OLTL Update Tuesday 4/8/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/8/08


Written By Jennifer S.

When Cristian calls Sarah’s room and Nash answers the phone, Nash and Sarah sound like they are having fun and drinking. But Cristian asks what Nash is doing in Sarah’s room.

Layla urges Talia to go with her to Capricorn. She knows that Talia has been depressed and hiding since she’s had her most recent falling out with Antonio. She thinks it would be good for Talia to get out for a while and forget about him. But not far away, they notice Antonio sitting. And he is with his new partner. Right then, John enters. He tells Talia that Antonio made it very clear that he wants him out of the way. And he will stop at nothing in order to make that happen.

Ramsey returns to what used to be Todd’s penthouse, that is now his. A woman whom he has hired consults with him. Right then, he hears a knock on the door. It’s Todd who informs him that he (Ramsey) has screwed up this time.

After Cristian asks Nash why he is in Sarah’s room, Nash explains that he is not in Sarah’s room, The hotel screwed up and put them in the same suite. Knowing that Cristian is obviously not ok with that, Sarah takes the phone and talks to him. She and Nash have obviously been drinking and are happy. She talks about how big the place is. But Cristian does not respond. Hearing the dead silence, she says: “hello?." He replies that he is there. She tells him no he is not. And she misses him. She tells him that she and Nash are celebrating the very successful meeting they have just had. He then informs her that he has been calling her but only getting her voice mail. Right then, she remembers that she and Nash turned their phones off when they attended the meeting. At that point she finds that she cannot find her cell phone. She appears happy and slurs her speech. Cristian is sober but not happy and tells her he must let her go. When she hangs up, Nash asks her if everything is cool. She tells him super cool. But she is not saying that in regard to Cristian. Not far away, at Capricorn, Jessica asks Natalie what is up with her and Jared. Hearing that, Natalie has a flashback of being with him and does not know how to answer that question. But right at that point, Jared comes and interrupts them. Cristian asks Jessica to talk to him. They leave Natalie and Jared alone. He informs her that he didn’t invite himself there. Jessica invited him. Natalie tells him she does not care. She wants nothing to do with him. Layla goes up and approaches Antonio. He greets her and introduces her to his new partner, Eddie. She remarks that she has not seen him much and she knows she has not seen him much and finds it odd since he is dating her “roomy. He asks her why she is concerned about that. She replies that she just wanted to be friendly. He tells her that she wanted to be nosy. She believes that he cannot afford to be out drinking after he lost his inheritance, he tells her. He drinks and tells her he has a lot to be grateful about. She tells him that is true. Including a wonderful woman who is crazy about him. They look back to see Talia. But she is busy talking privately with John. He informs her that it looks as though Antonio has been working with Ramsey in order to set him up.

At Todd’s old Penthouse, Todd tells Ramsey that he is there to make a “nice friendly threat." And he implies to Ramsey that he may be friends with one of Ramsey’s enemies.

At the diner, Cole urges Langston to tell him what is going on with Starr. She tells him that she cannot tell him. At that point, he tells her that he will go over to her house and find it out himself. But he knows that something is up that is preventing Starr from leaving the house when her father has finally agreed not to keep her there.

Todd tells Ramsey that he has just found out for the first time that Gigi Morasco is staying in town, with Viki. And he has a question for Ramsey about that. Why would some truck stop waitress in Texas who has had “issues” with him move herself and her son all the way to Llanview when he just happens to live there? Why would she want to do that except because he is threatening her? He asks Ramsey if having Gigi in town is a “friends close-enemies closer” thing for Ramsey. Ramsey asks Todd why he would care and what concern that is of his. Todd tells Ramsey he thinks he (Ramsey) has made a bad move. He tells Ramsey that he thinks he can make Gigi “useful” for him and make her his friend. And Ramsey will lose at whatever his “plan” is for having her stay in town.

Natalie sits at the table with Jared and tells him she will never forgive him for the slimy thing he did. Cristian talks to Jessica. She asks him if he has talked to Sarah. He tells her he has tried and failed to reach her on her phone. She admits that she has also failed to reach Nash. They are both concerned about the fact that the two of them are sharing a suite and together so far away, without them.

Talia asks John if he has any idea just what it is that Ramsey “has” on him. He admits that he does not know yet. He asks her if she has talked to Antonio tonight. She admits no. Antonio sits with his partner, with his mind clearly elsewhere. His partner asks him why Office Sahib has gone out without him. Right then, Layla approaches Talia and tells her she needs to go and talk to Antonio. Talia goes to find Antonio. When John is alone at the table, Layla asks him what his problem is “messing” with his friend’s girlfriend.

At the Napa hotel, Sarah and Nash drink wine and she asks him about how he prepares his wine. He talks about stomping on the grapes. She laughs and tells him she does not believe that. They pour more wine and get very drunk. She asks him how he got into the wine business anyway, knowing that Pennsylvania is not exactly the capital for wine. He answers that he had a house right there in Napa not long ago. It was his dream. He tells her that putting the grapes in the ground, nurturing and taking care of them and watching them grow is a wonder. And he tells her he is a geek about that kind of stuff. She tells him she completely understands where he is coming from.

At Capricorn, Cristian tells Jessica that he does not have a “problem” with Sarah and Nash’s relationship. He realizes they do not have a “relationship." They just work together. And he hopes that she is ok with it also. She tells him that she is. And they both realize that they wish they should have gone with their respective partners. At that point, she tells him she wants to buy him a drink. And they conclude why should they let Nash and Sarah have all the fun.

Jared tells Natalie that he knows she has told him that there is nothing “between” them. But she came on to him. He knows that whether she denies it or not, she has some real passion for him. She tells him she is angry at him. That’s all she feels. She will never forgive him for what he did to her family. He asks her if she is merely bitter that he has chosen the Buchanans over her.

In response to Layla’s inquiry about his possible “interest” in Talia, John denies that he has any “interest” in Talia nor wants to take her from Antonio. And he doesn’t want to talk about it. But she does.

Talia tells Antonio that she knows what losing Capricorn must have done to him. He has suffered a loss. He tells her he can cope with loss. She tells him he doesn’t have to lose anything else. He needs to know how much she cares about him.

Ramsey asks Todd if Gigi told him that he threatened her. Todd replies no. And it’s because Ramsey got her too scared to talk. Ramsey denies that that could have happened. Todd tells him if he harms him or his family, Gigi is going to nail him. And if he harms Gigi or her son, Todd is going to nail him. And he tells Ramsey he will let him self out and leaves. As soon as he is gone, Ramsey’s hired woman asks him if everything is alright knowing it is not.

At the diner, Cole tells Markko that Starr is his life. And especially now that he’s lost his mom, he can’t be without her. And why did her dad have to mess everything up? If he hadn’t have threatened to move her to Hawaii, then they would still be together and everything would be the same. Even though Todd has reconsidered and Starr lives in town, nothing will ever be the same again.

Ramsey tells his hired woman she may go home now. He does not need anything. She tells him that she has everything set for him including keeping the drapes open upstairs for “the view." And she departs.

Talia tells Antonio that she knows that he has helped Ramsey plant drugs on John. He tells her he does not care to have this conversation. John tells her maybe she should let it go. Antonio walks away with his partner. And Talia and John remain together.

Natalie tells Jared that she can tell that he is really “getting off” on this. He wants her to be angry that he has chosen the Buchanans over her. But she is done wasting any emotional energy over him. And she is not going to tell anybody that he is Asa’s son instead of David Vickers. She tells him she knows he won’t tell them either. He doesn’t’ want to go back to jail. He tells her that is not the reason he won’t tell the others. It’s because he doesn’t want to hurt her family any more than he already has. And right at that moment, Jessica enters, and hearing their private conversation, she wonders what is going on between the two of them.

At the diner, Markko talks to Langston about school.. But she has her mind elsewhere. He asks her what is up. Is she worried about Starr? He tells her that he realizes she cannot tell Cole what is going on. But he promises she won’t tell him anything. She is not sure what to do. So when Cole returns, she gives him a picture of Starr.

Sarah tells Nash about the different bands she’s sang with. He asks her what her dreams are. She replies when she was with Midnight Logic, her hit song was her dream. But then a serial killer ruined her singing voice. And she is not certain. Now she loves booking bands and working with people. He tells her he believes that she has found her thing. And he hopes that when they return to Llanview, that she will stay on with him. He wants her to work with him at his wine business. And it sounds very much like she wants to do just that.

In response to Jessica’s inquiry about what might be going on with Natalie and Jared, Natalie asks her sister what she is implying. But, realizing that Jessica is probably not implying nor encouraging Natalie to “hook up” with Jared, she asks Jessica to finish what she just said. Jessica replies that it sounded like Natalie and Jared had a lot of business to discuss. Natalie departs. At the table with Jessica, Jared asks her if she is ok with her husband going off to Napa without her. Cristian asks Antonio what is up with him and Talia. Antonio tells his brother he does not care to discuss that and asks Cristian if he is ok. Where is Sarah? Cristian replies that she and Nash are in Napa sharing a suite. Hearing that, Antonio tells his brother he can believe that. That “son of a bitch” is at it again, he tells him.

Layla talks to Natalie and tells her that she bets that Gigi would like to get back with Rex. Adriana has expressed her concerns to her about that. She knows that Gigi works with Natalie and hopes that Gigi will realize that Rex has found the love of his life. Hearing that, Natalie is a bit surprised. Right then, Antonio’s new partner comes up and confronts John. He implies that he backs Ramsey and believes that things are better now that Bo Buchanan is out. At that point, Talia demands he gets out. He leaves. Natalie approaches John and asks John what is that guy’s problem. First he accuses John of moving in on Talia. Then he trashes Uncle Bo.

At the diner, Cole stares at the picture of Starr. But he remembers John telling him that Todd Manning will make a world of trouble for him if he does not stay away from Starr.

At the Napa hotel, Nash and Sarah finish their wine and are ready to sleep. She laughs and falls and he catches her. He then tells her she needs to go to bed. They have a big day, the next morning. They part and go to their separate beds.

After Jared asks Jessica how she feels about Nash going off without her and being alone with Sarah, she tells him she is not upset about it. But is that really true? In response to Antonio asking Cristian if he is really ok with Sarah going off with Nash Brennan, without him, Cristian tells his brother he trusts Sarah. Antonio then reminds Cristian that he made the same mistake by trusting Jessica. And look what happened with that? Talia, Natalie and John all wonder what is up with Antonio’s new partner. Antonio goes and talks to Jessica and tells her he knows that Nash and Sarah went off together. But he knows she has no cause for worry. He tells her that Nash would be an idiot to risk losing her or Bree. Talia asks John what could possibly be “driving” Antonio and his new partner.

Ramsey talks to “somebody” while alone in his new home. He asks “somebody” what type of movie they want to watch. And it sounds like he wants to orchestrate his own movie.

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