OLTL Update Monday 4/14/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/14/08


Written By   Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Cole goes to confront Todd Manning. He tells Todd and the guard that he is not going anywhere until Todd talks to him. Todd tells him in that case, he may come in. And he’s making a very stupid move. But he’ s interested in what Cole has to say. Cole then asks Todd if he really loves his daughter. Because if he does, he needs to know that he is ruining her life.

Upstairs, Starr tells Langston that she is considering all options in regard to being pregnancy. And Abortion is one of those options. She’s 16 and she cannot have a baby.

While Rex and Adriana are out of their apartment, Dorian informs Layla that she researched a man by the name of Brody Levin, whom Gigi alleges is Shane’s real father. And she informs Layla that she confirmed that such a man does really exist.

Right then, Rex and Gigi are discussing “Shane’s father” whom has been “gone” for a long time. At that point, outside, Adriana asks a secretary if she’s seen Gigi Morasco. The secretary replies yes. And she’s with “a guy” whom they confirm must be Rex. Right then, Dorian calls Adriana and informs her daughter that there is something she needs to know.

Antonio and Eddie go to the motel where John and Talia are sleeping together. And Antonio is ready to hurt John. This is exactly what Ramsey wants. While he is alone in the squad car, Eddie gets on the phone to call Ramsey and tells him he believes that Antonio will kill John.

At B.E., Rex tells Gigi that he has not changed much since they were together. But he knows that something is going on with her. She then reminds him that he used to say that she would always take the dare instead of the truth. But now she is older. So she has switched. At that point, Rex asks her just what is going on.

Dorian informs Adriana that she found out that there really was a man named Brody Lovett. He was Gigi’s fiancé. They had Shane. And Brody really was a Navy SEAL not just a figment of Gigi’s imagination. She admits that the files are classified so she wasn’t able to find out much about him. But she assures her daughter, they are going to find out everything about him.

Right then, Gigi is ready to reveal to Rex that she will tell the truth. And she begins to tell him, it’s about Shane. But right at that moment, they are interrupted when Adriana enters. He runs up and kisses her.. But he asks her how she knew to find him at B.E. Adriana replies that it was simple. Gigi is there. And wherever Gigi is, she always knows she can find Rex.

Langston asks Starr just what will happen if she goes through with having an abortion. Starr replies that she really doesn’t have a choice. If her dad finds out that she is pregnant and she has this baby, she is worried that Todd might kill Cole. Langston tells her she does not know that. Starr tells her she knows that Todd beat Cole up. And she is very worried what will happen.

Todd tells Shawn that he may leave while he talks to Cole alone. Cole then confronts Todd about ruining Starr’s life. Todd asks if she told him that.. He then asks Cole if he has done what Todd told him he better not do. Todd asks Cole did he contact his (Todd's) daughter.

After Antonio confronts John and Talia in the motel room, he concludes that Ramsey was right. John is not to be trusted. He takes whatever he wants and does not care about anybody else. And Talia has lied and deceived him. He can’t trust or believe a word she says. And he tells the two of them that they are prefect for each other.

At the B.E. office, after Adriana makes the comment that she can find Rex wherever Gigi is, Gigi reminds Adriana that she works there. Adriana tells Rex that he left his cell phone back at the apartment.. When Adriana is ready to leave, Rex tells her he will meet her back home. She may slip into something nice, and he will be back soon.

At the diner, Marcie talks to Shane about books. Markko serves them and talks about some of the stuff that he been reading. He remarks that he remembers being in Marcie’s class and encourages Shane to check out the material he’s reading. He tells him it’s a “graphic novel”. Marcie makes certain that it is “age appropriate”. He assures her yes. They go off together. At that point, Michael comes by to find Marcie. He tells her about all of the patients he has taken care of at his last shift. And he tells her about an abandoned baby. But right then, he knows that may not be what she wants to hear. He tells her it was probably some confused teenage mother who didn’t know what to do.

Starr tells Langston that she has to find a way to make certain that her dad never finds out that she is pregnant. Langston tells her there’s no way she can have an abortion without her parents knowing. But Starr has found out that she can in New Jersey. And she might need Langston’s “help” in making certain they never find out.

Todd tells Cole he must ask him a question. Has he been in contact with Starr? Cole replies no. Because she’s too freaked out to dare to say a word to him because of Todd. Hearing that, Todd asks Cole if he thinks that he (Cole) is blameless for what has happened to Starr. He reminds Todd that the whole reason he and Starr snuck off together is because Todd was going to force her to move to Hawaii. Todd tells Cole he believes he raped his daughter. Cole protests that he loves Starr. Todd tells Cole that he cannot talk to him about love. He’s a little creep who wanted to have sex with Todd’s daughter. He wanted to break every bone in Cole’s body. And the only reason he didn’t is because he (Todd) got there soon enough to stop him.

Starr tells Langston she bets that Langston believes she is a terrible person. Langston tells Starr she certainly does not think that. But she must realize that going to a clinic and terminating a pregnancy might not be a simple as she thinks. At that point, Starr tells Langston that she was so stupid to have had sex with Cole without using protection. What with all of the lectures they’ve had on safe sex, they didn’t use protection.

Adriana tells Gigi that they need to talk alone. She tells her if she thinks that she is going to make Rex Shane’s new daddy, she is messing with the “wrong lady”.

Antonio tells Talia he doesn’t know why he even cares about her. But fair warning. Every woman this guy (John) hooks up ends up dead or damaged. And he storms out the door. He and Eddie drive away.

While waiting for Adriana, Layla tells Dorian that she finds it very odd that Dorian really wants to encourage her daughter to marry Rex. She knows that Dorian has some tricks up her sleeve.

Gigi tells Adriana that she realizes that Rex loves her (Adriana). She is not about to do anything to disrupt that. Adriana asks her why, in that case, did she walk in the door to hear Gigi talking to Rex about Shane. Gigi tells Adriana that her son is very special to her and she talks about him with many people. Adriana right then informs her that she ran into Shane and Marcie at the diner and found out that Rex took him to school. And she heard Shane talking about what a hero his dad was. He was even writing stories about him. Hearing that, Gigi demands to know why Adriana is talking and asking questions of her son.

Starr tells Langston that she would really like a jelly donut. She is starting to have cravings and she is starving. Langston tells her in that case, they need to go down in to the kitchen and find something to eat. Starr tells Langston it means so much to her to have a friend like Langston. Langston then tells Starr that it means so much to her to have the family that she now has with Starr.

Cole tells Todd that he loves Starr. What Todd walked in on was two people in love who thought they’d never see each other again. And he tells Todd that he knows that Starr will never forgive him (Todd) for what he did. Right then, Starr and Langston go downstairs and overhear Todd telling Cole that he will kill him if he ever comes near his daughter.

After Gigi demands to know why it is that Adriana asked Shane “the question”, Adriana explains that she merely went to the diner to find Rex and overheard Shane and Marcie talking. And, as a matter of fact, she believes it’s really sweet that Shane loved his daddy and wanted to write a comic book about him being a super hero. In response to that, Gigi turns her back on Adriana to avoid her eye and confirms that Shane’s father was a heroic man and everybody loved him. But Adriana must know that he is dead. In response to that, Adriana tells Gigi she is sorry and she thinks it’s great that Shane gets to have an “untarnished image” of the man whom his father really is.

At the diner, Michael reveals to Marcie that he gave Shane a Michael Mandino baseball card that he’d previously planned to give to Tommy. She is not entirely ok with that. But she is encouraged to find out that Markko has been reading many of the books she’s encouraged her class to read and so has Shane. Shane tells them all that his dad was a hero as a Navy SEAL. Hearing that, Michael shares with Shane that his deceased father was also.

At the motel room, after Antonio has attacked John, Talia asks John if he is ok. She attempts to bandage him up. He asks her if she is ok. They admit that it was not easy for any of them.

Antonio returns to the police station and tells Ramsey that he knows that Ramsey set him up. He knows that Ramsey wanted him to see John and Talia in bed together and rub his nose in it. Hearing that, Ramsey admits to Antonio that he’s right. He did.

Starr and Langston listen at the door to Cole telling Todd that nothing and nobody will keep him away from Starr. But Todd warns him that Ramsey can help him put Cole away. And Cole concludes that he knows what this is about is Cole’s mom. Todd raped her. And now she is dead. So Todd cannot make it up to her. Cole asks Todd if it makes him feel better to tell himself that Cole is no better than Todd. He then tells Todd that he could never do to anybody what Todd did to his mom. He is nothing like Todd. Todd then threatens Cole that if he ever comes near Starr, his life will be worthless. He tells Cole if he ever comes near Todd’s wife or daughter he will ether be dead or in prison. He grabs a hold of him and then he demands that he gets out of there. At that point, Starr and Langston rush upstairs as not to be seen overhearing them. They rush upstairs and Starr asks Langston if she now understands why she has to do this. Hearing her dad, doesn’t Langston get that an abortion is Starr’s only choice?

Gigi goes to the diner and talks to Shane and Marcie. Shane tells his mom that he doesn’t want her to see the drawing he’s doing. It’s a surprise. She goes and talks to Marcie. Marcie knows that Gigi has some things on her mind and demands to know what is up. Gigi then tells Marcie she does not want to trash one of Marcie’s friends. She admits that she had a not very nice talk with Adriana. Marcie then tells Gigi that Adriana is a nice person. She is just stressed right now. Gigi tells Marcie that when she first met Adriana, she could understand why Rex was in love wit her. She saw Adriana as beautiful, smart and sweet. But now, she sees that Adriana is beautiful, smart and a bitch.

Adriana and Rex rush home and she tells Dorian and Layla that they are free to go and don’t have to stay and entertain her and Rex. She thanks them for all their help and dismisses them out the door. She tells Rex all she wants is to be alone with him.

Antonio asks Ramsey if he really wanted him to see John and Talia behind his back. That was a malicious thing that Ramsey did. In response to that, Ramsey asks Antoine if he would have beloved him if he’d told him what they were doing behind his back? So he wanted Antonio to see it for himself so he doesn’t have to be misled or betrayed any longer. He tells Antonio that he hopes he won’t be too hard on officer Sahib. She made a bad choice. But she’s a good cop and maybe Antonio should be concerned that John will ruin her the way he has every other woman he knows. Ramsey remains courteous to Antonio. Talia then walks in and tells Antonio that they have to talk. But he tells her they have nothing more to say to each other. He is going to go and pick up his daughter. And by the time he comes back. He wants her to remove all of the things she has left at his apartment. He will never forgive her for what she did. When John enters, Antonio looks at him furiously. Ramsey watches from his office.

Alone with Rex, Adriana makes a comment about “getting through” the wedding. He talks about the people who would stand up at their wedding and informs her that Michael turned down his offer to be a groomsman. And he asks Adriana if she would want Marcie to be her bridesmaid. Adriana tells Rex that might not be a good idea. Marcie might not want to be a public spectacle so soon after all that has happened to her. But is that really the reason why?

At the diner, Marcie informs Gigi that Adriana is currently under a lot of pressure what with planning the wedding and dealing with the mother from hell and running back and forth to Paris. Right then, Shane enters and shows his mom and Marcie his drawing. Dorian then walks in talking on her cell phone telling her “contact” that they must come up with much better information than what they have come up with so far.

After Todd asks Shawn to escort Cole out of Todd’s house, Shawn tells Cole he has to stop doing this. He doesn’t want to see him get hurt. And neither does Starr. Upstairs, Starr and Langston watch Cole get in his car and leave. Starr wants Langston to go with her to New Jersey.

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