She tells Charlie that she has been trying very heard to wrote an article defending Clint. But she cannot because he’s confirmed that everything Todd printed was true. She tells him that she is so disappointed in Clint and cannot believe that he is the man she was married to all these years. Hearing that, Charlie suggests that maybe she should give Clint the benefit of the doubt and consider that somebody could have twisted his arm. She tells him that she can understand why Clint might be protective of his family. But the way he did it was malicious and Clint has clearly gone too far. At that point, Charlie suggests to Viki that maybe Clint is simply grieving the loss of Asa. He tells her he understands all too well how people behave when they have lost somebody in that manner.

Nora and Bo go with Matthew to his school while he prepares for his speech. People all around are gossiping about Clint and staring at Matthew and his parents. Matthew asks Nora and Bo what is going on. Nora tells her son he need not be concerned.

At the B.E. office, Gigi tells Rex that she cannot believe that Clint Buchanan would go as far as he has. She bets that there has got to be something going on that nobody is revealing that indicates that somebody wants to smear Clint’s reputation. He tells her he has no clue about that. He then tells her that since she and Shane are his friends and kind of like family to him, he wants to invite them to attend his wedding. At that point, she immediately tells him she cannot.

Jessica tells Cristian that she cannot believe that her uncle Todd could stoop so low as to publish this garbage about her father. He then tells her that maybe they could go to B.E. and talk to her father. At that point, she tells him she is really sorry to expect him to listen to her “rant”. He tells her it’s totally ok and sounds sincere. Right then, he gets a call from Sarah. She tells him she just wanted to check in with him while she and Nash are on the move doing business. Jessica then tells Cristian she knew that Sarah would call him.

Nash then “briefs” Sarah on what they gotta do now that they meet more business associates and rivals.

At the diner, Lindsay tells Dorian she has to get going. Bo has had a rough day. And the least she can do is make dinner for him before he gets home. Dorian tells Lindsay: “how sweet”. And she obviously has a trick up her sleeve. As soon as she is alone, she calls Calvin Jenkins and tells him that she just heard that the Buchanans believe he is “untouchable’ she tells him that is why she wants him to go for the kill ASAP. And she declares to him that very soon Buchanan Enterprises will be all theirs’. She gloats and smirks.

Nora walks into Clint’s office, throws the paper down on his desk with the article, and demands to know just what type of relationship they really have.

Layla knows that Adriana has something on her mind when she is trying and failing to get a hold of Dorian. Adriana finally gets her mother and asks her what she has found out about Brody Lovett. Dorian replies that he is from Niles, MI. His record is classified because he was a Navy SEAL. Adriana then concludes that she guesses she will have to go to Niles, Michigan and contact his family. Dorian tells her maybe they will not respond to sensitive questions since he’s a deceased Navy Seal. Layla then realizes that Adriana wants her to go there. Layla sounds like she is not comfortable but agrees to go and find out about Shane’s “real father”.

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