OLTL Update Friday 4/11/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/11/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Dorian talks to Rex and Layla about the wedding plans. He does not pay attention and tells them he remembers he has to meet Marcie and Michael at the diner. But Dorian reminds him that this is his wedding they are planning. He tells them there is too much estrogen in the room. They can feel free to stay and help themselves to whatever is in the refrigerator. And he departs. As soon as he is gone, Dorian notices files on the table that reveal that Rex is investigating BE enterprises, right where Gigi Morasco has so coincidentally managed to land herself a job with.

Todd goes to find Gigi at BE. He tells her it’s amazing that she just happens to be staying at Viki’s and she got hired at BE. She tells him she wishes he’d leave and wonders why security let him in. He tells her that he is there in peace and is bearing gifts.

Ramsey is “working” on Antonio being really friendly and appreciative of his work. John and Talia are alone, feeling totally isolated by both of them. At that point, Ramsey, Antonio and Antonio’s new partner watch them together when they (Talia and John) believe that they are alone.

After Dorian implies to Layla that Rex might have ‘interest” in Gigi,,. Layla tells her no way. Rex is committed to Adriana. Layla also tells Dorian that she finds it very odd that Dorian is suddenly acting so supportive of her daughter marrying Rex. Right at that moment, Adriana walks in the door, Dorian goes to hug her daughter and tells her this is a surprise. She thought Adriana was still in Paris. And she wonders why Rex is not there with them to plan the wedding. Dorian admits to her daughter that she is not sure where Rex is at the present time.

While Ramsey stands behind the door spying upon Talia and John, he overhears them talking about how they want to “hide” from Antonio and maybe they should go to a motel. He moves closer toward her. But at that moment, they know that they might not be alone.

At the high school, Markko and Cole fight and argue. Langston notices them together and informs them that Starr was nearby but she left. And the reason may be because her life sucks and the two of them are behaving like children. She leaves them. At that moment, Cole tells Markko that he knows that Starr’s old man has ruined things for her. And he won’t stand by and let that happen. Markko warns him not to go through with what he wants and tells him he better leave Starr alone.

Marcie and Michael are at the diner when Rex enters to meet them. He admits to them that Layla and Dorian were planning his wedding. It’s planned for May 13. And Adriana may ask Marcie to be one of her bride’s maids along with Layla and Natalie. He will ask Bo to be his best man. Antonio and Cristian will be groomsmen. Michael, at that point asks what he is there for. Rex replies that he would like Michael to be one of his groomsmen. But Michael tells Rex he is sorry. He cannot do that.

Todd tells Gigi that he has signed a document and he’d like her to sign it. He tells her that she will like what he has done. He has documented every illegal act that Ramsey has committed. She must sign and get it notarized to make certain that it is valid. In response to that, she asks Todd if he is high. She tells him she does not trust him. He tells her that the two of them can have an insurance policy. If he comes after her or Shane, Todd will nail him. If he comes after Todd’s family, she can nail him. They can help each other. But she tells him that she does not trust this piece of paper that only the two of them know about. She asks just what his “plan” is. She asks if it is that he has just told Ramsey the whole thing. Todd smiles at her and confirms that that is exactly what he did.

In response to Michael telling Rex that he cannot stand up at his wedding Marcie asks him why. Can’t he get some time off at the hospital? Michael tells them that he cannot commit when he has no guarantee that he will be able to make it. He tells them he has to get back to work. Alone with Marcie, Rex asks her if she wants to tell him what that is all about.

After Adriana asks Layla and Dorian why Rex suddenly took off, Layla tells her she really doesn’t know exactly what is going on. He just said he had to go and meet Michael and Marcie at the diner. But Adriana tells Layla she knows that something else is going on with Rex. At that point, Layla informs Adriana that a friend of hers’ observed Rex with Shane and when she asked him about that, he told her he was “doing a favor for a friend” by driving Shane to school. At that point, Adriana is upset and demands to know why it is that Rex cannot stay away from Gigi’s kid.

At the BE office, Gigi tells Todd she cannot sign the document. How can he promise that nothing will happen to Shane if she sides with Todd? He tells her that each of them have the other’s back. She asks what will happen if Ramsey wants to take them both out.

Antonio’s new partner asks John and Talia what they are doing together and what type of “secrets” they have. She tells the new partner that she is tired of his asinine little comments and foolishness. John tells Eddie he better leave Talia alone because he knows she can kick his ass. The other officers are standing around listening in on their conversation and laughing when they hear that.

Antonio and Ramsey talk alone. Antonio comes out of his office. At that point, Talia asks what they were talking about. Antonio replies that it was the case that she and John had been told they have been taken off of and which she and John assumed he would not give to anybody. He tells her obviously that is not the case. Ramsey gave it to him and Eddie. He avoids her eye and appears very distant. At that point, she tells him she has to reveal some things to him .He might as well hear it now since he will, inevitably, sooner or later. Ramsey hides and overhears, so satisfied that his “plan” is falling right into place the way he wants.

At the diner, Rex asks Marcie what is up with her and Michael. He knows that they are both upset to have lost Tommy. But they loved each other long before they adopted him. She tells him that they have some major trust issues. He tells her that he thinks they can work things out. And he knows that they should blame him for lying about Tommy instead of blaming each other. But she tells him that she and Michael are having problems. She doesn’t want to sound unhappy, however, and tells Rex that things are ok in her life regardless. She also informs him that she has talked to Gigi and Shane and is getting to be friends with both of them. Shane speaks very highly of him (Rex). He asks her some questions about them. She tells him that she knows that Gigi is a busy single working mom and she really thinks she does a great job with Shane. Rex tells Marcie it’s great to see her again and he knows that she and Michael will find their way back to each other again. Right then, Marcie notices Langston enter the diner and says hi to her. She asks her if she is waiting for Starr. Langston replies yes. But she doesn’t know where Starr is. Marcie tells Langston when she sees Starr, she may tell her something. Marcie tells Langston that she thinks Starr owes her an apology.

After Adriana tells her mother and Layla that she is very concerned about Rex’s “interest” in Shane, Dorian tells her that she mustn’t believe that. But Layla seems to know that there might be some complications. Dorian asks her daughter if the reason she came back to Paris so fast without notice is so that maybe she can “catch” Rex with Gigi. Right then Adriana discovers that Rex was “so anxious to leave” that he left his cell phone behind.

Todd tells Gigi that she knows that Marcie kept him from his son illegally for months. Gigi must understand that since she is a mother. Gigi tells Todd that Marcie did what she had to do. At that point, Todd yells at Gigi when he reminds her that she helped Marcie keep his kid from him. Now he wants to help her and her kid. Why is he even bothering with her? At that moment, Rex walks in and demands to know what is going on.

At the station, Talia tells Antonio that his mother told her that Jamie asked for her. But he is totally cold and doesn’t seem to want her to see Jamie again. She sits back down. And John is there, very concerned in making sure that she is ok. Again, Antonio observes and stares coldly at them. Ramsey calls John into his office. Ramsey reminds John that he is his superior officer and as part of his job, he must keep an eye on John. Besides, if he does not, who will? At that point, John informs Ramsey he may do whatever he wants. For now, he (John) is off duty and on his own time. He goes and informs Talia that he is leaving. Antonio then comes to find her and tells her thank you for the heads up. He doesn’t want Jamie to be any more confused than she has to be. She replies neither does she and she walks away. Right then, Ramsey approaches Antonio and tells him that it’s hard to let somebody be trusted around your child and then question who they really are and whether they have loyalty toward you. He sounds concerned and sensitive when he asks Antonio how his daughter is adjusting and asks if she has family and people there for her. Antonio can only believe that maybe Ramsey cares about him and isn’t such a bad person after all.

At the diner, Marcie informs Langston that Starr really went too far. She went over to Marcie’s house and informed her that Todd was abusing Tommy. She almost believed that and was ready to call the cops and have social services take him from Todd. But it was a lie that Starr made up about her father and got Marcie in the middle of. Does Langston have any clue what that might be about? She always thought that Starr loved her dad and would never do anything like that to him. She also tells Langston that maybe she should give all the pictures of Tommy, whom she knows is now called Sam, to his real family. She admits that she is upset but must let go of him. So she gives Langston the pictures.

Layla admits to Dorian that Adriana has asked her what she has noticed about Gigi. So was she supposed to lie about seeing Rex and Shane together? Dorian tells Layla she mustn’t give Adriana any reason to doubt Rex. Layla asks Dorian why she would care or doubt it if she rally believes that they have a future together.

After Rex walks in to confront Todd for yelling at Gigi, Todd tells Rex he needs to find his own business.. He tells Rex that her (Rex) does not understand what it’s like to have a kid the way he (Todd) and Gigi both do. He further tells Rex that he hopes somebody like him never “procreates” because he is unfit to be a parent. And he walks out that door. At that point, Gigi gets very emotional but is not about to discuss with Rex what is really going on.

John and Talia go to a motel room and close the door.

Adriana goes to the diner and asks Marcie if she saw Rex earlier. Marcie replies yes and asks Adriana all about her wedding dress and her plans. But she can see that Adriana is not as happily excited about the wedding as she is. At that point, Shane enters. Marcie happily greets him. She informs him that Adriana is getting married, Isn’t that cool? Right then, Shane tells Marcie he wants to show her a picture of “his dad”.

At BE. Rex asks Gigi what is going on with her. Isn’t she happy that she has this good job that pays better than what she is used to? She replies to him that this is not the life that she dreamed of when they were kids. He then asked her what exactly is the life she’s dreamed of

Cole tells Markko that Todd Manning has ruined everything in his life. And he won’t let him get away with it. He looks like he is going to seek revenge upon Todd although Markko warns him not to do that.

Shawn reports back to Todd that he has kept an eye on Starr. She’s gone to school and stayed “out of trouble” and there are no problems. Meanwhile, Starr is in her room alone looking at pictures of herself and Cole in happier times.

Antonio and Eddie drive out to the Cambridge Motel to investigate a ‘lead” that Ramsey sent them on. And they notice that John and Talia’s cars are also there.

At the diner, Shane shows Marcie a story about a “super hero” who saves the world. And he believes that is his dad. Marcie smiles and tells him she really likes it. Adriana observes and asks Shane if he really belies that his dad was a hero. Shane replies that his father was a hero who died in the military. Marcie says she is very impressed by the story that Shane has told her and asks if Adriana doesn’t agree. Adriana is obviously not ok with that conversation.

While Dorian talks to Layla, she gets a call from somebody who has investigated the mysterious “Brody Levin” whom Gigi apparently told Shane was the name of his real father.

After Gigi tells Rex that she has an “unfulfilled dreams”, he asks her what about. She tells him that she wishes she had a nice place to live with her son and his father. He tells her that her son’s father has been gone for a long time. So maybe she has to “re-think” her dream. She still has a “family”. It’s just that maybe it should be a little different. In response to that, she looks at him and tells him that maybe it doesn’t have to be.

Langston returns home and brings Starr some literatures she’s gotten on prenatal care. But Starr reveals to Langston that she does not plan to “go in that direction”. And Langston is shocked to notice that Starr has gotten some brochures about abortion.

Downstairs, Shawn answers the door and notices Cole. Todd rushes to the door and asks him if he has a “death wish” to dare show his face in that house where Todd can catch him. Didn’t Todd make it clear that he is not to see Starr ever again?. Cole stares coldly at Todd and informs him he is not there to see Starr. He is there to see Todd.

After Antonio has discovered that John and Talia might very well be together in a motel room, he gets out of the car to find them. Eddie then gets on the phone to “warn” Ramsey. Feeling very satisfied, Ramsey asks him why he is calling him. At that point, Antonio goes to the motel room, discovers John and Talia together. And he punches John.

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