OLTL Update Thursday 4/10/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/10/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At the police station, Talia attempts to talk to Antonio. Knowing he is angry, she tries to convince him that she did not know that she would happen to run into John at Capricorn, last night. But he walks away and refuses to talk to her. Not far away, Antonio’s new partner overhears them.

Ramsey calls Antonio into his office and tells him he is very impressed by Antonio’s “excellent work”. He shows Antonio that he’s getting good publicity. And he reminds him that an ex con from angel square turns his life around by making a drug bust.

At the palace, Charlie tells Jared that they both have to stop blaming themselves for the fact that this guy beat Jared’s mother and the kids. And it’s time he pays.. At that point, Jared notices Pamela Stewart enter. He introduces them knowing that Charlie knows that she is not really his mother. But she must believe that he believes she is. And he informs her that Charlie is his dad. She then looks at him and remembers that he is Charlie Balsam. And she tells him he is a worthless bastard.

Viki goes to B.E. and informs Bo and Natalie that she is outraged to find out that the story Todd wrote about Clint is true. She tells them they must realize he has gone too far. But they defend him.

In his office, Clint tells Lindsay that he needs her to get the goods on a man named Calvin Jenkins. And if he has to depend upon her “help” in order to nail Calvin, so be it.

Right then, Dorian is meeting with a man whose company she owns some stock in. She wants to help his company buy out B.E. She tells him that she has capital to invest and there is no risk involved unless he turns down her offer. Hearing that, he asks her why she is so hell bent on bringing down B.E. He realizes she says that Clint means nothing to her. But they were seeing each other not long ago. And now he can tell that this is all about revenge.

At school Starr runs into Cole but cannot admit to him that she is pregnant.

At B.E, Bo informs Viki that Clint lied to them about Webster’s backing out of their deal. Natalie informs her mom that they knew about Cobb because her dad ripped him apart right in front of them. Bo rationalizes that he understands the business world. But Viki tells him that she does not think there is any excuse for the brutal way Clint went after Cobb. Bo tells her that he did talk to his brother and Clint has promised to change his ways..

Lindsay informs Clint that compared to his other rivals, Calvin Jenkins is an alter boy. He is a pillar of the community. It might be very difficult to dig up dirt on him. Clint tells her regardless, he is coming after his family with a vengeance..

At the palace, Jared informs Charlie that Pamela is his abusive step-father’s sister. She rips into Charlie for abandoning his kids and drinking. And she tells him she will never let him disappoint Jared again..

At the station, Ramsey talks alone to Antonio telling him what a sick person John is. John and Talia are outside talking about how she cannot talk to Antonio but she can talk to John.

At the high school, Cole finds Starr. But she warns him that he cannot have any contact with her. Doesn’t he know what her father can do to him?

Viki tells Bo that he is fooling himself if he thinks that Clint realizes he’s gone too far. Bo defends his brother to Viki and tells her that she has high standards of conducts. She reminds him that so does he. Natalie also defends her father to her mother. She tells s Viki that Clint is under a lot of pressure. Viki should realize that he may have been justified to have done what he did to Webster and Cobb. But, at that point, realizing she won’t get through to her daughter and brother in law, she tells them maybe she should just give up since it’s none of her business. She is not part of this company. Clint can do whatever he wants. And they can think and feel and do whatever they want. But Bo and Natalie can see that she is still very upset and disappointed at what Clint has done.

Clint talks to Lindsay and enlightens her to what he thinks and feels and intends to do. She asks him if he is not just being paranoid to assume that Webster and Cobb had a conspiracy. He tells her no way. And she tells him if that is the case, then somebody is behind it. And she can only wonder just whom that is.

At the palace, Dorian talks to the man whom she is hoping will buy out and overthrow B.E. He tells her that he knows that she is very angry at Clint since he dumped her for Nora. And now she wants revenge. She reveals that this man is Calvin Jenkins. And she asks him if he has any skeletons in his closet.

Jared tells Pamela that maybe he shouldn’t blame Charlie for everything. Charlie protests to her that maybe instead of blaming him, maybe she should blame the guy who beat his wife and two children and forced a little boy to run out into the street and get killed. He tells her that he and Jared have both been blaming themselves for too long for what has happened. And now, her brother is going to pay for what he did.

In Ramsey’s office, he tells Antonio that he knows how unstable and hot-headed John is and how he has a need to “impress the ladies”. He knows the perfect way to pit Antonio against John.

Outside the office, John talks to Talia and concludes that he believes the two of them have a special connection.

At the high school, Starr admits that she did not mean anything she wrote in the letter when she told him she didn’t want to see him again. He concludes to her that what is happening now is worse than if her dad had taken her to Hawaii. He tells her he does not regret what happened that night they were together. The only “bad thing” is her dad walking in on them. But she clarifies to him that that is not all that happened on that night. In response to that, he asks her just what happened. And she cannot answer the question. At that point, Langston enters and warns the two of them that they cannot be seen together or they are in trouble. But he tells her that he knows that Starr was ready to tell him something. And he thinks she knows just what that is.

Knowing that Viki is not going to get over what Clint did, Bo tells her he will go and talk to his brother in law. Alone with Natalie, Viki asks her daughter how she has been. She realizes that Natalie has been working long hours. But she realizes that Natalie “has Jared”. In response to that, Natalie asks her mother just what she means by that. Viki replies that Jared is there to help her with the work load. And she tells Natalie that it seemed that she has gotten over finding out that Jared is he uncle. At that point, Natalie knows she cannot say anything in response to that.

At the palace, Pamela informs Jared and Charlie that her brother died recently. So it’s too late to get revenge upon him. She tells them she knows what he was. But he was, none-the-less, her brother. Alone with Pamela, Jared asks her why it is that Natalie asked her to come into town. He knows that Natalie will never forgive him.

Calvin makes it clear to Dorian that he does not distrust Asa, nor his family, nor want to hurt them. Dorian informs Calvin that Asa is not there anymore. But Clint is. She does not think that he should waste any “concern” for Clint. She knows that Clint could care less about him. She tells him that she knows that his closet is as clean as a whistle but she knows that that is not the case with Clint. So she thinks he can nail Clint.

Clint tells Lindsay that he knows that Calvin was always a friend of Asa’s and seemed like a decent guy. She responds that he needs to make a decision to either trust him and see him as a good guy or realize he is a bad guy and go after him. And he must let her know if he needs her help. Right then, Bo walks in and is surprised by what he is overhearing. He asks her what kind of “help” she is talking about.

Ramsey talks to Antonio about how he (Antonio) is a father, taking care of his little girl by himself. He thinks very highly of him for that. Yet, John is different. All the women who in John’s life end up dead. But Antonio is an honorable family man. Right then, Antonio’s steps outside of Ramsey’s office and notices how comfortable and friendly John and Talia are.

Langston and Cole talk privately. Starr and Markko talk. He tells her that Starr needs to know that Langston has been through a lot, losing her parents. And Starr’s family is her new family. And they both realize that Cole and Langston have a lot in common.

Cole tells Langston that it’s obvious that there is something that she knows that Starr is keeping from him. She replies that Starr is upset that she is kept away from the person she loves. But he knows that there is something else going on and he demands to know just what that is. But she walks away and won’t answer that.

After Bo walks in and asks Clint and Lindsay what they were talking privately about, she “bluffs” that Clint asked her to get a painting that Nora wanted as a surprise for her. And isn’t that romantic? Bo seems like he knows that she is lying.

Viki asks Natalie just what she is avoiding saying in regard to Jared. She knows that there is something going on although Natalie won’t tell her what.

Jared talks to Pamela privately about what he’s going to do now that Natalie has found out that he is not really her uncle. And he can see that his dad is staying sober and making an effort to get his act together and face some difficult challenges. So maybe so can he. Charlie enters and Pamela tells him he better stay sober. She tells Jared she wishes him all the best and she departs. At that point, alone with Jared, Charlie asks his son if he is “ok” with finding out that his step father died. Jared tells his father that it still won’t bring his little brother, Jimmy back. Charlie tells his son he can see that he also has some issues involving Natalie. He reminds Jared that as long as everybody except Natalie believes that he is her uncle, Jared must know “what that means”.

Langston tells Starr that she wants to be there to help her with her situation. But she realizes that she, herself, has never been pregnant. She doesn’t have all the answers nor any experience with this particular issue. This is a baby’s life they are talking about. And she believes that Starr needs to talk to somebody else about that. Maybe an adult who knows something about pregnancy.

Viki meets with Charlie and asks him if he’s ever had an experience where he believes that he knows somebody really, really well. But then he finds out that there is a part of them that he has never known. He replies yes. He has had that experience with her.

At the station, Ramsey calls John into his office and informs him that he has taken him and Talia off this case, because they are not accomplishing anything with it. He will give it to somebody else who knows what they are doing.

Bo goes and informs Clint that he just talked to Viki. She showed him the article that Todd printed. And they both realize that they will take a lot of heat once it goes out. But Clint tells Bo that maybe it will make anybody who thinks they can mess with them think twice.

Jared goes to find Natalie and informs her that he just ran into Pamela. He knows that she flew Pamela all the way across the country to simply confirm something that they both already know. She tells him that she wanted to motivate him and Nigel to come clean. He tells her that he knows that there is some “unfinished business” between them, whether she denies it or not. She is ready to go out the door but he tries to physically prevent her. She tells him he better take his hands off of her or she will scream loud enough to scare him. He asks her how much longer she plans on keeping this up. She tells him she does not plan on changing anything. She will never forgive him nor consider having any “relationship” with him Right then, they walk in and hear Bo and Clint discussing what they have done to Cobb. Bo goes into the other room. Natalie follows her uncle out the door and urges him not to give up on her dad. He really needs him. Jared tells Clint he believes he did the right thing. Natalie tells Jared she cannot believe that he is “taking sides” on this. He tells her if she has such a huge problem “keeping him around”, then maybe she should just end it now by telling her family whom he really is and sending him to jail. Why not end it once and for all?

Starr tells Langston that she almost told her mom that she was pregnant. But when they talked, Blair told her how special she (Starr) was since she was her mother’s first born. She realizes that Blair was ready when she had her. But she (herself) is not. She is only 16. Langston asks Starr just what she is going to do.

Viki tells Charlie she misses their time in Texas so much. Their lives were so uncomplicated. He then tells her that she is still that lovely lady whom he met in Texas who served him coffee and who stole his heart within minutes. He then asks her if she found out something more profound than finding out that a waitress in a truck stop lives in a mansion. She replies that she could not believe that this man whom she has known throughout her life would do what he has done. Right then, she notices Calvin Jenkins with Dorian. She is very friendly to him and acknowledges that he is a friend and business ally of the family. She introduces him to Charlie and tells him she did not know that he knew Dorian. Dorian replies that she knows many people. Calvin then tells them he has to get going. Alone with Viki and Charlie, Dorian tells them they make an adorable couple. But they can tell that her tone is sarcastic.

After Ramsey is done talking to Antonio, he calls Antonio’s new partner into the office. And they observe John and Talia together in a corner looking like they want to move their “relationship” to another level.

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