OLTL Update Wednesday 4/9/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/9/08


Written By Jeannie

At BE, Gigi brings Clint coffee. Clint thanks her for coming in early. They talk business and Clint mentions Rex will be in to pick up the file. Gigi leaves. Lindsay calls Clint. She says Bo is so worried he didn’t sleep. She wants to help again. Clint says he doesn’t need her help.

At the Palace, Dorian tells someone on the phone that it has to work this time and hangs up. Lindsay comes up and sits down. They talk about the wedding and Lindsay asks what changed. She used to see Rex as a lowlife. Dorian says she now sees the charm in him. Dorian says she’s 100% behind the wedding.

Rex walks in on Shane in the BE boardroom. Shane says he’s there because his mom had to come in early so he’s waiting to go to school. Rex tells him that he’d like to get him a birthday gift. He asks him what he wishes for. Shane remembers wishing for his dad. Rex asks again as Gigi comes in and tells him Rex can’t give him what he wished for.

Charlie and Vikki are sleeping when Charlie has a nightmare calling for Jimmy. Vikki asks who Jimmy is.

Natalie meets Pamela and asks her about her son Jared. She asks why she didn’t stay to get to know Jared. Pamela says Jared needed a little time to get used to the idea. She says she wanted to give him space. Natalie keeps pressing then tells her to drop the act. She knows Pamela lied and wants to know what’s in it for her.

Clint invites Calvin Jenkins into his office. They talk about what’s been happening in the last few months. He says this threat comes from a Buchanan friend, Calvin. He asks if he’s been wrong about him.

Layla joins Dorian and Lindsay to talk about the wedding. The date for the wedding is now May 13th. Layla shows them the dress sketches and the price. Lindsay is shocked Dorian says what Adriana wants she will get.

Rex wants to get Shane what he wants. Gigi tells him no and hands Rex the paperwork. Shane asks about Rex’s work. Rex says he does background checks and finds out about people’s past. Shane thinks this is cool. Gigi tells Shane to go get his coat. Rex and Gigi talk for a while. Rex says the Gigi he used to know could do anything she sets her mind too. Gigi says Jared mentioned business classes. The company might pay for them. Rex looks at her and says Jared, huh?

Charlie tells Vikki about losing his son. Vikki sympathizes and Charlie says it’s especially bad when it’s your fault he died.

Rex asks where Jared is. Gigi asks if he wants to talk or punch him out again. Rex says he apologized. They talk about what happened. Rex understands her kiss with Jared was just a one-time thing. Gigi asks what Rex would think if it was more then a one-time thing?

Layla has to leave and says goodbye. Lindsay remarks there’s a problem. Dorian says Layla is a lovely girl. Dorian asks about Bo. Lindsay tells how Bo and Nora got stuck in the snowstorm and that Clint arranged for them to drive up together. Dorian says maybe Clint was getting tired of Nora and foisting her off on Bo.

Back at BE, Calvin says sometimes business is unpleasant. They talk about what happened with Cobb and business. Calvin gets up to leave saying business is business.

Pamela asks how Natalie knows. She asks her to be honest. Pam says she just wanted to help. She knew Jared when he was little and he had a hard life. Natalie says blah, blah, blah, who cares. She does not let anyone take advantage of her family. Pam asks why she’s not telling Clint.

Vikki and Charlie talk about what happened to Charlie’s family and their kids. He says the man his wife hooked up with after he left them used to beat her and the boys. He didn’t know about it at that time. Jimmy was scared to death of that man, ran into the street, and was hit by a car. The other son blamed himself for his little brother’s death. Charlie says his son had to go through all the grief, pain and guilt all by himself because he wasn’t there for his sons. Charlie is crying and Vikki hugs him.

Rex asks if something is going on between Gigi and Jared. Gigi asks again how he would feel if there was. Rex says it’s none of his business. Shane comes back and Rex offers to take him to school. Gigi watches them leave. Rex asks about his birthday again.

Vikki and Charlie talk. She says she understands why there is such a riff between him and his other son. She says it’s not his fault either. She goes on about how good he is and how Rex loves him. Charlie says they are meeting for breakfast. Vikki thanks him for telling about Jimmy. Charlie says she makes him feel like he could tell her anything. He says he is grateful she is in his life.

Natalie keeps questioning Pamela. Natalie says Nigel was forced into it and Jared only wanted to get rich. Pamela says that wasn’t what Jared wanted. She compares Jared to Natalie’s coming in to the family. Natalie blows her off and wants to leave. Pam grabs Natalie’s cell phone off the table and says now she has to hear her side of the story.

Alone in Vikki’s bedroom, Charlie calls and asks Jared to meet him at the Palace.

Dorian and Lindsay talk about Clint and Bo. Lindsay keeps saying how wonderful Bo is and Dorian says Lindsay hopes they would get involved again. Lindsay tells her about the business situations she’s helped out with that Bo doesn’t know about. Dorian leans in and says tell me everything.

Jared meets Gigi in the office. He’s just standing there so she asks what he needs to tell her. He says he saw Rex giving him strange looks. They talk about Rex and Adriana’s wedding. Gigi says Rex is her friend. Jared asks if she wants more then that. Gigi says Rex is getting married so case closed.

Pamela says all Jared ever wanted was a family. Natalie says a lot of people don’t have families. Pamela tells him about Jared’s life, losing his brother and his father’s problems.

Rex meets Charlie. They talk about Shane. Charlie says he feels bad Rex had to grow up without a father. Charlie is proud Rex does so well. He goes on and on and Rex asks if he’s okay.

Vikki meets Gigi at BE and gives her, her wallet that she left home. Gigi says as soon as she can save money she’ll get her own place. Vikki doesn’t want her to move. She’s happy Charlie is there, too.

Lindsay tells Dorian about giving information to “someone” at BE regarding the take over. Dorian is amazed.

Vikki goes into Clint’s office and gives him an article. It’s a piece for tomorrow’s edition of the Sun. Clint says it will weaken BE even more. He says Todd is a man without scruples or dignity. Vikki says at least Todd gave them twenty-four hours to disprove it.

Natalie asks about Jared seeing his brother hit by the car. Pamela says she spent a lot of time with Jared and told him a lot about Asa. It’s probably why Jared idealized the Buchanan’s. Natalie says she has to go. Pamela says Jared is a really good soul.

Charlie says something happened a long time ago that he deeply regrets. He wishes he could make it up but he can’t. Rex asks if he wants to talk about it. Charlie says he has to figure it out for himself.

Lindsay says not to tell anyone. Dorian says she doesn’t even remember what they were talking about. Lindsay laughs and leaves. Dorian smiles.

Natalie comes back into BE and sees Jared. He asks if she’s okay. She asks where Clint is. He asks how her meeting went and she says: informative. He offers to listen if she wants to talk. She wants to be alone for a while. Jared leaves.

Clint tells Vikki it’s the Sun and a rag. No one takes it seriously. Clint won’t talk to Todd. Vikki warns him it could damage is reputation. Clint says he won’t waste his time or money. Vikki says this article says he used underhanded personal threats against the people who were trying to take over BE. That’s not Clint’s style, that was how Asa operated. Clint says Asa was a shrewd businessman. Clint says what Todd wants to print are not lies. Vikki is shocked. She says Clint was unethical. Clint says they were trying to destroy BE and the family. Vikki asks how he could do something so dirty. Clint says he will do whatever it takes to make sure no one destroys his family or BE. Vikki says she doesn’t know him and can’t believe he’s saying this stuff. Clint says he has to protect his family now that Asa is gone. He has to get back to work.

Jared meets Charlie. Charlie talks to him about Jimmy’s death. He says it was his fault not Jared’s. He says the man who beat them was the one responsible and he should pay for what they did. Jared sees Pamela and gets up. Pamela introduces her self to Charlie as Jared mother.

Vikki goes in and shows Natalie the article by Todd. She realizes Natalie already knew about it. Vikki says she thought she knew Clint but she doesn’t know him at all.

Lindsay enters Clint’s office. She says he called her and she can guess what for. He asks for everything she has on Calvin Jenkins.

Calvin Jenkins is at the Palace talking to Dorian about BE. He says he can do what she asks but he won’t like it. Dorian says she doesn’t care what he likes. She only cares about bringing Clint down.

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